Times Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-7230-0018-1George PerryThe book of the Great Western
1972978-0-7230-0070-9I. E. S. EdwardsTreasures of Tutankhamun: British Museum Exhibition Catalogue
  ''978-0-7230-0071-6London Times · New York Times Staff, London Times StaffTimes Concise Atlas of the World
1974978-0-7230-0124-9Times Guide to the House of Commons October 1974
1976978-0-7230-0146-1Marjorie Wallace · Michael RobsonOn Giant's Shoulders: Story of Terry Wiles
1977978-0-7230-0165-2'The Times' atlas of the world
1978978-0-7230-0226-0Warwick BrayThe Gold of El Dorado The Royal Academy, Piccadilly, London 21 November 1978-18 March 1979
1980978-0-7230-0235-2Times Books"Times" Atlas of the World
1982978-0-7230-0245-1Zara S. SteinerTimes Survey of Foreign Ministries of the World
1983978-0-7230-0255-0The TimesTimes Guide to the House of Commons: June, 1983
1984978-0-7230-0256-7Joseph CampbellThe Way of the Animal Powers (Historical atlas of world mythology)
  ''978-0-7230-0261-1Geoffrey BarracloughThe Times Atlas of World History
1985978-0-7230-0265-9Times Books"Times" Atlas of the World
1987978-0-7230-0298-7Alan Wood"Times" Guide to the House of Commons: June, 1987
1989978-0-7230-0304-5Geoffrey Barraclough · Norman StoneTimes Atlas of World History
1988978-0-7230-0306-9Chris Scarre · etc.Past Worlds:Times Atlas of Archaeology
  ''978-0-7230-0307-6No author stated"Times" Atlas of the World
1989978-0-7230-0317-5John KeeganThe Times Atlas of the Second World War
1991978-0-7230-0342-7Hugh CloutTimes London History Atlas
  ''978-0-7230-0344-1Felipe Fernandez-ArmestoTimes Atlas of World Exploration
1991978-0-7230-0345-8James B. PritchardThe "Times" Concise Atlas of the Bible
1990978-0-7230-0346-5Times Atlas of the World
1991978-0-7230-0348-9Keith Sword · George BrockTimes Guide to Eastern Europe: Inside the Other Europe
  ''978-0-7230-0361-8Professor Jonathan Riley-SmithThe Atlas of the Crusades
1992978-0-7230-0396-0Simon Jenkins · Robert IlsonThe Times English Style and Usage Guide
  ''978-0-7230-0414-1Geoffrey Parker · et al"Times" Illustrated World History (A Channel Four book)
  ''978-0-7230-0490-5No author statedTimes Atlas of the World
  ''978-0-7230-0492-9Moira JonesThe Times Atlas of the World (World Atlas)
1993978-0-7230-0534-6Geoffrey BARRACLOUGHThe Times Atlas of World History
1992978-0-7230-0544-5Simon Jenkins · Robert F. Ilson"Times" Guide to English Style and Usage
1994978-0-7230-0617-6Harper Collins Publishers"Times" Guide to the Nations of the World
2009978-0-7230-0705-0Chris MooreThe Times Map of London
1995978-0-7230-0724-1Felipe Fernandez-ArmestoTimes Illustrated History of Europe
1996978-0-7230-0766-1Richard OveryThe Times Atlas of the 20th Century
1999978-0-7230-0792-0John G maps Bartholomew"The Times" Comprehensive Atlas of the World 2000 (10th Edition)
1999978-0-7230-0894-1Richard OveryThe Times History of the World: The Ultimate Work of Historical Reference
1998978-0-7230-0895-8Mark AlmondThe Times Atlas of European History
1997978-0-7230-0960-3Moira JonesThe Times Atlas of the World (World Atlas)
1998978-0-7230-0962-7The Times Atlas of the World: New Generation Edition (World Atlas)
1986978-0-7230-1025-8Geoffrey BarracloughHarper Collins Atlas of World History
1999978-0-7230-1028-9Richard OveryThe Times History of the 20th Century
  ''978-0-7230-1030-2Hugh CloutThe Times History of London
  ''978-0-7230-1032-6Chris ScarreThe Times Archaeology of The World
  ''978-0-7230-1045-6Tim AustinThe Times Guide to English Style and Usage: The Essential Reference for Correct English Usage
  ''978-0-7230-1052-4Atlas of the Second World War
1999978-0-7230-1054-8Elizabeth Wyse · Colin RenfrewPast Worlds Atlas of Archaeology
  ''978-0-7230-1081-4Neil Roberts · John PerryHold Ye Front Page: Hold Ye Front Page - 2000 Years of History on the Front Page of "The Sun"
  ''978-0-7230-1082-1Joanna HunterThe Times A Century in Photographs
2000978-0-7230-1083-8Not KnownThe Times Atlas of the World
  ''978-0-7230-1084-5"The Times" Concise Atlas of the World