Chatto & Windus

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-0-7011-8455-1Sadie JonesSmall Wars
2011978-0-7011-8457-5John FullerWho Is Ozymandias?: And other Puzzles in Poetry
2010978-0-7011-8460-5Nigella LawsonKitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home
2009978-0-7011-8462-9Richard RussoThat Old Cape Magic
2010978-0-7011-8466-7Margaret ForsterIsa and May
2011978-0-7011-8470-4Zarghuna KargarDear Zari: Hidden Stories from Women of Afghanistan
2013978-0-7011-8472-8Patrick MarnhamSnake Dance: Journeys Beneath a Nuclear Sky
2009978-0-7011-8480-3Frances WoodsfordDear Mr Bigelow: A Transatlantic Friendship
2010978-0-7011-8483-4Xiaolu GuoLovers in the Age of Indifference
  ''978-0-7011-8484-1Blake MorrisonThe Last Weekend
2012978-0-7011-8485-8Will CohuThe Wolf Pit: A Moorland Romance
2011978-0-7011-8488-9Anna Del ConteCooking with Coco: Family Recipes to Cook Together
2010978-0-7011-8490-2Lisa MooreFebruary
  ''978-0-7011-8491-9John FullerPebble & I
2011978-0-7011-8500-8Hal VaughanSleeping With the Enemy: Coco Chanel, Nazi Agent
  ''978-0-7011-8501-5Hal VaughanSleeping With the Enemy: Coco Chanel, Nazi Agent
  ''978-0-7011-8504-6Sara StockbridgeCross My Palm
2010978-0-7011-8505-3Adam O'RiordanIn the Flesh
2011978-0-7011-8507-7Siân ReesMoll: The Life and Times of Moll Flanders
2012978-0-7011-8508-4Jason WebsterA Death in Valencia: (Max Cámara 2)
2011978-0-7011-8509-1Jason WebsterOr the Bull Kills You: (Max Cámara 1)
2012978-0-7011-8518-3Gillian TindallThree Houses, Many Lives
2012978-0-7011-8520-6Rose TremainMerivel: A Man of His Time
2010978-0-7011-8534-3Michael HolroydA Book of Secrets: Illegitimate Daughters, Absent Fathers
2013978-0-7011-8535-0Stephen GroszThe Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves
2011978-0-7011-8547-3Ferdinand von SchirachCrime
  ''978-0-7011-8550-3Amos OzScenes from Village Life
2012978-0-7011-8555-8Ruth PadelThe Mara Crossing
2010978-0-7011-8556-5Manuel De LopeThe Wrong Blood
2011978-0-7011-8557-2Irène NémirovskyThe Wine of Solitude
2010978-0-7011-8563-3Angela Macmillan · Blake MorrisonA Little, Aloud: An anthology of prose and poetry for reading aloud to someone you care for
2012978-0-7011-8573-2Thomas WrightCirculation: William Harvey's Revolutionary Idea
  ''978-0-7011-8584-8Bethan RobertsMy Policeman
2011978-0-7011-8591-6Susan HillA Kind Man
2010978-0-7011-8592-3Fannie FlaggI Still Dream About You
2012978-0-7011-8598-5Gaby HinsliffHalf a Wife: The Working Family's Guide to Getting a Life Back
2011978-0-7011-8599-2Gillian LynneA Dancer in Wartime: One girl's journey from the Blitz to Sadler's Wells
  ''978-0-7011-8602-9Karen RussellSwamplandia!
2012978-0-7011-8603-6Alan RootIvory, Apes & Peacocks: Animals, adventure and discovery in the wild places of Africa
  ''978-0-7011-8604-3Alan RootIvory, Apes & Peacocks: Animals, adventure and discovery in the wild places of Africa
2012978-0-7011-8607-4Toni MorrisonHome
2010978-0-7011-8619-7Javier MariasWhile the Women are Sleeping
2011978-0-7011-8620-3Anita DesaiThe Artist of Disappearance
  ''978-0-7011-8621-0Meg WolitzerThe Uncoupling
2013978-0-7011-8624-1Roy HattersleyThe Devonshires: The Story of a Family and a Nation
2012978-0-7011-8625-8Mary McCartneyFood: Vegetarian Home Cooking
2011978-0-7011-8627-2Elizabeth BishopProse: The Centenary Edition
  ''978-0-7011-8628-9Elizabeth BishopPoems: The Centenary Edition
2014978-0-7011-8629-6Neel MukherjeeThe Lives of Others
2012978-0-7011-8639-5Kerry HudsonTony Hogan Bought Me an Ice-cream Float Before He Stole My Ma
2011978-0-7011-8640-1Moni MohsinTender Hooks
2013978-0-7011-8643-2Charles Rangeley-WilsonSilt Road: The Story of a Lost River
2012978-0-7011-8644-9Peter MooreDamn His Blood: Being a True and Detailed History of the Most Barbarous and Inhumane Murder at Oddingley and the Quick and Awful Retribution
  ''978-0-7011-8648-7Ferdinand von SchirachGuilt
2011978-0-7011-8653-1David KynastonCity of London: The History
2012978-0-7011-8656-2Susan HillA Question of Identity: Simon Serrailler Book 7
2016978-0-7011-8658-6Sarah BakewellAt The Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails
2014978-0-7011-8659-3Irène NémirovskyThe Fires of Autumn
2012978-0-7011-8667-8Etgar KeretSuddenly, a Knock on the Door
  ''978-0-7011-8671-5Sadie JonesThe Uninvited Guests
2012978-0-7011-8672-2Sadie JonesThe Uninvited Guests
  ''978-0-7011-8675-3Irène NémirovskyThe Misunderstanding
  ''978-0-7011-8681-4Grace McCleenThe Land of Decoration
2013978-0-7011-8684-5Helen MortDivision Street
2012978-0-7011-8689-0Gavin FrancisEmpire Antarctica: Ice, Silence & Emperor Penguins
2013978-0-7011-8690-6Jason WebsterThe Anarchist Detective: (Max Cámara 3)
2012978-0-7011-8692-0Janet DaveyBy Battersea Bridge
  ''978-0-7011-8699-9Francesca SegalThe Innocents
2011978-0-7011-8711-8David MaloufThe Happy Life: The Search for Contentment in the Modern World
2016978-0-7011-8713-2Luke DittrichPatient H.M.: A Story of Memory, Madness and Family Secrets
2011978-0-7011-8716-3Edmund de WaalThe Hare With Amber Eyes: The Illustrated Edition
2012978-0-7011-8719-4Anne TylerThe Beginner's Goodbye
  ''978-0-7011-8720-0Anne TylerThe Beginner's Goodbye
2013978-0-7011-8722-4Ahmed Errachidi · Gillian SlovoThe General: The ordinary man who challenged Guantanamo
2014978-0-7011-8730-9Nick DaviesHack Attack: How the truth caught up with Rupert Murdoch
2012978-0-7011-8733-0Nigella LawsonNigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration
2012978-0-7011-8744-6Anne RiceThe Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles)
2016978-0-7011-8756-9Edmund GordonThe Invention of Angela Carter: A Biography
2017978-0-7011-8758-3Dora CarringtonCarrington's Letters: Her Art, Her Loves, Her Friendships
2014978-0-7011-8764-4Susan HillThe Soul of Discretion: Simon Serrailler Book 8
  ''978-0-7011-8765-1   ''The Soul of Discretion: Simon Serrailler Book 8
2018978-0-7011-8767-5   ''The Comforts of Home: Simon Serrailler Book 9
2015978-0-7011-8770-5Edmund de WaalThe White Road: a pilgrimage of sorts
  ''978-0-7011-8771-2   ''The White Road: a pilgrimage of sorts: In Search for Porcelain
2014978-0-7011-8774-3Jason WebsterThe Spy with 29 Names: The story of the Second World War's most audacious double agent
2013978-0-7011-8779-8Diana CooperDarling Monster: The Letters of Lady Diana Cooper to her Son John Julius Norwich 1939-1952
2012978-0-7011-8784-2Alice MunroDear Life
  ''978-0-7011-8786-6Susan HillThe Mist In The Mirror
  ''978-0-7011-8798-9Grace Coddington · Michael RobertsGrace: A Memoir
2015978-0-7011-8799-6Peter MooreThe Weather Experiment: The Pioneers who Sought to see the Future
2013978-0-7011-8803-0NoViolet BulawayoWe Need New Names
2012978-0-7011-8809-2Rose TremainRestoration
2013978-0-7011-8825-2Anne RiceThe Wolves of Midwinter (The Wolf Gift Chronicles)
2016978-0-7011-8844-3Laura CummingThe Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez
2014978-0-7011-8850-4Sadie JonesFallout
2014978-0-7011-8857-3Liz BerryBlack Country
2015978-0-7011-8862-7Anne Morrow LindberghGift from the Sea
2016978-0-7011-8865-8Gillian TindallThe Tunnel Through Time: A New Route for an Old London Journey
2015978-0-7011-8866-5Mark VanhoenackerSkyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot
  ''978-0-7011-8867-2Mark VanhoenackerSkyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot
  ''978-0-7011-8869-6Sarah HoweLoop of Jade
2020978-0-7011-8871-9Carolyn SteelSitopia: How to Live Well on a Hungry Planet
2017978-0-7011-8881-8Peter AckroydQueer City: Gay London from the Romans to the Present Day
2016978-0-7011-8891-7Lynn KnightThe Button Box: Lifting the Lid on Women's Lives
2014978-0-7011-8900-6Nigella LawsonNigella Summer: Easy Cooking, Easy Eating (Nigella Collection)
2016978-0-7011-8902-0Lauren ElkinFlaneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London
2014978-0-7011-8905-1Richard FlanaganThe Narrow Road to the Deep North
2015978-0-7011-8912-9Daisy HayMr and Mrs Disraeli: A Strange Romance
2014978-0-7011-8913-6Nigella LawsonNigella Express: Good Food Fast (Nigella Collection)
2015978-0-7011-8915-0   ''Nigella Bites (Nigella Collection)
2014978-0-7011-8916-7Nigella LawsonNigella Christmas: Food, Family, Friends, Festivities (Nigella Collection)
2015978-0-7011-8917-4   ''Nigellissima: Instant Italian Inspiration (Nigella Collection)
2014978-0-7011-8918-1   ''How To Eat: The Pleasures and Principles of Good Food (Nigella Collection)
  ''978-0-7011-8919-8   ''Feast: Food that Celebrates Life (Nigella Collection)
  ''978-0-7011-8931-0Ruby TandohCrumb: The Baking Book
2015978-0-7011-8935-8Nigella LawsonSimply Nigella: Feel Good Food
  ''978-0-7011-8937-2Mary McCartneyAt My Table: Vegetarian Feasts for Family and Friends
2014978-0-7011-8942-6Anne RicePrince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles 11
2016978-0-7011-8944-0   ''Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis: The Vampire Chronicles 12
2016978-0-7011-8945-7Anne RicePrince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis: The Vampire Chronicles 12