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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-7710-0003-4Milton AcornDig Up My Heart Selected Poems: Selected Poems 1952-83
1979978-0-7710-0010-2Eric Ross ArthurFrom Front Street to Queen's Park: The Story of Ontario's Parliament Buildings (Signed By Bill Davis)
1974978-0-7710-0017-1Gore Vidal,Peter Porter,Roloff Beny Anthony ThwaiteRoloff Beny in Italy
1972978-0-7710-0031-7Hugh MaclennanThe Colour of Canada (Canadian Illustrated Library)
978-0-7710-0034-8The Pioneers: An Illustrated Early History of Canada
1974978-0-7710-0035-5William KilbournThe Making of a Nation: A Century of Challenge The Canadian Ilustrated Library
1994978-0-7710-0036-2Pierre Elliott TrudeauMemoirs
1972978-0-7710-0046-1Bruce SpencerThe fallacy of creative thinking
978-0-7710-0049-2The no fad good food $5 a week cookbook
1972978-0-7710-0051-5Ian AdamsThe Poverty Wall is Guilt of Greed, Racism, and the Misery of 6,000,000 Canadians. That is What This Book is all About
1971978-0-7710-0052-2IAN ADAMSThe Trudeau Papers
1974978-0-7710-0056-0Gordon Harvey AikenThe backbencher: Trials and tribulations of a member of Parliament
  ''978-0-7710-0058-4Anthony & Willard, John AdamsonThe gaiety of gables: Ontario's architectural folk art
1972978-0-7710-0060-7Margaret AtwoodThe Edible Woman
1975978-0-7710-0062-1M. AshworthImmigrant children and canadian school
1993978-0-7710-0067-6Dan DiamondThe Official NHL 1980s Quiz Book
1971978-0-7710-0126-0Ted Allan · Sydney GordonThe Scalpel, the Sword
1984978-0-7710-0127-7Ted AllanLove Is a Long Shot, a Novel
978-0-7710-0129-1Sydney GordonThe Scalpel and the Sword
1976978-0-7710-0130-7Roald AmundsenThe South Pole: An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the "Fram", 1910-1912
1975978-0-7710-0135-2Wayne AndrewCanadians and Their Environment
1977978-0-7710-0145-1A.A. MilnePooh's Quiz Book
978-0-7710-0148-2Lorraine MonkA Time to Dream / Rêveries en couleurs
1971978-0-7710-0149-9Committee of Presidents of Universities of OntarioTowards 2000;: The future of post-secondary education in Ontario
  ''978-0-7710-0150-5   ''Towards 2000: The future of post-secondary education in Ontario
1977978-0-7710-0157-4The Book of Hunting
1979978-0-7710-0158-1Timothy · Israel, Charles E. FindleyThe Newcomers
1972978-0-7710-0160-4Ontario Ministry Of TransportPower Under Control
  ''978-0-7710-0161-1   ''Power Under Control
1993978-0-7710-0166-6Dan DiamondThe Official NHL Toronto Maple Leafs Quiz Book
1985978-0-7710-0174-1Carl AunPolitical Refugees: A History of the Estonians in Canada
1993978-0-7710-0177-2Walter StewartToo Big to Fail: Olympia & York: The Story Behind The Headlines
1988978-0-7710-0200-7M S.Paddle to Amazon 45c
1993978-0-7710-0218-2BertonNiagara Falls a Picture Book
1997978-0-7710-0221-2M S.Walmart Dspl#3 Chng Hvn/Such Ln Jo
1988978-0-7710-0233-5   ''Fine Balance 24c
1997978-0-7710-0241-0John CadizLost in the Wilds of Canada
  ''978-0-7710-0242-7JAGorbachev Mikhail · MacFarlane David · Cohon GeorgeTo Russia with Fries: My Adventures in Canada and Russia-Having Fun Along the Way
1997978-0-7710-0243-4Gzowski PeterThe Morningside Years [With 60 Minute Theme Music W/Interview]
  ''978-0-7710-0244-1Malcolm Andrew H.Fury: Inside the Life of Theoren Fleury
1989978-0-7710-0249-6B. A. · Chevalier CoxA Different Drummer
1999978-0-7710-0264-9M S.Such a Long Journey 24c
1998978-0-7710-0268-7   ''Underpainter Es Tp-36c
1998978-0-7710-0269-4M S.Atwood Es Tp-36c MXD FL
  ''978-0-7710-0270-0   ''Home Decor 28c Flr
  ''978-0-7710-0272-4   ''Food Express 28 Copy Mixed Flr
  ''978-0-7710-0274-8   ''Breaker 18c FL
1994978-0-7710-0275-5Mccelland & Stewart Spr94 Catalog
  ''978-0-7710-0276-2Mccelland & Stewart Aut94 Catalog
1995978-0-7710-0278-6Mcclelland&Stewart Spr 95 Ord for
1997978-0-7710-0282-3M S.Ncl Core Pack (Library) 23c Mixed
1990978-0-7710-0283-0   ''Ncl BC Pack (Library) 12c Mixed
1990978-0-7710-0284-7M S.Ncl Alberta Pack (Library) 4C Mixed
1990978-0-7710-0285-4M S.Ncl Prairies Pack (Library)17c Mixed
  ''978-0-7710-0286-1   ''Ncl Ont Pack (Library) 15c Mixed
  ''978-0-7710-0287-8   ''Ncl Quebec Pack (Library) 7c Mixed
  ''978-0-7710-0288-5   ''Ncl Atlan Pack (Library) 12c
1998978-0-7710-0291-5   ''Sizzlers/Quickies 42c Mixed
1998978-0-7710-0292-2M S.Atwoods 3 Nf 24c Mixed
  ''978-0-7710-0295-3   ''Echo 48c Floor Mixed
1999978-0-7710-0297-7Stephen BruntThe New Ice Age: A Year in the Life of the NHL
1998978-0-7710-0299-1M S.Top 100
  ''978-0-7710-0300-4   ''Rohinton Mistry Boxed Set
  ''978-0-7710-0301-1   ''Mordecai Richler Adult Boxed Set
1999978-0-7710-0309-7   ''Breaker 48c Flr
1999978-0-7710-0313-4M S.Broken Ground 36c FL
1993978-0-7710-0314-1Guy VanderhaegheThe Journey Prize Anthology: Short Fiction from the Best of Canada's New Writers
1977978-0-7710-0335-6PullenPullen Expedition
1989978-0-7710-0354-7M S.All the Way Home 36c FL
  ''978-0-7710-0360-8   ''Undercover Agent 36 Cpy
  ''978-0-7710-0361-5   ''Story of My Life 36 Cpy
  ''978-0-7710-0380-6   ''Toronto Star Garden Bk 10 Cntpk
1999978-0-7710-0653-1Mark AbleyStories from the Ice Storm
2000978-0-7710-0654-8Mark AbleyStories from the Ice Storm
1990978-0-7710-0656-2Ian AdamsBecoming Tania: A Novel of Love
2001978-0-7710-0659-3Robert AdamsA Love of Reading: Reviews of Contemporary Fiction
2002978-0-7710-0660-9Robert AdamsA Love of Reading: Reviews of Contemporary Fiction
2003978-0-7710-0662-3   ''A Love of Reading, The Second Collection: More Reviews of Contemporary Fiction
1998978-0-7710-0665-4Andre AlexisChildhood
  ''978-0-7710-0666-1Andre AlexisDespair and Other Stories of Ottawa
2000978-0-7710-0667-8Andre AlexisChildhood
2008978-0-7710-0669-2   ''Asylum
2009978-0-7710-0670-8   ''Asylum
2007978-0-7710-0677-7Sonnet L'AbbeKillarnoe
2014978-0-7710-0680-7Margaret AtwoodStone Mattress: Nine Tales
2015978-0-7710-0681-4   ''Stone Mattress
2010978-0-7710-0689-0Theresa AlbertAce Your Health: 52 Ways to Stack Your Deck
2015978-0-7710-0695-1Stephen BruntLeafs '65: The Lost Toronto Maple Leafs Photographs
978-0-7710-0700-2Emerging Party Politics in Urban Canada
1995978-0-7710-0703-3Allen AbelFlatbush Odyssey: A Journey Through the Heart of Brooklyn
1996978-0-7710-0704-0Allen AbelFlatbush Odyssey: A Journey Through the Heart of Brooklyn
1977978-0-7710-0705-7Patrick AndersonReturn to Canada: Selected Poems
2001978-0-7710-0706-4Allen AbelAbel's Outback: Explorations and Misadventures on Six Continents, 1990-2000
2002978-0-7710-0707-1   ''Flatbush Odyssey: A Journey Through the Heart of Brooklyn
1976978-0-7710-0710-1Grace and HIGGS, David ANDERSONA future to inherit: Portuguese communities in Canada (Generations, a history of Canada's peoples)
  ''978-0-7710-0711-8Grace AndersonFuture to Inherit Portugese
1980978-0-7710-0714-9Achmed AbulabanAn Olive Branch on Family
1980978-0-7710-0715-6Achmed AbulabanAn Olive Branch on Family
1981978-0-7710-0717-0Jeremy AkermanBlack around the eyes: a novel
1974978-0-7710-0720-0Thomas E. AppletonRavenscrag: The Allan Royal Mail Line
1991978-0-7710-0722-4Ken AdachiThe Enemy that Never Was: A History of the Japanese Canadians
1976978-0-7710-0723-1Ken · National Japanese Canadian Citizens Association AdachiThe Enemy That Never Was: A History of Japanese Canadians
1979978-0-7710-0724-8Ken AdachiThe Enemy that Never Was: A History of the Japanese Canadians
1985978-0-7710-0728-6Ted Allan · Sydney GordonDon't You Know Anybody Else
1989978-0-7710-0729-3   ''The Scalpel, the Sword: The Story of Dr. Norman Bethune
1982978-0-7710-0735-4George AmabileThe presence of fire: Poems
1995978-0-7710-0736-1George AmabileRumours of Paradise/Rumours of War
1981978-0-7710-0742-2Doris AndersonRough layout
1987978-0-7710-0745-3Charlotte Vale AllenIllusions
2012978-0-7710-0747-7Paul AlofsPassion Capital: The World's Most Valuable Asset
2013978-0-7710-0748-4   ''Passion Capital: The World's Most Valuable Asset
1992978-0-7710-0750-7Keith Anderson · Roy MacskimmingOn Your Own Again
2004978-0-7710-0752-1Erin Anderssen · Michael ValpyThe New Canada: A Globe and Mail Report on the Next Generation
2009978-0-7710-0753-8Ray AndersonConfessions of a Radical Industrialist: Profits, People, Purpose - Doing Business by Respecting the Earth
2011978-0-7710-0755-2Ray AndersonBusiness Lessons from a Radical Industrialist: How the Hard-Driving CEO of a Carpet Company You Never Heard of Doubled Earnings, Won New Customers, Inspired Employees, and Created Innovation...
1981978-0-7710-0756-9Lew AnthonyDreadlock
2007978-0-7710-0757-6George AnthonyStarring Brian Linehan
2008978-0-7710-0758-3   ''Starring Brian Linehan: A Life Behind the Scenes
2012978-0-7710-0760-6Chris AndersonMakers: The New Industrial Revolution
  ''978-0-7710-0763-7Anne ApplebaumIron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956
2013978-0-7710-0764-4Anne ApplebaumIron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1945-1956
  ''978-0-7710-0766-8Scott AndersonLawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East
2014978-0-7710-0768-2Scott AndersonLawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East
1991978-0-7710-0775-0Jeffrey ArcherFools Knaves & Heroes
  ''978-0-7710-0776-7M S.Fools Knaves & Heroes 40c
2002978-0-7710-0780-4Ed ArnoldWhose Puck Is It, Anyway? A Season with a Minor Novice Hockey Team
2003978-0-7710-0781-1Ed ArnoldWhose Puck Is It, Anyway?: A Season with a Minor Novice Hockey Team
2004978-0-7710-0782-8   ''Hockey Town: Life Before the Pros
2005978-0-7710-0783-5Ed ArnoldHockey Town: Life Before The Pros
2009978-0-7710-0786-6Gaynor ArnoldGirl in a Blue Dress
2010978-0-7710-0787-3Gaynor ArnoldGirl in a Blue Dress
1988978-0-7710-0792-7Andrew ArmitageSocial Welfare In Canada: Ideals, Realities, and Future Paths
  ''978-0-7710-0795-8J.D. ArnupMiddleton: Beloved Judge
2000978-0-7710-0798-9Bernard AssiniwiThe Beothuk Saga
2001978-0-7710-0799-6Bernard AssiniwiThe Beothuk Saga
1979978-0-7710-0800-9Hubert AquinHamlet's Twin
1978978-0-7710-0805-4Pat Armstrong · Hugh ArmstrongThe Double Ghetto: Canadian Women And Their Segregated Work.
1979978-0-7710-0807-8Margaret AtwoodLife Before Man
1983978-0-7710-0808-5   ''Bluebeard's Egg
1977978-0-7710-0810-8   ''Dancing Girls and Other Stories
1981978-0-7710-0812-2   ''Bodily Harm
1985978-0-7710-0813-9   ''The Handmaid's Tale
1976978-0-7710-0815-3Margaret AtwoodLady Oracle
1988978-0-7710-0817-7   ''Cat's Eye
1999978-0-7710-0818-4   ''Cat's Eye
1991978-0-7710-0819-1   ''Wilderness Tips
1993978-0-7710-0821-4   ''The Robber Bride
1972978-0-7710-0822-1Margaret AtwoodSurfacing
1993978-0-7710-0823-8M S.Robber Bride 24c FL
1978978-0-7710-0824-5MARGARET ATWOODUp in the tree
1993978-0-7710-0825-2Margaret AtwoodThe Robber Bride
1979978-0-7710-0826-9Donald AveryDangerous Foreigners (Oxford)
2003978-0-7710-0827-6Donald H. AveryReluctant Host: Canada's Response to Immigrant Workers, 1896-1994
1995978-0-7710-0830-6Margaret AtwoodMorning in the Burned House
  ''978-0-7710-0831-3M S.Morning in Burned House (10c Cnt)
1996978-0-7710-0832-0Margaret AtwoodSurvival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature
2009978-0-7710-0833-7   ''Morning in the Burned House
1993978-0-7710-0834-4Yves ArcandThe Jaguar & the Anteater: Pornography and the Modern World
1996978-0-7710-0835-1Margaret AtwoodAlias Grace
1998978-0-7710-0836-8Margaret Atwood · Victor-Levy BeaulieuTwo Solicitudes: Conversations
  ''978-0-7710-0837-5Margaret AtwoodBodily Harm
  ''978-0-7710-0838-2   ''Lady Oracle
  ''978-0-7710-0839-9   ''Life Before Man
2009978-0-7710-0844-3   ''The Year of the Flood
2013978-0-7710-0846-7Margaret AtwoodMaddAddam
2009978-0-7710-0847-4   ''The Door
2011978-0-7710-0848-1   ''In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination
1984978-0-7710-0850-4Pat Armstrong · Hugh ArmstrongDouble Ghetto
1993978-0-7710-0851-1   ''Double Ghetto: Canadian women and their segregated work, Third Edition
1998978-0-7710-0853-5Margaret AtwoodCat's Eye
  ''978-0-7710-0854-2   ''The Robber Bride
1999978-0-7710-0855-9Margaret AtwoodThe Handmaid's Tale
  ''978-0-7710-0856-6   ''Wilderness Tips
  ''978-0-7710-0857-3   ''Alias Grace: A Novel
1998978-0-7710-0858-0   ''Dancing Girls and Other Stories
1999978-0-7710-0859-7   ''The Edible Woman
1999978-0-7710-0860-3Margaret AtwoodSurfacing
  ''978-0-7710-0862-7   ''Bluebeard's Egg
2000978-0-7710-0863-4   ''The Blind Assassin
2003978-0-7710-0864-1   ''The Blind Assassin
2001978-0-7710-0866-5   ''Good Bones and Simple Murders
2009978-0-7710-0867-2Margaret AtwoodMoral Disorder
2003978-0-7710-0868-9   ''Oryx and Crake
2005978-0-7710-0869-6   ''Oryx and Crake
2006978-0-7710-0870-2   ''Moral Disorder
2004978-0-7710-0872-6   ''Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature
2006978-0-7710-0873-3Margaret AtwoodThe Tent
  ''978-0-7710-0874-0   ''The Handmaid's Tale
2000978-0-7710-0875-7Frank Augustyn · Barbara SearsDancing from the Heart: A Memoir
2002978-0-7710-0877-1Michel AugerThe Biker Who Shot Me: Recollections of a Crime Reporter
2003978-0-7710-0878-8   ''The Biker Who Shot Me: Recollections of a Crime Reporter
2011978-0-7710-0879-5Margaret AtwoodThe Handmaid's Tale
2007978-0-7710-0880-1   ''The Door
  ''978-0-7710-0881-8   ''The Tent
2010978-0-7710-0882-5Margaret AtwoodAlias Grace
  ''978-0-7710-0883-2   ''Bodily Harm
  ''978-0-7710-0884-9   ''The Edible Woman
  ''978-0-7710-0885-6   ''Life Before Man
2009978-0-7710-0886-3Margaret AvisonListening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison
2006978-0-7710-0887-0Margaret AvisonMomentary Dark