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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-0-7710-9886-4David Adams RichardsLives of Short Duration
1992978-0-7710-9887-1David Adams RichardsBlood Ties
1993978-0-7710-9888-8Thomas Chandler HaliburtonThe Clockmaker: The Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick of Slickville
  ''978-0-7710-9889-5Ralph ConnorGlengarry School Days: A Story of Early Days in Glengarry
  ''978-0-7710-9890-1Ralph ConnorThe Man from Glengarry
1994978-0-7710-9891-8Mavis GallantThe Moslem Wife and Other Stories
1993978-0-7710-9892-5Stephen LeacockMy Financial Career and Other Follies
  ''978-0-7710-9893-2Joyce MarshallAny Time at All and Other Stories
  ''978-0-7710-9894-9Margaret LaurenceThe Tomorrow-Tamer
1993978-0-7710-9895-6Michael Ondaatje · Nicole BrossardRunning in the Family
  ''978-0-7710-9896-3Robert SteadGrain
  ''978-0-7710-9897-0Rohinton MistrySuch a Long Journey
1994978-0-7710-9899-4Margaret AtwoodSurfacing
1968978-0-7710-9901-4Stephen ClarksonAn independent foreign policy for Canada?
978-0-7710-9902-1Title: The decolonization of Quebec: An analysis of left-
1974978-0-7710-9904-5AxlineContinental community?: Independence and integration in North America
1976978-0-7710-9905-2Julius LukasiewiczThe Railway Game
1974978-0-7710-9907-6Peter H. PearseThe MacKenzie Pipeline
1977978-0-7710-9911-3Norman HillmerA Foremost nation: Canadian foreign policy and a changing world
2015978-0-7710-9914-4Guy VanderhaegheDaddy Lenin and Other Stories
1989978-0-7710-9950-2Margaret Atwood · Linda HutcheonThe Edible Woman
  ''978-0-7710-9952-6Ernest BucklerThe Mountain and the Valley
  ''978-0-7710-9953-3Earle BirneyTurvey
1994978-0-7710-9954-0Leonard CohenThe Favourite Game
1989978-0-7710-9955-7Morley CallaghanSuch Is My Beloved
1992978-0-7710-9956-4Morley CallaghanMore Joy in Heaven
1991978-0-7710-9957-1Frederick Philip GroveA Search for America: The Odyssey of an Immigrant
1990978-0-7710-9958-8Marian EngelBear
1989978-0-7710-9959-5Sylvia FraserPandora
1989978-0-7710-9960-1Frederick Philip GroveFruits of the Earth
  ''978-0-7710-9961-8   ''Settlers of the Marsh
1990978-0-7710-9962-5Anna Brownell JamesonWinter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada
  ''978-0-7710-9963-2Raymond KnisterWhite Narcissus
1991978-0-7710-9964-9Frederick Philip GroveOver Prairie Trails
1989978-0-7710-9965-6Stephen LeacockMy Remarkable Uncle
  ''978-0-7710-9966-3   ''Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich
  ''978-0-7710-9967-0Margaret LaurenceThis Side Jordan
1989978-0-7710-9969-4Alistair MacLeodThe Lost Salt Gift of Blood
  ''978-0-7710-9970-0Mordecai RichlerSon of a Smaller Hero
1993978-0-7710-9971-7Mordecai RichlerA Choice of Enemies
1989978-0-7710-9972-4   ''The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
  ''978-0-7710-9973-1   ''The Incomparable Atuk
1989978-0-7710-9974-8Mordecai RichlerSt. Urbain's Horseman
  ''978-0-7710-9975-5Susanna MoodieRoughing it in the Bush
  ''978-0-7710-9976-2Susanna MoodieLife in the Clearings versus the Bush
  ''978-0-7710-9977-9Catharine Parr TraillThe Backwoods of Canada
1990978-0-7710-9978-6Sara Jeannette DuncanThe Imperialist
1989978-0-7710-9979-3L. M. MontgomeryEmily of New Moon
  ''978-0-7710-9980-9L.M. MontgomeryEmily Climbs
1989978-0-7710-9981-6L. M. MontgomeryEmily's Quest
  ''978-0-7710-9983-0Stephen LeacockLiterary Lapses
  ''978-0-7710-9984-7Stephen Leacock · Jack HodginsSunshine Sketches of a Little Town
  ''978-0-7710-9985-4Margaret Laurence · Isabel HugganA Bird in the House
1988978-0-7710-9986-1Margaret LaurenceThe Diviners
  ''978-0-7710-9987-8   ''The Fire Dwellers
1988978-0-7710-9988-5Margaret LaurenceA Jest of God
  ''978-0-7710-9989-2   ''The Stone Angel
1991978-0-7710-9990-8Stephen LeacockArcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich
1989978-0-7710-9991-5Hugh MaclennanBarometer Rising
1988978-0-7710-9992-2Brian MooreThe Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne
  ''978-0-7710-9993-9Brian MooreThe Luck of Ginger Coffey
1989978-0-7710-9994-6Martha OstensoWild Geese
  ''978-0-7710-9995-3RinguetThirty Acres
1988978-0-7710-9996-0Sinclair RossThe Lamp at Noon and Other Stories
1989978-0-7710-9997-7Sinclair RossAs for Me and My House
  ''978-0-7710-9998-4Sheila WatsonThe Double Hook