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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1969978-0-7020-0001-0W.Mayer- Gross · etc.Clinical Psychiatry
1967978-0-7020-0002-7R.E. Mansfield · Richard JenkinsPractical Anaesthesia for Lung Surgery
  ''978-0-7020-0003-4J.Chassar MoirVesico-vaginal Fistula
1966978-0-7020-0004-1M. Pollock · etc.Family Planning: A Handbook for the Doctor
  ''978-0-7020-0005-8Thomas J. Thomson · Ian E. GillespiePostgraduate Gastroenterology
1967978-0-7020-0006-5Harold Merskey · F.G. SpearPain: Psychological and Psychiatric Aspects
  ''978-0-7020-0007-2J.C. GoligherSurgery of the Anus, Rectum and Colon
1966978-0-7020-0009-6Walpole LewinManagement of Head Injuries
1968978-0-7020-0010-2Vladimir BenesSpinal Cord Injury
1966978-0-7020-0013-3Ferenc VolgyesiHypnosis of Man and Animals
  ''978-0-7020-0014-0Kenneth C. WybarOphthalmology (Concise Medicine Textbooks)
1987978-0-7020-0018-8Academic Seasonal 1987 No2
1987978-0-7020-0019-5Industrial Relations Leaflet 1987
1968978-0-7020-0020-1Katharine F. ArmstrongAtlas of Male Anatomy
1967978-0-7020-0022-5David SainsburyAnimal Health and Housing
  ''978-0-7020-0023-2William R. KellyVeterinary Clinical Diagnosis
  ''978-0-7020-0024-9R. J. GarnerVeterinary Toxicology
  ''978-0-7020-0025-6O.R. AdamsLameness in Horses
1966978-0-7020-0026-3Berge · WesthuesVeterinary Operative Surgery
1967978-0-7020-0027-0W.D. Carlson · E.L. GilletteVeterinary Radiology
1987978-0-7020-0029-4Academic Business Catalogue
  ''978-0-7020-0030-0German Studies
1987978-0-7020-0031-7Earth Science
1966978-0-7020-0032-4A.N. OrmrodSurgery of the Dog and Cat
  ''978-0-7020-0033-1C.T. KingzettChemical Encyclopaedia
1987978-0-7020-0034-8Stocklist 1987
  ''978-0-7020-0035-5Risks & Haz Leaf
  ''978-0-7020-0036-2Geophysical Science Leaf
  ''978-0-7020-0038-6Parisitology Leaf
1987978-0-7020-0039-3Literature & Language 1987-88
  ''978-0-7020-0040-9Academic Stock List 1987/88
1966978-0-7020-0041-6C.Allan BirchMedicine in Britain: A Guide for Overseas Doctors
1987978-0-7020-0042-3Economic Method Leaf
  ''978-0-7020-0043-0Banking & Finance Leaf
1962978-0-7020-0044-7Bernice Wells Carlson · David R. GinglendPlay Activities for the Retarded Child
1988978-0-7020-0045-4Acad Leaflet Latin Amer Studies
1987978-0-7020-0046-1International Relat Leaf
1966978-0-7020-0048-5Marshall B.L. CraigmyleEmbryology (Concise Medicine Textbooks)
1965978-0-7020-0057-7C.John DewhurstStudent's Guide to Obstetrics and Gynaecology
1961978-0-7020-0059-1C.J.C. Earl · H.C. GunzburgSubnormal Personalities
1965978-0-7020-0060-7Hugh FreemanPsychiatric Hospital Care
1987978-0-7020-0063-8Australian Seasonal 1987
1955978-0-7020-0065-2Edward GloverTechnique of Psychoanalysis
1966978-0-7020-0071-3Hans HofmannCataract Operation by Enzymatic Zonulolysis
1965978-0-7020-0075-1Margaret Hollis · Margaret H.S. RoperSuspension Therapy in Rehabilitation
  ''978-0-7020-0080-5Bernard IsaacsIntroduction to Geriatrics
1963978-0-7020-0081-2Jack JosephHuman Osteology (Students' Aids)
1962978-0-7020-0084-3R.J. LastAids to Anatomy
1958978-0-7020-0090-4H.Willoughby Lyle · T.K. LyleApplied Physiology of the Eye
1962978-0-7020-0095-9B. G. Maegraith · G.S. LeitheadClinical Methods in Tropical Medicine
1964978-0-7020-0100-0G.A. MawOrganic Chemistry (Concise Medicine Textbooks)
1965978-0-7020-0101-7Harold Merskey · W.L. TongePsychiatric Illness
1955978-0-7020-0105-5B.W.T. Pender · James O. RobinsonDiagnosis and Management of Urological Cases
1961978-0-7020-0106-2Seymour Philps · J.B. FosterOphthalmic Operations
1960978-0-7020-0107-9W.Bentley PurchaseAids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (Students' Aids)
1958978-0-7020-0112-3James Patterson RossSurgery of the Sympathetic Nervous System
1962978-0-7020-0114-7L.K. SharpInorganic Chemistry
1965978-0-7020-0117-8Redmond John Hamilton SmithClinical Glaucoma
1962978-0-7020-0121-5E.J. SomersetOphthalmology in the Tropics
1963978-0-7020-0123-9Edwin Benzel SteenMedical abbreviations
1965978-0-7020-0136-9Harold JordanTropical Hygiene and Sanitation
1964978-0-7020-0138-3Helena WrightBirth Control
  ''978-0-7020-0139-0Brian AcknerHandbook for Psychiatric Nurses
1970978-0-7020-0142-0unknownAnatomy and Physiology for Nurses
1959978-0-7020-0153-6Hedley G. DimockChild in Hospital
1964978-0-7020-0158-1William C. FreamAids to Tropical Hygiene and Nursing
978-0-7020-0160-4Mary C. HiltzFundamental Nutrition in Health and Disease
1961978-0-7020-0166-6Margaret G. McPhedranMaternity Cycle
1961978-0-7020-0169-7Aileen D. RossBecoming a Nurse
1956978-0-7020-0170-3Comyns BerkeleyPictorial Midwifery
1961978-0-7020-0172-7C.E. WatsonHandbook for Ambulance Room Attendants
1964978-0-7020-0174-1G H ArthurWright's Veterinary Obstetrics, Including Diseases of Reproduction
1955978-0-7020-0177-2S.H. Gaiger · G.O. DaviesVeterinary Pathology and Bacteriology
1965978-0-7020-0181-9Rowen Dale FrandsonAnatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals
1966978-0-7020-0182-6W.J. GibbonsClinical Diagnosis of Diseases of Large Animals
1963978-0-7020-0187-1G.H. Henderson · J. StrattonVeterinary Handbook
1961978-0-7020-0190-1J.O.L. KingVeterinary Dietetics
1962978-0-7020-0196-3D.C. MaplesdenHandbook of Practical Nutrition and Feeding of Domestic Animals
978-0-7020-0199-4Mastiha Hand Cream
1965978-0-7020-0202-1O.W. SchalmVeterinary Hematology
1961978-0-7020-0206-9I.A. Merchant · R.A. PackerVeterinary Bacteriology and Virology
1960978-0-7020-0210-6Horace ThorntonInspection of Food
1963978-0-7020-0214-4Edwin George White · F.T.W. JordanVeterinary Preventive Medicine
1960978-0-7020-0215-1J.H. WhitlockDiagnosis of Veterinary Parasitisms
1947978-0-7020-0217-5W.Long WilliamsDiseases of the Genital Organs of Domestic Animals
1967978-0-7020-0226-7Susanna MarshallEar, Nose and Throat Nursing (Nurses' Aids)
  ''978-0-7020-0228-1Marjorie Houghton · J. HuddTheatre Technique (Nurses' Aids)
  ''978-0-7020-0230-4William M. StokoeGuide to Comparative Veterinary Anatomy
1968978-0-7020-0231-1M. MaizelsHaematology in Diagnosis and Treatment
  ''978-0-7020-0232-8G. Ambrose · G. NewboldHandbook of Medical Hypnosis
  ''978-0-7020-0233-5F. CharlesworthChiropodial Orthopaedics
1968978-0-7020-0234-2Leslie W. HallFluid Balance in Canine Surgery
  ''978-0-7020-0235-9Charles Henry May · Claud A. WorthManual of the Diseases of the Eye
  ''978-0-7020-0236-6E.L. PerryWard Administration and Teaching
  ''978-0-7020-0237-3H.O. MonnigVeterinary Helminthology and Entomology
  ''978-0-7020-0238-0Horace ThorntonTextbook of Meat Inspection
1969978-0-7020-0240-3Marjorie Houghton · J.E. ParnellPractical Procedures for Nurses (Nurses' Aids)
1968978-0-7020-0241-0Robert M. Schwartzman · Frank KralColour Atlas of Canine and Feline Dermatoses
1969978-0-7020-0242-7F.G. StartupDiseases of the Canine Eye
1970978-0-7020-0243-4J.A. LaingFertility and Infertility in Domestic Animals
1968978-0-7020-0244-1J.C. Goligher · etc.Ulcerative Colitis
1968978-0-7020-0245-8Peter J. ScheuerLiver Biopsy Interpretation
  ''978-0-7020-0246-5C. G. A ThomasMedical microbiology (Concise medical textbooks)
1961978-0-7020-0248-9M.M. BenjaminOutline of Veterinary Clinical Pathology
1965978-0-7020-0249-6L.Meyer JonesVeterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics
978-0-7020-0250-2R.A. Runnells · etc.Principles of Veterinary Pathology
1964978-0-7020-0251-9H.L. Foust · R. GettyVeterinary Histology and Embryology
1954978-0-7020-0252-6   ''Anatomy of Domestic Animals
1964978-0-7020-0254-0I.A. Merchant · R.D. BarnerOutline of Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals
1963978-0-7020-0259-5E.A. BenbrookOutline of Parasites Reported for Domesticated Animals in North America
1968978-0-7020-0260-1H.C. GunzburgSocial Competence and Mental Handicap
  ''978-0-7020-0261-8J.D. Sutherland · etc.Psychoanalytic Approach
  ''978-0-7020-0262-5John R. Annis · Algernon R. AllenAtlas of Canine Surgery
  ''978-0-7020-0263-2E. Joan. BocockMicrobiology For Nurses
1968978-0-7020-0264-9D.C. BloodVeterinary Medicine
  ''978-0-7020-0265-6Frederick Stanley StewartBacteriology and Immunology for Students of Medicine
  ''978-0-7020-0266-3G.R. DanielTreatment of Mental Disorders in the Community
  ''978-0-7020-0267-0Donald Hunter · R. R. Bomford · David G. PeningtonHutchison's Clinical Methods
  ''978-0-7020-0268-7M.E. SwireHandbook of Practical Nursing
1968978-0-7020-0269-4Hubert Carey TrowellDiagnosis and Treatment of Diseases in the Tropics
  ''978-0-7020-0270-0E. S. E. HafezReproduction in Farm Animals
  ''978-0-7020-0271-7Barbara F. CapeNurses' Dictionary
1969978-0-7020-0272-4W. HummRehabilitation of the Lower Limb Amputee
1968978-0-7020-0273-1E. S. E. HafezAdaptation of Domestic Animals
1969978-0-7020-0274-8P. B. Bennett · D.H. ElliottPhysiology and Medicine of Diving and Compressed Air Work
1968978-0-7020-0278-6J.C. GoligherCare of Your Colostomy
1969978-0-7020-0280-9C.John Dewhurst · Ronald R. GordonIntersexual Disorders
  ''978-0-7020-0281-6Margaret Knott · Dorothy E. VossProprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation: Patterns and Techniques
  ''978-0-7020-0282-3A. AltschulPsychiatric Nursing (Nurses' Aids)
1969978-0-7020-0283-0Walter G. JoffeWhat is Psychoanalysis? (Winter lectures/British Psychoanalytical Society)
  ''978-0-7020-0284-7Katharine F. Armstrong · Norna JamiesonSurgical Nursing (Nurses' Aids Series)
  ''978-0-7020-0285-4W.J. DillingClinical Pharmacology
  ''978-0-7020-0286-1James H. CyriaxTextbook of Orthopaedic Medicine: Diagnosis of Soft Tissues Lesions v. 1
1970978-0-7020-0287-8Roger Francis Tredgold · Kenneth SoddyMental Retardation
1969978-0-7020-0288-5S.P. Datta · J.H. OttawayBiochemistry (Concise Medicine Textbooks)
  ''978-0-7020-0289-2A. AltschulPsychiatric Nursing (Nurses' Aids)
1969978-0-7020-0290-8E. S. E. HafezBehaviour of Domestic Animals
  ''978-0-7020-0291-5Ambrose J. King · Claude NicolVenereal Diseases
  ''978-0-7020-0292-2J.Masters HolmesObstetrics (Concise Medicine Textbooks)
1968978-0-7020-0293-9R. A. Hoffman · etc.Golden Hamster
1969978-0-7020-0297-7Katharine F. ArmstrongAtlas of Female Anatomy
1970978-0-7020-0298-4John Stanley HeathAids to Veterinary Nursing
1969978-0-7020-0299-1Margaret Duncombe · Barbara F. WellerPaediatric Nursing (Nurses' Aids)
  ''978-0-7020-0300-4Margaret Duncombe · Barbara F. WellerPaediatric Nursing (Nurses' Aids)
  ''978-0-7020-0301-1Katharine F. ArmstrongSurgical Nursing (Nurses' Aids)
1965978-0-7020-0302-8Michael DruryThe Medical Secretary's Handbook
1969978-0-7020-0303-5M.H. DuffieldExercise in Water
1969978-0-7020-0304-2W. Medway · etc.Textbook of Veterinary Clinical Pathology
  ''978-0-7020-0305-9Vera Da CruzBailliere's Midwives' Dictionary
  ''978-0-7020-0306-6James Ensign CrouchText Atlas of Cat Anatomy
  ''978-0-7020-0307-3James R. RooneyBiomechanics of Lameness in Horses
  ''978-0-7020-0308-0Calvin W. SchwabeVeterinary Medicine and Human Health
1969978-0-7020-0309-7W.J. DillingClinical Pharmacology
  ''978-0-7020-0311-0M.Keith ThompsonGeriatrics and the General Practitioner's Team
  ''978-0-7020-0312-7E.Bellis ClaytonElectrotherapy and Actinotherapy
  ''978-0-7020-0313-4Rosemary E. BaileyObstetric and Gynaecological Nursing (Nurses' Aids)
  ''978-0-7020-0314-1   ''Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing - Nurses' Aids Series
1969978-0-7020-0315-8W.L. HuntlyPersonal and Community Health
  ''978-0-7020-0316-5   ''Personal and Community Health (Nurses' Aids)
  ''978-0-7020-0317-2A. AltschulPsychology for Nurses (Nurses' Aids)
  ''978-0-7020-0318-9   ''Psychology for Nurses (Nurses' Aids)
1970978-0-7020-0321-9Pamela Mountjoy · Barbara WytheNursing Care of the Unconscious Patient
  ''978-0-7020-0324-0E.J. Hull · B.J. IsaacsDo-it-yourself Revision for Nurses: Bk. 1
1970978-0-7020-0325-7E.J. Hull · B.J. IsaacsDo-it-yourself Revision for Nurses - Book 2
  ''978-0-7020-0326-4C.R.W. SpeddingSheep Production and Grazing Management
1969978-0-7020-0327-1M. PetrakDiseases of Cage and Aviary Birds
1970978-0-7020-0328-8R.G. PennPharmacology (Concise Medicine Textbooks)
  ''978-0-7020-0329-5W.D. TavernorNutrition and Disease in Experimental Animals
1969978-0-7020-0330-1L.E. McDonaldVeterinary Endocrinology and Reproduction
1970978-0-7020-0331-8Desmond G. JulianCardiology (Concise Medicine Textbooks)
  ''978-0-7020-0332-5Evelyn Hope DavisonSocial Casework
  ''978-0-7020-0333-2N. BjorkmanAtlas of Placental Fine Structure
1970978-0-7020-0334-9Stanley MilesBailliere's Handbook of First Aid
  ''978-0-7020-0335-6Hyam Sydney KleinSexuality and Aggression in Maturation (Winter lectures, 1969/British Psychoanalytical Society)
  ''978-0-7020-0336-3E.M. Macdonald · etc.Occupational Therapy in Rehabilitation
  ''978-0-7020-0338-7William C. FreamApplied Human Biology for Nurses
  ''978-0-7020-0339-4Stanley Miles · Peter J. RoylanceTeaching First Aid
1970978-0-7020-0340-0J. Garrad · Sir M. RosenheimSocial Aspects of Clinical Medicine
1971978-0-7020-0341-7J.M.Munro KerrOperative Obstetrics
  ''978-0-7020-0342-4J. HobkirkAnaesthetics for Nurses (Nurses' Aids)
1970978-0-7020-0343-1M.K. ChisholmInsight into Health Visiting
1971978-0-7020-0344-8Donald PatersonSick Children
  ''978-0-7020-0345-5H.W. DunneDiseases of Swine
1970978-0-7020-0346-2Arthur Ramsden JenningsAnimal Pathology
  ''978-0-7020-0349-3R.D. RadeleffVeterinary Toxicology
  ''978-0-7020-0350-9R. ZemjanisDiagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques in Animal Reproduction
1971978-0-7020-0351-6Marjorie HoughtonPocket Book of Ward Information
1965978-0-7020-0352-3I.E. NewsomSheep Diseases
1970978-0-7020-0353-0"Anomaly"The Invert
1971978-0-7020-0354-7E. S. E. Hafez · Irwin A. DyerAnimal Growth and Nutrition
1970978-0-7020-0355-4Elaine L. Cohen · J.S. PegumDermatology (Concise Medicine Textbooks)
1971978-0-7020-0356-1G.C. Brander · D.M. PughVeterinary Applied Pharmacology and Therapeutics
1970978-0-7020-0357-8Joan BurrNursing the Psychiatric Patient
1971978-0-7020-0358-5James H. CyriaxTextbook of Orthopaedic Medicine: Treatment by Manipulation Massage and Injection v. 2
1970978-0-7020-0359-2Joan BurrNursing the Psychiatric Patient
1971978-0-7020-0360-8Edwin Benzel SteenDictionary of Abbreviations in Medicine and the Related Sciences
1971978-0-7020-0361-5A.B. Meering · G.E.M. StaceyNursery Nursing: Handbook of Child Care
1970978-0-7020-0362-2E. S. E. HafezReproduction and Breeding Techniques for Laboratory Animals
1971978-0-7020-0363-9James R. RooneyAutopsy of the Horse
  ''978-0-7020-0364-6A.C. AndersenBeagle as an Experimental Dog

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