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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-7636-0004-4Dyan SheldonThe Boy of My Dreams
1996978-0-7636-0005-1Catherine DexterSafe Return
1999978-0-7636-0006-8Paul FleischmanWeslandia
1996978-0-7636-0007-5Camilla AshforthBaby's Book of Favorite Things
  ''978-0-7636-0008-2Robert CrowtherDump Trucks and Diggers
  ''978-0-7636-0009-9Robert CrowtherTractors and Trucks
  ''978-0-7636-0010-5Rodney PeppeThe Magic Toy Box
  ''978-0-7636-0012-9VariousThe Candlewick Book of Animal Tales
1996978-0-7636-0013-6Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You
1998978-0-7636-0014-3Jonathan LondonAt the Edge of the Forest
1996978-0-7636-0015-0VariousThe Candlewick Book of First Rhymes
  ''978-0-7636-0017-4Anna NilsenWhere Are Percy's Friends? (A Pop-Through-The-Slot Book)
  ''978-0-7636-0018-1Alan BaronThe Red Fox Monster
  ''978-0-7636-0019-8Anna NilsenWhere Is Percy's Dinner? (A Pop-Through-The-Slot Book)
  ''978-0-7636-0021-1Judy HindleyInto the Jungle
1998978-0-7636-0029-7Teri SloatReally, Really Bad Monster Jokes
1996978-0-7636-0036-5Martin JenkinsWings, Stings and Wriggly Things (SuperSmarts) (MiniBeasts)
1996978-0-7636-0037-2Claire LlewellynDisguises and Surprises (SuperSmarts)
  ''978-0-7636-0041-9Catherine AnholtFirst words and pictures
  ''978-0-7636-0042-6Sara LynnJungle friends
  ''978-0-7636-0043-3Sara LynnFarm friends
  ''978-0-7636-0044-0Stella MaidmentMiss Fortune and the school play
1996978-0-7636-0045-7Stella MaidmentPirate Pete's secret
  ''978-0-7636-0046-4Vivian FrenchChristmas kitten
2006978-0-7636-0047-1Robie H. HarrisIt's Not the Stork!: A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families and Friends (The Family Library)
1997978-0-7636-0048-8M.T. AndersonThirsty
1999978-0-7636-0051-8Robie H. HarrisIt's So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families (The Family Library)
1997978-0-7636-0052-5Susan WojciechowskiBeany (Not Beanhead) and the Magic Crystal
1996978-0-7636-0053-2Marcia WilliamsThe Iliad and the Odyssey
  ''978-0-7636-0054-9Phyllis RootOne Windy Wednesday (The Giggle Club)
  ''978-0-7636-0055-6Andrew LangleyHistory News: The Roman News: The Greatest Newspaper in Civilization
  ''978-0-7636-0057-0Heather MaisnerPlanet Monster: A Number Puzzle Adventure (Gamebook)
1996978-0-7636-0058-7Vivian FrenchSpider Watching: Read and Wonder
  ''978-0-7636-0059-4Kenneth GrahameThe River Bank: And Other Stories from The Wind in the Willows
1997978-0-7636-0060-0Phyllis RootThe Hungry Monster
1996978-0-7636-0061-7Tony KerinsLittle Clancy's New Drum
2004978-0-7636-0064-8AssortedSnoffles Wuzzy 2pack
  ''978-0-7636-0065-5AssortedLittle Bear Sailor Bear Assort
1996978-0-7636-0067-9Kenneth LillyBaby animals
  ''978-0-7636-0068-6Edward LearThe owl and the pussycat
  ''978-0-7636-0069-3Martin WaddellBears everywhere
1996978-0-7636-0070-9Vivian FrenchLittle tiger finds a friend
1997978-0-7636-0074-7John WallaceBuilding a House with Mr. Bumble
  ''978-0-7636-0075-4John WallaceDressing Up With Mr. Bumble
1998978-0-7636-0076-1B.G. HennessyThe Once Upon a Time Map Book
1997978-0-7636-0085-3Alan BaronRed Fox and the Baby Bunnies
  ''978-0-7636-0089-1Amanda LeslieLet's Look Inside the Red Car (Lift-the-flap Book)
  ''978-0-7636-0090-7Shirley HughesTales of Trotter Street
  ''978-0-7636-0092-1Charlotte VoakeMrs. Goose's Baby
2000978-0-7636-0093-8Phyllis RootAll for the Newborn Baby
1997978-0-7636-0094-5Amy HestWhen Jessie Came Across the Sea
1997978-0-7636-0095-2Camilla AshforthHumphrey Thud
  ''978-0-7636-0096-9Mary Ellen DonovanSnuffles Makes a Friend (Gund Children's Library)
  ''978-0-7636-0097-6Robin Lester · Helen LesterWuzzy Takes Off (Gund Children's Library)
  ''978-0-7636-0098-3John BurninghamThe Shopping Basket
1998978-0-7636-0102-7Tony MittonWhere's my egg?: A flip-the-flap book
1997978-0-7636-0103-4Edward LearA Was Once an Apple Pie
  ''978-0-7636-0104-1Amanda LeslieLet's Look Inside the Yellow Truck (Lift-the-flap Book)
1997978-0-7636-0105-8John PraterThe Greatest Show on Earth
1998978-0-7636-0106-5Colin McNaughtonWho's Been Sleeping in My Porridge?
1997978-0-7636-0107-2Carol ThompsonPiggy Washes Up
1999978-0-7636-0108-9Scott ForesmanGINGER (HARDCOVER) 1997 CANDLEWICK PRESS
1997978-0-7636-0109-6Lucy CousinsWhat Can Pinky Hear? (Lift-the-flap book)
  ''978-0-7636-0110-2Lucy CousinsWhat Can Pinky See? (Lift-The-Flap Book)
  ''978-0-7636-0111-9Jill MurphyA Piece of Cake
  ''978-0-7636-0112-6Kathryn LaskyPond Year
  ''978-0-7636-0113-3Zita NewcomeToddlerobics
1997978-0-7636-0114-0Norma SimonWet World
  ''978-0-7636-0115-7Philip SteeleHistory News: The Aztec News: The Greatest Newspaper in Civilization
  ''978-0-7636-0116-4Dick King-SmithPuppy Love
  ''978-0-7636-0117-1Michelle CartlidgeThe Mice of Mousehole: A Moving Picture Book
  ''978-0-7636-0118-8Flora McDonnellFlora McDonnell's ABC
1997978-0-7636-0119-5Hans Christian AndersenThe Emperor's New Clothes (Works in Translation)
  ''978-0-7636-0120-1June CrebbinInto the Castle
  ''978-0-7636-0121-8David MartinLittle Chicken Chicken
  ''978-0-7636-0122-5Charlotte VoakeMr. Davies and the Baby
  ''978-0-7636-0123-2Tony KerinsThe Brave Ones (Giggle Club)
1997978-0-7636-0124-9Sam McBratneyThe Caterpillow Fight (Giggle Club)
  ''978-0-7636-0125-6Colin WestI Don't Care! Said the Bear (Giggle Club)
  ''978-0-7636-0126-3Alan BaronLittle Pig's Bouncy Ball (Giggle Club)
  ''978-0-7636-0127-0   ''Red Fox Dances (Giggle Club (in pbk))
  ''978-0-7636-0128-7Steve ParkerHigh in the Sky (SuperSmarts)
1997978-0-7636-0129-4Steve ParkerMaking Tracks (SuperSmarts)
  ''978-0-7636-0130-0Jez AlboroughWatch Out! Big Bro's Coming!
  ''978-0-7636-0131-7Dayle Ann DoddsSing, Sophie!
  ''978-0-7636-0132-4Oscar WildeThe Canterville Ghost (Candlewick Treasures)
  ''978-0-7636-0133-1Eleanor FarjeonElsie Piddock Skips in Her Sleep (Candlewick Treasures)
1997978-0-7636-0134-8Walter De La MareThe Lord Fish (Candlewick Treasures)
  ''978-0-7636-0135-5Rudyard KiplingRikki-tikki-tavi (Candlewick Treasures)
  ''978-0-7636-0136-2Heather MaisnerSave Brave Ted: A Hide-and-Seek Adventure Gamebook
  ''978-0-7636-0137-9Partick BurstonThe Fairground of Dread (Gamebook)
  ''978-0-7636-0138-6Scoular AndersonA Puzzling Day in the Land of the Pharaohs: A Search-and-Solve Gamebook
1997978-0-7636-0139-3Jonathan StroudThe Lost Treasure of Captain Blood: A Search-and-Solve Gamebook
  ''978-0-7636-0140-9Heather MaisnerThe Magic Crystal: A Choose-Your-Challenge Gamebook
  ''978-0-7636-0141-6Martin WaddellJohn Joe and the Big Hen
  ''978-0-7636-0142-3Vivian FrenchOnce Upon a Picnic
  ''978-0-7636-0143-0Joyce DunbarOops-A-Daisy!: and Other Tales for Toddlers
1998978-0-7636-0144-7Martin JenkinsChameleons Are Cool: Read and Wonder
1997978-0-7636-0145-4Grace NicholasAsana and the Animals: A Book of Pet Poems
1997978-0-7636-0146-1Penny DaleBig Brother, Little Brother
  ''978-0-7636-0148-5Various AuthorsPoems Go Clang! A Collection of Noisy Verse
  ''978-0-7636-0149-2Penny DaleDaisy Rabbit's Tree House
  ''978-0-7636-0150-8Dick King-SmithI Love Guinea Pigs: Read and Wonder
  ''978-0-7636-0151-5Valiska GregoryKate's Giants
1997978-0-7636-0152-2Marcia WilliamsKing Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
  ''978-0-7636-0153-9Vivian FrenchLazy Jack
  ''978-0-7636-0154-6Marylin HafnerMommies Don't Get Sick!
  ''978-0-7636-0155-3Lilian MooreA Big Day for Little Jack
  ''978-0-7636-0156-0Lucy CousinsCount with Maisy
1997978-0-7636-0157-7Derek RadfordHarry at the Garage
  ''978-0-7636-0158-4Miko ImaiLilly's Secret
  ''978-0-7636-0159-1Lucy CousinsMaisy's Colors large board book
  ''978-0-7636-0160-7Phyllis RootMrs. Potter's Pig
  ''978-0-7636-0161-4A.N. WilsonThe Tabitha Stories
1997978-0-7636-0162-1Helen OxenburyTom and Pippo and the Bicycle
  ''978-0-7636-0163-8Helen OxenburyTom and Pippo on the Beach
1996978-0-7636-0164-5Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You My Baby Book
2004978-0-7636-0165-2Martin WaddellOwl Babies Story Poster
1996978-0-7636-0166-9Lucy CousinsCount With Maisy Story Poster
  ''978-0-7636-0167-6Humpty Dumpty Story
  ''978-0-7636-0170-6Helen OxenburyAll Fall Down Story Poster
  ''978-0-7636-0171-3Shirley HughesOpposites
2004978-0-7636-0172-0John BurninghamColours Story Poster
2004978-0-7636-0173-7Flora McdonnellI Love Animals Story Poster
1996978-0-7636-0174-4Michael ForemanNursery Rhymes Story Poster
2000978-0-7636-0176-8Reeve Lindbergh · Christine Davenier · Bob Graham · Anita Jeram · Elisa KlevenIn Every Tiny Grain of Sand: A Child's Book of Prayers and Praise
1996978-0-7636-0200-0Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You Story Poster
  ''978-0-7636-0203-1Jane Cowen-FletcherBaby Angels
1994978-0-7636-0204-8Sam McBratneyGuess How Much I Love You
1997978-0-7636-0205-5Sarah Orne JewettA White Heron (Candlewick Treasures)
  ''978-0-7636-0206-2Jane Cowen-FletcherBaby Angels
1998978-0-7636-0207-9Phyllis RootWhat Baby Wants
1997978-0-7636-0215-4Martin WaddellCan't You Sleep, Little bear? little book card
  ''978-0-7636-0216-1   ''Let's Go Home, Little Bear Little Book Card
  ''978-0-7636-0217-8Dana KubickMidnight Teddies Little Book Card (Little Book Cards Series)
1997978-0-7636-0218-5Martin WaddellSailor Bear Little Book Card (Little Book Cards Series)
  ''978-0-7636-0219-2Sarah HayesThis is the Bear: Little Book Card
  ''978-0-7636-0220-8Jez AlboroughWhere's My Teddy?
  ''978-0-7636-0223-9Sam McBratneyJust One!
  ''978-0-7636-0224-6   ''Guess How Much I Love You: A Baby's First Year Calendar
1997978-0-7636-0230-7Blaise DouglasWhen I Grow Up, I Want to Be . . .
1998978-0-7636-0231-4Vivian FrenchLullaby Lion
1999978-0-7636-0234-5Lucy CousinsCount with Maisy
  ''978-0-7636-0237-6   ''Maisy's Colors
1998978-0-7636-0241-3Kristine L. FranklinEclipse
1997978-0-7636-0242-0Paul FleischmanA Fate Totally Worse Than Death
  ''978-0-7636-0243-7Lesley HowarthWeather Eye
  ''978-0-7636-0244-4Amy HestOff to School, Baby Duck!
  ''978-0-7636-0247-5Nick SharrattThe Animal Orchestra
1997978-0-7636-0250-5Lucy CousinsNoah's Ark
  ''978-0-7636-0251-2Virginia MillerBe Gentle! (George and Ba)
2003978-0-7636-0252-9Kathryn LaskyA Voice of Her Own: The Story of Phillis Wheatley, Slave Poet
2000978-0-7636-0253-6Kathryn LaskyVision of Beauty: The Story of Sarah Breedlove Walker
2004978-0-7636-0259-8AssortedCandlewick Animal Popup Assortment
1998978-0-7636-0267-3VariousStories for Me!
1997978-0-7636-0268-0Clara VulliamyEllen and Penguin and the New Baby
1998978-0-7636-0269-7Molly WilliamsGhost Hunt at Trembly Towers (A Puzzle Storybook)
1997978-0-7636-0270-3Jonathan StroudThe Viking Saga of Harri Bristlebeard: A Heroic Puzzle Adventure
2000978-0-7636-0271-0Colin McNaughtonWish You Were Here (And I Wasn't): A Book of Poems and Pictures for Globe Trotters
1998978-0-7636-0273-4Karen KingSpace Chase on Planet Zog (A Puzzle Storybook)
  ''978-0-7636-0274-1Marjorie NewmanThe Wonderful Journey of Cameron Cat (A Puzzle Storybook)
1997978-0-7636-0275-8Marcia WilliamsThe Adventures of Robin Hood
  ''978-0-7636-0276-5Colin WestBuzz, Buzz, Buzz, Went Bumblebee (Giggle Club)
  ''978-0-7636-0277-2Tony KerinsLittle Clancy's New Drum (Giggle Club (in pbk))
  ''978-0-7636-0278-9Phyllis RootOne Windy Wednesday (Giggle Club)
1997978-0-7636-0279-6Colin WestOnly Joking! Laughed the Lobster (Giggle Club (in pbk))
1998978-0-7636-0280-2Alan BaronThe Red Fox Monster (Giggle Club)
1997978-0-7636-0281-9Sarah HayesThe Candlewick Book of Fairy Tales
1998978-0-7636-0282-6Martin WaddellThe Big Big Sea
1997978-0-7636-0284-0Amy HestJamaica Louise James
  ''978-0-7636-0285-7Kim LewisMy Friend Harry
  ''978-0-7636-0286-4Martin WaddellOnce There Were Giants
  ''978-0-7636-0287-1Gina WilsonProwlpuss
1998978-0-7636-0288-8Claire LlewellynDisguises and Surprises (SuperSmarts)
  ''978-0-7636-0289-5Martin JenkinsWings, Stings and Wriggly Things (SuperSmarts)
1998978-0-7636-0290-1Michael RosenThis Is Our House
  ''978-0-7636-0291-8Harriet ZiefertTwo Little Witches: A Halloween Counting Story
1997978-0-7636-0292-5Heather MaisnerPlanet Monster (Gamebook)
  ''978-0-7636-0293-2Jez AlboroughIce Cream Bear
  ''978-0-7636-0294-9Sarah WilsonGood Zap, Little Grog!
  ''978-0-7636-0295-6Colin McNaughtonHere Come the Aliens!
1997978-0-7636-0296-3Trish CookeSo Much!
  ''978-0-7636-0297-0Sarah HayesThis Is the Bear and the Bad Little Girl
2000978-0-7636-0298-7Phyllis RootKiss the Cow!
1997978-0-7636-0299-4Colin McNaughtonThere's an Awful Lot of Weirdos in Our Neighborhood: And Other Wickedly Funny Verse
1998978-0-7636-0300-7Deri RobinsMystery of the Monster Party (A Puzzle Storybook)
  ''978-0-7636-0301-4Judy AllenAnthology for the Earth
1997978-0-7636-0302-1Heather MaisnerThe Magic Stopwatch: A Sports Adventure Game (Gamebook)
  ''978-0-7636-0303-8Philip SteeleRocking and Rolling (SuperSmarts)
  ''978-0-7636-0304-5Claire LlewellynWild, Wet, and Windy (SuperSmarts)
1997978-0-7636-0306-9Patricia CaseyBeep! Beep! Oink! Oink! Animals in the City
1998978-0-7636-0307-6Vivian FrenchThe Thistle Princess
1997978-0-7636-0308-3Martin HandfordWhere's Waldo Now?: Reissue
  ''978-0-7636-0309-0Martin HandfordWhere's Waldo? The Fantastic Journey: Reissue
  ''978-0-7636-0310-6   ''Where's Waldo?