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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1967978-0-7234-0000-4Cliff ParkerLiar's Memory Book
  ''978-0-7234-0001-1Anthony GreenbankThe Book of Survival
  ''978-0-7234-0003-5Land of the free: A guide to the things in this land that are free,near free or which you can get on decidedly favourable terms
  ''978-0-7234-0004-2Marion HarrisAwful Slimmer's Book
  ''978-0-7234-0005-9Awful Carpenter's Book
1967978-0-7234-0006-6Alan BettsAwful Punter's Book
  ''978-0-7234-0007-3Mark NeilAwful Golfer's Book
  ''978-0-7234-0008-0L. PheasantThe Hairy Man's Book of First Aid
  ''978-0-7234-0009-7The Bumper Book of Sex!
  ''978-0-7234-0010-3J. P EddyI know my rights: The citizen's charter
1967978-0-7234-0011-0Maxwell KnightHow to Keep an Elephant (Off-Beat Pets Series)
  ''978-0-7234-0012-7Allan CooperHow to Keep a Man Eating Shark (Off Beat Pets)
  ''978-0-7234-0013-4Mad Libs
  ''978-0-7234-0014-1Son of Mad Libs
  ''978-0-7234-0015-8Sooper Mad Libs
1967978-0-7234-0016-5Monster Mad Libs.
  ''978-0-7234-0017-2Nick ClarkeBluff Your Way in Wine (Bluffers guides)
  ''978-0-7234-0018-9Jack HallamGhost Tour
1968978-0-7234-0019-6Michael BentineSquare Holidays
  ''978-0-7234-0020-2David FrostThe All Blacks 1967: Tour of the British Isles and France
  ''978-0-7234-0021-9R. Berkeley ThornTeach Your Dad Self Defence
1968978-0-7234-0022-6R. H WarringTeach your dad woodwork (Teach;your;parent books)
1970978-0-7234-0023-3Teach your dad fishing
1968978-0-7234-0024-0Violet K. SimonsA Wolfe Teach-Your-Parent Book. Teach Your Mun Sewing
  ''978-0-7234-0025-7Sonia AllisonTeach your mum toffee and sweet making (Teach your parent books)
  ''978-0-7234-0026-4Marion HarrisTeach your mum flower arranging (Teach your parent books)
  ''978-0-7234-0027-1Allan CooperHow to Keep a Dragon (Off Beat Pets)
  ''978-0-7234-0028-8Maxwell KnightHow to Keep a Gorilla (Off Beat Pets)
1968978-0-7234-0029-5Schneir LevinBest Jewish Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0030-1Henny YoungmanBest Salesmen's Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0031-8Tony ButlerBest Irish Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0032-5S. Gilroy · R. StoreyWorld's Worst Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0033-2Awful Yachtsman's Book
1968978-0-7234-0034-9Clifford Oswald RhodesAwful Boss's Book
  ''978-0-7234-0035-6Cliff ParkerAwful Angler's Book
  ''978-0-7234-0036-3Sidney LedsonAwful Grammar Book
  ''978-0-7234-0037-0Afferbeck LauderFraffly Well Spoken
  ''978-0-7234-0038-7Jay F. RosenburgImpoverished Student's Book of Cookery Drinkery & Housekeepery
1968978-0-7234-0039-4Babysitter's Book
  ''978-0-7234-0040-0Gabe Essoe · Raymond LeeGable: A Complete Gallery of His Screen Portraits
  ''978-0-7234-0041-7Graham JefferyMore Barnabas
  ''978-0-7234-0042-4Hans HolzerLively Ghosts of Ireland
1969978-0-7234-0044-8T. BrunInternational Dictionary of Sign Language: Study of Human Behaviour
1968978-0-7234-0045-5A. Elliot · B. ElliotBest Scottish Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0046-2Peter L. CaveBest Animal Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
1968978-0-7234-0047-9Jonathan RouthGood Loo Guide: Where to Go in London
  ''978-0-7234-0048-6Graham ReedBest Psychiatric Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0049-3Alasdair ClayreOne Hundred Folk and New Songs: With Guitar Chords
1969978-0-7234-0050-9T. BrunInternational Dictionary of Sign Language: Study of Human Behaviour
1968978-0-7234-0051-6Graham ReedBest Medical Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0053-0J.Burn BaileyWorld's Worst Riddles (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0054-7Eric Morecambe · Ernie WiseJoke Book (Mini-ha-ha Books)
1969978-0-7234-0055-4Roy AldHappy Dog Cook Book: Creative Cookery for Your Favourite Canine
1969978-0-7234-0056-1Roy AldCheerful Cat Cook Book: Tempting Recipes for the Discriminating Cat
  ''978-0-7234-0057-8R. MarcusWife
1968978-0-7234-0058-5Jeannie SakolInept Seducer
  ''978-0-7234-0059-2Stephen LesterGood Girl Guide to London
  ''978-0-7234-0060-8H. MatusowBeast of Business
1966978-0-7234-0061-5Martin Seymour-SmithBluff your Way in Literature (Bluffer's Guides)
1974978-0-7234-0062-2Joseph JordanThe Awful Spellers Dictionary
1965978-0-7234-0063-9Sonia AllisonAwful Cook's Book
  ''978-0-7234-0064-6Muriel HixAwful Mathematician's Book
1965978-0-7234-0065-3Violet K. SimonsThe Awful Dressmaker's Book
1966978-0-7234-0067-7   ''Awful Secretary's Book
1965978-0-7234-0068-4B.J. HurrenAwful Motorist's Book
  ''978-0-7234-0069-1Carthew AllerdyceAwful Gardener's Book
1966978-0-7234-0070-7Sonia AllisonAwful Bride's Book
  ''978-0-7234-0071-4Norman HurstAwful Salesman's Book
  ''978-0-7234-0072-1Insult Dictionary
1967978-0-7234-0073-8Lover's Dictionary
1975978-0-7234-0074-5John MattisonBluff Your Way in Finance (Bluffer's Guides)
1967978-0-7234-0075-2John WalkerSocial Climbing (Bluffer's Guides)
1966978-0-7234-0076-9Marketing (Bluffer's Guides)
1974978-0-7234-0077-6Peter GammondBluff Your Way in Music
1967978-0-7234-0078-3Michael R. TurnerTheatre (Bluffer's Guides)
  ''978-0-7234-0079-0L.F. LampiltArt (Bluffer's Guides)
1966978-0-7234-0080-6Michael BentineSquare Games
1967978-0-7234-0082-0Jonathan RouthDoctor Crocker's Exercise Greetings Book
1967978-0-7234-0084-4Pocket Back-slapper and Cheerer-upper Greetings Book
  ''978-0-7234-0085-1So You Think You Have Got Problems Greetings Book
  ''978-0-7234-0087-5First Swear Book (Greetings Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0088-2Teach Yourself Baby Talk Greetings Book
  ''978-0-7234-0090-5Jonathan RouthThe Hangover Book: Prevention, Preparation, Treatment & Cure (Greetings Book series)
1967978-0-7234-0091-2Custard Pie Greetings Book
1965978-0-7234-0093-6Mai ThomasGrannies' Remedies
  ''978-0-7234-0094-3George BelhamVirility Diet
1966978-0-7234-0097-4Day GreenbergHow to be a Jewish Mother
  ''978-0-7234-0099-8Henry James Deverson · Guy GravettLondon Walkabout
  ''978-0-7234-0100-1Roger Price · L. SternHow Dare You Call Me That
1967978-0-7234-0103-2Maud D. ReedHundred Dreamtime Tales
1966978-0-7234-0106-3D.N. SimsCorporation and Capital Gains Tax
1967978-0-7234-0107-0Anon.Money Making Holiday Guide
1969978-0-7234-0111-7Oliver ChisholmThe professional touch: An encyclopaedia of turf statistics
  ''978-0-7234-0112-4Peter L. CaveBest Drinking Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
1969978-0-7234-0113-1John InghamBest Golfing Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0114-8Edward PhillipsBest Religious Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0115-5J.D. SheffieldBest Mother-in-law Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0116-2Albert AllenThere's Nothing to Bookkeeping (A Wolfe nothing-to-it book)
  ''978-0-7234-0117-9Anthony ButlerBook of Blarney
1969978-0-7234-0118-6Anthony ButlerBook of Blarney
  ''978-0-7234-0119-3Peter WilliamsFolk and Jazz (Bluffer's Guides)
  ''978-0-7234-0120-9Ken WlaschinBluff Your Way in the Cinema (Bluffer's Guides)
  ''978-0-7234-0121-6Denis JamesManagement (Bluffer's Guides)
  ''978-0-7234-0122-3Andre LaunayAntiques (Bluffer's Guides)
1969978-0-7234-0123-0F. G. J. Hayhoe · R.J. FlemansAtlas of Haematological Cytology (Wolfe medical atlases)
  ''978-0-7234-0124-7WolfInternational Joke Dictionary: How to Tell a Joke in Five Languages
  ''978-0-7234-0125-4Anthony GreenbankMister Tough/Mr Tough
  ''978-0-7234-0127-8Pit Grove · etc.Laughter Pill
1970978-0-7234-0128-5Athole StillSwimming: Front Crawl and Breast Stroke Bk. 1 (Flickerstop Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0129-2Athole StillSwimming: Butterfly and Back Stroke Bk. 2 (Flickerstop Books)
1970978-0-7234-0130-8Jack LambSelf-defence: Bk. 1 (Flickerstop Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0131-5Jack LambSelf-defence: Bk. 2 (Flickerstop Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0132-2H. MayesBoxing: Left Jab and Right Cross Bk. 1 (Flickerstop Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0133-9   ''Boxing: Hook and Uppercut Bk. 2 (Flickerstop Books)
1969978-0-7234-0134-6Graham JefferyEven More Barnabas
1970978-0-7234-0135-3Frank SoarsModern Approach to Bowls
1969978-0-7234-0136-0Afferbeck LauderFraffly Suite
  ''978-0-7234-0137-7Albert AllenAre Your Books Being Cooked: A Precautionary Handbook for Every Businessman
1969978-0-7234-0138-4Sydney T. KendallUp the Frog: Road to Cockney Rhyming Slang
  ''978-0-7234-0139-1Shirley SteenA Child's Bible in Colour: The Old and New Testament
  ''978-0-7234-0140-7   ''A Child's Bible in Colour: The Old and New Testament
  ''978-0-7234-0141-4anonymousThe Scots book of football
1971978-0-7234-0142-1John Albion · Albert Allen · Laurie Anders · Robert AndrewDairy Book of Home Management
1969978-0-7234-0143-8Norman LindsayAge of Consent
  ''978-0-7234-0144-5Frank TaylorTeaching (Bluffer's Guides)
1966978-0-7234-0146-9Graham JefferyBarnabas
1969978-0-7234-0147-6Simon PhillipsWorld's Worst Puns (Mini-ha-ha Books)
1969978-0-7234-0148-3Bryan Davies · etc.Best Schoolboy Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0149-0Francis ColemanBallet (Bluffer's Guides)
  ''978-0-7234-0150-6   ''Opera (Bluffer's Guides)
  ''978-0-7234-0151-3Peter L. CaveFamily Christmas Book
  ''978-0-7234-0152-0British European AirwaysBritish European Airways Businessman's Guide to Europe
1970978-0-7234-0153-7B.J. HurrenAirports of the World
1970978-0-7234-0154-4Kathleen HartleyCareers for the Unqualified
  ''978-0-7234-0155-1Graham Brown · Chris O'BrienRich Man's Ready Reckoner
  ''978-0-7234-0157-5Robert AndrewHow to Put on Weight
  ''978-0-7234-0158-2Michael HowardBest Shaggy Dog Stories (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0159-9Edward PhillipsBest Army Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
1970978-0-7234-0160-5Colin CromptonBest Newly-wed Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
1975978-0-7234-0161-2Percy William Robert FootSwot Book of English (The Wolfe swot library)
1970978-0-7234-0162-9Mike Winters · Bernie WintersJoke Book (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0163-6Edward PhillipsBest Football Jokes - The Wolfe Mini-Ha-Ha Books
  ''978-0-7234-0164-3Imperial Chemical IndustriesCatalyst Handbook
  ''978-0-7234-0165-0Colin CromptonMore Best Jewish Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0166-7Tony ButlerMore Best Irish Jokes (Mini-ha-ha Books)
1970978-0-7234-0167-4Tony ButlerBest Irish Limericks (Mini-ha-ha Books)
  ''978-0-7234-0168-1Clive Oversby · Richard HillThe Good Jail Guide
  ''978-0-7234-0169-8Jack ThomasIs He Mr. Right?
  ''978-0-7234-0170-4Justina FordYour Luck in Your Dreams
  ''978-0-7234-0171-1Compiled By Tony ButlerThe Bumper Joke Book
1971978-0-7234-0173-5Willard R. EspyGame of Words
1974978-0-7234-0174-2G.M. Levene · C.D. CalnanColor Atlas of Dermatology (Wolfe medical atlases)
1971978-0-7234-0175-9Michael Alison BedfordA Colour Atlas of Ophthalmological Diagnosis (Wolfe medical atlases, 3)
1976978-0-7234-0176-6Wallace Peters · Herbert M. GillesColor Atlas of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology (Wolfe medical atlases)
1971978-0-7234-0178-0G. A. GreshamA Colour Atlas of General Pathology (Wolfe medical atlases)
1974978-0-7234-0179-7T.R. BullColor Atlas of ENT Diagnosis (Wolfe medical atlases)
1980978-0-7234-0180-3Lipmann Kessel · Uta F. BoundyColor Atlas of Clinical Orthopaedics (Wolfe medical atlases)
1974978-0-7234-0181-0R.J. OldsA Colour Atlas of Microbiology (Wolfe medical atlases)
1975978-0-7234-0182-7G. A. GreshamA Colour Atlas of Forensic Pathology (Wolfe medical atlases)
1973978-0-7234-0183-4Anthony WisdomA Colour Atlas of Venereology (Wolfe medical atlases)
1975978-0-7234-0184-1Martha Dynski-KleinA Colour Atlas of Paediatrics (Wolfe medical atlases)
1976978-0-7234-0185-8Michael ZatouroffColor Atlas of Physical Signs in General Medicine (Wolfe medical atlases)
1974978-0-7234-0186-5R.T.D. EmondColor Atlas of Infectious Diseases (Wolfe medical atlases)
1970978-0-7234-0187-2Ben TrovatoBest Howlers (Mini-ha-ha Books)
1970978-0-7234-0188-9Graham JefferyBarnabas Comes Fourth
  ''978-0-7234-0189-6BoothThe Life of the Farm Agriculture Project Book 001
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  ''978-0-7234-0194-0Arthur OglesbyBe A Game Fisherman (The Project Club, Project Book 006)
  ''978-0-7234-0201-5The Secret World Of the Pond Project Book 013
1986978-0-7234-0202-2George AshbyDiscovering Britains Insects and Spiders. Project Book 014
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1970978-0-7234-0242-8Lydia WrightHow To Collect Coins And Medals (The Project Club)
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1970978-0-7234-0279-4Make your own Rock Garden (The Project Club 091)
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1998978-0-7234-0285-5The Landscape of Britain. The Project Club. Project Book 097
1970978-0-7234-0286-2The Sea Around Us (The Project Club, Project Book 098)
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  ''978-0-7234-0297-8David HarwoodHow to read maps - Project Book 109
1970978-0-7234-0298-5Anthony BurrettMathematics in Time and Space (The Project Club, Project Book 110)
1970978-0-7234-0299-2Anthony BurrettMathematics for the 1970's - Project Book 111
  ''978-0-7234-0301-2Making Metal Ornaments and Jewellery (The Project Club, Project Book 113)
  ''978-0-7234-0309-8Jean CochranHow to enjoy music - Project Book 120
  ''978-0-7234-0314-2Anthony GreenbankAdventure Trails (The Project Club, Project Book 126)
  ''978-0-7234-0345-6Experiments with Heat (The Project Club, Project Book 157)
1970978-0-7234-0346-3Experiments with Light (The Project Club, Project Book 158)
  ''978-0-7234-0347-0Experiments With Sound (The Project Club, Project Book 159)
  ''978-0-7234-0350-0Experiments with Solids (The Project Club 162)
  ''978-0-7234-0351-7Experiments With Liquids (The Project Club, Project Book 163)
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1970978-0-7234-0357-9Ian RidpathMapping the night sky - Project Book 169
  ''978-0-7234-0358-6How to Keep Fit. The Project Club. Project Book 170
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  ''978-0-7234-0366-1Peter SimpsonPlay better table tennis
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1970978-0-7234-0373-9Survival in the Water (The Project Club, Project Book 185)