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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-7172-0000-9John MiltonParadise Lost Paradise Regained
  ''978-0-7172-0001-6Edgar Allan PoeThe World's Great Classics
1973978-0-7172-0104-4The Encyclopedia Americana
1977978-0-7172-0108-2Americana CorporationThe Encyclopedia Americana
1981978-0-7172-0112-9The Encyclopedia Americana
1986978-0-7172-0117-4The Encyclopedia Americana
1989978-0-7172-0120-4David HollandEncyclopedia Americana
1993978-0-7172-0124-2Encyclopedia AmericanaThe Encyclopedia Americana
1997978-0-7172-0129-7The Encyclopedia Americana
1998978-0-7172-0130-3The Encyclopedia Americana
1999978-0-7172-0131-0The Encyclopedia Americana
2000978-0-7172-0133-4The Encyclopedia Americana
2001978-0-7172-0134-1Encyclopedia Americana
2003978-0-7172-0136-5Encyclopedia Americana
2004978-0-7172-0137-2Grolier IncorporatedEncyclopedia Americana 2004: International Edition (30 volumes)
2005978-0-7172-0138-9Scholastic Library PublishingEncyclopedia Americana 2005 (30 Volume Set)
1961978-0-7172-0139-6Drake · Dudley, Lavinia P. (editors) De KayThe Encyclopedia Americana (30 Volumes)
1973978-0-7172-0204-1EditedThe Americana Annual 1973: An Encyclopedia of the Events of 1972
1975978-0-7172-0406-9Editorial StaffThe American Peoples Encyclopedia Year Book (Events of 1974)
1986978-0-7172-0517-2Library of Congress · Jeffrey H Hacker, Pamela Carley Petersen, Grace F Buonocore, Barbara Wiese McKinney, Elaine Pascoe, Daniel J Domoff, Jerome Neibrief, Linda Triegel Lynn A AugenblickThe New book of knowledge
1996978-0-7172-0527-1The New Book of Knowledge
2004978-0-7172-0538-7Inc. GrolierThe New Book of Knowledge
2005978-0-7172-0539-4Scholastic Inc.The New Book Of Knowledge
2008978-0-7172-0542-4GrolierThe New Book of Knowledge (Set)
978-0-7172-0543-1The New Book of Knowledge
1977978-0-7172-0608-7John (managing editor) RattiThe New Book of Knowledge Annual 1977
1989978-0-7172-0620-9Grolier Inc.The New Book of Knowledge Annual 1989
2005978-0-7172-0645-2GrolierThe New Book of Knowledge: 2005 Annual
1973978-0-7172-0704-6Encyclopedia international
1974978-0-7172-0705-3Encyclopedia international
1972978-0-7172-0803-6Helen Hynson (Editor) MerrickLiving History of the World 1972 Year Book
1980978-0-7172-1210-1Grolier IncorporatedThe New book of popular science
2003978-0-7172-1224-8Other Contributor-Grolier EducationalThe New Book of Popular Science
2008978-0-7172-1225-5GrolierThe New Book of Popular Science
  ''978-0-7172-1226-2   ''The New Book of Popular Science, Year 2008 Edition Set
1976978-0-7172-1301-6Herbert ReadThe Book of Art (3 Volume Set)
1981978-0-7172-1810-3Barry MoodyThe Acadians
1986978-0-7172-1861-5Michiel HornYears of despair, 1929-1939
1983978-0-7172-1884-4Ann Donegan JohnsonThe Value of Charity: The Story of Paul-Emile Léger (The ValueTales series)
978-0-7172-1887-5The Value of Discipline: The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (Valuetales)
1994978-0-7172-1912-4George K. PeckSquirrels (Nature's Children)
1989978-0-7172-2024-3Academic American Encyclopedia
1983978-0-7172-2025-0LexiconLexicon Universal Encyclopedia: 21 Volume Set
1994978-0-7172-2053-3Academic American Encyclopedia
1996978-0-7172-2060-1Academic American Encyclopedia
1998978-0-7172-2068-7Academic American Encyclopedia
1994978-0-7172-3973-3Electronic Pub GrolierGuinness Multimedia Disc of Records 1994: Macintosh CD-ROM, Version 2.0.0
1995978-0-7172-3999-3Not Handled by Bte Cmgep 30600Multimedia Encyclopedia of Sci-Fi
1988978-0-7172-4545-1Pubn Inc LexiconNew Webster's Dictionary of English Languages
1987978-0-7172-4546-8Bernard S. CayneThe New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary of the English Language
1992978-0-7172-4607-6Lexicon PublicationsNew Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language
1998978-0-7172-5114-8Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre
1991978-0-7172-5300-5GrolierEncyclopedia of Knowledge
2001978-0-7172-5595-5Brian J. Knapp · Grolier EducationalVisual Science Encyclopedia
2002978-0-7172-5624-2Mapping the World
  ''978-0-7172-5626-6Mapping the World
  ''978-0-7172-5638-9Grolier EducationalPro/Con: 1
2002978-0-7172-5639-6Grolier Educational · GrolierPro/Con
  ''978-0-7172-5662-4Windsor Chorlton · Daren FrazerPsychology
  ''978-0-7172-5673-0Renaissance (10 Volume Set)
2003978-0-7172-5697-6Brian J. KnappMaterials Science: Making Use of the Secrets of Matter
  ''978-0-7172-5743-0Pat Morris · Amy-Jane Beer · Erica BowerMammals (World of Animals)
  ''978-0-7172-5744-7Pat Morris · Amy-Jane Beer · Erica BowerMammals (World of Animals)
2002978-0-7172-5753-9Sally McFallPro/Con
2003978-0-7172-5777-5Brown Reference groupPeoples of North America
2003978-0-7172-5788-1Thailand (Fiesta! (Danbury, Conn.).)
2005978-0-7172-5815-4Ilan Stavans · Harold AugenbraumEncyclopedia Latina: History, Culture, And Society In The United States (4 Vol. Set)
2004978-0-7172-5860-4James Eli Adams · Tom Pendergast · Sara PendergastEncyclopedia of the Victorian Era (4 Vol. Set)
2003978-0-7172-5865-9No Author.Grolier Student Encyclopedia
2004978-0-7172-5883-3Emily., (Editor). HillThe Civil War
  ''978-0-7172-5884-0The Civil War
  ''978-0-7172-5887-1The Civil War
  ''978-0-7172-5888-8Emily., Jane Scarsbrook., (Editors). HillThe Civil War
  ''978-0-7172-5889-5   ''The Civil War
2004978-0-7172-5890-1The Civil War
  ''978-0-7172-5891-8Emily., Jane Scarsbrook., (Editors). HillThe Civil War
  ''978-0-7172-5892-5The Civil War
  ''978-0-7172-5893-2The Civil War
2005978-0-7172-5916-8World of Animals: Amphibians and Reptiles
2004978-0-7172-5927-4Sally McFallPro/Con: Human Rights
2005978-0-7172-5950-2Pro/Con Volume 20 Religion and Morality
2004978-0-7172-5990-8David M. BrownstoneFrontier America Set
2005978-0-7172-6002-7GrolierTimelines of History Set
978-0-7172-6006-5Timelines of History
2004978-0-7172-6013-3U.S.A. Twenties
  ''978-0-7172-6014-0U.S.A. Twenties
2004978-0-7172-6018-8U.S.A. Twenties
  ''978-0-7172-6019-5U.S.A. Twenties
2005978-0-7172-6071-3Christopher Kendris,Theodore Kendris GrolierReformation, Exploration, and Empire (10 Volume Set)
  ''978-0-7172-6082-9GrolierU.s.a. Fifties
2006978-0-7172-6159-8   ''World War II: World War Two
978-0-7172-6160-4World War II
2001978-0-7172-6198-7Elizabeth Grace Zuraw · Photo Editor Nancy NortonChemistry Matters!
2000978-0-7172-6447-6Walt DisneyDinosaur (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
  ''978-0-7172-6471-1Inc. Disney Enterprises · Dodie SmithDisney's 102 Dalmatians (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
2001978-0-7172-6526-8Isabel GainesPooh's Sled Ride (Winnie the Pooh/Disney' First Readers Level 2)
2002978-0-7172-6618-0Samantha BergerDora's Search for the Seasons (Dora the Explorer)
  ''978-0-7172-6619-7Dan YaccarinoOswald: Bicycle for Sale (Nick Jr. Book Club)
2002978-0-7172-6620-3Kitty FrossA Rainy Day to Remember (Little Bill)
  ''978-0-7172-6622-7Dan YaccarinoOswald Makes Music (Nick Jr. Book Club)
  ''978-0-7172-6626-5Samantha BergerNighttime Noises
  ''978-0-7172-6628-9Dan YaccarinoSpecial delivery (Nick Jr. Book Club)
2003978-0-7172-6630-2LaVonne CarlsonSports Day (Little Bill)
  ''978-0-7172-6634-0   ''Everyday Heroes (Little Bill)
2003978-0-7172-6636-4Kitty FrossLittle Bill's Big Choice
  ''978-0-7172-6637-1Dan YaccarinoA Little Nap (Nick Jr. Book Club; Oswald)
  ''978-0-7172-6638-8Samantha BergerDoctor Dora
  ''978-0-7172-6653-1Christine RicciDora's Underwater Voyage (Dora the Explorer)
  ''978-0-7172-6655-5Fern L. MambergDisney's Year Book 2003
2002978-0-7172-6659-3Monica KullingGo Stitch Go! Lilo and Stitch First Readers Level 3 (Disney)
2002978-0-7172-6660-9ANONPeter Pan in Disney's Return to Never Land
  ''978-0-7172-6661-6Walt DisneyDisney's Lilo & Stitch (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
2003978-0-7172-6751-4NONE RECORDEDDisney's The Jungle Book 2 (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
  ''978-0-7172-6755-2Disney Enterprises · Pixar Animation StudiosFinding Nemo (Disney-Pixar) (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
  ''978-0-7172-6802-3S.R. BaeckerA Promising Day: A Story About Keeping Promises (Disney's Princess Collection)
2004978-0-7172-6815-3Jacqueline A. BallA Green Thumb: A Story About Being Humble (Disney Princess)
  ''978-0-7172-6817-7Jacqueline A. BallYou Can Do It! A Story About Self-Confidence (Disney Princess: Mulan)
2004978-0-7172-6822-1Jacqueline A. BallChip's New Friend: A Story About Compassion (Disney Princess)
  ''978-0-7172-6877-1FERN L. MAMBERGDisney's Year Book 2004
1993978-0-7172-7273-0Benjamin Beit-HallahmiThe Annotated Dictionary of Modern Religious Movements
  ''978-0-7172-7302-7Michael ChineryThe Grolier Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals 4 Volume Set
1995978-0-7172-7508-3Tim CookeNew Grolier Encyclopedia of World War II (8 Volumes)
2002978-0-7172-7586-1Brian KnappChlorine: Flouride, Bromine, and Iodine: Cl Br F (Elements)
1996978-0-7172-7608-0C. Edward QuinnRoots of the Republi: The Grolier Library of the Founders of America (Roots of the Republic) SIX VOLUMES!!
2005978-0-7172-7729-2FERN L. MAMBERGDisney Year Book 2005
2006978-0-7172-7745-2DISNEY'SCars (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
2003978-0-7172-7763-6DisneyDisney's Brother Bear (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
2005978-0-7172-7871-8Louisa May AlcottLittle Women
2006978-0-7172-7883-1north-woods-design-groupDisney Year Book 2006
1972978-0-7172-8000-1GrolierLands and peoples
1973978-0-7172-8102-2Robert B ClarkeWonderful World of Knowledge: The Far West
1975978-0-7172-8105-3Roy StemmanSpirits and Spirit Worlds
1973978-0-7172-8108-4Walt DisneyWalt Disney's Snow White Favorites
1985978-0-7172-8134-3Ann Donegan JohnsonValue of Facing a Challenge: The Story of Terry Fox (Valuetales.)
1984978-0-7172-8141-1Valerie MoolmanThe Future World of Transportation
  ''978-0-7172-8143-5Ann Donegan Johnson · Steve PileggiThe Value of Tenacity: The Story of Maurice Richard (ValueTale)
1996978-0-7172-8164-0Sergio FrugisDisney's Wonderful World of Knowledge: Treasures of the Earth: 8
1985978-0-7172-8176-3Ann Donegan JohnsonThe Value of Self-Discipline: The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (Valuetales)
1985978-0-7172-8188-6Ann Donegan JohnsonThe Value of Boldness: The Story of Captain Cook (A ValueTale)
1990978-0-7172-8217-3   ''The Value of Laughter: The Story of Lucille Ball (Value Tales)
1991978-0-7172-8253-1   ''The Value of Imagination: The Story of Jim Henson (A Value Tale)
1992978-0-7172-8263-0   ''The Value of a Positive Attitude: The Story of Michael Landon (ValueTales Series)
1993978-0-7172-8316-3   ''The value of humility: The story of Mother Teresa (ValueTales series)
2006978-0-7172-8319-4Walt DisneyDisney's The Little Mermaid (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1993978-0-7172-8321-7Walt Disney CompanyDisney's The Rescuers Down Under
  ''978-0-7172-8324-8Illustrated by Walt Disney Studio Walt DisneyDisney's Year Book 1993
  ''978-0-7172-8327-9Walt DisneyBeauty and the Beast (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
  ''978-0-7172-8328-6Walt Disney CompanyWalt Disney's Peter Pan (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
  ''978-0-7172-8336-1Walt DisneyThe Jungle Book (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1993978-0-7172-8337-8Walt DisneyAladdin
1994978-0-7172-8339-2Ann Donegan JohnsonThe value of dignity: The story of Arthur Ashe (Value tales series)
  ''978-0-7172-8340-8Walt Disney's Lady and The Tramp
  ''978-0-7172-8343-9Walt DisneyWalt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
  ''978-0-7172-8348-4alex simmonsA Tale of Two Brothers (Disney's The Lion King) (Disney's The Lion King)
  ''978-0-7172-8349-1The Lion King: How True, Zazu?
1994978-0-7172-8350-7Judy KatschkeVulture Shock (Disney's The Lion King)
  ''978-0-7172-8351-4Leslie McGuireA Snake in the Grass (The Lion King, 4)
  ''978-0-7172-8352-1Page McBrierFollow the leader (Disney's the Lion King)
1979978-0-7172-8426-9Walt Disney ProductionsBrer Rabbit Saves His Skin (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1995978-0-7172-8466-5Megan E. BryantSleeping Beauty
1994978-0-7172-8471-9Joanne BarkanNala's Dare (The Lion King, 2)
1995978-0-7172-8473-3Walt DisneyCinderella (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
  ''978-0-7172-8482-5Ann Donegan JohnsonThe Value of Conviction. The Story of Cesar Chavez
  ''978-0-7172-8483-2Dodie Smith101 Dalmatians
1995978-0-7172-8495-5Disney'sThe Return of Jafar
  ''978-0-7172-8496-2Walt Disney CompanyDisney's Simba and Nala Help Bomo (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
  ''978-0-7172-8497-9Walt DisneyPocahontas (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1996978-0-7172-8498-6Executive Editor) Walt (Fern L MambergDisney's Year Book 1996
2005978-0-7172-8608-9Jane MoncureMy One Book
  ''978-0-7172-8643-0Complete Scholastic Phonics Reading Program: Phonics + Spelling + Writing = Reading Success
  ''978-0-7172-8684-3Jane AustenPride and Prejudice
978-0-7172-8700-0The Penguin Who Hated the Cold
1996978-0-7172-8701-7Dumbo (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1996978-0-7172-8710-9Ronald Kidd · VaccaroThe Hunchback of Notre Dame
  ''978-0-7172-8731-4Ann Donegan JohnsonThe value of overcoming adversity: The story of Wilma Rudolph (Value tales series)
  ''978-0-7172-8732-1Walt DisneySimba and the Big Flood (Disney)
  ''978-0-7172-8755-0Lisa MarsoliDisney's Aladdin and the King of Thieves
  ''978-0-7172-8756-7A. A. MilneWinnie the Pooh and Tigger Too (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1998978-0-7172-8774-1Merebeth SwitzerTurtles (Getting to know ... nature's children)
1998978-0-7172-8778-9Judy Thompson RossMoose (Getting to know ... nature's children)
1997978-0-7172-8780-2Ann Donegan JohnsonThe Value of Optimism: The Story of Amelia Earhart (Value tales series)
  ''978-0-7172-8787-1A. A. Milne · Catherine McCafferty · John KurtzPooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
  ''978-0-7172-8795-6Walt DisneyOliver & Company
1998978-0-7172-8820-5Ann Donegan JohnsonThe Value of Commitment: The Story of Jacques Cousteau (Value Tales series)
  ''978-0-7172-8827-4Jacqueline A. And Jensen, Patsy BallBarbie: The Lucky Skates (Barbie Books)
  ''978-0-7172-8829-8Lynn OffermanBarbie; Skipper's Babysitting Blues
1998978-0-7172-8832-8Disney's Wonderful World of ReadingDisney's Simba the Fortune Teller
  ''978-0-7172-8833-5DisneyMulan (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1999978-0-7172-8840-3Candace Sherk SavagePelicans (Getting to know ... nature's children)
1998978-0-7172-8863-2Walt DisneyA Present for Piglet (Book Club Edition)
  ''978-0-7172-8864-9Kathleen Weidner ZoehfeldPooh's Neighborhood (Disney's My Very First Winnie the Pooh)
1999978-0-7172-8894-6n/aDisney's My Very First Winnie the Pooh: Singing Nursery Rhymes with Pooh
  ''978-0-7172-8908-0DisneyWinnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree
  ''978-0-7172-8965-3Walt DisneyMickey and the Beanstalk (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1999978-0-7172-8966-0A. A. MilneWinnie the Pooh and Tigger Too (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
  ''978-0-7172-8988-2Disney Enterprises Inc. · Pixar Animation StudiosToy Story 2 (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1997978-0-7172-9065-9The Grolier Encyclopedia of World War I (8 Volumes)
1998978-0-7172-9295-0Math Matters: 001
  ''978-0-7172-9296-7Math Matters: 002
  ''978-0-7172-9297-4Brian J. Knapp · Colin BassMath Matters
1998978-0-7172-9298-1Brian J. Knapp · Colin BassMath Matters
  ''978-0-7172-9299-8   ''Math Matters
  ''978-0-7172-9300-1   ''Math Matters
  ''978-0-7172-9302-5   ''Math Matters
  ''978-0-7172-9303-2   ''Math Matters
1998978-0-7172-9304-9Brian J. Knapp · Colin BassMath Matters
2000978-0-7172-9492-3Jane LaniganEconomics: Complete 6 Volume Set
  ''978-0-7172-9521-0Inside a ...
2001978-0-7172-9574-6The American Scene
  ''978-0-7172-9578-4The American Scene
  ''978-0-7172-9582-1The American Scene
2006978-0-7172-9842-6Mary MurrayVeggie Tales Larry Lights the Way (Values To Grow By)
2006978-0-7172-9843-3Lisa VischerThree Pirates and You (Veggie Tales)
2005978-0-7172-9921-8Lisa MolengraftScholastic Success With Spelling (1st)
2006978-0-7172-9925-6doug-petersonThree Pirates and a Duck (Veggie Tales - Values to Grow By (VeggieTales))
  ''978-0-7172-9927-0UnknownThe Americana 2006 Annual
  ''978-0-7172-9959-1Doug PetersonThe Fastest Dodge Ball in the West (Veggie Tales - Values to Grow By (VeggieTales))
  ''978-0-7172-9961-4Ronald KiddGood Knight, Duke: A Lesson in Being Nice

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