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ISBN 978-0-697-00001-9 to 978-0-697-00462-8 > ISBN 978-0-697-00464-2 to 978-0-697-01351-4 >> ISBN 978-0-697-80962-9 to end of this ISBN range

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1911978-0-697-00001-9Robert AdamsonShort History of Logic
2004978-0-697-00003-3J. J. FahieGalileo His Life and Work
1964978-0-697-00014-9Charles Grosvenor OsgoodClassical Mythology of Milton's English Poems
1986978-0-697-00019-4Noel ValoisGuillaume D'Auvergne: Eveque De Paris (1228-1249)- Sa vie and Ses Ouvrages (French Edition)
978-0-697-00028-6Scholastica Commentaria in Primam Partem Summae Theologicae S. Thomae Aquinatis,: de Deo Uno
1967978-0-697-00032-3E. M. CopeIntroduction to Aristotle's Rhetoric With Analysis, Notes, and Appendices
1934978-0-697-00036-1J. DurantelSt. Thomas Et Le Pseudo-Denis (Medieval Studies Ser.)
978-0-697-00037-8EfrosProblem of Space in Jewish Med
1974978-0-697-00038-5C. HalmRhetores Latini Minores Repr of 1853
1934978-0-697-00039-2P. HenryPlotin et l' Occident: Firmicus Maternus Marius Victorinus Saint Augustin Et Macrobe (Classical Studies Ser)
1997978-0-697-00041-5Wincenty LutoslawskiOrigin and Growth of Plato's Logic: With Account of Plato's Style and of the Chronology of His Writings
1938978-0-697-00044-6Aldo MieliScience Arabe and Son Role Dans L'Evolution Scientifique Mondiale
1940978-0-697-00045-3RODIERTraite De L'Ame: 1
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  ''978-0-697-00053-8Thomas Patrick HughesA Dictionary of Islam: Being a Cyclopaedia of the Doctrines, Rites, Ceremonies and Customs, Together With the Technical and Theological Terms, of th
1980978-0-697-00055-2Frederick PollockSpinoza: His Life and Philosophy (Reprints in Philosophy)
1989978-0-697-00057-6John Gilmary SheaPerils of the Ocean and Wilderness: Narrative of Shipwreck and Indian Captivity
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1987978-0-697-00059-0Epicurus · H. UsenerEpicurea
1986978-0-697-00062-0Seppo E. Iso-AholaPsychology of Sports: A Social Psychological Approach
  ''978-0-697-00063-7Kathleen D. Mullen · etc.Connections for Health
1985978-0-697-00066-8Leland G. Johnson · Rebecca JohnsonEssentials of Biology: Laboratory Manual
1989978-0-697-00068-2Jennifer Wall · Nancy MurrayChildren & Movement: Physical Education in the Elementary School
1984978-0-697-00073-6L.Dodge Fernald · P.S. FernaldIntroduction to Psychology: Student Study Gde
  ''978-0-697-00075-0KlinzingCommunication Allied Hlth Prof
1985978-0-697-00077-4Jarrel C. GroutProgramming with BASIC: A Structured Approach
1984978-0-697-00078-1George Harvey SageMotor Learning and Control: A Neuropsychological Approach
1979978-0-697-00079-8Bruce H AxlerFoodservice
1985978-0-697-00080-4Victor Law · Johnette HassellStandard Pascal
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  ''978-0-697-00082-8John E. H SherryLegal aspects of foodservice management (A NIFI textbook)
1984978-0-697-00086-6Martha D CollinsDiagnostic-prescriptive reading instruction: A guide for classroom teachers
  ''978-0-697-00087-3Alfred F. MorrisSports Medicine: Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  ''978-0-697-00089-7James C ThomsonMusic through the Renaissance
  ''978-0-697-00092-7Marvin GoreStudent workbook [for] Elements of systems analysis [Third edition]
1987978-0-697-00096-5Patricia M. Wallace · etc.Introduction to Psychology
1904978-0-697-00102-3Luther Halsey GulickPhysical Education by Muscular Exercise
1985978-0-697-00103-0Johann C. Guts MuthsGymnastics for Youth (Physical Education Reprint)
1989978-0-697-00105-4Dudley Allen SargentDudley Allen Sargent: An Autobiography (Physical Education Reprint Ser)
1985978-0-697-00114-6Richard · Wolford, Bruce SnarrIntroduction to Corrections
1984978-0-697-00115-3Judy C. PearsonGender and Communication
1987978-0-697-00116-0Richard J. Phipps · Richard L. WinkInvitation to the Gallery: An Introduction to Art
  ''978-0-697-00118-4Mike BoboPrinciples of Coaching Football
1985978-0-697-00119-1AllaireBasics of the Finite Element Method Solid Mechanics Heat Transfer
1986978-0-697-00121-4Victot J. LawStandard Pascal: An Introduction to Structured Software Design (Instructor's Manual)
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1985978-0-697-00132-0Ann E. Jewett · Linda L. BainCurriculum Process in Physical Education
1987978-0-697-00133-7John Gordon DennisStructural Geology: An Introduction
1984978-0-697-00134-4Laboratory Manual
1990978-0-697-00137-5William P. Cunningham · Barbara Woodworth SaigoEnvironmental Science: A Global Concern
1983978-0-697-00138-2Edouard J. DesautelsSupercalc for the IBM Personal Computer (Book & Diskette)
1985978-0-697-00139-9Charles R CarrollDrugs in Modern Society
1986978-0-697-00140-5George R. ColferContemporary Physical Education
1984978-0-697-00142-9Jacquelyn B. CarrCommunication with Myself: A Journal
1984978-0-697-00144-3Joe HendersonRunning for Fitness, for Sport and for Life
  ''978-0-697-00145-0Dean F MillerDimensions of community health
1985978-0-697-00146-7James H. Price · Nicholas Galli · Suzanne SlenkerConsumer Health: Contemporary Issues and Choices
  ''978-0-697-00147-4Melvin H. WilliamsLifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness: A Personal Choice
  ''978-0-697-00149-8Leland G. Johnson · Rebecca L. JohnsonEssentials of Biology
1928978-0-697-00152-8Frederick F. Blachly · Miriame OatmanGovernment and Administration of Germany (Brookings Institution Reprint Series)
1958978-0-697-00155-9James F. GreenUnited Nations and Human Rights
1926978-0-697-00158-0Charles O. HardyTax Exempt Securities and the Surtax
978-0-697-00160-3KuczynskiBalance Birth: II
1927978-0-697-00161-0Albert LangelutigDepartment of Justice of the United States
1972978-0-697-00163-4Cleona LewisInternational Accounts
1984978-0-697-00179-5Bruce BenwardInstructor's manual for Jazz improvisation in theory and practice
  ''978-0-697-00183-2Gerald L. Wilson · etc.Interpersonal Growth Through Communication
1984978-0-697-00184-9Alan HoenigWordStar for CP/M based computers (Micropower series)
  ''978-0-697-00188-7James H ReedEssentials of business mathematics: Instructor's edition
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1985978-0-697-00194-8Mulukutla S SarmaSolutions manual, electric machines: Steady-state theory and dynamic performance
  ''978-0-697-00195-5Robert C FellingerIntroduction to engineering thermodynamics: Solutions manual
  ''978-0-697-00198-6Janice D. Lapointe-CrumpIn Balance: The Fundamentals of Ballet
1984978-0-697-00199-3Arnold S. Kahn · etc.Social Psychology: Student Study Gde
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2001978-0-697-00202-0Hastings H. HartJuvenile Court Laws in the U.S.
1932978-0-697-00203-7   ''Plans for City Police Jails and Village Lockups
1910978-0-697-00204-4Charles R. HendersonPreventative Agencies and Methods (Russell Sage Foundation Reprint Series)
  ''978-0-697-00205-1   ''Penal and Reformatory Institutions (Russell Sage Foundation Reprint)
1910978-0-697-00206-8Charles R. HendersonPrison Reform (Russell Sage Foundation Reprint)
1951978-0-697-00207-5Lloyd E. OhlinSelection for Parole
1971978-0-697-00209-9Mary RichmondThe Long View
  ''978-0-697-00210-5Fred W. CottrellRailroader (Russell Sage Foundation Reprint Series)
1975978-0-697-00211-2Alfred North WhiteheadA Philosopher Looks at Science (Reprints in Philosophy)
1974978-0-697-00215-0Robert Francis WinchMate Selection: A Study of Complementary Needs
1971978-0-697-00216-7Fay Berger KarpfAmerican Social Psychology: Its Origins Development and European Background (Reprints in Sociology Ser)
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1937978-0-697-00220-4William I. ThomasPrimitive Behavior (Reprints in Sociology Series)
1972978-0-697-00221-1Harmon ZieglerPolitics of Education in the States
1985978-0-697-00223-5L. Dodge FernaldInstructor's manual for Introduction to psychology
1984978-0-697-00230-3Michael V. Laric · M. Ronald StiffMultiplan for the IBM Personal Computer
  ''978-0-697-00233-4H.Lloyd GoodallSmall Group Communication in Organizations
1986978-0-697-00236-5Terry WesnerTrigonometry With Applications
1984978-0-697-00237-2John P GrilloIntroduction to graphics for the TI-99/4A (Micropower series)
1988978-0-697-00240-2Joe HendersonTotal Fitness: Training for Life
1985978-0-697-00257-0James SucecHeat Transfer
  ''978-0-697-00258-7Steven M CoxThe criminal justice network: An introduction
1984978-0-697-00259-4Michael V LaricMultiplan for the Apple II plus and IIe (Micropower series)
  ''978-0-697-00260-0John W. Santrock · Steven R. YussenChildren and Adolescents: A Developmental Perspective: Study Gde
1985978-0-697-00264-8Judy C PearsonInstructor's manual: Gender and communication
1987978-0-697-00265-5Harry L. Nustad · Terry H. WesnerPrinciples of Elementary Algebra with Applications (1987)
1985978-0-697-00270-9   ''Principles of Intermediate Algebra With Applications
1985978-0-697-00274-7Johnette HassellWorkbook, standard pascal: An introduction to structured software design
1986978-0-697-00278-5J.W. Click · R.N. BairdMagazine Editing and Production
1985978-0-697-00281-5Harry L. Nustad & Daniel L. BuchananStudent Workbook Intermediate Algebra With Applications
1984978-0-697-00282-2Jerrold S. GreenbergManaging Stress: A Personal Guide
1986978-0-697-00285-3Samuel C CertoPrinciples of modern management: Functions and systems
1984978-0-697-00289-1Arnold S. KahnSocial Psychology
  ''978-0-697-00290-7Michael YessisHandball
1987978-0-697-00291-4Garth A. And Philip E. Allsen FisherJogging
1984978-0-697-00292-1Creig S. Hoyt · Julie HoytCycling
  ''978-0-697-00293-8Arnold William Umbach · Warren JohnsonWrestling
1986978-0-697-00294-5ApfelstadtMusic Fundamental Appl (9 Discs)
1985978-0-697-00295-2Arthur C. EdwardsBeginning String Class Method for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass
1986978-0-697-00298-3Workbook for Listeners Guide to Musical Understanding
  ''978-0-697-00300-3Phillip DavisPhotography
  ''978-0-697-00301-0Phil DavisPhotography, instructor's manual
1985978-0-697-00304-1James A. Doyle · Michelle A., Jr. PaludiSex and Gender: The Human Experience
1985978-0-697-00306-5Harold J. BensonMicrobiological Applications: A Laboratory Manual in General Microbiology
  ''978-0-697-00307-2Harold J BensonMicrobiological applications: A laboratory manual in general microbiology
1986978-0-697-00310-2John W SantrockPsychology--the science of mind and behavior
1989978-0-697-00311-9Armeda F. FerriniHealth in the Later Years
1987978-0-697-00312-6Richard A. DavisOceanography: An Introduction to the Marine Environment
978-0-697-00315-7Applied Foodservice Sanitation
1990978-0-697-00316-4Janet Kemp · Jean FeinsteinComputers: Instructors' Manual: Concepts and Applications
  ''978-0-697-00317-1Feinstein & FeingoldComputers:Concepts & Applctns Wb
1985978-0-697-00318-8Stephen A. MillerGeneral Zoology Laboratory Manual
1984978-0-697-00320-1Walter F. CuirledBASE II for the IBM Personal Computer (128K)
  ''978-0-697-00321-8   ''dBASE II for the IBM Personal Computer
1985978-0-697-00322-5Walter F. CuirleAn Executive Guide to dBASE II for CP/m Based Computers
1983978-0-697-00323-2R. StokesIntroduction to Sociology
1984978-0-697-00324-9L. Dodge Fernald · P.S. FernaldIntroduction to Psychology
  ''978-0-697-00327-0Visicalc for the IBM Personal Computer (Book and Diskette)
  ''978-0-697-00328-7Edouard J. DesautelsVisicalc for the Trs-80 Models I, III and 4 Computers (Book and Diskette)
  ''978-0-697-00329-4   ''Visicalc for the Apple II Plus and IIE Computers (Book and Diskette)
  ''978-0-697-00330-0Michael V. Laric · M. Ronald StiffMultiplan for the IBM Personal Computer (Book & Diskette)
1984978-0-697-00331-7Michael V. Laric · M. Ronald StiffMultiplan for the Apple II Plus Ii/E (Book & Diskette)
  ''978-0-697-00333-1John P. GrilloTechniques of Basic for the IBM Personal Computer (Book and Diskette)
  ''978-0-697-00334-8   ''Introduction to Graphics for the IBM Personal Computer (Book and Diskette)
  ''978-0-697-00335-5   ''Data and File Management for the IBM Personal Computer (Book and Diskette)
  ''978-0-697-00337-9Edouard J. DessautelsLotus 1-2-3 for the IBM Personal Computer (Book & Diskette)
1984978-0-697-00338-6Don CasselBasic Programming for the Commodore 64: Book and Diskette
  ''978-0-697-00343-0Edouard J. DesautelsVisicalc for the TRS 80 Models III and 4 Computers (Micropower series)
  ''978-0-697-00345-4Edouard J DesautelsVisiCalc for the Apple II plus and IIe computers (Micropower series)
  ''978-0-697-00346-1John P. Grillo · J.D. RobertsonTechniques of Basic for the IBM Personal Computer
1985978-0-697-00351-5James Herbert ZumbergeLaboratory manual for Plummer/McGeary's physical geology
1986978-0-697-00353-9Joan L MartinBowling (Wm. C. Brown sports and fitness series)
  ''978-0-697-00359-1John K BrilhartEffective Group Discussion, 5th Edition
1986978-0-697-00361-4Edward J ConryThe legal environment of business
1985978-0-697-00362-1Virginia Lindblad NanceGolf (Wm. C. Brown sports and fitness series)
1986978-0-697-00365-2Wesner & NustadTrigonometry with Applications Sm
1985978-0-697-00369-0Muriel BowerFoil fencing (Wm. C. Brown sports and fitness series)
  ''978-0-697-00374-4Myrna Martin SchildSocial Dance
1984978-0-697-00377-5Edouard J. DesautelsLotus 1-2-3 for the TI Professional Computer
  ''978-0-697-00380-5   ''Lotus 1-2-3 for the TI Professional Computer (Book and 2 5 1/4" 192K Diskettes)
1986978-0-697-00389-8Sang M LeeMicro management science: Microcomputer applications of management science
1985978-0-697-00390-4Wayne C McKinneyArchery (Wm.C. Brown sports and fitness series)
1984978-0-697-00394-2Alan HoenigWordstar for the IBM PC and IBM Compatible Computers (Book and 64K Diskette)
1989978-0-697-00395-9DurhamHuman Physiology
1986978-0-697-00398-0Charles R. Carroll · Dean F. MillerHealth: The Science of Human Adaptation
1985978-0-697-00409-3Bruce BenwardAdvanced Ear Training
1985978-0-697-00410-9Bruce BenwardAdvanced ear training: Instructor's edition
1984978-0-697-00414-7David A. LienBasic Programming for the IBM Personal Computer
1991978-0-697-00415-4John W. Hole · Karen KoosHuman Anatomy
1985978-0-697-00416-1Mildred R DonoghueThe child and the English language arts
  ''978-0-697-00420-8Michel H. Boillot · Gary M. Gleason · L. Wayne HornEssentials of Flowcharting
1984978-0-697-00422-2Don CasselGraphics, Sound, and Music for the Commodore 64 (64K)(Book and Diskette)
1985978-0-697-00423-9   ''Graphics, sound & music for the Commodore 64 (Micropower series)
1984978-0-697-00424-6Michael V. Laric · M. Ronald StiffMultiplan for the Commodore 64 (Micropower Series)
1985978-0-697-00426-0Richard A. MagillMotor Learning: Concepts and Application
1988978-0-697-00432-1Philip M. Groves · GrovesIntroduction Biolog Psychol:
1985978-0-697-00433-8L. Dodge FernaldBasic psychology
1986978-0-697-00434-5Robert H LauerSocial problems and the quality of life
  ''978-0-697-00435-2Steven R. YussenChild Development: An Introduction
1984978-0-697-00437-6Alan HoenigIntroduction to Microsoft Word for the IBM Personal Computer
  ''978-0-697-00439-0David A. LienBASIC Programming for the I. B. M. Personal Computer: Solutions Manual
  ''978-0-697-00441-3Alan HoenigIntroduction to Microsoft Word for the IBM PC (128K)
1987978-0-697-00442-0J. W. Perry ColeANSI Fortran 77: A Structured Problem Solving Approach
1987978-0-697-00444-4Tom D. Daniels · Barry K. SpikerPerspectives on Organizational Communication
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1986978-0-697-00454-3Richard L NelsonSoccer (Wm. C. Brown sports and fitness series)
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1986978-0-697-00457-4Robert T. AdamsElectronic Music Composition for Beginners
1984978-0-697-00458-1Joe HendersonRunning your best race: Programs for improving speed and distance
  ''978-0-697-00459-8   ''Running Your Best Race: Apple Ii, II Plus, IIE (64K)
  ''978-0-697-00460-4   ''Running Your Best Race: IBM PC (64K)
1985978-0-697-00461-1William Dean BrooksSpeech communication
1985978-0-697-00462-8Michael V. LaricMultiplan for the Macintosh (128K/BOOK AND DISK)

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