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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-56402-007-9Martin WaddellCan't You Sleep, Little Bear?
  ''978-1-56402-026-0Martin WaddellLittle Dracula at the Seashore
  ''978-1-56402-027-7   ''Little Dracula Goes to School
  ''978-1-56402-029-1Lucy CousinsFlower in the Garden: My Cloth Book (My Cloth Books)
  ''978-1-56402-030-7Lucy CousinsTeddy in the House: My Cloth Book (My Cloth Books)
1992978-1-56402-031-4Lucy CousinsKite in the Park: My Cloth Book (My Cloth Books)
1993978-1-56402-044-4Martin HandfordWhere's Waldo? in Hollywood
1992978-1-56402-046-8Iona Opie · Peter Opie · Maurice SendakI Saw Esau: The Schoolchild's Pocket Book
2005978-1-56402-049-9Naomi LewisEast o' the Sun and West o' the Moon (Works in Translation)
1993978-1-56402-053-6Waddell MartinFor Your Information Series
1995978-1-56402-070-3Marcia WilliamsDon Quixote
1992978-1-56402-084-0Lucy CousinsMaisy Goes to the Playground
  ''978-1-56402-085-7   ''Maisy Goes to School
  ''978-1-56402-099-4Nick ButterworthMy Grandpa Is Amazing (My Relative Series)
  ''978-1-56402-100-7Nick ButterworthMy Grandma Is Wonderful (My Relative Series)
  ''978-1-56402-101-4Martin WaddellOwl Babies
1992978-1-56402-114-4Nicola BayleyCopycats
1993978-1-56402-128-1Shirley HughesBouncing
  ''978-1-56402-129-8Shirley HughesGiving
1996978-1-56402-159-5Robie H. HarrisIt's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health (The Family Library)
1995978-1-56402-187-8Kathryn LaskyPond Year
1993978-1-56402-194-6Kim LewisFirst Snow
1994978-1-56402-199-1Robie H. HarrisIt's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health (The Family Library)
1993978-1-56402-217-2Bert KitchenAnd So They Build
1994978-1-56402-234-9Henry HorensteinMy Mom's a Vet
1995978-1-56402-238-7Martha AlexanderYou're a Genius, Blackboard Bear
1993978-1-56402-247-9Jan MarkFun with Mrs. Thumb
  ''978-1-56402-260-8Sarah HayesThe Candlewick Book of Fairy Tales
1994978-1-56402-262-2Martin WaddellCan't You Sleep, Little Bear?
  ''978-1-56402-270-7Sarah HayesThis Is the Bear
  ''978-1-56402-271-4Kim LewisFloss
1994978-1-56402-277-6Camilla AshforthHoratio's Bed
  ''978-1-56402-280-6Jez AlboroughWhere's My Teddy?
  ''978-1-56402-314-8Pam AyresGuess Where
  ''978-1-56402-315-5Pam AyresGuess Why
  ''978-1-56402-316-2Bert KitchenWhen Hunger Calls
1994978-1-56402-319-3Susan WojciechowskiDon't Call Me Beanhead! (Beany)
1995978-1-56402-320-9Susan WojciechowskiThe Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
1994978-1-56402-326-1John BurninghamThe Dog
  ''978-1-56402-344-5Trisha CookeSo Much
  ''978-1-56402-345-2Pam AyresGuess Who
  ''978-1-56402-346-9   ''Guess What
1996978-1-56402-347-6Phyllis RootAunt Nancy and Old Man Trouble
1994978-1-56402-364-3Derek RadfordBuilding Machines and What They Do
  ''978-1-56402-373-5Dick King-SmithSophie's Tom (Sophie Books)
1994978-1-56402-377-3Bert KitchenSomewhere Today
  ''978-1-56402-395-7Bob GrahamRose Meets Mr. Wintergarten
1995978-1-56402-419-0Lucy CousinsMaisy's ABC
1996978-1-56402-424-4Robie H. HarrisHappy Birth Day!
1998978-1-56402-425-1Phyllis RootAunt Nancy and Cousin Lazybones
1994978-1-56402-429-9Colin McNaughtonCaptain Abdul's Pirate School
1995978-1-56402-435-0John BurninghamThe Dog
2005978-1-56402-437-4P.J. Lynch · George Webbe Dasent · Naomi LewisEast o' the Sun and West o' the Moon
1995978-1-56402-440-4Marcia WilliamsGreek Myths for Young Children
  ''978-1-56402-447-3Martin WaddellLet's Go Home, Little Bear
  ''978-1-56402-454-1Camilla AshforthMonkey Tricks
  ''978-1-56402-462-6Dick King-SmithSophie Hits Six (Sophie Books)
1995978-1-56402-468-8Jez AlboroughWhere's My Teddy?
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1994978-1-56402-485-5Antonia BarberCatkin
  ''978-1-56402-486-2Jez AlboroughIt's the Bear! (Eddy & the Bear)
1995978-1-56402-502-9Bert KitchenAnd So They Build
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  ''978-1-56402-549-4   ''I See (Baby Beginner Board Books)
1995978-1-56402-550-0Helen OxenburyI Touch (Baby Beginner Board Books)
  ''978-1-56402-555-5Martin WaddellCan't You Sleep, Little Bear?
1996978-1-56402-566-1Martha Alexander · Buddy Kaye · Fred Wise · Sidney LippmanA You're Adorable
  ''978-1-56402-587-6Susan WojciechowskiDon't Call Me Beanhead! (Beany)
  ''978-1-56402-596-8Martin WaddellFarmer Duck
  ''978-1-56402-604-0   ''The Pig in the Pond
1996978-1-56402-620-0Iona OpieMy Very First Mother Goose
1995978-1-56402-635-4Lucy CousinsMaisy's Pop-up Playhouse
  ''978-1-56402-644-6Anita JeramContrary Mary
  ''978-1-56402-646-0Colin WestOne Day in the Jungle
1996978-1-56402-656-9Rick WaltonHow Many, How Many, How Many
  ''978-1-56402-662-0Flora McDonnellI Love Animals Big Book (Candlewick Press Big Book)
  ''978-1-56402-666-8Jane Cowen-FletcherBaby Angels
1996978-1-56402-671-2Martin WaddellThe Pig in the Pond Big Book (Candlewick Big Book)
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1997978-1-56402-811-2Wilborn HamptonKennedy Assassinated! The World Mourns: A Reporter's Story
2002978-1-56402-824-2Waddell MartinCant You Sleep Little Bear 10 Copy Prepack
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1996978-1-56402-840-2Jez AlboroughIt's the Bear! (Eddy & the Bear)
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1998978-1-56402-890-7Michael Rosen · Paul HowardClassic Poetry: An Illustrated Collection
1999978-1-56402-902-7Martin WaddellThe Hollyhock Wall
2004978-1-56402-908-9Nick ButterworthMy Relative Assortment
2002978-1-56402-914-0CandlewickCandlewick Assorment 1
1996978-1-56402-922-5Henry HorensteinMy Mom's a Vet
  ''978-1-56402-964-5Martin WaddellFarmer Duck Big Book (Candlewick Press Big Book)
  ''978-1-56402-965-2   ''Owl Babies
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1996978-1-56402-976-8Antonia BarberCatkin
1997978-1-56402-985-0Anita JeramContrary Mary (Giggle Club)