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1974978-0-7078-0010-3Geoffrey de BellaigueWaddesdon Manor Catalogue: Furniture, Clocks and Gilt Bronzes: James A.De Rothschild Collection (James A. de Rothschild Collection at Waddesdon Manor)
  ''978-0-7078-0021-9National TrustPaycocke's, Coggeshall, Essex
1975978-0-7078-0023-3Serge Grandjean · etc. · Kirsten Piacenti · Charles Truman · Anthony BluntWaddesdon Manor Catalogue: Gold Boxes and Miniatures of the Eighteenth Century: James A.De Rothschild Collection (James A. de Rothschild Collection At Waddesdon Manor)
1976978-0-7078-0054-7National TrustPackwood House, Warwickshire
1980978-0-7078-0066-0R.J. Charleston · etc.Glass and Enamels (James A. de Rothschild Collection At Waddesdon Manor)
1988978-0-7078-0092-9Sarah EdingtonThe Book of National Trust Recipes
1989978-0-7078-0098-1Mark GirouardHardwick Hall
1990978-0-7078-0106-3Charlie Pye-SmithIn Search of Neptune: A Celebration of the National Trust's Coastline
  ''978-0-7078-0113-1Paul DuncanBelton House (National Trust Guidebooks)
1991978-0-7078-0115-5Penrhyn Castle (National Trust Guidebooks)
1992978-0-7078-0132-2Vita Sackville-WestKnole & The Sackvilles (National Trust)
1991978-0-7078-0137-7David ThackrayBodiam Castle (National Trust Guidebooks)
  ''978-0-7078-0138-4Malcolm RogersMontacute House (National Trust Guidebooks)
1998978-0-7078-0141-4Stephen LaceyGardens of the National Trust
1993978-0-7078-0173-5Sara Paston-WilliamsThe Art of Dining: A History of Cooking and Eating
1999978-0-7078-0175-9Phyllis Elinor SandemanTreasure on Earth
1994978-0-7078-0179-7Eileen HarrisOsterley Park, Middlesex (National Trust Guidebooks)
1998978-0-7078-0185-8Jane AshelfordThe Art of Dress: Clothes and Society, 1500-1914
  ''978-0-7078-0224-4Adrian TinniswoodThe Polite Tourist: Country House Visiting Through the Centuries
1999978-0-7078-0231-2Howard NewbyThe National Trust: The Next Hundred Years
1999978-0-7078-0233-6Merlin WatersonThe National Trust: The First Hundred Years
1998978-0-7078-0238-1Merlin WatersonThe National Trust: The First Hundred Years
1999978-0-7078-0239-8Joe CornishCoast
1998978-0-7078-0243-5Robin Weir · Caroline LiddellRecipes from the Dairy
1999978-0-7078-0244-2Joe Cornish · David Noton · Paul WakefieldCountryside
1995978-0-7078-0245-9Jonathan MarsdenCliveden (National Trust Guidebooks)
1999978-0-7078-0286-2Anna Plowden · Frances HalahanLooking After Antiques
  ''978-0-7078-0287-9Jane PettigrewTea-time Recipes
  ''978-0-7078-0288-6Margaret Willes · Maureen DillonArtificial Sunshine: A Social History of Domestic Lighting (National Trust)
2001978-0-7078-0289-3Jane PettigrewA Social History of Tea
1999978-0-7078-0308-1Sara Paston-WilliamsTraditional Puddings
  ''978-0-7078-0320-3Cathy BuchananGardening with Bulbs (National Trust Gardening Series)
  ''978-0-7078-0324-1Liz DittnerThe National Trust Gardens Handbook (1999 National Trust)
2001978-0-7078-0329-6Santina M. Levey · P.K. ThorntonOf Houshold Stuff: The 1601 Inventories of Bess of Hardwick
1999978-0-7078-0332-6Graham MurphyFounders of the National Trust
1999978-0-7078-0339-5Laura MasonFarmhouse Cookery
  ''978-0-7078-0341-8Sue Spielberg · National TrustGreen Gardening: Practical Advice from National Trust Gardeners
  ''978-0-7078-0344-9Pamela SambrookA Country House at Work: Three Centuries of Dunham Massey
  ''978-0-7078-0345-6Margaret WillesLandscapes (Souvenir Social History Series)
  ''978-0-7078-0350-0Joe Cornish · David Noton · Paul WakefieldCoast
1999978-0-7078-0357-9Sara Paston-WilliamsFish: Recipes from a Busy Island
  ''978-0-7078-0360-9   ''The Art of Dining: A History of Cooking and Eating
  ''978-0-7078-0367-8James ParryIrises (Gardens by Design S)
  ''978-0-7078-0369-2Lydia GreevesHistory and Landscape Guide to Nt: The Guide to National Trust Properties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  ''978-0-7078-0370-8Shelley TobinInside Out: A Brief History of Underwear (National Trust)
1999978-0-7078-0374-6Sarah PepperPeriod Style Flowers: Flower Arranging Projects Inspired by the Past
2003978-0-7078-0376-0James MillerFertile Fortune: The Story of Tyntesfield
1999978-0-7078-0377-7National TrustThe National Trust Handbook for Members and Visitors 2004
  ''978-0-7078-0380-7Mary Rose BlackerFlora Domestica: A History of Flower Arranging, 1500-1930
  ''978-0-7078-0381-4Christina HardymentOn the Writer's Trail: 20 Great Literary Journeys
  ''978-0-7078-0384-5Althea MacKenzieHats and Bonnets (Fashion & Style S.)
  ''978-0-7078-0385-2Althea MacKenzieShoes and Slippers (Fashion & Style S.)
1999978-0-7078-0386-9Althea MacKenzieEmbroideries: From Snowshill (Fashion & Style)
2004978-0-7078-0387-6   ''Buttons and Trimmings: From Snowshill (Fashion & Style)
1999978-0-7078-0390-6Jane Pettigrew · Bruce RichardsonThe Tealover's Companion
  ''978-0-7078-0397-5Charles PaytonLighthouses: Towers of the Sea
  ''978-0-7078-0399-9National TrustThe National Trust Handbook for Members and Visitors 2005
2007978-0-7078-0404-0   ''The National Trust Handbook for Members and Visitors 2007
2008978-0-7078-0406-4   ''The National Trust Handbook for Members and Visitors 2008
2008978-0-7078-0407-1National TrustThe National Trust Handbook 2009
2009978-0-7078-0409-5   ''National Trust Historic Houses and Collections Annual 2009
2010978-0-7078-0410-1   ''The National Trust Handbook 2010
  ''978-0-7078-0414-9R. W. Ketton-Cremer · Wilhelmine HarrodFelbrigg: The Story of a House
2011978-0-7078-0415-6National TrustThe National Trust Handbook 2011
  ''978-0-7078-0416-3Mark PurcellThe Big House Library in Ireland: Books in Ulster Country Houses
  ''978-0-7078-0417-0National Trust · Michael BevingtonStowe: The People & the Place (National Trust History & Heritage)
2012978-0-7078-0419-4Lucy PeelNational Trust Handbook 2012