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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-0-7531-7290-2Lauren PaineAvenger's Trail (Sagebrush Western S.)
  ''978-0-7531-7297-1Zane GreyForlorn River (Sagebrush Westerns)
  ''978-0-7531-7298-8Lauran Paine JrTexas Revenge (Sagebrush Westerns)
2004978-0-7531-7317-6Vernon ColemanMrs Caldicot's Knicilerbocker Glory
2006978-0-7531-7330-5Margaret MurphyThe Dispossessed
  ''978-0-7531-7350-3Meg GardinerJericho Point
2005978-0-7531-7357-2Miriam ToewsA Complicated Kindness
2006978-0-7531-7358-9Miriam ToewsA Complicated Kindness (Isis General Fiction)
2005978-0-7531-7373-2D. E. StevensonAmberwell (Family Saga)
  ''978-0-7531-7389-3Terry PratchettThe Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
2006978-0-7531-7390-9Terry PratchettThe Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
2006978-0-7531-7396-1Chris ManbyReady or Not
2005978-0-7531-7421-0Trisha AshleySingled Out
2006978-0-7531-7523-1Patricia HighsmithThe Boy Who Followed Ripley
  ''978-0-7531-7584-2Patricia WentworthThe Case of William Smith (Miss Silver Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7531-7585-9Patricia WentworthThe Case of William Smith (Miss Silver Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7531-7592-7Jodi PicoultVanishing Acts
  ''978-0-7531-7596-5Ian HoldingUnfeeling
2007978-0-7531-7597-2Ian HoldingUnfeeling
2006978-0-7531-7600-9Georgette HeyerSimon the Coldheart (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
2006978-0-7531-7614-6D. E. StevensonCharlotte Fairlie
  ''978-0-7531-7638-2Elizabeth EdmondsonVoyage of Innocence
2007978-0-7531-7641-2Lisa SeeSnow Flower and the Secret Fan
  ''978-0-7531-7651-1John BoyneThe Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (Isis General Fiction)
2006978-0-7531-7654-2Winifred FoleyTo Kill for Love
  ''978-0-7531-7658-0Patricia WentworthOut of the Past (Miss Silver Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7531-7664-1Declan HughesThe Wrong Kind of Blood
2006978-0-7531-7670-2Janet NeelTicket to Ride
2007978-0-7531-7675-7Rachel HoreThe Dream House
  ''978-0-7531-7717-4David GrossmanLion's Honey: The Myth of Samson (Isis General Fiction)
  ''978-0-7531-7718-1Alexander McCall SmithDream Angus: The Celtic God of Dreams
  ''978-0-7531-7751-8Sam BourneThe Righteous Men
  ''978-0-7531-7842-3Polly WilliamsThe Egg Race
2008978-0-7531-7843-0Polly WilliamsThe Egg Race
2007978-0-7531-7850-8Aminatta FornaAncestor Stones
2008978-0-7531-7861-4Miriam ToewsA Boy of Good Breeding
2007978-0-7531-7896-6Deryn LakeDeath in the Valley of Shadows
2008978-0-7531-7897-3Deryn LakeDeath in the Valley of Shadows (Isis Mystery)
2007978-0-7531-7914-7Scott FrostRun the Risk
2007978-0-7531-7926-0Tom PerrottaLittle Children
  ''978-0-7531-7928-4Linda KelseyFifty is Not a Four-letter Word
2008978-0-7531-7933-8Sam HayesBlood Ties
  ''978-0-7531-7948-2Edmund CrispinThe Moving Toyshop
2007978-0-7531-7950-5Edmund CrispinHoly Disorders
  ''978-0-7531-7954-3Alexandra PotterMe and Mr Darcy (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
2008978-0-7531-7961-1Sam BourneThe Last Testament
  ''978-0-7531-7980-2Marie PhillipsGods Behaving Badly
2008978-0-7531-7982-6Dolores Gordon-SmithA Fete Worse Than Death
  ''978-0-7531-8014-3Russ HallBent Red Moon (Sagebrush Western)
  ''978-0-7531-8026-6Daniel KehlmannMeasuring the World
  ''978-0-7531-8027-3Daniel KehlmannMeasuring the World (Isis General Fiction)
  ''978-0-7531-8038-9Tamara McKinleyLands Beyond the Sea
2008978-0-7531-8050-1Carol MasonThe Secrets of Married Women
  ''978-0-7531-8054-9Deryn LakeDeath in Hellfire (Isis (Hardcover Large Print))
  ''978-0-7531-8060-0Ali SmithGirl Meets Boy
  ''978-0-7531-8064-8Salley VickersWhere Three Roads Meet
  ''978-0-7531-8070-9Lucie WhitehouseThe House at Midnight
2009978-0-7531-8071-6Lucie WhitehouseThe House at Midnight
2008978-0-7531-8080-8D. E. StevensonSarah's Cottage (Isis (Hardcover Large Print))
2008978-0-7531-8082-2D. E. StevensonThe House of the Deer
2009978-0-7531-8083-9   ''The House of the Deer (Isis Romance)
2008978-0-7531-8110-2Trisha AshleyLord Rayven's Revenge
2009978-0-7531-8122-5Patricia WentworthAnna, Where Are You? (Isis (Hardcover Large Print))
  ''978-0-7531-8124-9   ''Lonesome Road (Miss Silver Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7531-8125-6   ''Lonesome Road (Isis Mystery)
  ''978-0-7531-8176-8D. E. StevensonThe Empty World
  ''978-0-7531-8191-1Adrian MagsonNo Kiss for the Devil (Isis Mystery)
2009978-0-7531-8206-2Belinda JonesOut of the Blue
2008978-0-7531-8208-6Elvi RhodesA House by the Sea
2009978-0-7531-8290-1Henry AllinghamKitchener's Last Volunteer
2010978-0-7531-8309-0Peter AckroydThe Casebook Of Victor Frankenstein
  ''978-0-7531-8333-5Norah LoftsA Wayside Tavern
2009978-0-7531-8432-5Terry PratchettNation
2010978-0-7531-8433-2   ''Nation
  ''978-0-7531-8493-6Marina FioratoThe Madonna Of The Almonds
  ''978-0-7531-8536-0Dolores Gordon-SmithAs If By Magic
  ''978-0-7531-8550-6Muriel SparkThe Comforters
2010978-0-7531-8552-0D. E. StevensonMiss Buncle's Book
2010978-0-7531-8554-4D. E. StevensonMiss Buncle Married
  ''978-0-7531-8558-2Norah LoftsThe Haunting Of Gad's Hall
  ''978-0-7531-8572-8Zoe SharpRiot Act
2011978-0-7531-8573-5Zoe SharpRiot Act
  ''978-0-7531-8597-1Christine Dwyer HickeyLast Train From Liguria
2012978-0-7531-8705-0Patricia WentworthLadies' Bane
2010978-0-7531-8764-7Terry PratchettThe Wee Free Men
2011978-0-7531-8766-1   ''A Hat Full Of Sky
  ''978-0-7531-8768-5   ''Wintersmith
2011978-0-7531-8770-8Terry PratchettI Shall Wear Midnight
  ''978-0-7531-8771-5   ''I Shall Wear Midnight
  ''978-0-7531-8773-9Jane CostelloMy Single Friend
  ''978-0-7531-8828-6Norah LoftsThe Town House
  ''978-0-7531-8830-9   ''The House At Old Vine
2013978-0-7531-9150-7Terry PratchettDodger
2013978-0-7531-9151-4Terry PratchettDodger
2006978-0-7531-9337-2Dorothy Baden-PowellThey Also Serve: An SOE Agent in the WRNS (Isis Nonfiction)
  ''978-0-7531-9341-9Sydney HudsonUndercover Operator (Isis Nonfiction)
  ''978-0-7531-9342-6John MillerFriends and Romans: On the Run in Wartime Italy
2007978-0-7531-9343-3John MillerFriends and Romans: On the Run in Wartime Italy (Reminiscence)
2006978-0-7531-9364-8Roy CloseIn Action with the SAS: A Soldier's Odyssey from Dunkirk to Berlin (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
2007978-0-7531-9367-9Leslie WoodheadMy Life as a Spy (Isis Nonfiction)
2006978-0-7531-9368-6Jennifer WorthShadows of the Workhouse (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)
2007978-0-7531-9369-3Jennifer WorthShadows of the Workhouse (Isis Nonfiction)
  ''978-0-7531-9406-5Paul Rusesabagina · Tom ZoellnerAn Ordinary Man (Isis (Hardcover Large Print))
  ''978-0-7531-9414-0Edna HealeyPart of the Pattern: Memoirs of a Wife at Westminster
2007978-0-7531-9452-2Tim VigorsLife's Too Short to Cry (Reminiscence)
2009978-0-7531-9536-9Jack MaddoxIn The Shelter Of Each Other
  ''978-0-7531-9542-0Philip GrayGhosts Of Targets Past
2011978-0-7531-9557-4John MoffatI Sank The Bismarck
  ''978-0-7531-9581-9Graham V. TwistA Birmingham Backstreet Boyhood
  ''978-0-7531-9598-7Dot May DunnTwelve Babies On A Bike
2002978-0-7531-9627-4David BretMarlene Dietrich, My Friend: An Intimate Biography of the Real Dietrich
2001978-0-7531-9682-3Christopher Sinclair-StevensonEnjoy!: A Celebration of Jennifer Paterson -Tribute to a Fat Lady by Her Friends
2002978-0-7531-9710-3Pauline NevilleMy Father's House (Reminiscence)
  ''978-0-7531-9714-1Michael HolroydBasil Street Blues
2002978-0-7531-9736-3Addison TerryThe Battle for Pusan: A Korean War Memoir (Select Series)
  ''978-0-7531-9738-7B. A. JamesMoonless Night: The World War II Escape Epic (Reminiscence)
2003978-0-7531-9739-4B. A. JamesMoonless Night: The World War II Escape Epic (Reminiscence)
2002978-0-7531-9748-6Tim Clayton · Phil CraigDiana: Story of a Princess
2003978-0-7531-9749-3Tim Clayton · Phil CraigDiana: Story of a Princess
  ''978-0-7531-9795-0Rob SchultheisFool's Gold: Lives, Loves and Misadventure
  ''978-0-7531-9867-4Betty Armitage · Nicholas WebleyBetty's Wartime Diary, 1939-1945 (Reminiscence)
2004978-0-7531-9891-9Jane CorbinThe Base: Al-Qaeda and the Changing Face of Global Terror
2005978-0-7531-9903-9John McEwanOut of the Depths of Hell: A Soldier's Story of Life and Death in Japanese Hands (Reminiscence)
2004978-0-7531-9905-3Bernard EdwardsThe Quiet Heroes: British Merchant Seamen at War (Reminiscence)
2003978-0-7531-9908-4John HarrisEchoing Voices: More Memories of a Country House Snooper
2004978-0-7531-9978-7Tony SpoonerWarburton's War