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1981978-0-7737-0054-3THE CHURCHES OF ROME
  ''978-0-7737-0057-4Keith MaillardThe Knife in My Hands
1984978-0-7737-0078-9Dennis LeeLizzy's Lion
1977978-0-7737-1011-5Louis-Philippe EdmonstonCanadian used car guide
1983978-0-7737-1062-7Peter L NobleFuture pop: Music for the eighties
1982978-0-7737-2003-9Cutting Through
1984978-0-7737-2016-9Anne HébertIn the shadow of the wind
1986978-0-7737-2108-1Violet EastonThe Night Music by Violet Easton. Illustrated by Carme Sole Vendrell.
1987978-0-7737-2157-9Durrell GeraldThe Fantastic Flying Journey
  ''978-0-7737-2160-9Joseph SchullFar distant ships: An official account of Canadian naval operations in World War II
978-0-7737-2171-5The Confession of Brother Haluin
1988978-0-7737-2208-8Roger CaronJojo
1989978-0-7737-2209-5Bruce HoodCalling the shots: Memoirs of an NHL referee
1988978-0-7737-2215-6Ben. WicksNo Time to Wave Goodbye: With an Introduction by One-time Evacuee, Michael Caine.
1989978-0-7737-2269-9James BacqueOther losses: An investigation into the mass deaths of German prisoners at the hands of the French and Americans after World War II
  ''978-0-7737-2295-8Dave SemenkoLooking out for number one
1990978-0-7737-2306-1William D GairdnerThe trouble with Canada
1989978-0-7737-2333-7Ben. WicksThe Day They Took the Children. (Illustrated Personal Memories of Britain's 3,500,000 Evacuees.)
1990978-0-7737-2416-7Thomas J BataBata: Shoemaker to the world
  ''978-0-7737-2460-0Victor OstrovskyBy way of deception
1991978-0-7737-2464-8Lionel BenderInvention
1991978-0-7737-2466-2Joy FieldingSee Jane Run
  ''978-0-7737-2467-9Peter KnudtsonA mirror to nature: Reflections on science, scientists and society
  ''978-0-7737-2553-9Judy RossSummer Cottages
1992978-0-7737-2637-6George RadwanskiThe Will of a Nation: Awakening the Canadian Spirit
  ''978-0-7737-2644-4Lloyd DuhaimeHear, Hear: 125 Years of Debate in Canada's House of Commons
  ''978-0-7737-2647-5Gordon PinsentBy the Way
1992978-0-7737-2649-9Palmiro CampagnaStorms of controversy: The secret Avro Arrow files revealed
1994978-0-7737-2692-5Dominick GrahamThe Price of Command: A Biography of General Guy Simonds
1993978-0-7737-2730-4J. L GranatsteinThe generals: The Canadian army's senior commanders in the Second World War
1998978-0-7737-2738-0Paul William RobertsEmpire of the Soul
  ''978-0-7737-2836-3Brian McFarlaneProud Past, Bright Future: One Hundred Years of Canadian Women's Hockey
1996978-0-7737-2848-6Gilbert MFirst World War N/R Uk
1997978-0-7737-2896-7Carolyn MamchurPopcorn Tree
1995978-0-7737-2904-9Jock CarrollGlenn Gould: Some Portraits of the Artist as a Young Man
  ''978-0-7737-2908-7Paul William RobertsJourney of the Magi: In Search of the Birth of Jesus
1996978-0-7737-2913-1Brian McFarlaneThe Leafs: Brian McFarlane's original six
  ''978-0-7737-2971-1Pierre BertonGreat Lakes
  ''978-0-7737-2979-7Laurier L LaPierreSir Wilfrid Laurier and the romance of Canada
1999978-0-7737-2981-0Brian McFarlaneThe Habs
1997978-0-7737-3006-9Joanne FindonAuld Lang Syne: The Story of Robert Burns
1998978-0-7737-3017-5Connie Brummel CrookMaple Moon
2012978-0-7737-3021-2Budge WilsonThe Long Wait
1997978-0-7737-3047-2Brian McFarlaneThe Rangers
1997978-0-7737-3048-9Paul William RobertsThe Demonic Comedy: Some Detours in the Baghdad of Saddam Hussein
1998978-0-7737-3061-8Johnathan LondonDream Weaver
  ''978-0-7737-3072-4William McCormackLife on homicide: A police detective's memoir
  ''978-0-7737-3089-2Dave McIntoshTerror in the starboard seat
1999978-0-7737-3110-3Rosemary SutcliffBlack Ships Before Troy: The Story of the THE ILIAD
1998978-0-7737-3116-5Brian McFarlaneThe Red Wings
  ''978-0-7737-3117-2David Michael DupuisSawchuk: The troubles and triumphs of the world's greatest goalie
  ''978-0-7737-3120-2Rod McQueenThe Eatons: The rise and fall of Canada's royal family
1999978-0-7737-3125-7S. GittinsCtv: The Television Wars
1999978-0-7737-3160-8Pierre BertonPierre Berton's Canada: The Land and the People
  ''978-0-7737-3171-4Moshe Arye MilevskyMoney logic: Financial strategies for the serious investor
  ''978-0-7737-3183-7David West ReynoldsStar Wars, episode 1: The visual dictionary
  ''978-0-7737-3185-1Gail E Vaz-OxladeA woman of independent means: A woman's guide to full financial security
  ''978-0-7737-3189-9Brian McFarlaneThe Bruins
2000978-0-7737-3191-2Maxine TrottierDreamstones
1999978-0-7737-3196-7Craig MacInnisRemembering Bobby Orr: A celebration
1999978-0-7737-3197-4Bruce HoodThe good of the game: Recapturing hockey's greatness
2000978-0-7737-3220-9Maxine TrottierLittle Dog Moon
  ''978-0-7737-3221-6Janet WilsonImagine That!
2002978-0-7737-3224-7Michael DecterFour Strong winds: Understanding the growing challenges to Health Care
2000978-0-7737-3240-7J. E JohnsonWing leader: Top-scoring Allied fighter pilot of World War Two
  ''978-0-7737-3249-0Rafe MartinThe Twelve Months
  ''978-0-7737-3252-0Brian McFarlaneThe Blackhawks
  ''978-0-7737-3256-8Craig MacInnisRemembering Tim Horton: A celebration
2001978-0-7737-3264-3Maude BarlowGlobal showdown: How the new activists are fighting global corporate rule
2000978-0-7737-3266-7Jeanne BekerJeanne Unbottled: A Life in Fashion
2001978-0-7737-3270-4Ian AdamsPower of the wheel: The falun gong revolution
2000978-0-7737-3275-9Perry LefkoSandra Schmirler: The Queen of Curling
2001978-0-7737-3280-3Gayla ReidAll the seas of the world: A novel
2001978-0-7737-3285-8Hugh GrahamThe vestibule of hell: Why left and right have never made sense in politics and life
  ''978-0-7737-3289-6Mark ZuehlkeThe Canadian military atlas: The nation's battlefields from the French and Indian wars to Kosovo
  ''978-0-7737-3297-1Veronika CharlesMaiden of the Mist
2002978-0-7737-3305-3Robert AlexiePorcupines and China Dolls
2001978-0-7737-3308-4Mark ZuehlkeThe Liri Valley: Canada's World War II breakthrough to Rome
  ''978-0-7737-3317-6Monica DevineCarry Me Mama
  ''978-0-7737-3319-0Linda GranfieldWhere Poppies Grow: A World War I Companion
2001978-0-7737-3321-3Peter EdwardsOne dead Indian: The premier, the police, and the Ipperwash crisis
2002978-0-7737-3323-7Paul William RobertsSmokescreen: One man against the underworld
1997978-0-7737-3334-3Margriet RuursEmma's Eggs
2002978-0-7737-3337-4Gayla ReidCloser Apart: The Ardara Variations
1985978-0-7737-5042-5Keath FraserForeign Affairs
1987978-0-7737-5105-7Murray PedenFall of an Arrow
1988978-0-7737-5197-2Lance H.K. SecretanThe Masterclass
1989978-0-7737-5209-2Robert LiveseyThe Vikings
  ''978-0-7737-5304-4Robert LiveseyThe Fur Traders
1995978-0-7737-5318-1David ChiltonThe Wealthy Barber: The Common Sense Guide to Successful Financial Planning
1990978-0-7737-5341-9Robert LiveseyNew France
  ''978-0-7737-5363-1Sinclair · Smith, Donald RobinsonDictionary of Canadian French =: Dictionnaire du francais canadien
  ''978-0-7737-5399-0Reginald W BibbyMosaic Madness: Pluralism Without a Cause
  ''978-0-7737-5422-5Reginald W. BibbyFragmented Gods: The Poverty and Potential of Rreligion in Canada
1994978-0-7737-5445-4Sidney LedsonTeach your child to read in 60 days
1992978-0-7737-5486-7Roger CaronDreamcaper
1994978-0-7737-5509-3David SuzukiMetamorphosis: Stages in a life
2002978-0-7737-5524-6Erotica: An Illustrated Anthology of Sexual Art and Literature, Volumes I, II, III
1993978-0-7737-5559-8David MoseleyCanadian Spelling Dictionary, Seventh Edition
1993978-0-7737-5561-1Gail Vaz-OxladeThe Rrsp Answer Book
1995978-0-7737-5571-0Michael RuntzThe Explorer's Guide to Algonquin Park
1994978-0-7737-5591-8Brian McFarlaneMore It Happened in Hockey
1993978-0-7737-5602-1Robert LiveseyNative Peoples
  ''978-0-7737-5606-9Reginald Wayne BibbyUnknown Gods: The Ongoing Story of Religion in Canada
1995978-0-7737-5640-3Brian Lee CrowleyThe Road to Equity: Gender, Ethnicity, and Language: Impolitic Essays
1994978-0-7737-5665-6Robert LiveseyThe Defenders
978-0-7737-5681-6Canada: Pathways to the present
978-0-7737-5690-8Tales of Nokomis
1994978-0-7737-5697-7Allen MorganThe Magic Hockey Skates
1995978-0-7737-5728-8J. L. GranatsteinThe Generals: The Canadian Army's Senior Commanders in the Second World War
  ''978-0-7737-5748-6Reginald W. BibbyThe Bibby Report: Social Trends Canadian Style
  ''978-0-7737-5767-7David ChiltonThe Wealthy Barber: Everyone's Common-Sense Guide to Becoming Financially Independent
1996978-0-7737-5803-2Jean-Yves · Dionne, Annette · Dionne, Cecile · Dionne, Yvonne SoucyFamily Secrets, a Controversial & Shocking Story of the Dionne Quintuplets
  ''978-0-7737-5808-7Linwood BarclayFather knows zilch: A guide for dumbfounded dads
1996978-0-7737-5817-9Gail E Vaz-OxladeThe money tree myth: A parents' guide to helping kids unravel the mysteries of money
  ''978-0-7737-5827-8David CorkThe pig and the python: How to prosper from the aging baby boom
  ''978-0-7737-5838-4Lyn CookThe Hiding Place
1999978-0-7737-5843-8Brian McFarlaneThe Leafs: Brian McFarlane's original six
1996978-0-7737-5850-6Johnston JHero of Lesser Causes
1997978-0-7737-5852-0Allen MorganMatthew and the Midnight Pilot
  ''978-0-7737-5853-7   ''Matthew and the Midnight Ball Game
  ''978-0-7737-5854-4Patricia PitcherArtists, Craftsmen, and Technocrats: The Dreams, Realities and Illusions of Leadership
1997978-0-7737-5857-5Steven J SchwartzHow to make hot cold calls: Your calling card to personal success
  ''978-0-7737-5862-9Gerald TulchinskyTaking root: The origins of the Canadian Jewish community
2001978-0-7737-5870-4Hart MasseyThe leaky iron boat: Nursing an old barge through Holland, Belgium and France
1997978-0-7737-5892-6Patk HeidbrederDon't Eat Spiders
  ''978-0-7737-5901-5Robert LiveseyThe Railways
1998978-0-7737-5903-9Peter Urs BenderLeadership from Within
  ''978-0-7737-5904-6Maude BarlowThe Big Black Book: The Essential Views of Conrad and Barbara Amiel Black
1997978-0-7737-5919-0Brian McFarlaneThe Habs: Brian McFarlane's Original Six
  ''978-0-7737-5925-1Linda GranfieldIn Flanders Fields: The Story of the Poem by John McCrae
1998978-0-7737-5941-1Allen MorganMatthew and the Midnight Flood
1997978-0-7737-5944-2Celia LottridgeOne Watermelon Seed
1997978-0-7737-5946-6Tony ClarkeMAI: The Multilateral Agreement on Investment and the threat to Canadian sovereignty
1998978-0-7737-5958-9Margaret MerrifieldCome Sit by Me
1988978-0-7737-5967-1Murray PedenA thousand shall fall
1998978-0-7737-5969-5Miriam ToewsA boy of good breeding: A novel
  ''978-0-7737-5973-2Palmiro CampagnaThe UFO files: The Canadian connection exposed
  ''978-0-7737-5974-9StoddartMontreal metropolis, 1880-1930
  ''978-0-7737-5979-4Maude BarlowMAI: The Multilateral Agreement on Investment and the threat to American freedom
  ''978-0-7737-5990-9Palmiro CampagnaStorms of controversy: The secret Avro Arrow files revealed
1998978-0-7737-6001-1Anita HorrocksWhat They Don't Know
1999978-0-7737-6007-3Brian McFarlaneThe Rangers
  ''978-0-7737-6014-1Allen MorganMatthew and the Midnight Hospital
  ''978-0-7737-6016-5Rukhsana KhanDahling, If You Luv Me, Would You Please, Please Smile
2002978-0-7737-6031-8Marshall McLuhanThe Medium and the Light
1999978-0-7737-6043-1Robert LiveseyThe Loyal Refugees
  ''978-0-7737-6045-5Secrets Of Power Marketing
  ''978-0-7737-6053-0Allen MorganMatthew and the Midnight Wrestlers
1999978-0-7737-6062-2Brian McFarlaneThe Red Wings
  ''978-0-7737-6064-6David Michael DupuisSawchuk: The troubles and triumphs of the world's greatest goalie
2003978-0-7737-6085-1Robert KroetschBadlands
  ''978-0-7737-6086-8Robert KroetschGone Indian
2000978-0-7737-6095-0Bret HartBret "Hitman" Hart: The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be
1999978-0-7737-6098-1Connie Brummel CrookMaple Moon
2000978-0-7737-6103-2Shaun BeldingDealing with the customer from hell: A survival guide
1999978-0-7737-6118-6Gail Vaz Oxlade · Gail Vaz-OxladeA Woman of Independent Means: A Woman's Guide to Full Financial Security
2001978-0-7737-6132-2Alberto ManguelThe gates of paradise: The anthology of erotic short fiction
2000978-0-7737-6141-4Maxine TrottierDreamstones
2001978-0-7737-6144-5Rick HodderEvery breath I take: A guide to living with COPD
2000978-0-7737-6145-2Alan CarsonStructure, roofing and the exterior
  ''978-0-7737-6149-0Peter Urs BenderSecrets of power marketing
  ''978-0-7737-6150-6Brian McFarlaneThe Bruins
2000978-0-7737-6153-7Michael W. HigginsHeretic Blood: The Spiritual Geography of Thomas Merton
  ''978-0-7737-6170-4Robert LiveseyThe Rebels
2001978-0-7737-6181-0Reginald W. BibbyCanada's Teens: Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow
2002978-0-7737-6184-1Peter Urs Bender · Robert A. TraczSecrets of Face-to-Face Communication
2001978-0-7737-6187-2Miriam ToewsSwing Low: A Life
  ''978-0-7737-6199-5William McCormackLife on homicide: A police detective's memoir
2002978-0-7737-6201-5Robert KeatsThe border guide: A Canadian's guide to investing, working, and living in the United States
2001978-0-7737-6203-9Marie-Louise GayMidnight Mimi
  ''978-0-7737-6204-6Mora SkeltonBaritone Cat
  ''978-0-7737-6205-3Margriet RuursEmma and the Coyote
2001978-0-7737-6206-0Connie Brummel CrookThe Hungry Year
  ''978-0-7737-6207-7Veronika Martenova CharlesMaiden of the Mist: A Legend of Niagara Falls
2000978-0-7737-6208-4David K FootBoom Bust & Echo: Profiting from the Demographic Shift in the 21st Century
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2002978-0-7737-6212-1Alex DoulisThe bond's revenge: A guide to thriving in the bond market
2001978-0-7737-6213-8   ''Take Your Money and Run!
2002978-0-7737-6216-9David ChiltonThe Wealthy Barber: The Common Sense Guide to Successful Financial Planning
1997978-0-7737-6218-3Peter Urs BenderLeadership from within
2001978-0-7737-6220-6A.G. SmithWhere Am I?: The Story of Maps and Navigation
  ''978-0-7737-6221-3Saul MillerThe complete player: The psychology of winning hockey
2002978-0-7737-6222-0Brian McFarlaneThe Blackhawks: Brian McFarlane's Original Six
  ''978-0-7737-6225-1Mary Shaw · M ShawBrady Brady & Runaway Goalie
  ''978-0-7737-6249-7Steven J. Stein · Howard E. BookThe EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success
2002978-0-7737-6253-4Steven J SchwartzHow to Make Hot Cold Calls
1973978-0-7737-7031-7Honest Ed's Story