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ISBN 978-0-7653-6089-2 to 978-0-7653-6460-9 < ISBN 978-0-7653-6465-4 to 978-0-7653-7070-9 > ISBN 978-0-7653-7071-6 to 978-0-7653-7735-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-7653-6465-4L. E. Modesitt Jr.Imager's Intrigue: The Third Book of the Imager Portfolio
2010978-0-7653-6467-8Joseph Staten · Tobias S. Buckell · Eric S. NylundHalo Boxed Set: Contact Harvest/The Cole Protocol/Ghosts of Onyx
2012978-0-7653-6468-5Wild Cards TrustFort Freak: A Wild Cards Novel
  ''978-0-7653-6475-3April ChristoffersonTrapped
  ''978-0-7653-6476-0Rachel Caine · Kerrie L. HughesChicks Kick Butt
2011978-0-7653-6477-7Elmer KeltonTexas Standoff: A Novel of the Texas Rangers
2010978-0-7653-6484-5Fred SaberhagenDominion (The Dracula Series)
2099978-0-7653-6486-9Orson Scott CardEnder's Game (The Ender Quintet)
2011978-0-7653-6487-6Robert Jordan · Brandon SandersonTowers of Midnight (Wheel of Time)
2013978-0-7653-6488-3Robert Jordan · Brandon SandersonA Memory of Light: Book Fourteen of The Wheel of Time
2012978-0-7653-6489-0Lee CarrollBlack Swan Rising
2011978-0-7653-6495-1Trish J. MacGregorEsperanza (Hungry Ghosts)
  ''978-0-7653-6498-2Larry Niven · Edward M. LernerBetrayer of Worlds: Prelude to Ringworld (Known Space)
2012978-0-7653-6499-9Margaret TrumanMonument to Murder: A Capital Crimes Novel
978-0-7653-6502-6Richard MathesonBox 12-Copy Clip Strip
2010978-0-7653-6503-3Gabi StevensThe Wish List (Time of Transition)
2011978-0-7653-6504-0   ''As You Wish
2012978-0-7653-6505-7   ''Wishful Thinking
  ''978-0-7653-6507-1George R. R. Martin · Wild Cards TrustWild Cards I: Expanded Edition
2013978-0-7653-6508-8George R. R. Martin · Wild Cards TrustWild Cards II: Aces High
2014978-0-7653-6509-5   ''Wild Cards III: Jokers Wild
2009978-0-7653-6510-1C. T. Adams · Cathy ClampMoon's Fury (Tales of the Sazi Book 5)
2009978-0-7653-6511-8C. T. Adams · Cathy ClampTouch of Darkness
  ''978-0-7653-6512-5   ''Touch of Madness (The Thrall, Book 2)
2009978-0-7653-6513-2C. T. Adams · Cathy ClampTouch of Evil (The Thrall, Book 1)
2010978-0-7653-6516-3Jonathan MaberryThe Wolfman
  ''978-0-7653-6521-7Mack MaloneyThe Pirate Hunters
2011978-0-7653-6522-4Mack MaloneyOperation Caribe: A Pirate Hunters Novel
2012978-0-7653-6523-1   ''Operation Sea Ghost: A Pirate Hunters Novel
2011978-0-7653-6527-9Brandon SandersonThe Way of Kings
2015978-0-7653-6528-6   ''Words of Radiance: Book Two of the Stormlight Archive
2013978-0-7653-6531-6Howie CarrHitman: The Untold Story of Johnny Martorano: Whitey Bulger's Enforcer and the Most Feared Gangster in the Underworld
2011978-0-7653-6535-4Lee Child · Steve BerryFirst Thrills: Short Stories
  ''978-0-7653-6538-5Orson Scott CardThe Lost Gate (Mither Mages)
2014978-0-7653-6539-2   ''The Gate Thief (Mither Mages)
2016978-0-7653-6540-8   ''Gatefather: A Novel of the Mithermages
2009978-0-7653-6543-9Brandon SandersonMistborn Trilogy Boxed Set (Mistborn, The Hero of Ages, & The Well of Ascension)
2012978-0-7653-6544-6Larry Niven · Steven BarnesThe Moon Maze Game (Dream Park)
2014978-0-7653-6546-0Larry Niven · Steven BarnesThe Barsoom Project: A Dream Park Novel
2010978-0-7653-6547-7Taylor KeatingGame Over
2014978-0-7653-6552-1Lena MeydanTwilight Forever Rising
2011978-0-7653-6553-8Ralph PetersThe Officers' Club
2027978-0-7653-6554-5Robert PastonThe Hour of the Innocents
2012978-0-7653-6558-3Ken ShufeldtTribulations
  ''978-0-7653-6559-0W. Michael Gear · Kathleen O'Neal GearThe Broken Land: Book Three of the People of the Longhouse Series (North America's Forgotten Past)
2013978-0-7653-6560-6W. Michael Gear · Kathleen O'Neal GearPeople of the Black Sun: Book Four of the People of the Longhouse Series (North America's Forgotten Past)
2010978-0-7653-6561-3Carrie VaughnKitty Goes to War (Kitty Norville)
  ''978-0-7653-6562-0Garry D. KilworthAngel
2011978-0-7653-6565-1Carrie VaughnKitty's Big Trouble (Kitty Norville)
2012978-0-7653-6566-8Carrie VaughnKitty Steals the Show (Kitty Norville)
2011978-0-7653-6567-5L. E. Modesitt Jr.Empress of Eternity
2015978-0-7653-6568-2Katherine AddisonThe Goblin Emperor
2012978-0-7653-6575-0Joseph NassiseEyes to See (Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle)
2010978-0-7653-6585-9Steve AltenMeg: Hell's Aquarium
2014978-0-7653-6588-0Byron L. Dorgan · David HagbergGridlock
2012978-0-7653-6589-7Alex BledsoeDark Jenny (Eddie LaCrosse)
  ''978-0-7653-6592-7Carole Nelson DouglasCat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta: A Midnight Louie Mystery (Midnight Louie Mysteries)
2014978-0-7653-6594-1Carole Nelson DouglasCat in an Alien X-Ray: A Midnight Louie Mystery (Midnight Louie Mysteries)
2010978-0-7653-6595-8Phyllis Raybin EmertThe Strangest of Strange Unsolved Mysteries, Volume 1 (Rga: Activity Books)
  ''978-0-7653-6596-5Phyllis Raybin EmertThe Strangest of Strange Unsolved Mysteries, Volume 2 (Rga: Activity Books)
2014978-0-7653-6602-3Steven GouldImpulse: A Jumper Novel
2013978-0-7653-6606-1D. B. JacksonThieftaker (The Thieftaker Chronicles)
2012978-0-7653-6610-8Stephen HuntThe Rise of the Iron Moon (Jackelian World)
2013978-0-7653-6611-5Stephen HuntSecrets of the Fire Sea (Jackelian World)
2010978-0-7653-6613-9Fred SaberhagenThe Holmes-Dracula File (The Dracula Series)
  ''978-0-7653-6614-6   ''The Dracula Tape (The Dracula Series)
2099978-0-7653-6615-3   ''A Matter of Taste (The Dracula Series)
2010978-0-7653-6616-0   ''A Question of Time (The Dracula Series)
2099978-0-7653-6617-7   ''Thorn (The Dracula Series)
2010978-0-7653-6618-4Fred SaberhagenA Sharpness On The Neck (The Dracula Series)
2012978-0-7653-6619-1Terry GoodkindThe Omen Machine: Sword of Truth - A Richard and Kahlan Novel
2015978-0-7653-6621-4Terry GoodkindSevered Souls: A Richard and Kahlan Novel
2010978-0-7653-6627-6David B. CoeRobin Hood
2012978-0-7653-6639-9L. E. Modesitt Jr.Lady-Protector: The Eighth Book of the Corean Chronicles
2013978-0-7653-6640-5Margaret McLeanUnder Oath
2012978-0-7653-6641-2Margaret McLeanUnder Fire: A Novel
2013978-0-7653-6646-7Gregory Benford · Larry NivenBowl of Heaven: A Novel
2011978-0-7653-6647-4Rick BurroughsAlan Wake
2013978-0-7653-6649-8Larry Niven · Edward M. LernerFate of Worlds (Return from the Ringworld) (Known Space)
2011978-0-7653-6662-7John RectorThe Cold Kiss
  ''978-0-7653-6663-4Don BorchertThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead
2010978-0-7653-6666-5Lis Wiehl · April HenryFace of Betrayal (Triple Threat Series #1)
2014978-0-7653-6670-2David GaiderDragon Age: Asunder
2010978-0-7653-6685-6Patrick TaylorAn Irish Country Christmas: A Novel (Irish Country Books)
2012978-0-7653-6686-3Piers AnthonyWell-Tempered Clavicle: A Fabulous Escapade in the Land of Xanth
978-0-7653-6689-4David HagbergUntitled Byron Dorgan Eco-Thriller
978-0-7653-6690-0   ''Untitled Byron Dorgan Eco-Thriller Ii
2010978-0-7653-6695-5Various AuthorsHalo: Evolutions Volume II: Essential Tales of the Halo Universe
2012978-0-7653-6699-3Michael Scott · Colette FreedmanThe Thirteen Hallows
  ''978-0-7653-6701-3William MartinThe Rising of the Moon
  ''978-0-7653-6703-7John ScalziFuzzy Nation
2011978-0-7653-6707-5Steve AltenGrim Reaper: End of Days
2013978-0-7653-6709-9B. Kent AndersonSilver Cross: A Novel (Nick Journey and Meg Tolman)
2010978-0-7653-6711-2Kevin J. Anderson · Doug BeasonIll Wind
2015978-0-7653-6720-4Melanie RawnThornlost (Glass Thorns)
2011978-0-7653-6729-7Eric NylundHalo: The Fall of Reach
2012978-0-7653-6730-3William C. DietzHalo: The Flood
  ''978-0-7653-6731-0Eric NylundHalo: First Strike
2012978-0-7653-6735-8John ShirleyBioShock: Rapture
2013978-0-7653-6736-5Orson Scott Card · Aaron JohnstonEarth Unaware (The First Formic War)
2014978-0-7653-6737-2Orson Scott Card · Aaron JohnstonEarth Afire (The First Formic War)
2015978-0-7653-6738-9   ''Earth Awakens (The First Formic War)
2012978-0-7653-6745-7John C. WrightCount to a Trillion: Book One of the Eschaton Sequence
2011978-0-7653-6749-5L. E. Modesitt Jr.The Hammer of Darkness (Tor Science Fiction)
2010978-0-7653-6753-2Kathleen O'Neal Gear · W. Michael GearPeople of the Mist (North America's Forgotten Past)
  ''978-0-7653-6754-9   ''People of the Masks (North America's Forgotten Past)
  ''978-0-7653-6755-6   ''People of the Lightning (North America's Forgotten Past)
2011978-0-7653-6756-3Jane YolenSister Light, Sister Dark: Book One of the Great Alta Saga
2012978-0-7653-6758-7Claire AshgroveImmortal Hope: Curse of the Templars (The Curse of the Templars)
2012978-0-7653-6759-4Claire AshgroveImmortal Surrender (The Curse of the Templars)
2013978-0-7653-6760-0   ''Immortal Trust (The Curse of the Templars)
2011978-0-7653-6761-7Richard MathesonSteel: And Other Stories
2012978-0-7653-6766-2Hannu RajaniemiThe Quantum Thief (Jean le Flambeur)
  ''978-0-7653-6771-6L. E. Modesitt Jr.Scholar: The Fourth Book of the Imager Portfolio
  ''978-0-7653-6772-3Joan SlonczewskiThe Highest Frontier
2020978-0-7653-6774-7Timothy ZahnKnight: A Chronicle of the Sibyl's War
2012978-0-7653-6777-8Eric Van LustbaderBlood Trust (Jack McClure/Alli Carson Novels)
  ''978-0-7653-6790-7Sergey Dyachenko · Marina DyachenkoThe Scar
2013978-0-7653-6797-6Walter MosleyThe Gift of Fire and On the Head of a Pin: Two Short Novels from Crosstown to Oblivion
  ''978-0-7653-6798-3Walter MosleyMerge and Disciple: Two Short Novels from Crosstown to Oblivion
2014978-0-7653-6799-0   ''Stepping Stone and Love Machine: Two Short Novels from Crosstown to Oblivion
2014978-0-7653-6807-2Ben BovaNew Earth (Star Quest Trilogy)
2013978-0-7653-6809-6Elsa WatsonThe Love Dog
2012978-0-7653-6812-6Steve AltenPhobos: Mayan Fear (The Domain Trilogy)
2015978-0-7653-6814-0Andrea ThalasinosAn Echo Through the Snow: A Novel
2011978-0-7653-6824-9Patrick TaylorAn Irish Country Doctor: A Novel (Irish Country Books)
2012978-0-7653-6825-6   ''An Irish Country Village: A Novel (Irish Country Books)
2011978-0-7653-6826-3Joan D. VingeCowboys & Aliens
2017978-0-7653-6829-4W. Bruce CameronA Dog's Journey: A Novel (A Dog's Purpose)
2013978-0-7653-6837-9L. E. Modesitt Jr.Princeps: The Fifth Book of the Imager Portfolio
  ''978-0-7653-6838-6Jon LandStrong Vengeance: A Caitlin Strong Novel (Caitlin Strong Novels)
2011978-0-7653-6846-1David DrakeBirds of Prey
2014978-0-7653-6851-5Elspeth CooperTrinity Rising: The Wild Hunt Book Two
2012978-0-7653-6854-6Brandon SandersonThe Alloy of Law: A Mistborn Novel
2011978-0-7653-6861-4Robert JordanWheel of Time, Boxed Set IV: Crossroads of Twilight, Knife of Dreams, Gathering Storm
2013978-0-7653-6866-9Orson Scott CardShadows in Flight (The Shadow Series)
  ''978-0-7653-6867-6Carrie VaughnKitty Rocks the House (Kitty Norville)
  ''978-0-7653-6868-3   ''Kitty in the Underworld (Kitty Norville)
2014978-0-7653-6869-0Carrie VaughnLow Midnight (Kitty Norville)
2013978-0-7653-6871-3Dan WellsThe Hollow City
2014978-0-7653-6875-1George R. R. Martin · Gardner DozoisDangerous Women 1
  ''978-0-7653-6884-3Michael PocalykoThe Navigator
  ''978-0-7653-6889-8Larry Niven · Matthew Joseph HarringtonThe Goliath Stone
2011978-0-7653-6901-7Harold CoyleMore Than Courage
  ''978-0-7653-6902-4Harold CoyleThey Are Soldiers
  ''978-0-7653-6905-5Allan FolsomThe Exile
2011978-0-7653-6907-9VariousTor-Forge 36-Copy Value Prepack
2012978-0-7653-6911-6Andrew M. GreeleyIrish Love (Nuala Anne McGrail Novels)
2013978-0-7653-6913-0Hank Phillippi RyanThe Other Woman (Jane Ryland)
2012978-0-7653-6916-1Lara ParkerDark Shadows: Angelique's Descent
2014978-0-7653-6917-8Robert Charles WilsonBurning Paradise
2013978-0-7653-6925-3L. E. Modesitt Jr.Imager's Battalion: The Sixth Book of the Imager Portfolio
2012978-0-7653-6927-7Patrick TaylorAn Irish Country Girl: A Novel (Irish Country Books)
  ''978-0-7653-6945-1Karen TravissHalo: Glasslands
2013978-0-7653-6948-2Eric Van LustbaderFather Night: A Jack McClure Novel (Jack McClure/Alli Carson Novels)
2014978-0-7653-6952-9Margaret Weis · Robert KrammesStorm Riders (Dragon Brigade Series)
2013978-0-7653-6954-3Joshua Alan ParryVirus Thirteen: A Medical Thriller
2014978-0-7653-6955-0John ScalziThe Human Division (Old Man's War)
2012978-0-7653-6957-4Jon LandStrong Justice: A Caitlin Strong Novel (Caitlin Strong Novels)
978-0-7653-6958-1Terry GoodkindGoodkind 27-Copy Mixed Backlist Fd
2013978-0-7653-6964-2Joan D. Vinge47 Ronin
  ''978-0-7653-6965-9D. J. McIntoshThe Witch of Babylon
2015978-0-7653-6966-6Margaret Truman · Donald BainMargaret Truman's Undiplomatic Murder: A Capital Crimes Novel
2016978-0-7653-6968-0Howie CarrKillers: A Novel
2012978-0-7653-6970-3Annette Cascone · Gina CasconeDeadtime Stories: Grave Secrets
  ''978-0-7653-6972-7Annette Cascone · Gina CasconeDeadtime Stories: The Witching Game
2016978-0-7653-6987-1William R. ForstchenPillar to the Sky: A Novel
2021978-0-7653-6989-5A. M. DellamonicaChild of a Hidden Sea
2012978-0-7653-6996-3David LubarDavid Lubar 15-Copy Mixed Prepack
  ''978-0-7653-6997-0Carole Nelson DouglasSeven of Swords (Sword And Circlet)
2014978-0-7653-6998-7L. E. Modesitt Jr.Antiagon Fire: The Seventh Book of the Imager Portfolio
2012978-0-7653-7002-0Lara ParkerDark Shadows: The Salem Branch
2012978-0-7653-7003-7Carole Nelson DouglasKeepers of Edanvant (Sword And Circlet)
  ''978-0-7653-7004-4   ''Heir of Rengarth (Sword And Circlet)
  ''978-0-7653-7005-1   ''Cup of Clay (Taliswoman)
  ''978-0-7653-7006-8   ''Seed upon the Wind (Taliswoman)
2014978-0-7653-7007-5Jon McGoranDrift: A Thriller (Doyle Carrick)
2015978-0-7653-7008-2Jon McGoranDeadout: A Thriller (Doyle Carrick)
2014978-0-7653-7010-5Carrie VaughnDreams of the Golden Age
2015978-0-7653-7011-2David EdisonThe Waking Engine
2012978-0-7653-7012-9Various AuthorsHalo Boxed Set II
  ''978-0-7653-7013-6Patrick TaylorPatrick Taylor Irish Country Boxed Set: An Irish Country Doctor, An Irish Country Village, An Irish Country Christmas (Irish Country Books)
2013978-0-7653-7014-3Robert Jordan · Jackson O'ReillyCHEYENNE RAIDERS
2015978-0-7653-7015-0Alexey PehovChasers of the Wind
2014978-0-7653-7020-4Alan L. LeeSandstorm: A Novel
2014978-0-7653-7023-5Steven EriksonThis River Awakens
2012978-0-7653-7025-9Orson Scott CardCard 27-Copy Mixed Backlist Floor Display
2013978-0-7653-7026-6Robert McCammonThe Five
2015978-0-7653-7027-3Jon LandStrong Darkness: A Caitlin Strong Novel (Caitlin Strong Novels)
2013978-0-7653-7039-6Karen TravissHALO: The Thursday War
2014978-0-7653-7041-9L. E. Modesitt Jr.The One-Eyed Man: A Fugue, With Winds and Accompaniment
  ''978-0-7653-7044-0Deborah CoontsLucky Bastard (Lucky O'Toole Las Vegas Adventures)
2012978-0-7653-7045-7Elmer KeltonDonovan and Dark Thicket: Two complete novels
2013978-0-7653-7050-1   ''Texas Rifles and Massacre at Goliad
2015978-0-7653-7053-2Mercedes Lackey · James MalloryThe House of the Four Winds: Book One of One Dozen Daughters
2013978-0-7653-7062-4Orson Scott CardEnder's Game (The Ender Quintet)
2014978-0-7653-7067-9Terry GoodkindThe Third Kingdom: Sword of Truth - A Richard and Kahlan Novel
  ''978-0-7653-7068-6Max Allan CollinsAsk Not (Nathan Heller)
  ''978-0-7653-7069-3Steve AltenThe Omega Project
2012978-0-7653-7070-9April ChristoffersonTrapped 18-Copy Floor Display