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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-7475-0002-5Jimmy BurnsThe Land That Lost Its Heroes: Falklands, the Post-war and Alfonsin
  ''978-0-7475-0004-9David Herbert DonaldLook Homeward: A Life of Thomas Wolfe
  ''978-0-7475-0009-4Robert McNamaraBlundering into Disaster: Surviving the First Century of the Nuclear Age
1989978-0-7475-0011-7Lisa St. Aubin de TeranOff the Rails: Memoirs of a Train Addict
1987978-0-7475-0012-4Sam ShawMarilyn Among Friends
  ''978-0-7475-0032-2Terence StampStamp Album
  ''978-0-7475-0037-7David K. ShiplerArab and Jew: Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land
1987978-0-7475-0052-0Naomi SimDance and Skylark: Fifty Years with Alastair Sim
  ''978-0-7475-0072-8Penny SparkeDesign in Context: History, Application and Development of Design (A Quarto book)
1989978-0-7475-0078-0Caroline AlexanderOne Dry Season: In the Footsteps of Mary Kingsley
1988978-0-7475-0082-7Robin MacknessOradour: Massacre and Aftermath
1989978-0-7475-0083-4Ben Wicks · Michael CaineNo Time To Wave Goodbye
1987978-0-7475-0084-1Myrna Loy · James Kotsilibas-DavisBeing and Becoming
1988978-0-7475-0099-5Grant McKee · Ross FraneyTimebomb: Irish Bombers, English Justice and the Guildford Four
1987978-0-7475-0103-9Douglas Blair TurnbaughDuncan Grant and the Bloomsbury Group: An Illustrated Biography
  ''978-0-7475-0108-4John TytellEzra Pound: The Solitary Volcano
1988978-0-7475-0109-1Greg Robinson · Max SchofieldThe Icing on the Cake
  ''978-0-7475-0113-8David Levering LewisThe Race to Fashoda
1987978-0-7475-0135-0Philip AgeeOn the Run
1989978-0-7475-0136-7Dan SmithPressure: How America Runs N. A. T. O.
1988978-0-7475-0146-6Miriam Makeba · James HallMakeba: My Story
  ''978-0-7475-0152-7Peter MarrisThe Dreams of General Jerusalem
1988978-0-7475-0170-1Adrian RoomBloomsbury Dictionary of Place Names in the British Isles
1990978-0-7475-0171-8Tony ThorneBloomsbury Dictionary of Contemporary Slang
1988978-0-7475-0178-7Al AlvarezFeeding the Rat: Profile of a Climber - Mo Anthoine
  ''978-0-7475-0185-5Derek HattonInside Left
  ''978-0-7475-0186-2Terence StampComing Attractions
  ''978-0-7475-0188-6Andrew Solt · Sam EganImagine John Lennon
  ''978-0-7475-0199-2Peter Walker · Fiona WalkerBaby Massage
1989978-0-7475-0218-0Lytton StracheyEminent Victorians
1989978-0-7475-0224-1Linda McCartney · Peter CoxLinda McCartney's Home Cooking: Quick, Easy and Economical, Vegetarian Dishes for Today
1988978-0-7475-0227-2Michael JacksonNew World Guide to Beer
  ''978-0-7475-0237-1James BrownFinal Performance
  ''978-0-7475-0262-3Neal StephensonZodiac
1989978-0-7475-0263-0C.E.PageArmagnac: The Spirit of Gascony
  ''978-0-7475-0270-8Terence BlackerFixx
1988978-0-7475-0281-4Rosemary WilkinsonSauces
  ''978-0-7475-0294-4Gary CareyAnita Loos: A Biography
1988978-0-7475-0295-1Kim NewmanNightmare Movies: Critical History of the Horror Film, 1968-88
1989978-0-7475-0304-0Margaret AtwoodCat's Eye
  ''978-0-7475-0309-5Ken Small · Mark RogersonThe Forgotten Dead: Why 946 American Servicemen Died Off the Coast of Devon in 1944 - And the Man Who Discovered Their True Story
1988978-0-7475-0318-7James HenkeHuman Rights Now!: Official Book of the Amnesty International World Concert Tour
  ''978-0-7475-0322-4Sarah GilesFred Astaire: His Friends Talk
1989978-0-7475-0334-7John IrvingA Prayer for Owen Meany
  ''978-0-7475-0367-5Patrick PietroniBloomsbury Good Health Guide: Common Health Problems and How to Solve Them Naturally
  ''978-0-7475-0374-3Philip SingermanRed Adair: An American Hero
1989978-0-7475-0378-1Simon WestonWalking Tall
  ''978-0-7475-0390-3Christian JenningsMouthful of Rocks: Through Africa and Corsica in the French Foreign Legion
  ''978-0-7475-0393-4Terence StampDouble Feature
  ''978-0-7475-0433-7Ken Small · Mark RogersonThe Forgotten Dead: Why 946 American Servicemen Died Off the Coast of Devon in 1944 - And the Man Who Discovered Their True Story
  ''978-0-7475-0453-5Carol BirchThe Fog Line
1989978-0-7475-0461-0Illustrator's Figure Reference Manual: Hands & Faces
1990978-0-7475-0473-3Mary GordonThe Other Side
1989978-0-7475-0483-2Leo GallandSuperimmunity for Kids
  ''978-0-7475-0487-0David, Governor General of Canada JohnstonLockerbie: The Real Story
  ''978-0-7475-0492-4Frank McGheeBoxing Hall of Fame: England's Boxing Heroes (Boxings Hall of Fame)
1990978-0-7475-0495-5Lubomir KavalekWorld Cup Chess
1989978-0-7475-0497-9Alev Lytle CroutierHarem: The World Behind the Veil
  ''978-0-7475-0498-6Patrick TierneyThe Highest Altar: Story of Human Sacrifice
  ''978-0-7475-0499-3Simon WestonWalking Tall
1989978-0-7475-0501-3Annette PenhaligonPenhaligon
  ''978-0-7475-0505-1Adrian RoomBloomsbury Dictionary of Place Names in the British Isles
  ''978-0-7475-0544-0Who Said What When: Chronological Dictionary of Quotations
1990978-0-7475-0557-0Roxana RobinsonGeorgia O'Keeffe: A Life
1989978-0-7475-0563-1Michael Paul KennedySoldier I S.A.S.
1990978-0-7475-0568-6Stephen AmidonSplitting the Atom
  ''978-0-7475-0572-3Carol LeeThe Blind Side of Eden: The Sexes in Perspective
  ''978-0-7475-0579-2Christian JenningsMouthful of Rocks: Through Africa and Corsica in the French Foreign Legion (Jennings)
1990978-0-7475-0589-1Alan BurgessThe Longest Tunnel: True Story of the Great Escape
  ''978-0-7475-0599-0Brian MiltonThe Dalgety Flyer
  ''978-0-7475-0615-7Said K. AburishBeirut Spy: International Intrigue at the St.George Hotel Bar
  ''978-0-7475-0617-1Kenneth McLeishBloomsbury Good Reading Guide
  ''978-0-7475-0619-5Philip SingermanRed Adair: An American Hero - The Authorized Biography
1990978-0-7475-0620-1Barry Turner. And the Policeman Smiled: 10, 000 Children Escape from Nazi Europe
  ''978-0-7475-0630-0Paul BaileyAn Immaculate Mistake: Scenes from Childhood and Beyond
  ''978-0-7475-0633-1Max Schofield · Greg RobinsonHappy Birthdays
  ''978-0-7475-0635-5Colin Andrews · Pat DelgadoCircular Evidence: A Detailed Investigation of the Flattened Swirled Crops Phenomenon
  ''978-0-7475-0654-6Maurice ShadboltMonday's Warriors
1991978-0-7475-0657-7Jonathan CoeHumphrey Bogart: Take it and Like it
1990978-0-7475-0662-1Al AlletzhauserThe House of Nomura: The Rise to Power of the World's Most Powerful Company
1990978-0-7475-0667-6Ben WicksWaiting for the All Clear: True Stories from Survivors of the Blitz
  ''978-0-7475-0673-7Scott TurowThe Burden of Proof
  ''978-0-7475-0684-3Kate KirbyIllustrator's Figure Reference Manual: Children
  ''978-0-7475-0686-7Joanna TrollopeA Passionate Man
1991978-0-7475-0708-6Barbara GowdyFalling Angels
1990978-0-7475-0716-1Alberto ManguelSoho Square: Bk. 3
  ''978-0-7475-0725-3Jerome CharynThe Good Policeman
1990978-0-7475-0732-1Kenneth McLeish · Valerie McLeishBloomsbury Good Reading Guide to Murder, Thrillers and Crime Fiction
  ''978-0-7475-0741-3John AytoBloomsbury Dictionary of Word Origins
  ''978-0-7475-0746-8Bob LaBrascaMarilyn Monroe: Fifty-Five
  ''978-0-7475-0750-5Michael Paul KennedySoldier I S.A.S.
  ''978-0-7475-0754-3Patrick BroganEastern Europe 1939-1989: The Fifty Years War
1991978-0-7475-0758-1Bettina DrewNelson Algren: A Life on the Wild Side
1991978-0-7475-0759-8Janet MalcolmThe Journalist and the Murderer
1990978-0-7475-0765-9Paula YatesThe Fun Starts Here: a practical guide to the bliss of babies
1993978-0-7475-0771-0Deborah JacksonDo Not Disturb: Benefits of Relaxed Parenting for You and Your Child
1990978-0-7475-0777-2Mirabel OslerA Gentle Plea for Chaos: Reflections from an English Garden
1991978-0-7475-0798-7Adolfo Bioy-CasaresThe Adventures of a Photographer in La Plata
1990978-0-7475-0808-3Peter HarclerodeGo for It!: The Illustrated History of the 6th Airborne Division
1991978-0-7475-0816-8Lawrence GrobelConversations with Marlon Brando
  ''978-0-7475-0818-2Robert RankinThey Came and Ate Us
  ''978-0-7475-0819-9Barbara Newman · Barbara RoganThe Covenant: Love and Death in Beirut
  ''978-0-7475-0831-1Roxana RobinsonA Glimpse of Scarlet
  ''978-0-7475-0835-9Irene DischePious Secrets
1991978-0-7475-0855-7Andrew KlavanDon't Say a Word
  ''978-0-7475-0882-3Pawel HuelleWho Was David Weiser?
1992978-0-7475-0884-7Patrick MarnhamThe Man Who Wasn't Maigret: Portrait of Georges Simenon
  ''978-0-7475-0895-3Claire BuckBloomsbury Guide to Women's Literature (Bloomsbury reference)
  ''978-0-7475-0896-0Catherine McDermottEssential Design
1991978-0-7475-0899-1John DensmoreRiders on the Storm: My Life with Jim Morrison and The Doors
  ''978-0-7475-0900-4Anton GillCity of the Horizon: v. 1 (Egyptian Mysteries)
1991978-0-7475-0904-2Andrew HarveyHidden Journey: A Spiritual Awakening
  ''978-0-7475-0905-9Janet FrameThe Lagoon and Other Stories (Classics)
  ''978-0-7475-0951-6Dylan JonesJim Morrison: Dark Star
  ''978-0-7475-0953-0Vincent BramleyExcursion to Hell: Mount Longdon, a Universal Story of Battle
  ''978-0-7475-0956-1Charles RoseOne Step at a Time: Emmett - My Son's Battle to Walk
1991978-0-7475-0958-5Barry Turner... And the Policeman Smiled: 10, 000 Children Escape from Nazi Europe
  ''978-0-7475-0964-6J.B. MortonThe Bumper Beachcomber: The Works of J.B.Morton
  ''978-0-7475-0967-7John DaintithBloomsbury Thematic Dictionary of Quotations
  ''978-0-7475-0984-4Sandra CaronAlma Cogan: A Memoir
  ''978-0-7475-1004-8Patricia HighsmithRipley Under Water
1991978-0-7475-1005-5Said K. AburishCry Palestine: Inside the West Bank
1992978-0-7475-1006-2Gloria SteinemRevolution from within: Book of Self-esteem
  ''978-0-7475-1010-9Julia TugendhatThe Adoption Triangle: Searching and United
  ''978-0-7475-1015-4Jerome CharynElsinore
  ''978-0-7475-1017-8Kathy LetteThe Llama Parlour
1991978-0-7475-1024-6Stephen MarloweThe Death and Life of Miguel Cervantes
  ''978-0-7475-1026-0Paula YatesThe Fun Don't Stop: Loads of Rip-roaring Activities for You and Your Toddler
1991978-0-7475-1034-5Peter WalkerStaying Power: An Autobiography
  ''978-0-7475-1043-7Jeanette WintersonOranges are Not the Only Fruit (Bloomsbury Classics)
  ''978-0-7475-1046-8Brian BlessedThe Turquoise Mountain: Brian Blessed on Everest
  ''978-0-7475-1048-2Rupert Brooke · Noel OlivierSong of Love: The Letters of Rupert Brooke and Noel Olivier
  ''978-0-7475-1049-9Ranulph FiennesThe Feather Men
1992978-0-7475-1084-0Richard WilliamsDylan: A Man Called Alias
1992978-0-7475-1096-3Zulfikar GhoseThe Triple Mirror of the Self
  ''978-0-7475-1129-8D. M. ThomasFlying in to Love
  ''978-0-7475-1131-1Fred ZinnemannFred Zinnemann: An Autobiography
  ''978-0-7475-1144-1Stephen AmidonThirst
  ''978-0-7475-1152-6Jay McInerneyBrightness Falls
1992978-0-7475-1153-3Leonard WoolfThe Letters of Leonard Woolf
  ''978-0-7475-1157-1Krishna Dutta · Andrew Robinson · Anita DesaiNoon in Calcutta
1993978-0-7475-1158-8Michael CorenThe Invisible Man: Life and Liberties of H.G. Wells
1992978-0-7475-1161-8Simon WestonGoing Back: Return to the Falklands
  ''978-0-7475-1162-5Catherine DavidSimone Signoret
  ''978-0-7475-1163-2Ahdaf SoueifIn the Eye of the Sun
  ''978-0-7475-1165-6Robert RankinThe Suburban Book of the Dead: Armageddon 3 - The Remake
1992978-0-7475-1170-0Irene DischeThe Jewess: Stories from Berlin and New York
  ''978-0-7475-1171-7Stephen MarloweThe Memoirs of Christopher Columbus
1993978-0-7475-1176-2Anton GillCity of Dreams (Egyptian Mysteries)
1991978-0-7475-1180-9Jane Stern · Michael SternElvis World
1993978-0-7475-1185-4Owen Beattie · John GeigerDead Silence: The Greatest Mystery in Arctic Discovery
1992978-0-7475-1186-1Johnny StilettoShots from the Hip
2003978-0-7475-1189-2Nadine GordimerJump and Other Stories
1993978-0-7475-1193-9Anton GillCity of the Horizon (Egyptian Mysteries)
1992978-0-7475-1216-5Jonathon GreenNew Words
  ''978-0-7475-1234-9Pablo MasonPablo's War
  ''978-0-7475-1236-3Paul BaileyAt the Jerusalem (Bloomsbury Classic Series)
  ''978-0-7475-1244-8Terence BlackerThe Fame Hotel
1992978-0-7475-1246-2Alasdair GrayPoor Things
1993978-0-7475-1247-9Alasdair GrayTen Tales Tall and True
1992978-0-7475-1249-3Jay McInerneyBright Lights, Big City (Bloomsbury Classics)
  ''978-0-7475-1254-7Michael OndaatjeThe English Patient
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1993978-0-7475-1266-0Alla SacharovClassic Russian Cuisine
1992978-0-7475-1275-2Brian BlessedDynamite Kid
  ''978-0-7475-1276-9Paul Duro · Michael GreenhalghEssential Art History
1995978-0-7475-1284-4Janet ByrneA Genius for Living: Biography of Frieda Lawrence
1993978-0-7475-1294-3John AytoEuphemisms
1992978-0-7475-1305-6Honor) Bloomsbury Publishing & Sporting Pictures UK Ltd (ed. HeadIllustrator's Figure Reference Manual: Sport (Illustrator's reference manual)
  ''978-0-7475-1308-7Patrick SuskindThe Story of Mr. Sommer
1992978-0-7475-1327-8Ranulph FiennesAtlantis of the Sands
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1993978-0-7475-1377-3Shere HiteWomen as Agents of Revolutionary Change
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1993978-0-7475-1390-2Stephen ClingmanThe Novels of Nadine Gordimer: History from the Inside
  ''978-0-7475-1402-2Paul Duro · Michael GreenhalghEssential Art History
  ''978-0-7475-1426-8Nigel ReesThe Politically Correct Phrasebook
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1994978-0-7475-1468-8Said K. AburishRise, Corruption and Coming Fall of the House of Saud
1993978-0-7475-1474-9Brian MooreNo Other Life
1993978-0-7475-1477-0Hayden HerreraFrida Kahlo: The Paintings
  ''978-0-7475-1482-4David MasonShadow Over Babylon
  ''978-0-7475-1486-2Anton GillCity of the Dead (Egyptian Mysteries)
  ''978-0-7475-1495-4Ann E. ImbrieSpoken in Darkness: Small-town Murder and a Friendship Beyond Death
  ''978-0-7475-1497-8Caryl PhillipsCrossing the River
1993978-0-7475-1498-5Carol HillAmanda and the Eleven Million Mile High Dancer
  ''978-0-7475-1500-5Claire GillmanPara: Inside the Parachute Regiment
  ''978-0-7475-1501-2Telford TaylorThe Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials
  ''978-0-7475-1502-9Richard PriceBloodbrothers
  ''978-0-7475-1525-8John IrvingTrying to Save Piggy Sneed
1995978-0-7475-1529-6Richard PriceLadies Man
1995978-0-7475-1548-7Clark HeinrichStrange Fruit: Alchemy and Religion - The Hidden Truth
1993978-0-7475-1550-0Vanessa BellSelected Letters of Vanessa Bell
  ''978-0-7475-1552-4David LeighBetrayed: Trial of Matrix Churchill
  ''978-0-7475-1562-3Donald Goddard · Lester K. ColemanTrail of the Octopus: From Beirut to Lockerbie - Inside the DIA
1994978-0-7475-1574-6Jonathan CoeJames Stewart: Leading Man
1993978-0-7475-1576-0Philip D. MoreheadThe Bloomsbury Dictionary of Music