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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1969978-0-7136-0135-0Klaus KochGrowth of the Biblical Tradition: Form-critical Method
1967978-0-7136-0171-8UnknownWho Was Who: 1941-50 v. 4
1965978-0-7136-0371-2P. E. Cunnington · Anne BuckChildren's Costume in England, 1300-1900
1961978-0-7136-0470-2A. HislopTwo Babylons or the papal worship proved to be the worship of nimrod and his wife.
1964978-0-7136-0620-1Elsie ProctorLooking at Nature: Looking at Life Bk. 4
1961978-0-7136-0721-5W.C. StewartPractical Angler
  ''978-0-7136-0783-3R.J. UnsteadLooking at History: Queen Anne to Queen Elizabeth II Bk. 4
1970978-0-7136-0912-7F.W. JaneStructure of Wood
1969978-0-7136-0934-9Graham WebsterRoman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries A.D.
1972978-0-7136-1007-9R.J. UnsteadThe Story of Britain
1969978-0-7136-1010-9J.N.D. KellyEpistles of Peter and of Jude (Black's New Testament Commentaries)
1971978-0-7136-1140-3No author.Who's Who 1971
1972978-0-7136-1192-2P. E. Cunnington · Catherine LucasCostumes for Births, Marriages and Deaths
1971978-0-7136-1195-3Francis Lewis.And Softly Teach
1972978-0-7136-1202-8Who Was Who, Vol. 6: A Companion to Who's Who containing the Biographies of Those Who Died During the Period 1961-1970: 1961-70 v. 6
1971978-0-7136-1240-0Charles GrantWar Game
  ''978-0-7136-1259-2David OggEurope in the Seventeenth Century
1987978-0-7136-1284-4Hugh MontefioreEpistle to the Hebrews (Black's New Testament Commentaries)
1972978-0-7136-1365-0Geoffrey GrigsonShapes and Creatures
1986978-0-7136-1366-7J. N. D. KellyPastoral Epistles (Black's New Testament Commentaries)
1973978-0-7136-1375-9Joan LawsonTeaching of Classical Ballet: Common Faults in Young Dancers and Their Training
  ''978-0-7136-1406-0Beatrice HarropCarol, Gaily Carol: Christmas Songs for Children
1975978-0-7136-1410-7Val DuncanAnimals and Plants in the Fields (Picture Information Books)
1974978-0-7136-1448-0Charles GrantAncient War Game
  ''978-0-7136-1450-3Gerald HowatStuart and Cromwellian Foreign Policy
1974978-0-7136-1464-0Frederick AldersonBicycles (Junior Reference Books)
1975978-0-7136-1572-2R.J. UnsteadLooking at History: Bks. 1-5 in 1v
1978978-0-7136-1644-6Peggy BlakeleyThe Great Big Book of Nursery Rhymes
1976978-0-7136-1684-2Beatrice HarropOkki-Tokki-Unga: Action Songs for Children
  ''978-0-7136-1685-9   ''Okki-Tokki-Unga: Action Songs for Children (Classroom Music)
1977978-0-7136-1689-7David Vaughan CBEFrederick Ashton and His Ballets
  ''978-0-7136-1703-0Gordon E. MingayAgricultural Revolution: Changes in Agriculture, 1650-1880 (Documents in economic history)
  ''978-0-7136-1756-6J.N.D. KellyEarly Christian Doctrines
  ''978-0-7136-1789-4Beatrice Harrop · David GadsbyTa-ra-ra boom-de-ay: Songs for Everyone (Classroom Music)
1978978-0-7136-1809-9Vanessa LuffThe Cornfield
1975978-0-7136-1846-4Beatrice Harrop · Peggy Blakeley · David Gadsby · Bernard CheeseApusskidu: Songs for Children
1970978-0-7136-1847-1Beatrice HarropSongbooks – Someone's Singing Lord: Hymns and Songs for Children
1979978-0-7136-1878-5John GoddardTrout Flies of Stillwater
1978978-0-7136-1886-0David Gadsby · Ivor Golby · Bernard CheeseMerrily to Bethlehem: Very Unusual Carol Book (Classroom Music)
1978978-0-7136-1898-3Peter WilsonForty Games for Frivolous People
  ''978-0-7136-1899-0Derek PiggottGoing Solo: Simple Guide to Soaring (Know the Game)
1980978-0-7136-1902-7Hilary BellAbracadabra Guitar,Abracadabra – Abracadabra Guitar (Pupil's Book): A book for beginners
1978978-0-7136-1907-2Glenn StockwellFly Reels of the House of Hardy
1979978-0-7136-1909-6Graham WebsterRoman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries A.D.
  ''978-0-7136-1957-7Caroline KnappShimon, Leah and Benjamin (Strands S.)
  ''978-0-7136-1991-1Fred DavisTalking Snooker
1980978-0-7136-1997-3David Gadsby · John HoggarthAlleluya!: 77 Songs for Thinking People (Classroom Music)
1979978-0-7136-2008-5Who Was Who: 1961-70 v. 6
  ''978-0-7136-2014-6August BournonvilleMy Theatre Life
1980978-0-7136-2041-2Eric LawsEpistle of James (Black's New Testament Commentaries)
1981978-0-7136-2054-2Barrie Rickards · Ken WhiteheadFishing Tackle: Making, Maintenance and Improvement
1992978-0-7136-2094-8Roger Bush · Roy BentleySongbooks – Jolly Herring: 77 Songs Folk and Pop
1990978-0-7136-2096-2Roger Bush · Roy BentleySongbooks – Jolly Herring: 77 Songs Folk and Pop
1981978-0-7136-2107-5Yvonne Conolly · Gloria Cameron · Sonia SinghamMango Spice: 44 Caribbean Songs (Music and Lyrics)
1981978-0-7136-2131-0Who Was Who (1941-1950): A Companion to Who's Who Containing the Biographies of Those Who Died During the Decade 1941-1950: v. 4 (Who's Who)
2000978-0-7136-2133-4C. F. D. MouleThe Birth of the New Testament (Black's New Testament Commentaries)
1981978-0-7136-2136-5Logie Bruce-LockhartPleasures of Fishing
  ''978-0-7136-2155-6David GadsbyHarlequin: 44 Songs Round the Year (Classroom Music)
  ''978-0-7136-2157-0David Gadsby · Beatrice HarropSongbooks – Harlequin: 44 Songs round the year
1982978-0-7136-2158-7Roger BushAbracadabra Recorder,Abracadabra – Abracadabra Recorder Book 1 (Pupil's Book): 23 graded songs and tunes: Pupil's Book Bk. 1
  ''978-0-7136-2159-4   ''Abracadabra Recorder – Abracadabra Recorder Book 2 (Pupil's Book): 23 graded songs and tunes: Pupil's Book Bk. 2
  ''978-0-7136-2166-2   ''Abracadabra Recorder,Abracadabra – Abracadabra Recorder Book 4 (Pupil's Book): 24 graded songs and tunes: Pupil's Book Bk. 4
1982978-0-7136-2170-9Sylvia BarrattTinder-box: 66 Songs for Children (Classroom Music)
1983978-0-7136-2223-2Anne JohnsonRoman Forts of the First and Second Centuries A.D.in Britain and the German Provinces
2000978-0-7136-2235-5Ted MooresKayakCraft: Fine Woodstrip Kayak Construction (WoodenBoat Books)
1983978-0-7136-2302-4Roger BushHey Presto! The Abracadabra Recorder Book: 100 Graded Songs and Tunes (Abracadabra)
  ''978-0-7136-2306-2Harriet PowellGame-songs with Prof.Dogg's Troupe: 44 Songs and Games with Activities (Music Series)
  ''978-0-7136-2315-4Kay AmbroseClassical Dances and Costumes of India
  ''978-0-7136-2371-0John BlockleyThe Challenge of Watercolour
1984978-0-7136-2374-1Roger BushAbracadabra Recorder – Abracadabra Recorder Introduction: 31 graded songs and tunes: Pupil's Book Bk. 1A
  ''978-0-7136-2385-7No author.Who's Who 1984
1984978-0-7136-2389-5Ernest G. NealBadgers (Nature in close up)
1985978-0-7136-2429-8David CurrellThe Complete Book of Puppet Theatre
1984978-0-7136-2433-5Alan CampionBees at the Bottom of the Garden (Delete (New Mermaids))
  ''978-0-7136-2434-2Alan CampionBees at the Bottom of the Garden
1985978-0-7136-2465-6Hamish Adam · Greg R. McLatchieCompetition Karate (Sport)
  ''978-0-7136-2494-6Terry ThomasCreate Your Own Stage Sets
1988978-0-7136-2512-7Brooklands Books LtdLand Rover 2- 2A - 3 Owners Workshop Manual 1959-1983 (Autobook Series of Workshop Manuals)
1986978-0-7136-2569-1Lawn Tennis AssociationTennis (Know the Game)
1984978-0-7136-2596-7Hugh MorrisonDirecting in the Theatre
  ''978-0-7136-2598-1No author.Who Was Who (1951-1960): v. 5 (Who's Who)
2004978-0-7136-2609-4Dion BoucicaultLondon Assurance (New Mermaids)
1984978-0-7136-2610-0George Etherege · William Wycherley · William Congreve · John Vanbrugh · George FarquharFive Restoration Comedies (New Mermaids): A New Mermaids Anthology
1985978-0-7136-2621-6G.B. CairdCommentary on the Revelation of Saint John the Divine (Black's New Testament Commentaries)
1970978-0-7136-2622-3Brian HuntCount Me In: 44 Songs and rhymes about numbers (Classroom Music)
1984978-0-7136-2626-1Brian Clarke · John GoddardTrout and the Fly: A New Approach
1986978-0-7136-2656-8Susanna RayAnimals at Night
1998978-0-7136-2670-4UnnamedWho Was Who 1897-1915: v. 1 (Who's Who)
1985978-0-7136-2695-7Heather ChildThe Calligrapher's Handbook (Calligraphy)
1986978-0-7136-2737-4Susanna GretzHide-and-seek (Teddybears)
  ''978-0-7136-2739-8Susanna GretzI'm Not Sleepy (Teddybears)
1986978-0-7136-2740-4Susanna GretzToo Dark! (Teddybears)
1985978-0-7136-2745-9Peggy BlakeleyThe Tyre Dump (Read Together Books)
1986978-0-7136-2760-2Who's WhoWho's Who 1986
1988978-0-7136-2771-8Robin BarberGreece (Blue Guides)
1986978-0-7136-2794-7Alex MooreBallroom Dancing (Ballet, Dance, Opera and Music)
1987978-0-7136-2853-1Sarita KendallAmazon Family (Beans)
1986978-0-7136-2867-8Peggy BlakeleyChristmas Cat (Read Together Books)
1987978-0-7136-2887-6John VanbrughThe Relapse (New Mermaids)
1991978-0-7136-2893-7John DrydenAll for Love (New Mermaids)
1987978-0-7136-2896-8Irmgard GierlThe Sampler Book (Hobby Craft)
1995978-0-7136-2905-7Christopher MarloweEdward the Second
1987978-0-7136-2940-8Francis BeaumontThe Knight of the Burning Pestle (New Mermaid Series)
1988978-0-7136-2966-8Ian RobertsonPortugal (Blue Guides)
  ''978-0-7136-3007-7Daniel RhodesClay and Glazes for the Potter (Ceramics)
  ''978-0-7136-3022-0Pamela CunningtonHow Old is Your House? (Architecture and Planning)
1989978-0-7136-3037-4Jacquie GovierCreate Your Own Stage Props
  ''978-0-7136-3038-1Terry ThomasCreate Your Own Stage Sets
1988978-0-7136-3040-4Oscar Wilde · Russell JacksonThe Importance of Being Earnest (New Mermaids)
1979978-0-7136-3041-1George EtheregeThe Man of Mode (New Mermaid Anthology)
1988978-0-7136-3042-8George FarquharThe Beaux Stratagem (New Mermaids)
  ''978-0-7136-3062-6Ruth Thomson · Neil ThomsonWhatever Next?: A Story Set in Trinidad (Wideworld S.)
1988978-0-7136-3079-4Adrian SlackCarnivorous Plants
1989978-0-7136-3133-3Elizabeth Davys WoodPainting Miniatures (Draw Books)
1992978-0-7136-3143-2UnnamedWho Was Who: 1916-28 v. 2 (Reference)
1989978-0-7136-3148-7Laurie PenmanClock Design and Construction - Including Dial Making
  ''978-0-7136-3151-7Richard Brinsley SheridanThe Rivals (New Mermaids)
1990978-0-7136-3185-2Monica StopplemanSchool Day (Turn of the Century S.)
1989978-0-7136-3188-3Richard Brinsley SheridanThe Critic (New Mermaids)
1990978-0-7136-3207-1Alan CampionBees at the Bottom of the Garden
  ''978-0-7136-3227-9WHO WAS WHO VOL. VII (1971-1980) -Who Was Who (1971-1980): A Companion to Who's Who Containing the Biographies of Those Who Died During the Decade 1971-1980: v. 7 (Who's Who)
1989978-0-7136-3231-6Christopher MarloweDoctor Faustus (New Mermaids)
1990978-0-7136-3239-2JonesDown the Fairway (Golf Classics S.)
1995978-0-7136-3278-1James BentleyWestern Germany (Blue Guides)
1990978-0-7136-3280-4Thomas Middleton · William RowleyThe Changeling (New Mermaids)
1991978-0-7136-3284-2Morna D. HookerGospel According to St.Mark (Black's New Testament Commentaries)
1990978-0-7136-3288-0Thomas DekkerThe Shoemaker's Holiday (New Mermaid Anthology)
1982978-0-7136-3295-8Martin WhiteArden of Feversham (New Mermaids)
1990978-0-7136-3322-1Adrian Lee · Ruby PhilpottLaurent Giles: Evolution of Yacht Design
  ''978-0-7136-3323-8Peter SchweerHow to Trim Sails (Sailmate)
  ''978-0-7136-3324-5H.G. StreppHow to Use Radar (Sailmate)
1991978-0-7136-3329-0Veronica ClarkHigh Low Dolly Pepper: Developing Basic Music Skills with Young Children (Classroom Music)
1991978-0-7136-3336-8A. & C. BlackWho Was Who (1981-1990): A Companion to Who's Who Containing the Biographies of Those Who Died During the Decade 1981-1990: v. 8 (Who's Who)
  ''978-0-7136-3339-9Rohana DarlingtonIrish Knitting: Patterns Inspired by Ireland (Hobby Craft)
1990978-0-7136-3342-9Gary Jobson · Tom Whidden · Adam LooryChampionship Tactics: How Anyone Can Sail Faster, Smarter and Win Races
1991978-0-7136-3348-1Terrick V.H. Fitzhugh · Brian ChristmasThe Dictionary of Genealogy
  ''978-0-7136-3349-8George FarquharThe Recruiting Officer (New Mermaids)
  ''978-0-7136-3403-7Robert ClarkJiu Jitsu: White Belt to Green Belt: The Official World Jiu Jitsu Federation Training Manual: New Official Training Syllabus for Beginner to Green Reading for All Students of Jiu Jitsu
  ''978-0-7136-3406-8Paul BentleyCompetitive Clay Target Shooting
1991978-0-7136-3411-2English Bowling Association · British Crown Green Bowling AssociationBowls ~ Flat Green & Crown Green (KTG: Know the Game series)
2001978-0-7136-3425-9James D. G. DunnEpistle to the Galatians (Black's New Testament Commentaries S.)
1998978-0-7136-3438-9Dennis Alan MooreMarine Chartwork
1992978-0-7136-3439-6Francis ReidThe Stage Lighting Handbook (Stage & Costume)
  ''978-0-7136-3441-9Association of Swimming TherapySwimming for People with Disabilities (Other Sports)
1991978-0-7136-3445-7Rosemary HorstmannWriting for Radio (Books for Writers)
  ''978-0-7136-3447-1Gwyn JohnSkilful Bowls
  ''978-0-7136-3456-3H. JanssenLaying Up Your Boat (Sailmate)
  ''978-0-7136-3457-0Who Was Who: Cumulated Index, 1897-1990 (Who's who)
1992978-0-7136-3462-4Philippe KarlLong Reining
1991978-0-7136-3486-0A & C Black Publishers LtdWriters' and Artists' Yearbook 1992
1991978-0-7136-3498-3Jens E. Olesen · Barrie WattsSnail (Stopwatch)
  ''978-0-7136-3509-6Peter Hayman · John Marchant · Tony PraterShorebirds: Identification Guide to the Waders of the World (Helm Identification Guides)
  ''978-0-7136-3510-2Peter Harrison · Roger Tory PetersonSeabirds: An Identification Guide: A Complete Guide to the Seabirds of the World (Helm Identification Guides)
  ''978-0-7136-3512-6F. Gary Stiles · Alexander F. SkutchA Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica (Helm Field Guides)
1992978-0-7136-3514-0unknownWho's Who 1992
1991978-0-7136-3524-9Ian NicolsonCold-moulded and Strip-planked Wood Boat Building
1992978-0-7136-3525-6Susanne PagoldhNordic Knitting: Thirty-one Patterns in the Scandinavian Tradition (Hobby Craft)
1993978-0-7136-3528-7Egon LamprechtHeating and Cooling on Board (Sailmate)
1992978-0-7136-3529-4John TealeHow to Design a Boat (Sailmate)
1984978-0-7136-3530-0Heather CrouchNetball Coaching (Other Sports)
1987978-0-7136-3531-7Ben JonsonBartholmew Fair (New Mermaids)
1992978-0-7136-3556-0Sue NichollsSongbooks – Bobby Shaftoe Clap Your Hands: Musical fun with new songs from old favorites
  ''978-0-7136-3561-4Gwenda CornellCruising with Children
2002978-0-7136-3564-5Eric HiscockCruising Under Sail
1993978-0-7136-3566-9Eric TwinameSail, Race and Win
1992978-0-7136-3575-1Tony GummersonSports Coaching and Teaching (Other Sports)
1990978-0-7136-3594-2Sail MagazineThe Best of Sail Trim
1992978-0-7136-3607-9Joachim Schult · Jeremy Howard-WilliamsThe Sailing Dictionary
1992978-0-7136-3619-2Christine Back · Jens E. OlesenChicken and Egg (Stopwatch)
2002978-0-7136-3643-7John LeatherClinker Boatbuilding
1990978-0-7136-3644-4Gerry SmithCoastal Navigation: A Programmed Learning Course
1992978-0-7136-3647-5Steve Madge · Hilary BurnWildfowl: An Identification Guide to the Ducks, Geese and Swans of the World (Helm Identification Guides)
  ''978-0-7136-3655-0Ann CattanachDrama for People with Special Needs (Teacher's books)
  ''978-0-7136-3660-4Chris Deshpande · Julia EccleshareSongbooks – Spring Tinderbox: Festivals, poems, songs, stories, activities
  ''978-0-7136-3664-2Stirling. EverardThe History of the Gas Light & Coke Company, 1812-1949
1994978-0-7136-3668-0English Basketball AssociationBasketball (Know the Game)
  ''978-0-7136-3676-5Rugby Football LeagueRugby League (Know the Game)
1994978-0-7136-3703-8Sarah GarlandClive and the Missing Finger (Chillers)
1993978-0-7136-3704-5Mike Madders · Julia WelsteadWhere to Watch Birds in Scotland
1994978-0-7136-3717-5Dorothy ArthurModelling in Clay: And Other Materials (Ceramics)
1993978-0-7136-3718-2Daphne CarnegyTin-glazed Earthenware (Ceramics Handbooks)
  ''978-0-7136-3720-5Robert ClarkJiu Jitsu: Blue Belt to Brown Belt: The Official World Jiu Jitsu Federation Training Manual (Martial Arts)
  ''978-0-7136-3721-2Bob WoolmerSkilful Cricket
  ''978-0-7136-3727-4James AlexanderAbracadabra Strings – Abracadabra Violin Book 2 (Pupil's Book): The way to learn through songs and tunes: Pupil's Book Bk. 2
  ''978-0-7136-3729-8James AlexanderAbracadabra Strings,Abracadabra – Abracadabra Violin Book 2 (Piano Accompaniments): The way to learn through songs and tunes: Piano Accompaniments Bk. 2
1993978-0-7136-3731-1Ian RobertsonSpain (Blue Guides)
1994978-0-7136-3743-4National Ice Skating AssociationIce Skating (Know the Game)
1996978-0-7136-3747-2Peter BeardResist and Masking Techniques (Ceramics Handbooks)
1994978-0-7136-3755-7Eleanor AllenDay Matt Sold Great-grandma (Chillers)
  ''978-0-7136-3760-1Kay Davies · Wendy OldfieldSun (See for Yourself)
1993978-0-7136-3771-7Christopher M. NorrisWeight Training: Principles and Practice (Other Sports)
1994978-0-7136-3785-4James PettiferAlbania (Blue Guides)
1993978-0-7136-3787-8Julia JonesThe Beading Book (Hobby Craft)
1994978-0-7136-3791-5Thomas MiddletonWomen Beware Women (New Mermaids)
2007978-0-7136-3793-9Philip MassingerA New Way to Pay Old Debts (New Mermaids)
1994978-0-7136-3804-2Kaye UmanskyThe Threes – Three Singing Pigs: Making Music with Traditional Stories
  ''978-0-7136-3811-0Association Amateur GymnasticGymnastics (Know the Game)
1995978-0-7136-3816-5David Brine PritchardCard Games (Know the Game)
1994978-0-7136-3818-9British Gliding AssociationGliding (Know the Game)
  ''978-0-7136-3827-1Clive D. Hutchinson · Paul MilneWhere to Watch Birds in Ireland