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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-0-7475-9742-1David GrossmanWriting in the Dark
  ''978-0-7475-9743-8Tobias WolffOur Story Begins: New and Selected Stories
  ''978-0-7475-9744-5Pico IyerThe Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama
2008978-0-7475-9745-2Ethan CaninAmerica, America
2011978-0-7475-9746-9Patricia BorlenghiThe Bloomsbury Nursery Treasury (Bloomsbury Paperbacks)
2009978-0-7475-9748-3Matthew RiceRice's Architectural Primer
2008978-0-7475-9754-4Cecily Von ZiegesarGossip Girl: You Know You Love Me Bk. 2
2009978-0-7475-9756-8Patrick McCabeThe Holy City
2008978-0-7475-9757-5Nathan Hodge · Sharon WeinbergerA Nuclear Family Vacation: Travels in the World of Atomic Weaponry
2009978-0-7475-9758-2T. C BoyleThe Women
2008978-0-7475-9768-1William BoydBamboo
2009978-0-7475-9769-8Esther FreudSummer at Gaglow
  ''978-0-7475-9770-4Esther FreudThe Wild
2008978-0-7475-9771-1Anne ZouroudiThe Messenger of Athens
  ''978-0-7475-9774-2Lynn CullenMoi and Marie Antoinette
2008978-0-7475-9778-0Edward SaidMusic at the Limits
2011978-0-7475-9779-7Richard van EmdenThe Quick and the Dead: Fallen Soldiers and Their Families in the Great War
2008978-0-7475-9780-3Richard Van EmdenThe Soldiers' War - The Great War Through Veterans' Eyes
2009978-0-7475-9781-0Shannon HaleThe Book of a Thousand Days
  ''978-0-7475-9783-4T. C BoyleThe Women
  ''978-0-7475-9784-1Camilla ReidLulu's Clothes
  ''978-0-7475-9785-8Simmone HowellEverything Beautiful
978-0-7475-9786-5Laetitia MakloufThe Virgin Gardener: Italian Language Edition for TEA SpA
2009978-0-7475-9788-9Ms. Joanna WeinbergHow to Feed Your Friends with Relish
2008978-0-7475-9789-6Polly TyrerLeiths Vegetable Bible
2009978-0-7475-9790-2Helen CrossSpilt Milk, Black Coffee
  ''978-0-7475-9791-9Craig TaylorOne Million Tiny Plays About Britain
2009978-0-7475-9794-0Tracey TurnerDeadly Peril: And How to Avoid it
2010978-0-7475-9796-4Michael RosenBear Flies High
2009978-0-7475-9798-8Shannon HaleRiver Secrets (Books of Bayern)
  ''978-0-7475-9799-5   ''Enna Burning (Books of Bayern)
  ''978-0-7475-9800-8   ''The Goose Girl (Books of Bayern)
  ''978-0-7475-9801-5   ''Princess Academy
2010978-0-7475-9806-0Laurie Halse AndersonChains
2009978-0-7475-9809-1Anne MichaelsThe Winter Vault
2010978-0-7475-9811-4Neil GaimanOdd and the Frost Giants
2009978-0-7475-9817-6Colin HarrisonThe Havana Room
  ''978-0-7475-9819-0Richard PriceSamaritan
2009978-0-7475-9820-6Richard PriceClockers
  ''978-0-7475-9821-3Gil McNeilThe Only Boy for Me
2011978-0-7475-9822-0Tim BirkheadThe Wisdom of Birds: An Illustrated History of Ornithology
2009978-0-7475-9823-7Katherine SwiftThe Morville Hours: The Story of a Garden
  ''978-0-7475-9824-4Elizabeth GilbertStern Men
  ''978-0-7475-9825-1Elizabeth GilbertPilgrims
2008978-0-7475-9826-8Angie SageAraminta Spook: Ghostsitters
2009978-0-7475-9827-5Jem Packer · Knife & PackerReturn of the Chocoholic Vampires (Zac Zoltan's Mad Monster Agency)
  ''978-0-7475-9829-9Elizabeth GilbertThe Last American Man
2009978-0-7475-9830-5Nathan Hodge · Sharon WeinbergerA Nuclear Family Vacation: Travels in the World of Atomic Weaponry
  ''978-0-7475-9831-2Titania WoodsGLITTERWINGS ACADEMY 9: Sister Secrets: Sister Secrets No. 9
  ''978-0-7475-9832-9Titania WoodsGlitterwings Academy: 10 Treasure Hunt: Treasure Hunt No. 10
  ''978-0-7475-9833-6   ''GLITTERWINGS ACADEMY 11: Friendship Dance
2009978-0-7475-9834-3Titania WoodsMagical Mayhem (Glitterwings Academy)
2008978-0-7475-9835-0   ''Christmas Fairy (Glitterwings Academy)
  ''978-0-7475-9836-7Alice SchroederThe Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life
2010978-0-7475-9838-1Ian ThompsonThe English Lakes: A History
2009978-0-7475-9839-8Alice RobertsThe Incredible Human Journey
  ''978-0-7475-9840-4Hugh Fearnley-WhittingstallRiver Cottage Everyday
  ''978-0-7475-9842-8Ben SchottSchott's Almanac 2010
2010978-0-7475-9843-5Wendy MoffatE. M. Forster: A New Life
  ''978-0-7475-9844-2Will SelfWalking to Hollywood: Memories of Before the Fall
2009978-0-7475-9845-9Colin HarrisonManhattan Nocturne
2009978-0-7475-9846-6J. K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  ''978-0-7475-9847-3Amber StewartNo Babysitters Allowed
2008978-0-7475-9849-7Margaret AtwoodPayback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth
2009978-0-7475-9850-3Sheila HancockJust Me
2008978-0-7475-9853-4Khaled HosseiniKhaled Hosseini Limited Edition Box Set: The Kite Runner and a Thousand Splendid Suns Signed Limited Edition
2009978-0-7475-9854-1Lili ChantillyMy Fabulous Book of Princesses
  ''978-0-7475-9856-5Lili ChantillyMy Fabulous Book of Superstars
  ''978-0-7475-9857-2   ''My Fabulous Book of Hair and Make-up
  ''978-0-7475-9859-6Michael FordLegacy of Blood: Spartan 3
2012978-0-7475-9860-2Richard FordCanada
2009978-0-7475-9862-6Neil GaimanThe Graveyard Book
2009978-0-7475-9863-3MumsnetPregnancy: The Mumsnet Guide: The Answers to Everything
  ''978-0-7475-9866-4Ben MacintyreFor Your Eyes Only: Ian Fleming and James Bond
2008978-0-7475-9867-1Sheila HancockJust Me
2010978-0-7475-9868-8Ben MacintyreOperation Mincemeat
2009978-0-7475-9869-5Jane RusbridgeThe Devil's Music
  ''978-0-7475-9871-8Margaret AtwoodPayback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth
  ''978-0-7475-9872-5Ethan CaninAmerica, America
  ''978-0-7475-9873-2Richard Van EmdenSoldier's War: The Great War Through Veterans' Eyes
2009978-0-7475-9874-9Edward SaidMusic at the Limits
  ''978-0-7475-9875-6Jennie Walker24 for 3
  ''978-0-7475-9876-3Kate PullingerWaving at the Gardener: The Asham Award Short-Story Collection
2010978-0-7475-9877-0Gil AdamsonThe Outlander
2009978-0-7475-9878-7David GutersonThe Other
  ''978-0-7475-9879-4Katie HickmanThe Aviary Gate
  ''978-0-7475-9880-0Mary Ann Shaffer · Annie BarrowsThe Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
2009978-0-7475-9882-4Anne ZouroudiThe Doctor of Thessaly (The Mysteries of the Greek Detective)
2008978-0-7475-9884-8Neil GaimanThe Graveyard Book
2009978-0-7475-9885-5Angie SageSyren: Bk. 5 (Septimus Heap)
2010978-0-7475-9886-2   ''Syren (Septimus Heap)
2011978-0-7475-9887-9Helena McEwenInvisible River
2008978-0-7475-9889-3Khaled HosseiniKite Runner
2009978-0-7475-9890-9Anne ZouroudiThe Taint of Midas
  ''978-0-7475-9893-0Manil SuriThe Age of Shiva
  ''978-0-7475-9896-1Emma SmithMaidens' Trip
2010978-0-7475-9897-8William NewtonThe Mistress of Abha
2011978-0-7475-9899-2Joanna BriscoeYou
2009978-0-7475-9901-2Anne MichaelsThe Winter Vault
2008978-0-7475-9904-3Machado de AssisEpitaph of a Small Winner
2010978-0-7475-9905-0Eva HornungDog Boy
2009978-0-7475-9906-7Matthew ReynoldsDesigns for a Happy Home
  ''978-0-7475-9907-4Lisa SeeOn Gold Mountain: A Family Memoir of Love, Struggle and Survival
2011978-0-7475-9909-8Cathy MacPhailOut of The Depths
2009978-0-7475-9910-4Mary HooperThe Betrayal (At the House of the Magician)
  ''978-0-7475-9911-1Cathy MacPhailGrass
2011978-0-7475-9912-8Mary HooperFallen Grace
2010978-0-7475-9913-5   ''Fallen Grace
2009978-0-7475-9915-9B. R. CollinsA Trick of the Dark
2010978-0-7475-9916-6Sue LimbFive-Star Fiasco (Girl, 15 and Girl, 16)
2012978-0-7475-9917-3Sue LimbChocolate SOS (Jess Jordan)
2012978-0-7475-9918-0Sue LimbParty Disaster! (Jess Jordan)
2009978-0-7475-9919-7Elen CaldecottHow Kirsty Jenkins Stole the Elephant
2012978-0-7475-9920-3Mary HooperVelvet
2011978-0-7475-9921-0Mary HooperVelvet
2008978-0-7475-9922-7Kate SummerscaleThe Suspicions of Mr. Whicher
  ''978-0-7475-9923-4David KynastonAusterity Britain, 1945-1951 (Tales of a New Jerusalem)
2009978-0-7475-9924-1Louis SacharPig City
  ''978-0-7475-9925-8Anne MichaelsFugitive Pieces
  ''978-0-7475-9926-5Sue MillerWhile I Was Gone
  ''978-0-7475-9927-2David ParkSwallowing the Sun
2009978-0-7475-9928-9David ParkThe Big Snow
2010978-0-7475-9929-6Kate LumPrincesses are Not Perfect
  ''978-0-7475-9931-9Babette ColeThe Unicorn Princess (Fetlocks Hall)
  ''978-0-7475-9932-6Babette ColeThe Ghostly Blinkers (Fetlocks Hall)
2011978-0-7475-9933-3   ''Fetlocks Hall 3: The Curse of the Pony Vampires
  ''978-0-7475-9934-0   ''Fetlocks Hall 4: The Enchanted Pony
2010978-0-7475-9937-1Maureen RoffeyBathtime (Slip-and-Slide Book)
2009978-0-7475-9939-5John BergerTo the Wedding: Rejacketed
2011978-0-7475-9941-8Kwasi KwartengGhosts of Empire: Britain's Legacies in the Modern World
2016978-0-7475-9942-5Professor A. C. GraylingThe Age of Genius: The Seventeenth Century and the Birth of the Modern Mind
2010978-0-7475-9944-9Jon McGregorEven the Dogs
2011978-0-7475-9946-3Kwasi KwartengGhosts of Empire: Britain's Legacies in the Modern World
2012978-0-7475-9947-0Ross KingLeonardo and the Last Supper
2010978-0-7475-9948-7Jonathan SchneerThe Balfour Declaration: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  ''978-0-7475-9949-4Toby WilkinsonThe Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt
2010978-0-7475-9951-7Ben SchottSchott's Almanac 2011
2011978-0-7475-9952-4Anna ReidLeningrad: Tragedy of a City under Siege, 1941-44
2009978-0-7475-9957-9John BergerAbout Looking
  ''978-0-7475-9958-6Barbara TrapidoBrother of the More Famous Jack
  ''978-0-7475-9959-3Barbara TrapidoFrankie and Stankie
2011978-0-7475-9960-9Professor A. C. GraylingThe Good Book: A Secular Bible
2009978-0-7475-9961-6Barbara TrapidoNoah's Ark
  ''978-0-7475-9962-3Christopher LloydWhat on Earth Evolved?: 100 Species That Changed the World
2011978-0-7475-9963-0David CordinglySpanish Gold: Captain Woodes Rogers and the Pirates of the Caribbean
2010978-0-7475-9964-7Delphine de ViganNo and Me
  ''978-0-7475-9965-4Jose Luis PeixotoThe Piano Cemetery
2009978-0-7475-9966-1Stephen ColeWounded (The Wereling)
2009978-0-7475-9967-8Stephen ColePrey (The Wereling)
  ''978-0-7475-9968-5   ''The Wereling 3: Resurrection
2011978-0-7475-9969-2Debi GlioriThe Scariest Thing of All
2012978-0-7475-9970-8Debi GlioriThe Scariest Thing of All
2009978-0-7475-9971-5   ''Stormy Weather
2010978-0-7475-9972-2Debi GlioriStormy Weather
2009978-0-7475-9973-9Valerie BloomHot Like Fire Bind-up
2010978-0-7475-9974-6Georgina HardingThe Solitude of Thomas Cave
2009978-0-7475-9975-3Jim LynchBorder Songs
2008978-0-7475-9976-0Neil GaimanThe Graveyard Book
2010978-0-7475-9977-7Niki SegnitThe Flavour Thesaurus
2008978-0-7475-9978-4Kingsley AmisEveryday Drinking: The Distilled Kingsley Amis
2009978-0-7475-9979-1Jhumpa LahiriUnaccustomed Earth
  ''978-0-7475-9980-7Sharon CreechHate That Cat
2010978-0-7475-9981-4Gareth P. JonesSpace Crime Conspiracy
2009978-0-7475-9982-1Gareth P. JonesThe Thornthwaite Inheritance
2010978-0-7475-9983-8Delphine de ViganNo and Me
2009978-0-7475-9984-5Jay McInerneyThe Last Bachelor
  ''978-0-7475-9985-2Jordan Weisman · Sean StewartCathy's Key
2008978-0-7475-9986-9Neil GaimanMirrormask
  ''978-0-7475-9987-6Bloomsbury and LumosThe Tales of Beedle the Bard, Standard Edition
2009978-0-7475-9988-3Hanan Al-ShaykhThe Locust and the Bird: My Mother's Story
2011978-0-7475-9990-6Camilla ReidLulu's Lunch
2009978-0-7475-9991-3   ''Lulu's Christmas
2011978-0-7475-9992-0Gillian PhilipThe Opposite of Amber
2009978-0-7475-9993-7Gillian PhilipCrossing the Line
2011978-0-7475-9994-4Abdulrazak GurnahThe Last Gift: A Novel
2010978-0-7475-9995-1Katie HickmanThe Pindar Diamond
2009978-0-7475-9996-8Sam KileyDesperate Glory
  ''978-0-7475-9998-2Sarah DyerThe Girl with the Bird's-nest Hair (Bloomsbury Paperbacks)