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1996978-0-7637-0000-3Joram Graf HaberEthics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0001-0HaberEthics in the 90s: Demo Tape
  ''978-0-7637-0002-7Joram Graf HaberEthics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0003-4   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0004-1   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
1996978-0-7637-0005-8Joram Graf HaberEthics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0006-5   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0007-2   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
1996978-0-7637-0008-9Joram Graf HaberEthics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0009-6   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0010-2   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0011-9   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0012-6   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
1996978-0-7637-0013-3Joram Graf HaberEthics in the 90'S [VHS]
1996978-0-7637-0014-0Joram Graf HaberEthics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0015-7   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0016-4   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0017-1   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0018-8   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
1996978-0-7637-0019-5Joram Graf HaberEthics in the 90'S [VHS]
1996978-0-7637-0020-1Joram Graf HaberEthics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0021-8   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0022-5   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0023-2   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0024-9   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
1996978-0-7637-0025-6Joram Graf HaberEthics in the 90'S [VHS]
1996978-0-7637-0026-3Joram Graf HaberEthics in the 90'S [VHS]
  ''978-0-7637-0027-0   ''Ethics in the 90'S [VHS]
1995978-0-7637-0028-7HarwoodBus Ethical & Bus as Usual Pb
1996978-0-7637-0029-4Judith BernsteinCase Studies in Emergency Medicine and Health of the Public
  ''978-0-7637-0030-0Ben ZuckermanThe Origin and Evolution of the Universe
  ''978-0-7637-0031-7Raymond M. NakamuraThe Power of Positive Coaching (Jones and Bartlett Series in Health Sciences)
1995978-0-7637-0033-1B.A. LuceighChem TV: Student IBM I 2.0b
1996978-0-7637-0034-8B.A. LuceighChem TV: Student Mac II 2.0
  ''978-0-7637-0036-2Scott FoxOrganic Chem W/ Supplement Probs
978-0-7637-0037-9Natl Safety CouncilCPR Manual: SOS Version Pb
1995978-0-7637-0038-6Scott FoxCore Organic Chemistry: With Study Guide
1995978-0-7637-0039-3National Safety CouncilFirst Aid Level 1: SOS Version
1997978-0-7637-0043-0RossIdeals & Responsibilities Pb (The Jones and Bartlett series in philosophy)
1996978-0-7637-0044-7Joseph R. CrookLabworks Computer-Based Experiments in Chemistry
  ''978-0-7637-0045-4Geza SchayIntroduction to Linear Algebra
1995978-0-7637-0046-1CooperOncogenes + Hung: Biology of AIDS 3e (Package)
1996978-0-7637-0048-5AvilaBiology 2e W/Biology of AIDS 3e
2002978-0-7637-0049-2Peggy S. StanfieldIntroduction to the Health Professions, Fourth Edition
2001978-0-7637-0050-8ZillPart 5 of Advanced Engineerin Pb
  ''978-0-7637-0051-5Natl Safety CouncilOnline Aed Course on
2003978-0-7637-0052-2Mary Elizabeth O'BrienSpirituality in Nursing, 2nd Edition: Standing on Holy Ground
2008978-0-7637-0054-6Paul D. AndersonHuman Anatomy & Physiology Coloring Workbook
2003978-0-7637-0055-3Randy PageFostering Emotional Well-Being in the Classroom, Third Edition
1996978-0-7637-0058-4HartlEss.Genetics-Gist of Genetics
2003978-0-7637-0059-1Marshall W. Kreuter · Nicole A. Lezin · Matthew W. Kreuter · Lawrence W. GreenCommunity Health Promotion Ideas That Work
2002978-0-7637-0060-7Thomas C. TimmreckAn Introduction to Epidemiology
1996978-0-7637-0061-4HartlEss.Genetics W/SE Visual Gen.IBM
2002978-0-7637-0062-1Thomas TimmreckPlanning, Program Development And Evaluation
  ''978-0-7637-0064-5Richard A. SpinelloCyberEthics: Morality and Law in Cyberspace
2007978-0-7637-0066-9Brian HallStrickberger's Evolution
2004978-0-7637-0067-6Jeffrey C. PommervilleAlcamo's Fundamentals of Microbiology
1995978-0-7637-0069-0StrickbergerEvol & Molec Revolution
2001978-0-7637-0071-3National Safety CouncilAdult and Pediatric Cpr and First Aid Online
978-0-7637-0075-1ZillFirst Course in Complex Analy Pb
2010978-0-7637-0077-5AAOSSpecial Events Medical Services with Access Code
2002978-0-7637-0078-2PrinzItk- Complete Guide to Prog in C++ Instructors Toolkit
  ''978-0-7637-0079-9DaleItk- Computer Science Illuminated Instructor Toolkit
2002978-0-7637-0080-5DaleSlc- Object-Oriented Data Struc Java Student Lct Cmpn
2001978-0-7637-0081-2Rick KuhnIn Quest of the Universe 3e T Tr
  ''978-0-7637-0082-9Rick KuhnSsg- In Quest of Univ 3e Student Lecture Companion
1996978-0-7637-0083-6CooperOncogenes: Biology of AIDS
2001978-0-7637-0084-3Rick KuhnIn Quest Of Universe 3e Custo Tr
2004978-0-7637-0086-7Hung FanAids, Fourth Edition: Science and Society (Jones and Bartlett Series in Biology)
1996978-0-7637-0099-7PfeifferCpts. Athlew/Sprts.Inj.Care
2002978-0-7637-0103-1Prog & Problem Solving C++ Plus Comp
  ''978-0-7637-0124-6I. Edward AlcamoUnderstanding Biological Threats
2001978-0-7637-0125-3National Safety CouncilOnline First Aid & CPR 4E Access Code Card
  ''978-0-7637-0130-7   ''Online Aed 4e Course on
1996978-0-7637-0139-0David A. Birch · Michael J. ClearyManaging Your Health: Assessment and Action
  ''978-0-7637-0140-6DayVisual Genetics Dem.Dsk.3.5 IBM
2002978-0-7637-0142-0DurakConquering Fatigue with Fitness
1996978-0-7637-0143-7David M. EddyClinical Decision Making: From Theory to Practice: A Collection of Essays from the Journal of the American Medical Association
1996978-0-7637-0145-1CooperCancer Book: A Guide to Understanding the Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Cancer 0867207701 + Hung: Biology of AIDS 3e, 076371
  ''978-0-7637-0147-5Donald A. ReadHealth Education: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach (The Jones and Bartlett Series in Health Sciences)
  ''978-0-7637-0148-2ALAN DAYVisual Genetics Basic Student Version
  ''978-0-7637-0149-9ALAN DAYVisual Genetics Enhanced Student Version
978-0-7637-0150-5Robert L. Dean Alan W. DayVisual Genetics Faculty Version
1996978-0-7637-0152-9HartlGenetics+Study Guide & Micro. Gen.
  ''978-0-7637-0153-6RevelleGlobal Environment W/ Ssg
1996978-0-7637-0155-0EdlinHlth & Welness W/at Stress Mgt
1995978-0-7637-0156-7Charles Richard Marshall · J. William SchopfEvolution & Molecular Revolution + Schopf: Major Events in the History of Life 1ed.
1996978-0-7637-0157-4FreifelderEssentlsmolec Biol W/Ssg
1997978-0-7637-0158-1Lawrence S. LernerModern Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Physics
1996978-0-7637-0159-8PfeifferCpts. Athlw/1st Aid Pkt Guide
2010978-0-7637-0162-8IafcFire Officer: Principles and Practice
1996978-0-7637-0163-5Jones & Bartlett LearningExperimental Research Notebook For Scientists And Engineers
  ''978-0-7637-0165-9Jones & Bartlett PublishersCold Spring Harbor Laboratory Research Notebook
1997978-0-7637-0169-7CcliExperimental Chemistry II Pb
1995978-0-7637-0170-3MinogueBioethicslife and Death
2003978-0-7637-0172-7Deborah T. BergPocket Guide to Colorectal Cancer
  ''978-0-7637-0176-5NULLCore Curriculum for Pediatric Emergency Nursing
1997978-0-7637-0178-9Marye Anne Fox · James K. WhitesellOrganic Chemistry
1996978-0-7637-0179-6Brian Luke SeawardHealth and Wellness Journal Workbook
1999978-0-7637-0180-2Russell C. SwansburgManagement and Leadership Nurse Managers
1996978-0-7637-0181-9JonesExp.Res. Notes Horizons Micro Prlm
  ''978-0-7637-0182-6DayVisual Genetics Demo Disk MAC CD-Ro
2002978-0-7637-0185-7Daniel D. ChirasHuman Biology: Study Guide
1997978-0-7637-0187-1John R. Amend · Matthew E. Morgan · Ronald P. Furstenau · Dale A. HammondMeasurement: The Basic Science: Scientific Measurement and Experiment Design
1996978-0-7637-0188-8Gordon EdlinHealth and Wellness: Testbank
1998978-0-7637-0189-5Lord Brown · EdlinIm- Health and Wellness 5e Instructor
1996978-0-7637-0190-1Christine PogorzalaEssential Medical Terminology
  ''978-0-7637-0191-8Margulis.Evolution Early Life
1998978-0-7637-0192-5John J. Bozzola · Lonnie Dee RussellElectron Microscopy, 2nd Edition
1998978-0-7637-0193-2Rebecca F. Black · Leasa Jarman · Jan SimpsonThe Management of Breastfeeding (Module 4) (Lactation Specialist Self-Study Series, Module 4)
  ''978-0-7637-0194-9Rebecca BlackLactation Specialist Self Study Module 3: The Science of Breastfeeding (LACTATION SPECIALISTS SELF-STUDY SERIES)
  ''978-0-7637-0195-6Rebecca BlackLactation Specialist Self Study Module 2: The Process of Breastfeeding
1996978-0-7637-0196-3National Safety CouncilFirst Aid Video
1997978-0-7637-0197-0Not AvailableFirst Aid and Cpr Instructor's Teaching Package
  ''978-0-7637-0200-7National Safety CouncilFirst Aid and Cpr Web Enhanced
1996978-0-7637-0203-8Larry GersteinIntroduction · to Mathematical Structures and · Proofs (Textbooks in Mathematical Sciences)
  ''978-0-7637-0204-5Lawrence S. LernerPhysics for Scientists and Engineers (v. 1)
1996978-0-7637-0205-2Lawrence S. Lerner · Dean LeePhysics Science and Engineering: Instructor's Manual v. 1
  ''978-0-7637-0206-9Lawrence S. LernerPhysics for Scientists and Engineers
1997978-0-7637-0208-3Rebecca Black · Leasa Jarman · Jan SimpsonThe Support of Breastfeeding (Module 1) (LACTATION SPECIALISTS SELF-STUDY SERIES)
1996978-0-7637-0209-0EdlinHealth & Wellness MAC
1997978-0-7637-0211-3National Safety CouncilInfant and Child Cpr
  ''978-0-7637-0213-7National Safety CountilCpr: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid for Choking
  ''978-0-7637-0214-4Vikki Wetle · Glen LongshoreSolving the Puzzles in Medical Terminology: An Interactive Study Guide to Accompany the Telecourse Medical Terminology With Vikki Wetle
1996978-0-7637-0215-1EdlinHealth & Wellness Transparancies
1997978-0-7637-0216-8George Greenstein · Arthur G. ZajoncThe Quantum Challenge: Modern Research on the Foundations of Quantum (JONES AND BARTLETT SERIES IN PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY)
  ''978-0-7637-0217-5Terry Wikle Shapiro · Deborah Branney Davison · Deborah M. RustA Clinical Guide to Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Transplantation (The Jones and Bartlett Series in Oncology)
1997978-0-7637-0219-9Susan L. Groenwald · Margaret Hansen Frogge · Michelle Goodman · Connie Henke YarbroCancer Nursing: Principles and Practice (Jones and Bartlett Series in Nursing)
1996978-0-7637-0220-5Kathleen G. Auerbach · Jan RiordanResource Guide to Accompany Breastfeeding and Human Lactation (The Jones and Barlett Series in Nursing)
1997978-0-7637-0221-2National Safety CouncilLearn to Swim: Exploration Journeys
1996978-0-7637-0222-9Bruce H. LipshutzMechanisms in Motion 1.5 Windows Faculty Version
  ''978-0-7637-0223-6James HeinTheory of Computation: Instructor's Manual
  ''978-0-7637-0224-3HeinIm- Discrete Math Instructors Manual
  ''978-0-7637-0225-0Gordon EdlinHealth and Wellness
1997978-0-7637-0226-7Joram Graf HaberEthics Today & Tomorrow
1996978-0-7637-0227-4National Safety CounselFirst Aid and Cpr Pocketguide
1997978-0-7637-0228-1Nancy S. Jecker · Albert R. Jonsen · Robert A. PearlmanBioethics: An Introduction to the History, Methods, and Practice (Jones and Bartlett Series in Philosophy)
1996978-0-7637-0231-1Inc ComapPrinciples & Practice of Mathematics
1997978-0-7637-0232-8Russell C. SwansburgBudgeting and Financial Management for Nurse Managers (Jones & Bartlett Series in Nursing)
  ''978-0-7637-0234-2Lawrence Finsen · Nancy CarrickThe Persuasive Pen: An Integrated Approach to Reasoning and Writing (Jones and Bartlett Series in Logic, Critical Thinking, and Scientific Method)
1998978-0-7637-0235-9Ronald P. Pfeiffer · Brent C. MangusConcepts of Athletic Training
2002978-0-7637-0236-6National Safety CouncilGood Samaritan: Helping in an Emergency
1996978-0-7637-0237-3DaleLab Course Turbo Pascal:Intro
2003978-0-7637-0238-0I. Edward AlcamoAIDS: The Biological Basis
1996978-0-7637-0240-3EdlinHlth & Welness 1st Aid Handbook
1996978-0-7637-0241-0LabworksIm- Labworks Vol 1: Comp Based Exp Chem
1997978-0-7637-0242-7American Cancer SocietyA Cancer Source Book for Nurses
1996978-0-7637-0243-4RobergeIntro to Programming Ctt
  ''978-0-7637-0244-1ROBERGEC++ Lab 3.5 /Data Abstract C++
  ''978-0-7637-0245-8B.A. LuceighChem TV: Faculty Mac I 2.0.1
  ''978-0-7637-0246-5PorterInteractive Linear Algebra Disk
1997978-0-7637-0247-2Nell B. DaleA Laboratory Course in C++
1996978-0-7637-0248-9HastingsWorkshop Calculus
1997978-0-7637-0249-6IversenStatistics: The Conceptual Approach
  ''978-0-7637-0250-2PorterInteractive Linear Algebra Pb
1997978-0-7637-0251-9Rhonda StrawnReady Reference Critical Care 2e
  ''978-0-7637-0253-3Lawrence S. LernerPhysics for Scientists and Engineers
1996978-0-7637-0254-0National Safety CouncilInteractive First Aid: A Scenario-based Approach, Faculty CD-ROM
1997978-0-7637-0255-7Mary Paquette · Christine RodemichPsychiatric Nursing Diagnosis Care Plans for DSM-IV (The Jones and Bartlett Series in Nursing)
  ''978-0-7637-0256-4Stephen J. Bender · James J. Neutens · Selene Skonie-Hardin · Walter D. SorochanTeaching Health Science, Fourth Edition
  ''978-0-7637-0257-1Florence Kavaler · Allen D. SpiegelRisk Management in Health Care Institutions: A Strategic Approach
  ''978-0-7637-0258-8Jan Riordan · Kathleen G. Auerbach · Anne M. Montgomery · Anne F. Norton-KrawiewPocket Guide to Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
978-0-7637-0262-5MeasurementChem.Lab 50 Notebook Data Communications
1996978-0-7637-0269-4EdlinHlth & Wellnes Jnl Workbook
1999978-0-7637-0270-0John H. Mathews · John Matthews · Russell W. HowellComplex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering
1997978-0-7637-0271-7LabworksVol 2 Comp. Based Ex/Chem. I.M.
1997978-0-7637-0273-1Victor M. Spitzer · David G. WhitlockNational Library of Medicine Atlas of the Visible Human Male: Reverse Engineering of the Human Body
1996978-0-7637-0276-2EdlinBu- Health & Wellness 5/E Va Bu
  ''978-0-7637-0279-3ROSSMANWorkshop Statistics
1997978-0-7637-0281-6Brian Luke SeawardManaging Stress: A Creative Journal
1996978-0-7637-0282-3ScheafferActivity Based Stats - Byu Ve Pb
1997978-0-7637-0283-0Marcia L. WalkerSports Facility Management (Jones and Bartlett Series in Health and Physical Education)
1996978-0-7637-0285-4Scott FoxOrganic Chem Chem TV IBM Ssg
  ''978-0-7637-0286-1   ''Organic Chem TV MAC Ssg
1997978-0-7637-0287-8Donna NelsonNucleophile/Electrophile Reaction Guide for Organic Chemistry (Chemistry Series)
1996978-0-7637-0290-8Natl Safety CouncilFirst Aid & CPR 3e Box Set
1997978-0-7637-0291-5Glen R. Hanson · Peter J. Venturelli · Peter L. MyersDrugs and Society
1996978-0-7637-0292-2Nell B. Dale · Chip Weems · Mark Headington · Nell DaleProgramming and Problem Solving With C++
  ''978-0-7637-0293-9Nell B. Dale · Chip Weems · John W. McCormickProgramming and Problem Solving With Ada
  ''978-0-7637-0294-6Barry L. Kurtz · Phillipe J. GabriniData Structures and Algorithms With Modula-2
1996978-0-7637-0295-3Mark R. HeadingtonData Abstraction and Structures Using C++
  ''978-0-7637-0298-4First Aid CPR 3e Transparency Set
  ''978-0-7637-0301-1EdlinHlth & Wellnes Managin Hlth
978-0-7637-0304-2CybersoftBe Healthy CDROM Updated Version
1996978-0-7637-0305-9Kathleen AlligoodChaos: An Introduction to Dynamical Systems
  ''978-0-7637-0308-0Dan BarouchVoyages in Conceptual Chemistry
  ''978-0-7637-0311-0   ''Sm- Voyages in Conceptual Chemistry
1996978-0-7637-0312-7James Roberge · George SmithIntroduction to Programming in C++: A Laboratory Course
1997978-0-7637-0313-4James RobergéData Structures in C++: A Laboratory Course
1996978-0-7637-0314-1Christina RichmondChemo Girl: Saving the World One Treatment at a Time
1997978-0-7637-0316-5Marilyn Frank-Stromborg · Sharon J. OlsenInstruments for Clinical Health-Care Research (Jones and Bartlett Series in Oncology)
1996978-0-7637-0317-2LinzIm SM- Intro Formal Lang & Automata 2e
1997978-0-7637-0318-9Gordon Edlin · Eric Golanty · Kelli McCormack BrownEssentials for Health and Wellness
  ''978-0-7637-0319-6Barry HolmesThrough C To C++: A Complete Programming Course
1998978-0-7637-0321-9LabworksLabworks Vol 1: Customized Experiments
1996978-0-7637-0322-6CrookLabworks Ver 2: Msu 131 CBE (Fall 96)
  ''978-0-7637-0323-3CrookLabworks Ver 1: Msu 121 CBE (Fall 96)
1996978-0-7637-0324-0CrookLabworks Ver 3: Msu 132 CBE (Fall 96)
  ''978-0-7637-0325-7MeasurementExperim. Research Notebook