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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-7653-0000-3Harold RobbinsNever Enough
2002978-0-7653-0001-0Harold RobbinsSin City
2003978-0-7653-0002-7   ''Heat of Passion
2008978-0-7653-0003-4Jann RobbinsHarold and Me: My Life, Love, and Hard Times with Harold Robbins
2002978-0-7653-0004-1Ramsey CampbellScared Stiff: Tales of Sex and Death
  ''978-0-7653-0005-8Norman ZollingerThe Road to Santa Fe
2001978-0-7653-0007-2Lawrence Watt-EvansThe Dragon Society (Obsidian Chronicles)
2003978-0-7653-0008-9Mitchell SmithKingdom River: Book Two of the Snowfall Trilogy
2004978-0-7653-0009-6Mitchell SmithMoonrise: Book Three of the Snowfall Trilogy
2001978-0-7653-0010-2Alan NayesGargoyles
  ''978-0-7653-0011-9Corson HirschfeldToo High
2002978-0-7653-0012-6Lawrence Watt-EvansIthanalin's Restoration (Legends of Ethshar)
  ''978-0-7653-0013-3Jonathan CarrollThe Wooden Sea: A Novel (The Crane's View Trilogy)
  ''978-0-7653-0014-0Patrick CreevyTyrus
2004978-0-7653-0015-7Patrick Nielsen HaydenNew Magics: An Anthology of Today's Fantasy
2003978-0-7653-0016-4Patrick Nielsen HaydenNew Skies: An Anthology of Today's Science Fiction
2002978-0-7653-0017-1Orson Scott CardShadow Puppets (The Shadow Series)
2002978-0-7653-0019-5Roberta GellisBone of Contention: A Magdalene la Batarde Mystery
2003978-0-7653-0020-1Roberta GellisLucrezia Borgia and the Mother of Poisons
2002978-0-7653-0021-8Harvey E. KayeThe Affairs of Men
2001978-0-7653-0022-5Charles de LintInto the Green
  ''978-0-7653-0023-2Zane GreyGeorge Washington, Frontiersman (Ohio Frontier)
2002978-0-7653-0024-9Barbara D'AmatoWhite Male Infant
2001978-0-7653-0025-6L E (signed) ModesittGhost Of The White Nights
  ''978-0-7653-0026-3Terry GoodkindThe Pillars of Creation (Sword of Truth)
  ''978-0-7653-0027-0Terry GoodkindWizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth)
  ''978-0-7653-0028-7Stephen CoontsCombat
2001978-0-7653-0029-4Ed GormanThe World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: 2: Second Annual Collection (World's Finest Mystery & Crime Stories)
978-0-7653-0031-7Win BlevinsSTORIES FROM INDIAN COUNTRY
2001978-0-7653-0032-4Ken MacLeodCosmonaut Keep (Engines of Light)
  ''978-0-7653-0034-8Emma BullWar for the Oaks: A Novel
  ''978-0-7653-0035-5Robert SilverbergLegends: Stories By The Masters of Modern Fantasy
2002978-0-7653-0036-2Harry TurtledoveRulers of the Darkness
2003978-0-7653-0037-9H. N. TurteltaubThe Sacred Land
2004978-0-7653-0038-6H. N. Turteltaub · Harry TurtledoveOwls to Athens (Hellenistic Seafaring Adventure)
2002978-0-7653-0039-3Glenn R. SixburyLegacy (Gen Roddenberry's Earth the Final Conflict)
  ''978-0-7653-0040-9   ''Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict--Legacy
  ''978-0-7653-0041-6Andre Norton · Lyn McConchieBeast Master's Ark (Beast Master Originals Series,)
2004978-0-7653-0042-3Andre Norton · Lyn McConchieBeast Master's Circus (Norton, Andre)
2001978-0-7653-0043-0Terence M. GreenSt. Patrick's Bed
2002978-0-7653-0044-7Terence M. GreenSt. Patrick's Bed
2002978-0-7653-0045-4Fred SaberhagenA Coldness in the Blood
2003978-0-7653-0046-1Joel RosenbergNot Really the Prisoner of Zenda: A Guardians of the Flame Novel (Tom Doherty Associates Books)
2019978-0-7653-0047-8Deborah Teramis ChristianSplintegrate
2001978-0-7653-0048-5Melvin BurgessBloodtide
2006978-0-7653-0049-2Richard S Wheeler · Richard S. WheelerSUN MOUNTAIN
2001978-0-7653-0050-8Andre NortonThe Gates to Witch World (Witch World Chronicles)
2003978-0-7653-0051-5   ''The Gates to Witch World (Witch World Chronicles)
2004978-0-7653-0052-2   ''Lost Lands of Witch World (The Witch World Chronicles)
2005978-0-7653-0053-9Andre NortonWitch World Lost Lands of the Witch World
2003978-0-7653-0054-6   ''The Solar Queen (Norton, Andre)
2004978-0-7653-0055-3   ''The Solar Queen
978-0-7653-0056-0   ''BEASTMASTER
978-0-7653-0057-7   ''LORD OF THUNDER
2001978-0-7653-0058-4Julie SmithLouisiana Hotshot: A Talba Wallis Novel
2002978-0-7653-0059-1Julie SmithLouisiana Bigshot: A Talba Wallis Novel
  ''978-0-7653-0060-7R. J. PineiroFirewall
2008978-0-7653-0061-4R.j. PineiroEagle And The Cross
2001978-0-7653-0062-1Brian LysaghtLast Dance of the Viper
2003978-0-7653-0063-8Kevin J. Anderson · Janet Berliner · F. Paul Wilson · Matthew CostelloArtifact (Anderson, Kevin J.)
2002978-0-7653-0064-5Steve AltenGoliath
2003978-0-7653-0065-2Rosanne BittnerInto the Valley: The Settlers (Westerward America!)
2002978-0-7653-0066-9Rosanne BittnerInto the Wilderness: The Long Hunters (Westward America!)
978-0-7653-0067-6Andrew OffuttConan: Sword Of Skelos
2002978-0-7653-0069-0L. Sprague de Camp;Lin Carter · Bjorn NybergConan The Swordsman (Conan Series)
  ''978-0-7653-0070-6L. Sprague de Camp;Lin CarterConan The Liberator
  ''978-0-7653-0071-3L. Sprague de CampConan and the Spider God
2001978-0-7653-0072-0Poul AndersonConan The Rebel
2003978-0-7653-0073-7Poul AndersonConan The Rebel
  ''978-0-7653-0075-1L. Sprague de Camp;L. Sprague Camp;Lin CarterConan the Liberator (Conan)
1957978-0-7653-0076-8L. S De CampConan The Swordsman
978-0-7653-0078-2Andrew OffuttConan: Sword Of Skelos
2001978-0-7653-0079-9Carole BellaceraEast of the Sun, West of the Moon (Tom Doherty Associates Books)
2001978-0-7653-0080-5Paul J. McAuleyThe Secret of Life
2002978-0-7653-0081-2Robert J. RandisiBoot Hill
2003978-0-7653-0082-9Robert J. RandisiBoot Hill
2002978-0-7653-0083-6Emma BullWar for the Oaks
2001978-0-7653-0084-3Ken MacLeodThe Star Fraction (Fall Revolution)
1957978-0-7653-0092-8John Byrne CookeSAFE PASSAGE FOR ABRAHAM
2002978-0-7653-0093-5Frederick J. ChiaventoneMoon of Bitter Cold
2003978-0-7653-0094-2Nelson ErlickGermLine
2001978-0-7653-0095-9L. E. ModesittGhost of the White Nights (Ghost Trilogy)
2006978-0-7653-0096-6Michael FlynnEifelheim
2002978-0-7653-0097-3A. E. Van VogtThe World of Null-A
  ''978-0-7653-0098-0Paul LevinsonThe Consciousness Plague
2003978-0-7653-0099-7Michael FlynnThe Wreck of the River of Stars (Tom Doherty Associates Books)
  ''978-0-7653-0100-0Jay AmbergDoubloon
2001978-0-7653-0101-7Ed GormanThe World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: 2: Second Annual Collection (World's Finest Mystery & Crime Stories)
  ''978-0-7653-0102-4Edwin P. HoytAngels of Death: Goering's Luftwaffe
  ''978-0-7653-0103-1Michelle BlackAn Uncommon Enemy
2001978-0-7653-0104-8Stanley SchmidtWhich Way to the Future?: Selected Essays From Analog (R)
2004978-0-7653-0105-5Stanley SchmidtWhich Way to the Future?: Selected Essays From Analog (R)
1957978-0-7653-0106-2Fred Saberhagen · Fred SaberhaganGod Of The Golden Fleece
2001978-0-7653-0107-9Greg BearThe Forge of God
1957978-0-7653-0108-6Gary S KadetSEXGEEK (**CANCELLED, NEVER PUBLISH**)
1957978-0-7653-0109-3Gary S KadetSEXGEEK (**CANCELLED, NEVER PUBLISH**)
2005978-0-7653-0110-9Lewis PerduePerfect Killer
2003978-0-7653-0111-6Lewis PerdueSlatewiper
2002978-0-7653-0112-3William K. HartmannCities of Gold: A Novel of the Ancient and Modern Southwest
2001978-0-7653-0113-0Walter H. HuntThe Dark Wing
  ''978-0-7653-0114-7William R. ForstchenWe Look Like Men of War
2003978-0-7653-0115-4William R. ForstchenWe Look Like Men of War
2002978-0-7653-0116-1Alexander C. IrvineA Scattering of Jades
1957978-0-7653-0117-8Alexander C IrvineScattering of Jades, A
2001978-0-7653-0118-5J. Robert KingLancelot Du Lethe (Mad Merlin)
2003978-0-7653-0124-6Timothy ZahnDragon and Thief: The First Dragonback Adventure
2004978-0-7653-0125-3Timothy ZahnDragon and Soldier: The Second Dragonback Adventure
2005978-0-7653-0126-0   ''Dragon and Slave: The Third Dragonback Adventure
2002978-0-7653-0127-7Juilene Osborne-McKnightDaughter of Ireland
2004978-0-7653-0129-1John Robert MarlowNano
2002978-0-7653-0130-7Barret SchumacherFear Itself
  ''978-0-7653-0131-4Walter WagerKelly's People
978-0-7653-0132-1Jacqueline CareyKushiel's Dart Reading Group Guide (Kushiel's Legacy)
2001978-0-7653-0135-2Karen MichalsonEnemy Glory
2003978-0-7653-0137-6Larry NivenScatterbrain
2009978-0-7653-0139-0Hugh HoltonRevenge (Larry Cole)
2010978-0-7653-0140-6Lee Rrandy EickhoffBeowulf
2011978-0-7653-0141-3Lee Randy EickhoffBeowulf
2002978-0-7653-0142-0Randy Lee EickhoffThen Came Christmas
2010978-0-7653-0143-7Randy Lee EickhoffThen Came Christmas
2002978-0-7653-0144-4Michael EnrightDaisies in the Junkyard
2007978-0-7653-0145-1Frederik PohlPlatinum Pohl: The Collected Best Stories
2002978-0-7653-0146-8Gorman BechardNinth Square
2008978-0-7653-0147-5Steven BrustJhegaala (Vlad Taltos)
2006978-0-7653-0148-2Steven BrustDzur (Vlad Taltos)
2003978-0-7653-0149-9David LubarFlip
2002978-0-7653-0150-5Lisa GoldsteinThe Alchemist's Door
2003978-0-7653-0151-2Lisa GoldsteinThe Alchemist's Door
2002978-0-7653-0152-9Brian M. ThomsenThe American Fantasy Tradition
2001978-0-7653-0153-6L. Neil SmithThe Probability Broach
2002978-0-7653-0154-3Greg BearBlood Music
  ''978-0-7653-0155-0Norman SpinradChild of Fortune
  ''978-0-7653-0156-7Ken MacLeodThe Star Fraction
2002978-0-7653-0157-4Brian Herbert · Kevin J. AndersonThe Butlerian Jihad (Legends of Dune #1)
2003978-0-7653-0158-1Brian Herbert · Kevin J. AndersonDune: The Machine Crusade
2004978-0-7653-0159-8   ''Dune: The Battle of Corrin
2002978-0-7653-0160-4Greg BearThe Collected Stories of Greg Bear
2003978-0-7653-0161-1   ''The Collected Stories of Greg Bear (Tom Doherty Associates Books)
2010978-0-7653-0162-8John DelgazioSpace Command
2002978-0-7653-0164-2Paul Simpson · David HughesFarscape: The Illustrated Companion
  ''978-0-7653-0165-9John A. MillerTropical Heat
2004978-0-7653-0167-3Larry NivenRingworld's Children
2002978-0-7653-0168-0Brian StablefordDark Ararat (Emortality)
  ''978-0-7653-0169-7Brian StablefordThe Omega Expedition (Emortality)
  ''978-0-7653-0170-3Nancy KressProbability Space (The Probability Trilogy)
2006978-0-7653-0172-7Michael NormanHaunted Homeland: A Definitive Collection of North American Ghost Stories (Haunted America)
2002978-0-7653-0173-4Michael Norman · Beth ScottHaunted Heritage: A Definitive Collection of North American Ghost Stories (Haunted America)
  ''978-0-7653-0174-1David C. FickettNectar
2003978-0-7653-0175-8   ''Nectar
2003978-0-7653-0176-5David FarlandThe Lair of Bones (The Runelords, Book 4)
2006978-0-7653-0177-2David FarlandSons of the Oak (The Runelords, Book 5)
2003978-0-7653-0178-9Ramsey Campbell, and Jack Dann, eds. Dennis EtchisonGathering the Bones: Original Stories from the World's Masters of Horror
  ''978-0-7653-0179-6Jack Dann · Ramsey Campbell · Dennis EtchisonGathering the Bones
2001978-0-7653-0181-9Kit ReedExpectations (Tom Doherty Associates Books)
1957978-0-7653-0182-6Arthur Winfield KNIGHTJohnnie D.
  ''978-0-7653-0184-0John R DannSong Of The Axe
2001978-0-7653-0185-7Jack DannCounting Coup
2002978-0-7653-0186-4Jack DannCounting Coup
  ''978-0-7653-0187-1Kurt CorriherSomeone To Kill
2003978-0-7653-0188-8Harold CoyleMore Than Courage (Coyle, Harold)
2002978-0-7653-0189-5Loren D. EstlemanBlack Powder, White Smoke
2004978-0-7653-0190-1Loren D. EstlemanPort Hazard (Page Murdock, US Deputy Marshall, Book 7)
2003978-0-7653-0192-5Thomas HarlanWasteland of Flint
2004978-0-7653-0193-2Thomas HarlanHouse of Reeds (In The Time of The Sixth Sun)
2002978-0-7653-0194-9Gregory FrostFitcher's Brides (Fairy Tale Series)
2003978-0-7653-0195-6Gregory FrostFitcher's Brides (Fairy Tales)
978-0-7653-0197-0W. Michael Gear · Kathleen M GearBone Walker
2002978-0-7653-0201-4Fred SaberhagenGods of Fire and Thunder (Book of the Gods Series, Book 5)
2001978-0-7653-0202-1Stephen R. DonaldsonThe Man Who Fought Alone
2002978-0-7653-0203-8Stephen R. DonaldsonThe Man Who Killed His Brother
2003978-0-7653-0204-5   ''The Man Who Risked His Partner (Donaldson, Stephen R.)
2004978-0-7653-0205-2   ''The Man Who Tried to Get Away
2001978-0-7653-0206-9Lloyd RobinsonThe Stolen Election: Hayes Versus Tilden—1876
  ''978-0-7653-0207-6Martin H. Greenberg · Jane Yolen · Keith Parkinson · Elizabeth Ann Scarborough · Charles de Lint · Emma Bull · Andre Norton · Terry PratchettAfter the King: Stories In Honor of J.R.R. Tolkien
  ''978-0-7653-0208-3Doranna DurginGene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict--Heritage
2012978-0-7653-0210-6Greg BearCollected Stories Of Greg Bear
978-0-7653-0211-3   ''Collected Stories Of Greg Bear
1957978-0-7653-0212-0   ''Blood Music
1957978-0-7653-0213-7Greg BearBlood Music
2001978-0-7653-0215-1Andrew KlavanMan and Wife
2002978-0-7653-0218-2Michael A. KahnTrophy Widow: A Rachel Gold Novel (Rachel Gold Novels)
2003978-0-7653-0219-9Mercedes Lackey · James MalloryThe Outstretched Shadow
2004978-0-7653-0220-5Mercedes Lackey · James MalloryTo Light a Candle: The Obsidian Trilogy, Book Two (The Obsidian Mountain Trilogy)
2006978-0-7653-0221-2   ''When Darkness Falls (The Obsidian Trilogy, Book 3)
2002978-0-7653-0222-9Ed GreenwoodA Dragon's Ascension (Band of Four)
2003978-0-7653-0223-6Ed GreenwoodThe Dragon's Doom (Band of Four)
  ''978-0-7653-0224-3Mike ResnickThe Return of Santiago
  ''978-0-7653-0225-0Robert ReedSister Alice
2002978-0-7653-0226-7Jon LandBlood Diamonds (Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea Novels)
  ''978-0-7653-0227-4Ben BovaThe Rock Rats (Asteroid Wars)
  ''978-0-7653-0228-1Gillian BradshawCleopatra's Heir
2003978-0-7653-0229-8Gillian BradshawCleopatra's Heir: A Novel of The Roman Empire
2009978-0-7653-0230-4Robert Jordan · Brandon SandersonThe Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time, Book 12)
2002978-0-7653-0231-1Robert S. LevinsonHot Paint: A Neil Gulliver and Stevie Marriner Novel (Neil Gulliver and Stevie Marriner Novels)
2002978-0-7653-0233-5Joan SpicciBeyond the Limit: The Dream of Sofya Kovalevskaya
  ''978-0-7653-0234-2Ed Gorman · Martin H. GreenbergThe World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: 3: Third Annual Collection (World's Finest Mystery & Crime)
  ''978-0-7653-0235-9Ed Gorman · Martin Harry GreenbergThe World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: Third Annual Collection
2003978-0-7653-0236-6Andrew M. GreeleySecond Spring: A Love Story (Family Saga)
2002978-0-7653-0239-7Harold CoyleAgainst All Enemies
  ''978-0-7653-0241-0Simon HawkeMuch Ado About Murder (Shakespeare & Smythe Mystery)

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