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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-7106-0000-4Paul RicheyFighter Pilot
  ''978-0-7106-0001-1Ian V. HoggArmour in Conflict: Design and Tactics of Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  ''978-0-7106-0002-8Captain Eric BrownWings of the Navy: Flying Allied Carrier Aircraft of World War II
  ''978-0-7106-0003-5Kenneth PoolmanNight Strike from Malta: 830 Squadron R.N. and Rommel's Convoys
  ''978-0-7106-0004-2R. L. WilsonColt Heritage: The Official History of Colt Firearms from 1836 to the Present
1980978-0-7106-0005-9William GreenMesserschmitt Bf 109: The Augsburg Eagle - A Documentary History
  ''978-0-7106-0006-6Janes Yearbooks.JANE'S SURFACE SKIMMER SYSTEMS: 1980.
  ''978-0-7106-0008-0Alfred PriceAircraft Versus Submarine
  ''978-0-7106-0009-7Paul EllisBritish Commercial Aircraft: Sixty Years in Pictures
  ''978-0-7106-0010-3Paul EllisBritish Commercial Aircraft: Sixty Years in Pictures
1980978-0-7106-0011-0James LaddRoyal Marines, 1919-80
1981978-0-7106-0012-7John W.R. Taylor · Kenneth MunsonJane's Pocket Book of Air Forces of the World
1980978-0-7106-0013-4John W.R. Taylor · Kenneth MunsonJane's Pocket Book of Air Forces of the World
1981978-0-7106-0014-1   ''Jane's Pocket Book of Airlines of the World
1980978-0-7106-0015-8   ''Jane's Pocket Book of Airlines of the World
  ''978-0-7106-0016-5Paul EllisAircraft of the United States Air Force: A Pictorial History
  ''978-0-7106-0017-2Andrew CoatesJane's World Sailplanes and Motor Gliders
  ''978-0-7106-0018-9John S. WeeksRifles and Light Machine Guns (Jane's pocket book)
  ''978-0-7106-0019-6John S. WeeksRifles and Light Machine Guns (Jane's pocket book)
1980978-0-7106-0020-2Antony PrestonWarships of the World
  ''978-0-7106-0021-9[by] Antony PrestonWarships of the world
  ''978-0-7106-0022-6Paul EllisAircraft of the United States Air Force: A Pictorial History
  ''978-0-7106-0031-8Hans-Werner LercheLuftwaffe Test Pilot: Flying Captured Allied Aircraft of the Second World War
  ''978-0-7106-0032-5Robert GrinsellFocke-Wulf FW 190
1980978-0-7106-0033-2Robert GrinsellNorth American P-51 Mustang
  ''978-0-7106-0034-9   ''Messerschmitt Bf 109
  ''978-0-7106-0035-6Bill SweetmanSpitfire
1981978-0-7106-0036-3David A. AndertonGrumman F6F Hellcat
  ''978-0-7106-0037-0Robert C. MikeshMitsubishi A6M Zero
  ''978-0-7106-0038-7Roger A. FreemanMighty Eighth War Diary
1980978-0-7106-0039-4Colonel Trevor N. Dupuy · etc.Almanack of World Military Power
1980978-0-7106-0040-0Edward H. Heinemann · Rosario RausaCombat Aircraft Designer: The Ed Heinemann Story
1982978-0-7106-0043-1Desmond WetternDecline of British Sea Power
1981978-0-7106-0044-8Alexandre AvraneSud-est Caravelle
1980978-0-7106-0045-5Graham CowellHandley Page Herald (An Airline Publications book)
  ''978-0-7106-0046-2Heinz J. NowarraHeinkel He 111: A Documentary History
  ''978-0-7106-0048-6Bill GunstonJane's Aerospace Dictionary
  ''978-0-7106-0049-3Derek WoodTarget England: Illustrated History of the Battle of Britain
  ''978-0-7106-0050-9Derek WoodTarget England: Illustrated History of the Battle of Britain
1981978-0-7106-0052-3Jeffrey Ethell · Alfred PriceTarget Berlin: Mission 250, 6 March 1944
1980978-0-7106-0059-2T. PostmaFokker: Aircraft Builders to the World
1980978-0-7106-0060-8William GreenAircraft of the Battle of Britain
  ''978-0-7106-0063-9James LucasAlpine Elite: German Mountain Troops
  ''978-0-7106-0064-6James DawsonSuperspill: Future of Ocean Pollution
  ''978-0-7106-0065-3Philip BirtlesMosquito: Pictorial History of the D.H-98
1981978-0-7106-0070-7Jeffrey EthellNorth American P-51 Mustang: A Documentary History
  ''978-0-7106-0071-4Matthew CooperGerman Air Force: An Anatomy of Failure, 1933-45
1981978-0-7106-0078-3Robert O. Dulin · William H. GarzkeBritish, Soviet, French and Dutch Battleships of World War II
  ''978-0-7106-0079-0Gordon MusgroveOperation Gomorrah: Hamburg Firestorm Raids
  ''978-0-7106-0080-6Walter J. Boyne · Donald S. LopezMesserschmitt Me 262: Arrow to the Future
  ''978-0-7106-0088-2James LucasBoeing 747
  ''978-0-7106-0089-9David IsbyWeapons and Tactics of the Soviet Army
1981978-0-7106-0090-5Kenneth MackseyTank Pioneers
  ''978-0-7106-0091-2Christopher F. FossJane's Pocket Book of Modern Military Trucks
  ''978-0-7106-0092-9Christopher F. FossJane's Pocket Book of Modern Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  ''978-0-7106-0093-6John W.R. TaylorJane's Pocket Book of Commercial Transport Aircraft
  ''978-0-7106-0094-3   ''Jane's Pocket Book of Military Transport and Training Aircraft
1981978-0-7106-0096-7P.W. StahlKG 200: The True Story
  ''978-0-7106-0101-8Kenneth HarrisWorld Electric Locomotives
  ''978-0-7106-0102-5Hiroshi SeoCivil Aircraft of the World
  ''978-0-7106-0103-2John E. MooreWarships of the Soviet Navy
  ''978-0-7106-0104-9Hiroshi SeoMilitary Aircraft of the World
1981978-0-7106-0105-6John E. MooreWarships of the Royal Navy
  ''978-0-7106-0117-9Willem SteenkampAircraft of the South African Air Force
  ''978-0-7106-0118-6William Green · Gordon SwanboroughRoyal Air Force Bombers: Pt. 2 (World War Two Fact Files)
  ''978-0-7106-0119-3William Green · Gordon SwanboroughRoyal Air Force Fighters: Pt. 3 (World War Two Fact Files)
1982978-0-7106-0120-9Kenneth MunsonUnited States Commercial Aircraft
1981978-0-7106-0121-6John W.R. TaylorJane's Pocket Book of Major Combat Aircraft
  ''978-0-7106-0122-3Walter J. BoyneBoeing B-52: A Documentary History
1982978-0-7106-0123-0Colonel Trevor N. DupuyEvolution of Weapons and Warfare
1982978-0-7106-0124-7John SweetmanOperation Chastise
1981978-0-7106-0125-4Michael J.H. TaylorFantastic Flying Machines
1985978-0-7106-0126-1Ken HarrisWorld Diesel Locomotives
1981978-0-7106-0127-8Doug RichardsonNaval Armament
1980978-0-7106-0130-8Brigadier Syed Ali El-EdroosThe Hashemite Arab Army 1908-1979
1981978-0-7106-0131-5Bill SweetmanDe Havilland Mosquito (Jane's aircraft spectaculars)
1982978-0-7106-0132-2Bill SweetmanAvro Lancaster
  ''978-0-7106-0133-9Michael J.H. TaylorBoeing (Planemakers)
  ''978-0-7106-0134-6David MondeyWestland (Planemakers 2)
  ''978-0-7106-0135-3Paul EllisAircraft of the Royal Navy
1981978-0-7106-0136-0Cecil BeatonWar Photographs, 1939-45
  ''978-0-7106-0137-7John S. WeeksJane's Military Annual 1981-82
1981978-0-7106-0138-4Michael J.H. TaylorJane's Aviation Annual 1981-82
  ''978-0-7106-0139-1John E. MooreJane`s 1981-82 Naval Annual
  ''978-0-7106-0142-1P. HanleSpace Science Comes of Age
  ''978-0-7106-0143-8B. Bock · K. BockSoviet Bloc Merchant Ships
  ''978-0-7106-0148-3Enzo AngelucciWorld Encyclopaedia of Military Aircraft
1981978-0-7106-0149-0John S. WeeksArmies of the World (Jane's pocket book)
1983978-0-7106-0153-7Tim FurnissManned Space Flight Log
  ''978-0-7106-0166-7Martin StreetlyWorld Electronic Warfare Aircraft
1982978-0-7106-0168-1R.A.Streater and D.G.GreenmanJane's Merchant Ships 1982
  ''978-0-7106-0171-1Grant HowardThe navy in New Zealand: An illustrated history
  ''978-0-7106-0185-8Kevin DesmondRichard Shuttleworth: An Illustrated Biography
  ''978-0-7106-0186-5David MastersGerman Jet Genesis
1982978-0-7106-0187-2John D.R. RawlingsCoastal Support and Special Squadrons of the RAF and their Aircraft
  ''978-0-7106-0188-9Alfred PriceSpitfire Story
  ''978-0-7106-0189-6Brown (edit). MurrayJANE'S RAILWAY YEAR.
  ''978-0-7106-0190-2Michael J.H. Taylor · David MondeyGiants in the Sky
  ''978-0-7106-0191-9Alex VanagsStuka (Jane's aircraft spectaculars)
1983978-0-7106-0192-6Roger A FreemanB-17 Flying Fortress
1982978-0-7106-0193-3John GolleyBig Drop
1982978-0-7106-0195-7John W.R. TaylorJane's Pocket Book of Light Aircraft
1983978-0-7106-0196-4Bill SweetmanHigh Speed Flight
1982978-0-7106-0200-8Brian CookeFall and Rise of Steam
1983978-0-7106-0201-5David Mondey · Michael J.H. TaylorMilestones of Flight
1982978-0-7106-0202-2Derek WoodJane's World Aircraft Recognition Handbook
  ''978-0-7106-0203-9B. Johnson · T. HeffermanMost Secret Place
1986978-0-7106-0204-6Malcolm EnglishRoyal Air Force Colour Album (Seo/Military Aircraft in Colour)
1982978-0-7106-0205-3Doddy HayWar Under the Red Ensign: Merchant Navy, 1939-45
1983978-0-7106-0206-0Samuel L. Morison · John S. RoweWarships of the United States Navy
1984978-0-7106-0208-4Reginald TurnillJane's Spaceflight Directory 1984
1982978-0-7106-0211-4Civil Aircraft Registrations 1982
  ''978-0-7106-0213-8Ken OwenConcorde: New Shape in the Sky
1983978-0-7106-0215-2G.N. GeorganoWorld Truck Handbooks
1982978-0-7106-0216-9Michael J. H. (ed.). TaylorJane's Aviation Review 1982-83
  ''978-0-7106-0217-6J. E. MooreJane's Naval Review: No. 2
  ''978-0-7106-0218-3Ian V. (edit). HoggJane's Military Review
1982978-0-7106-0223-7Peter J.C. Skelton · Nils HuxtableBritish Steam Revival
  ''978-0-7106-0224-4Les NixonBritish Rail in Colour
1984978-0-7106-0237-4Michael J.H. TaylorShort's (Planemakers S.)
1982978-0-7106-0238-1Andrew J BrookesForce V: The history of Britain's airborne deterrent
  ''978-0-7106-0240-4Bernard Law Montgomery Montgomery of AlameinA history of warfare
  ''978-0-7106-0245-9Derek WoodJane's World Aircraft Recognition Handbook
1983978-0-7106-0255-8Christopher F. FossModern Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles (Jane's Pocket Book)
  ''978-0-7106-0258-9David Mondey · Michael J.H. TaylorMilestones of Flight
1983978-0-7106-0259-6John Everett-HeathSoviet Helicopters
  ''978-0-7106-0261-9A J AmbroseJane's Merchant Shipping Review
  ''978-0-7106-0262-6Murray BrownJANE'S RAILWAY YEAR
  ''978-0-7106-0267-1Georgano G NWorld Truck Handbook
  ''978-0-7106-0277-0Christopher F. FossJane's Main Battle Tanks
1984978-0-7106-0278-7Bill Sweetman · J. GouldingHarrier (Jane's aircraft spectacular)
1984978-0-7106-0279-4Bill Sweetman · J. GouldingPhantom (Jane's Aircraft Spectacular Series)
1983978-0-7106-0283-1Ian V. HoggJanes Military Review 1983-84
  ''978-0-7106-0284-8John E. MooreJanes Naval Review 1983-84
  ''978-0-7106-0285-5Michael J. H. (edit). TaylorJANE'S AVIATION REVIEW: 1983-84.
  ''978-0-7106-0286-2Hugh BallantyneWestern Steam in Colour: No. 1
  ''978-0-7106-0287-9Les NixonBR Colour Album
1983978-0-7106-0288-6Frederick A. JohnsenF-4U Corsair
  ''978-0-7106-0289-3Jeffrey EthellP-38 Lightning
1984978-0-7106-0301-2Murray ( Editor ) BrownJane's Railway Year: 3rd.year of Issue
1985978-0-7106-0302-9A. J. AmbroseJane's Merchant Shipping Review
1984978-0-7106-0303-6Philip BirtlesDe Havilland (Planemakers)
  ''978-0-7106-0304-3Hiroshi SeoBoeing 747
  ''978-0-7106-0305-0Murray BrownThe 40's (Rail Portfolios)
  ''978-0-7106-0306-7Ken HarrisJane's Rail Portfolios: The 50's No. 2
1985978-0-7106-0307-4Walter J. BoynePhantom in Combat
1984978-0-7106-0308-1A. J. AmbroseJane's World Shipbuilding
1984978-0-7106-0309-8Hugh BallantyneLondon Midland Steam in Colour
  ''978-0-7106-0310-4Peter J.C. SkeltonMain Line Steam in the 1980s
  ''978-0-7106-0312-8Geoffrey Freeman AllenBritish Rail Freight Today and Tomorrow
  ''978-0-7106-0321-0Adrian EnglishArmed Forces of Latin America
  ''978-0-7106-0322-7Christopher F. FossJane's Light Tanks and Armoured Cars
1985978-0-7106-0323-4David WilcockTribute to the Settle and Carlisle
1984978-0-7106-0324-1Mike Gaines · James GouldingHercules (Aircraft Spectacular)
1984978-0-7106-0325-8Roger A. FreemanMighty Eighth War Manual
1985978-0-7106-0326-5Robin BarnesLocomotives That Never Were
  ''978-0-7106-0331-9Ian V. HoggJane's Directory of Military Small Arms and Ammunition 1985-86
  ''978-0-7106-0332-6A.J. AmbroseJane's Merchant Shipping Review
  ''978-0-7106-0333-3Michael TaylorJane's Aviation Review: Fourth Year of Issue
  ''978-0-7106-0334-0Hogg Ian V.Janes Military Review
1985978-0-7106-0335-7Moore John E.Janes Naval Review
  ''978-0-7106-0336-4Hugh BallantyneSouthern Steam in Colour
  ''978-0-7106-0337-1   ''Great Western Revival (Steam Portfolios 1)
  ''978-0-7106-0339-5Murray BrownThe Deltics (Rail Portfolios)
1985978-0-7106-0340-1Howard JohnstonThe Peaks (Rail Portfolios)
  ''978-0-7106-0341-8David C. Isby · Charles Kamps Jr.Armies of NATO's Central Front
1986978-0-7106-0343-2Derek WoodJane's World Aircraft Recognition Handbook
1985978-0-7106-0344-9Hugh DadyDiesels on the Western Region
1986978-0-7106-0345-6Hiroshi SeoMilitary Aircraft in Colour
  ''978-0-7106-0346-3   ''Civil Aircraft in Colour
1985978-0-7106-0351-7B.D. Ingpen · Robert PabstMaritime South Africa
1988978-0-7106-0352-4David IsbyWeapons and Tactics of the Soviet Army
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1985978-0-7106-0354-8Christopher F. FossJane's Armoured Personnel Carriers
1986978-0-7106-0355-5Roger A. FreemanMighty Eighth
1985978-0-7106-0356-2Martin StreetlyConfound and Destroy
1986978-0-7106-0360-9Tim FurnissSpace Shuttle Log
1985978-0-7106-0361-6John BergSoviet Submarine Fleet: A Photographic Survey
1986978-0-7106-0362-3Hugh BallantyneEastern Steam in Colour
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1986978-0-7106-0364-7Colin J. MarsdenJane's Rail Portfolios: The Cromptons No. 6
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1987978-0-7106-0369-2Ian V. HoggJane's Military Review
1987978-0-7106-0370-8John E. MooreJanes Naval Review
1986978-0-7106-0372-2Christopher F. FossJane's Main Battle Tanks
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  ''978-0-7106-0375-3Barrie WalkerNorthern Steam Finale (Steam portfolios 2)
  ''978-0-7106-0376-0Murray BrownJane's Railway Year 1986
1986978-0-7106-0377-7John E. MooreN. A. T. O.'s Warships Handbook
  ''978-0-7106-0378-4David C RodgersPreserved Steam Album
  ''978-0-7106-0380-7R.Ernest Dupuy · Trevor N. DupuyEncyclopaedia of Military History
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  ''978-0-7106-0400-2John E. MooreWarsaw Pact Warships Handbook
1986978-0-7106-0401-9Kenneth MunsonWorld Unmanned Aircraft
  ''978-0-7106-0402-6Tim FurnissManned Space Flight Log