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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-7064-0005-2Robert HarbinSecrets of Origami
  ''978-0-7064-0018-2Douglas LobleyShips Through the Ages
  ''978-0-7064-0036-6Simon FleetClocks
1973978-0-7064-0045-8Anthony Du BoulayChinese Porcelain
1972978-0-7064-0064-9Francesco AbbateAfrican Art and Oceanic Art
  ''978-0-7064-0072-4Marguerite PattenPerfect Cooking
1974978-0-7064-0236-0Jiri FelixColour Guide to Familiar GARDEN and FIELD BIRDS Eggs and Nests
1978978-0-7064-0241-4John William Ransom Taylor · Kenneth MunsonHistory of aviation
1974978-0-7064-0275-9Peter CroftRoman Mythology (All Colour Books S.)
  ''978-0-7064-0333-6Johanna Cohan SchererIndians: Contemporary Photographs of North American Indian Life, 1847-1929
1974978-0-7064-0342-8Jiri FelixColour Guide to Familiar Woodland and Hill Birds
  ''978-0-7064-0353-4Anne AlcockLove of Dogs, The
  ''978-0-7064-0372-5Alan FrankHorror Movies (Treasury S.)
  ''978-0-7064-0387-9Sol ChanelesMovie Makers, The
1975978-0-7064-0392-3Robert BurtonEncyclopedia of Mammals
1974978-0-7064-0398-5A.J.P. TaylorHistory of World War I
  ''978-0-7064-0399-2A.J.P. TaylorHistory of World War II
1976978-0-7064-0429-6Antony PrestonSUBMARINES: The History and Evolution of Underwater Fighting Vessels
1975978-0-7064-0446-3Rob Burt"Beatles" - The Fabulous Story of John, Paul, George and Ringo
1976978-0-7064-0469-2Richard WortleyPictorial History of Striptease
1976978-0-7064-0513-2Jiri FelixColour Guide to Familiar Sea and Coastal Birds
1960978-0-7064-0531-6Isabelle Barrett · Jane Harrop1000 RECIPE COOKBOOK. Recipes for all occasions.
1976978-0-7064-0538-5Frances Perry · etc.Complete Book of House Plants and Indoor Gardening, The
  ''978-0-7064-0541-5Heather AngelLife in the Oceans
  ''978-0-7064-0548-4Dick Tatham · Tony JasperElton John
  ''978-0-7064-0569-9John SteinbeckThe Grapes of Wrath / the Moon Is down / Cannery Row / East of Eden / and of Mice and Men
1977978-0-7064-0577-4"Good Housekeeping" Cookery for All Occasions
  ''978-0-7064-0582-8Jiri ZahradnikField Guide in Colour to Insects
1978978-0-7064-0603-0David MondeyInternational Encyclopaedia of Aviation, The
1981978-0-7064-0620-7Anthony AddisonThe Children's Book of Questions and Answers
1977978-0-7064-0634-4John BradleyGardening Encyclopedia
1978978-0-7064-0694-8Mary ReynoldsThe Love of Italian Cooking
1979978-0-7064-0754-9Kenneth LoComplete Encyclopaedia of Chinese Cooking
1978978-0-7064-0756-3Robert HoldstockEncyclopaedia of Science Fiction
1979978-0-7064-0785-3Susan CoolidgeSelected Works
  ''978-0-7064-0808-9Francis HuntThe Orchid
1978978-0-7064-0810-2Louisa May AlcottLittle Women, Good Wives and Little Men
1979978-0-7064-0857-7Ilan RachumThe RENAISSANCE: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
  ''978-0-7064-0915-4Angie ErrigoIllustrated History of the Rock Album Cover
1980978-0-7064-0967-3Leonard BardenPlay Better Chess
1979978-0-7064-1000-6Elizabeth BlandRomance Stories
  ''978-0-7064-1062-4H.Rider HaggardSelected Works
  ''978-0-7064-1066-2William R. FixStar Maps: Astonishing New Evidence from Ancient Civilisations and Modern Scientific Research of Man's Origins and Return to the Stars
1979978-0-7064-1082-2John HarrisGarden Alphabet, A
  ''978-0-7064-1118-8L. Frank BaumThe wonderful wizard of Oz
1980978-0-7064-1128-7Nigel BlundellWorld's Greatest Mistakes, The
  ''978-0-7064-1138-6Jasper Partington · Shona Crawford PooleIce Cream Book, The
1981978-0-7064-1280-2Clive HirschhornHollywood Musical, The
1982978-0-7064-1285-7Richard B. Jewell · Vernon HarbinThe RKO Story (The complete studio history, with all of the 1,051 films described and illustrated)
1980978-0-7064-1287-1Bill GunstonAircraft of World War II
  ''978-0-7064-1312-0Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland (Treasury of Children's Classics)
  ''978-0-7064-1313-7Louisa May AlcottLittle Women (Treasury of Children's Classics)
1980978-0-7064-1317-5Edgar Allan PoeTales of Mystery and Imagination
  ''978-0-7064-1318-2L. F. BaumWizard of Oz (Pop-up Books)
  ''978-0-7064-1345-8Moyra McNeillQuilting
  ''978-0-7064-1370-0Chris HarveyPorsche (Great Marques S.)
  ''978-0-7064-1380-9Richard IllingArt of Japanese Prints
1979978-0-7064-1387-8Mary Danby65 Great Tales of the Supernatural
1980978-0-7064-1444-8Bedrich FormanBorobudur: The Buddhist Legend in Stone
1981978-0-7064-1492-9J. Riha · Rudolf SubikIllustrated Encyclopaedia of Cacti and Other Succulents
1981978-0-7064-1511-7Deirdre SadlierColour Book of Quiches and Flans
  ''978-0-7064-1565-0Mark TwainSelected Works: Mark Twain (Treasury of World Masterpieces)
  ''978-0-7064-1566-7Arthur Conan DoyleThe celebrated Cases of Sherlock Holmes (Treasury of world masterpieces)
1983978-0-7064-1845-3Jeremy WaltonBMW (Great Marques S.)
1985978-0-7064-1848-4Mary Danby65 Great Spine Chillers
1900978-0-7064-1849-1H G WellsH G Wells Treasury of World Masterpieces
1983978-0-7064-1873-6Clive HirschhornUniversal Story
1984978-0-7064-1937-5K.W. Harde · F. SeveraField Guide in Colour to Beetles
1983978-0-7064-1951-1Jo Barker100 Recipes for Sweets and Candies
  ''978-0-7064-1973-3Jiri FelixColour Guide to Familiar Woodland and Hill Birds
  ''978-0-7064-1977-1Tony (edited by) RussellEncyclopedia of Rock
1985978-0-7064-2057-9John Douglas EamesParamount Story H/B
1984978-0-7064-2092-0Robin CrossMovie Stars Story, The
1985978-0-7064-2115-6Michael BussellePhotographer's Handbook
1984978-0-7064-2125-5Origami - Paperforlding for Fun
1984978-0-7064-2135-4Nigel Blundell · Roger BoarThe World's Greatest Ghosts
1982978-0-7064-2144-6Nigel BlundellThe World's Greatest Crooks and Conmen: And Other Mischievous Malefactors
1984978-0-7064-2145-3Mike ParkerWorld's Most Fantastic Freaks, The
  ''978-0-7064-2148-4Roger Boar · Nigel BlundellWorld's Most Infamous Murders, The
1985978-0-7064-2158-3Elizabeth Dickson · Margaret Colvin"Laura Ashley" Book of Home Decorating
1951978-0-7064-2197-2Isaac. AsimovFOUNDATION I, ROBOT
1984978-0-7064-2202-3Alison UttleyThe Squirrel, The Hare And The Little Grey Rabbit (Little Grey Rabbit Treasury)
978-0-7064-2203-0How Little Grey Rabbit Got Back Her Tail (Little Grey Rabbit Treasury)
1984978-0-7064-2204-7Alison UttleyThe Great Adventure of Hare (Little Gray Rabbit Treasury)
  ''978-0-7064-2205-4   ''The Story of Fuzzypeg the hedgehog (Little Gray Rabbit Treasury)
1985978-0-7064-2219-1David OwenAlfa Romeo (Great Marques S.)
  ''978-0-7064-2367-9Chris HarveyPorsche: Poster Book (Great Marques S.)
1986978-0-7064-2437-9Mark CarwardineEncy Of World Wildlife
1985978-0-7064-2464-5W. AwdryThomas and the Breakdown Train (Thomas the Tank Engine Board Books)
  ''978-0-7064-2530-7Henry McNulty"Vogue" Liqueurs and Spirits
1985978-0-7064-2555-0Phil HardyEncyclopaedia of Western Movies
1988978-0-7064-2568-0Edward L. FermanThe Best Fantasy Stories from The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
1992978-0-7064-2573-4Nigel SlaterMarie Claire's Creative Cuisine
1986978-0-7064-2581-9Ronald BerganUnited Artists Story
  ''978-0-7064-2739-4Sons And Lovers; Lady Chatterley's Lover; St. Mawr, Love Among The Haystacks
  ''978-0-7064-2757-8Clive HirschhornWarner Brothers Story
  ''978-0-7064-2758-5Pride and Prejudice
  ''978-0-7064-2771-4Tom MilneThe encyclopedia of horror movies
1987978-0-7064-2973-2Margaret WealeMicrowave Cooking (Kitchen Library)
1987978-0-7064-2977-0Naomi GoodIndian Cooking (Kitchen Library)
1986978-0-7064-2979-4Wendy GodfreyKenwood Food Processor Cooking (Kitchen Library)
1987978-0-7064-3014-1Pride and Prejudice
1960978-0-7064-3040-0Richard HollissDisney Studio Story
1987978-0-7064-3056-1AnonMystery, Intrigue and Suspense
1988978-0-7064-3105-6Mark SavageWine Book 2 Red Burgundy (Regional guides to the wines of France)
1960978-0-7064-3221-3Donald R. SmithPro Football Hall Of Fam
1988978-0-7064-3238-1Douglas. DixonTHE ILLUSTRATED DINOSAUR ENCYCLOPEDIA.
  ''978-0-7064-3250-3Carole HandslipIces and Cold Desserts (Kitchen Library)
1989978-0-7064-3879-6David JoyceRock Gardens and Alpine Plants
1990978-0-7064-5062-0Arthur Conan DoyleIllustrated Sherlock Holmes

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