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1968978-0-7152-0010-0Prolongation of Life (Burning Issues)
  ''978-0-7152-0016-2Malcolm MuggeridgeLiving Water
1969978-0-7152-0019-3Emmi BonhoefferAuschwitz Trials: Letters from an Eyewitness
  ''978-0-7152-0069-8Malcolm MuggeridgeLight in Our Darkness
1972978-0-7152-0199-2David Cairns · etc.Worship Now: Bk. 1: A Collection of Services and Prayers for Public Worship
1975978-0-7152-0270-8William BarclayThe Gospel of Matthew, Vol. 1, Chapters 1-10 (Daily Study Bible): Chapters 1-10 Vol 1
1976978-0-7152-0279-1William BarclayLetters to the Galatians and Ephesians (Daily Study Bible)
1975978-0-7152-0281-4   ''Letters to Timothy, Titus and Philemon (Daily Study Bible)
1976978-0-7152-0282-1   ''Letters to the Hebrews (Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0283-8   ''Letters of James and Peter (Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0284-5   ''Letters to John and Jude (Daily Study Bible)
1976978-0-7152-0285-2William BarclayRevelation of John: Chapters 1-5 v. 1 (Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0315-6Frederick GoldieShort History of the Episcopal Church in Scotland from the Restoration to the Present Day
2012978-0-7152-0421-4R. D. KernohanScotland's Life and Work: A Scottish View of God's World Through "Life and Work", 1879-1979
1982978-0-7152-0544-0Rennie McOwanLight on Dumyat
1986978-0-7152-0594-5Allan Aubrey Boesak · Charles Villa-VicencioCall for an End to Unjust Rule
1987978-0-7152-0620-1V.P. KanitkarWe are Hindus (What we believe)
1989978-0-7152-0633-1Duncan B. Forrester · David S.M. Hamilton · Alan Main · James A. WhyteWorship Now: Bk.2
1994978-0-7152-0665-2Rennie McOwanThe White Stag Adventure (Dumyat S.)
1993978-0-7152-0679-9Lesslie NewbiginUnfinished Agenda: An Updated Autobiography
  ''978-0-7152-0681-2John L. BellWrestle and Fight and Pray: Thoughts on Christianity and Conflict (On Reflection)
  ''978-0-7152-0682-9James A. WhyteLaughter and Tears: Thoughts on Faith in Face of Suffering (On Reflection S.)
1994978-0-7152-0688-1Rennie McOwanThe Day the Mountain Moved (Dumyat S.)
978-0-7152-0697-3Light on Dumyat
1995978-0-7152-0704-8Lesslie NewbiginA Word in Season: Perspectives on Christian World Missions
  ''978-0-7152-0715-4Rennie McOwanRobert Burns for Beginners
1996978-0-7152-0725-3Rennie McOwanSaint Andrew for Beginners
1997978-0-7152-0749-9Jamie StuartA Glasgow Bible
1998978-0-7152-0753-6Church of Scotland Panel on WorshipCommon Ground: A Song Book for All the Churches
1999978-0-7152-0761-1Rennie McOwanJewels on the Move (Dumyat S.)
2003978-0-7152-0764-2Michael JinkinsTransformational Ministry
1999978-0-7152-0770-3Rennie McOwanDumyat (Light on Dumyat series)
2001978-0-7152-0777-2James A. WhyteThe Dream and the Grace: Sermons on Healthy and Unhealthy Religion
2000978-0-7152-0778-9Kenneth StevenIona: Poems
2001978-0-7152-0780-2William BarclayThe Gospel of Matthew: Vol 1 (New Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0781-9   ''The Gospel of Matthew: Vol 2 (New Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0782-6   ''The Gospel of Mark (New Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0783-3   ''The Gospel of Luke (New Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0785-7   ''The Gospel of John: Vol 2 (New Daily Study Bible)
2003978-0-7152-0786-4William BarclayThe Acts of the Apostles (The New Daily Study Bible)
2002978-0-7152-0787-1   ''Romans (New Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0788-8   ''Corinthians (New Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0789-5   ''Galatians and Ephesians (New Daily Study Bible)
2003978-0-7152-0790-1   ''The Letters to the Philippians, Colossians and Thessalonians (New Daily Study Bible)
2003978-0-7152-0791-8William BarclayTimothy, Titus and Philemon (The New Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0793-2   ''James and Peter (The New Daily Study Bible)
2002978-0-7152-0794-9   ''John and Jude (New Daily Study Bible)
2004978-0-7152-0795-6   ''The Revelation of John: v. 1 (The New Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0796-3   ''The Revelation of John: v. 2 (The New Daily Study Bible)
2002978-0-7152-0798-7Kenneth StevenWild Horses
2001978-0-7152-0799-4Harry ReidOutside Verdict
2003978-0-7152-0803-8William Storrar · Peter DonaldGod in Society (Public Concerns)
  ''978-0-7152-0806-9Nick BainesSpeedbumps and Potholes
  ''978-0-7152-0809-0Richard HollowayThe Sword and the Cross
2004978-0-7152-0820-5Nick BainesJesus and People Like Us: The Transforming Power of Grace
2005978-0-7152-0822-9Kenneth StevenCOLUMBA Poems
2005978-0-7152-0829-8Nick BainesMarking Time: 47 Reflections on Mark S Gospel for Lent, Holy Week and Easter
2007978-0-7152-0835-9Richard LittledaleStale Bread
2006978-0-7152-0836-6Harry ReidDeadline: The Story of the Scottish Press
2007978-0-7152-0839-7Robert DavidsonA Beginners Guide to the Old Testament
  ''978-0-7152-0841-0Kenneth StevenSanctuary
2007978-0-7152-0842-7Kenneth StevenSalt and Light
  ''978-0-7152-0844-1Nick BainesHungry for Hope
2008978-0-7152-0858-8William BarclayChristmas: What the Bible Tells Us About the Christmas Story (Insights)
  ''978-0-7152-0859-5William Barclay · Richard HarriesThe Lord's Prayer: What the Bible Tells Us About the Lord's Prayer (Insights)
2009978-0-7152-0860-1William Barclay · Diane Louise JordanEaster: What the Bible Tells Us About the Easter Story (Insights)
2008978-0-7152-0866-3Nick BainesScandal of Grace
  ''978-0-7152-0868-7   ''Finding Faith: Stories of Music and Life: Getting in Tune with God
  ''978-0-7152-0876-2Donald SmithGod, the Poet and the Devil: Robert Burns and Religion (Insights)
2009978-0-7152-0882-3Kenneth StevenMaking the Known World New
2009978-0-7152-0885-4William BarclayMoney: What the Bible Tells Us About Wealth and Possessions (Insights)
  ''978-0-7152-0886-1   ''Joy (Insights)
  ''978-0-7152-0887-8William Barclay · John BellPrayer: What the Bible Tells Us About Prayer (Insights)
  ''978-0-7152-0890-8William BarclayThe Gospel of Matthew - volume 1 (Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0891-5   ''The Gospel of Matthew - volume 2 (Daily Study Bible)
2009978-0-7152-0892-2William BarclayThe Gospel of Mark (Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0893-9   ''The Gospel of Luke (Daily Study Bible)
2009978-0-7152-0894-6William BarclayThe Gospel of John: v. 1 (Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0895-3   ''The Gospel of John: v. 2
2010978-0-7152-0896-0   ''The Acts of the Apostles (New Daily Study Bible)
  ''978-0-7152-0897-7   ''The Letter to the Romans (New Daily Study Bible) (New Daily Study Bible Series)
  ''978-0-7152-0898-4   ''The Letters to the Corinthians (Daily Study Bible)
2012978-0-7152-0899-1William BarclayNew Daily Study Bible: The Letters to the Galatians and Ephesians
2010978-0-7152-0900-4   ''The Letters to the Philippians, Colossians and Thessalonians (New Daily Study Bible) (New Daily Study Bible Series)
2011978-0-7152-0901-1   ''New Daily Study Bible - The Letters to Timothy, Titus & Philemon
2010978-0-7152-0902-8   ''The Letter to the Hebrews (New Daily Study Bible) (New Daily Study Bible Series)
2011978-0-7152-0903-5   ''The Letters of James and Peter (Daily Study Bible) (New Daily Study Bible)
2011978-0-7152-0905-9William BarclayRevelation of John,The - vol 1: (New Daily Study Bible Series)
2010978-0-7152-0909-7Kenneth C. StevenIsland: Collected Poems
  ''978-0-7152-0932-5William BarclayParables: What the Bible Tells Us About Jesus' Stories (Insights)
2011978-0-7152-0933-2   ''Miracles: What the Bible Tells Us About Jesus' Miracles (Insights)
2012978-0-7152-0934-9   ''Forgiveness: What the Bible Tells Us About Forgiveness (Insights)
2011978-0-7152-0935-6Ron FergusonGeorge MacKay Brown: The Wound and the Gift
2010978-0-7152-0936-3Rosalind K. MarshallMary Queen of Scots: Truth or Lies
  ''978-0-7152-0937-0Harry ReidReformation: The Dangerous Birth of the Modern World
2012978-0-7152-0938-7Marista LeishmanClydebuilt: The Story of George Reith
2018978-0-7152-0986-8Douglas GalbraithChurch of Scotland Year Book 2017-18