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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-684-00492-1Jan BURKEHocus
978-0-684-00612-3Sacred Honor Display: The Moral Thought of America's Founders
1998978-0-684-00631-4Josephine TeyTo Love and Be Wise
  ''978-0-684-00720-5Scribner/TouchstoneSummer Reading Selection A
  ''978-0-684-00722-9   ''Summer Reading Selection B
2003978-0-684-01870-6Bruce LanskyThe Mother of All Baby Name Books: Over 94,000 Baby Names
  ''978-0-684-01871-3Becky LongThemed Baby Showers: Mother Goose to Noah's Ark: Hundreds of Creative Shower Ideas
  ''978-0-684-01872-0Trish KuffnerArts & Crafts Busy Book: 365 Activities
2003978-0-684-01873-7Vicki LanskyPractical Parenting Tips, Revised and Updated
  ''978-0-684-01899-7Catherine HurleyCould Do Better: School Reports of the Great and Good
  ''978-0-684-01903-1Janet HobbsCrochet Rugs and Throws
  ''978-0-684-01905-5Furze HewittTraditional Lace Knitting, Second Edition
2005978-0-684-01915-4Courtney CookeThe Baby Trivia: A Fun Game to Play at Baby Showers
  ''978-0-684-01916-1Courtney CookeWedding Trivia: A Fun Game to Play at Bridal Showers
2003978-0-684-01921-5   ''Bachelorette Dares: 52 Outrageous Dares for Bachelorette Parties
2003978-0-684-01923-9Courtney CookeConversation Starters: 52 Personal Questions to Help You Get to Know Each Other
  ''978-0-684-01929-1Baseball americaBaseball America's 2003 Almanac (Baseball America Almanac)
  ''978-0-684-01930-7Baseball americaBaseball America's 2003 Prospect Handbook (Baseball America Prospect Handbook)
  ''978-0-684-02013-6Kevin MyersBanks of Green Willow
  ''978-0-684-02019-8Penny Warner · Paula M.D. Kelly · Paula KellyToilet Training Without Tears or Trauma
2003978-0-684-02020-4Kris BerggrenStrategies for Stay-at-Home Parents: How to Weigh Your Options, Manage a Tighter Budget, and Create a Family-Friendly Home
  ''978-0-684-02024-2Alan HayesIt's So Natural: A-Z of Health Tips
  ''978-0-684-02025-9Jean Woolston-HameyQuilling - Desert Flowers
  ''978-0-684-02069-3Laura DyerLook Who's Talking
2004978-0-684-02087-7Sylvia WilsonThe Bark Busters' Guide To Dog Behaviour and Training
  ''978-0-684-02095-2Michael SadlerAn Englishman in Paris: L'education Continentale (Vampire)
2004978-0-684-02145-4Jerry L. Wyckoff · Barbara C. UnellGetting Your Child From No To Yes
  ''978-0-684-02184-3Una BrankinHalf Moon Lake
  ''978-0-684-02187-4Marjory FaingesMore Classic Knits for Baby Dolls
  ''978-0-684-02521-6Christine Zuchora-Walske · Maureen BardGetting Organized For Your New Baby
  ''978-0-684-02573-5Catherine HurleyCould Do Better: School Reports of The Great and Good
2004978-0-684-02576-6Yvette StantonMountmellick Embroidery: Inspired by Nature
  ''978-0-684-02862-0Vicki LanskyFeed Me I'm Yours: Baby Food Made Easy
2005978-0-684-02879-8Geoffrey WheatcroftLe Tour: A History of the Tour De France
2004978-0-684-02881-1Susan MitchellBe Bold !: and Discover the Power of Praise (Revised and updated)
  ''978-0-684-02882-8Antonia LomnyThe Art and Craft of Goldwork: Goldwork projects using gold threads, beads and sequins
2010978-0-684-03128-6Kenn NesbittWhen The Teacher Isn't Looking: And Other Funny School Poems (Giggle Poetry)
2005978-0-684-03129-3Penny Simkin · Janet Whalley · Ann KepplerThe Simple Guide to Having a Baby: A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth
  ''978-0-684-03135-4Trish KuffnerThe Wiggle & Giggle Busy Book: 365 Fun, Physical Activities for Your Toddler and Preschooler
2007978-0-684-03164-4Bruce LanskyThe New Baby Name Survey Book: How to pick a name that makes a favorable impression for your child
2006978-0-684-03166-8   ''Peter, Peter, Pizza-Eater: And Other Silly Rhymes
2005978-0-684-03174-3Judith Lothian · Charlotte DeVriesThe Official Lamaze Guide: Giving Birth with Confidence
  ''978-0-684-03330-3Stephen KingDump-Dark Tower 6 Song of Susan-12cy
2005978-0-684-03472-0Jean Woolston-HameyQuilling for Beginners
  ''978-0-684-03724-0Bruce Lansky55,000 + Baby Names
  ''978-0-684-03725-7Paula M.D. KellyFirst Year Baby Care (Revised): An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide
2006978-0-684-03954-1Literary Fiction Assortment
2015978-0-684-03999-2Bruce Lansky100,000 + BABY NAMES:The Most Complete Baby Name Book
2006978-0-684-04000-4Bill Dodds · Steve MarkWhat You Don't Know About Turning 40: A Funny Birthday Quiz
  ''978-0-684-04001-1Mary Murray BosrockEuropean Business Customs & Manners: A Country-by-Country Guide to European Customs and Manners
  ''978-0-684-04002-8P.D. WitteWhat You Don't Know About Turning 60: A Funny Birthday Quiz
2007978-0-684-04003-5Bridget SwinneyBaby Bites
2006978-0-684-04278-7Judith ConnorsContemporary Tatting: New Designs from an Old Art
978-0-684-04701-0On Your First Birthday
2006978-0-684-04703-4Bruce LanskyThe Very Best Baby Name Book: 60,000+ Names
2007978-0-684-04711-9Rosemary MarrowEarth User's Guide to Permaculture 2nd Edition
2007978-0-684-04967-0Julie B. CarrCountdown to My Birth: A day by day account from your baby's point of view
  ''978-0-684-05200-7Mary Murray BosrockAsian Business Customs & Manners: A Country-by-Country Guide
2006978-0-684-05229-8Michael F. Roizen Mehmet C. OzYou on a Diet
  ''978-0-684-05236-6Michael F. · Oz, Mehmet RoizenYou: On a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management (Book and DVD)
2001978-0-684-05525-1Marcus Buckingham · Donald O. CliftonNow, Discover Your Strengths (20 Pack Qty Set)
2007978-0-684-05561-9Kit LaughlinOvercome Neck & Back Pain: Now Covers Shoulder, Arm, & Hand Pain
2008978-0-684-05784-2Bruce Lansky5-Star Baby Name Advisor
  ''978-0-684-06137-5Shannon BennettMy French Vue: Bistro Cooking at Home
1970978-0-684-10097-5Stanley. DanceThe World of Duke Ellington.
  ''978-0-684-10114-9Dictionary of scientific biography
1972978-0-684-10116-3Dictionary of Scientific Biography. Vol. V. Emil Fischer - Gottlieb Haberlandt
1975978-0-684-10121-7Charles Coulston GillispieDictionary of Scientific Biography, Vol. 10
1970978-0-684-10164-4F. Scott FitzgeraldThis Side of Paradise
1956978-0-684-10217-7Gerald GreenThe Last Angry Man, a novel
1983978-0-684-10236-8Ernest HemingwayA Farewell to Arms (Farewell to Arms Tr)
1968978-0-684-10239-9HemingwayFor Whom the Bell Tolls (Scribner Classics)
1970978-0-684-10338-9Maggie LaneNeedlepoint by Design: Variations on Chinese Themes
1950978-0-684-10415-7Allan NevinsThe Emergence of Lincoln, Vol. 1: Douglas, Buchanan, and Party Chaos, 1857-1859
1950978-0-684-10416-4Allan NevinsThe Emergence of Lincoln, Vol. 2: Prologue to Civil War, 1859-1861
1940978-0-684-10423-2A NevinsOrdeal of the Union, Vol. 1: Fruits of Manifest Destiny, 1847-1852
  ''978-0-684-10424-9   ''Ordeal of the Union, Vol. 2: A House Dividing, 1852-1857
1950978-0-684-10426-3Allan NevinsThe War for the Union, Vol. 1: The Improvised War, 1861-1862
1971978-0-684-10428-7Allan NevinsThe War for the Union, Vol. 3: The Organized War, 1863-1864)
  ''978-0-684-10429-4   ''The War for the Union, Vol. 4: The Organized War to Victory, 1864-1865
1970978-0-684-10544-4Robert SilverbergTower of Glass
1967978-0-684-10560-4Barbara SnookFlorentine Embroidery
1910978-0-684-10639-7Wharton eEthan Frome
1969978-0-684-10654-0Abby WhitesideMastering the Chopin Etudes and Other Essays
1975978-0-684-10666-3Oscar WilliamsA Little Treasury of American Poetry; The Chief Poets from Colonial Times to the Present Day.
1962978-0-684-10673-1Erica WilsonCrewel Embroidery
1971978-0-684-10689-2Elizabeth ZimmermannKnitting Without Tears: Basic Techniques and Easy-to-follow Directions for Garments To Fit All Sizes
  ''978-0-684-12343-1Virginia OsterlandBouquets from beads
  ''978-0-684-12370-7Charles Henry BrownWilliam Cullen Bryant
  ''978-0-684-12371-4Bruce CookThe Beat Generation: The Tumultous '50s Movement and Its Impact on Today
1969978-0-684-12392-9Alfred Powell MorganThe Boys' Fourth Book of Radio and Electronics: An Introduction to Solid State Physics, Semiconductors, and Transistors,
1972978-0-684-12393-6Alan AdelsonSds
1968978-0-684-12406-3Marlborough: His Life And Times [4 Volumes]
1956978-0-684-12427-8Virginia KahlPlum Pudding for Christmas
1971978-0-684-12429-2T WolfeOf Time and the River: Volume 1 (Of Time & the River)
1971978-0-684-12484-1Hope HanleyNeedlepoint rugs
  ''978-0-684-12500-8Barbara G WalkerThe Craft of Cable-Stitch Knitting (The Scribner library, SL294 Emblem editions)
  ''978-0-684-12501-5Erica WilsonThe Craft of Crewel Embroidery
  ''978-0-684-12503-9Barbara G. WalkerThe Craft of Lace Knitting (The Scribner Library, Emblem Editions)
  ''978-0-684-12529-9Ursula K. Le GuinThe Lathe of Heaven
1972978-0-684-12530-5R. A LaffertyStrange doings;
1971978-0-684-12568-8Loren C EiseleyThe Night Country
1972978-0-684-12574-9Silvio A. BediniThe Life of Benjamin Banneker
1972978-0-684-12590-9Robert SilverbergThe Book of Skulls
1971978-0-684-12591-6Mira SilversteinFun with Bargello
1972978-0-684-12592-3W. A SwanbergLuce and His Empire
  ''978-0-684-12594-7Mikiso HaneJapan: A Historical Survey
  ''978-0-684-12595-4Arnold BirenbaumSocial problems: private troubles and public issues
  ''978-0-684-12596-1Henry F BeechholdThe science of language and the art of teaching
  ''978-0-684-12597-8Marie CollinsBlack poets in French,
1972978-0-684-12599-2Harold von Hofe · Margarete Elisabeth FreitasDeutschland ist anders
1971978-0-684-12608-1Berkely MatherThe terminators
  ''978-0-684-12621-0VictoriaYour dear letter;: Private correspondance of Queen Victoria and the Crown Princess Of Prussia, 1865-1871
1972978-0-684-12662-3Marcia BrownOnce a Mouse...
1971978-0-684-12676-0Marcia BrownCinderella
1970978-0-684-12732-3Loren EiseleyThe Invisible Pyramid
1972978-0-684-12754-5Jan JutaBackground in sunshine;: Memories of South Africa
1975978-0-684-12775-0Walter Ashlin FairservisThe threshold of civilization;: An experiment in prehistory
1972978-0-684-12807-8Byrd BaylorWhen clay Sings
  ''978-0-684-12830-6Gene WolfeThe Fifth Head of Cerberus: Three Novellas
  ''978-0-684-12886-3Geoffrey Martin BennettNelson, the commander
  ''978-0-684-12904-4J. RobertsMythology of the Secret Societies
1972978-0-684-12906-8Maggie LaneMore Needlepoint by Design
  ''978-0-684-12907-5Barbara G. WalkerKnitting From the Top
978-0-684-12925-9Dictionary of Scientific Biography Volume XIII
1973978-0-684-12933-4Donald SmytheGuerrilla Warrior: The Early Life of John J. Pershing
1972978-0-684-12997-6Aaron E. KleinTrial by Fury: The Polio Vaccine Controversy
1973978-0-684-13060-6J. MacQuarrieFaith of the People of God a Lay Theology
1972978-0-684-13083-5Robert SilverbergDying Inside
  ''978-0-684-13099-6Henry H TrivickThe picture book of brasses in gilt
1973978-0-684-13184-9Alan John VilliersThe bounty ships of France;: The story of the French Cape Horn sailing ships
  ''978-0-684-13185-6Harold PetersonThe man who invented baseball
  ''978-0-684-13190-0Keesing's Research ReportGermany and Eastern Europe since 1945;: From the Potsdam Agreement to Chancellor Brandt's "Ostpolitik" (Keesing's research report)
1973978-0-684-13225-9James ChaceA world elsewhere: The new American foreign policy
  ''978-0-684-13263-1Barbara G WalkerSampler Knitting
  ''978-0-684-13279-2Paul E. ErdmanThe Billion Dollar Sure Thing
  ''978-0-684-13285-3Loren EiseleyThe Man Who Saw Through Time (The Scribner Library, Lyceum Editions, No. SL429)
1987978-0-684-13294-5Edwin Bucher WilliamsWilliams Spanish English Dictionary
1973978-0-684-13340-9Michael GrantThe Jews in the Roman World
  ''978-0-684-13357-7Roland MousnierThe Assassination of Henry IV: The Tyrannicide Problem and the Consolidation of the French Absolute Monarchy in the Early Seventeenth Century
1973978-0-684-13376-8Bruce CookListen to the blues
  ''978-0-684-13405-5Barbara G. WalkerThe Craft of Multicolor Knitting (The Scribner Library. Emblem editions)
978-0-684-13416-1James Fenimo CooperLast of the Mohicans
1973978-0-684-13433-8Franco SolinasGillo Pontecorvo's The Battle of Algiers
  ''978-0-684-13437-6Franco SolinasGillo Pontecorvo's The Battle of Algiers
1974978-0-684-13439-0Harold GilliamIsland in Time, The Point Reyes Peninsula (The Scribner library)
1971978-0-684-13505-2Elizabeth ZimmermannKnitting Without Tears: Basic Techniques and Easy-to-Follow Directions for Garments to Fit All Sizes
1973978-0-684-13506-9Rene DubosA God Within
  ''978-0-684-13525-0Loren C EiseleyThe Innocent Assassins
  ''978-0-684-13538-0Ivan SmithThe Death of a Wombat
1973978-0-684-13550-2Hugh EdwardsThe Wreck on the Half-Moon Reef
  ''978-0-684-13558-8John Hamilton WarrackTchaikovsky
1974978-0-684-13568-7Christopher PalmerImpressionism in music
1972978-0-684-13622-6C. E. G HopeThe Horseman's Manual
1973978-0-684-13623-3Bill GunstonBombers of the West
1974978-0-684-13634-9J. B. SteaneThe Grand Tradition: Seventy Years of Singing on Record
  ''978-0-684-13643-1Maeve BrennanChristmas Eve: 13 stories
  ''978-0-684-13646-2Dorothy KaestnerFour Way Bargello
  ''978-0-684-13651-6Kenneth MackseyTank; a history of the armoured fighting vehicle,
1977978-0-684-13676-9Leonard UngerAmerican Writers IV
1978978-0-684-13693-6Loren C. EiseleyNotes of an Alchemist
1974978-0-684-13698-1Jack KramerPhilodendrons
1982978-0-684-13717-9Ernest HemingwayThe Enduring Hemingway: An Anthology of a Lifetime in Literature
1974978-0-684-13761-2Redmond McLaughlinThe escape of the Goeben;: Prelude to Gallipoli
1974978-0-684-13821-3Michael GrantThe Army of the Caesars
  ''978-0-684-13827-5R. A. LaffertyDoes anyone else have something further to add?: Stories about secret places and mean men,
  ''978-0-684-13871-8Alan John VilliersPosted Missing: The Story of Ships Lost Without Trace in Recent Years
  ''978-0-684-13899-2Byrd BaylorEverybody Needs a Rock
1975978-0-684-13925-8Janet BarkasThe Vegetable Passion: A History of the Vegetarian State of Mind
1974978-0-684-13942-5Berkely MatherThe White Dacoit
1975978-0-684-13949-4Charles HighamWarner Brothers
  ''978-0-684-13952-4Alan BloomPerennials for your garden
1975978-0-684-13956-2H. Russell RobinsonThe armour of imperial Rome
  ''978-0-684-13983-8Monroe Lee BillingtonThe political South in the twentieth century
1974978-0-684-13991-3Dorothy KaestnerNeedlepoint Bargello
  ''978-0-684-14041-4Richard PipesRussia Under the Old Regime (The History of Civilization Series)
  ''978-0-684-14049-0Bill GunstonAttack aircraft of the west
1975978-0-684-14055-1Jean MatratRobespierre: Or, The tyranny of the majority
  ''978-0-684-14111-4Carter Houck · Myron MillerAmerican Quilts And How To Make Them
1974978-0-684-14112-1Alan John VilliersVanished fleets: Sea stories from old Van Dieman's Land
1974978-0-684-14113-8Christopher F FossArmoured fighting vehicles of the world
1975978-0-684-14121-3Beryl SmalleyHistorians in the Middle Ages
  ''978-0-684-14235-7Brian M FaganThe rape of the Nile: Tomb robbers, tourists, and archaeologists in Egypt
  ''978-0-684-14240-1Jean RaspailThe Camp of the Saints
1976978-0-684-14243-2Barbara G. WalkerMosaic Knitting
1975978-0-684-14259-3Francis DavisHorse Packing in Pictures
  ''978-0-684-14260-9John O. TrubyThe Science and Strategy of Squash
  ''978-0-684-14263-0P. D. JamesThe Black Tower (Adam Dalgliesh Mystery Series #5)
1976978-0-684-14270-8Björn KjellströmBe Expert With Map & Compass: The Complete "Orienteering" Handbook (Emblem Editions)
1975978-0-684-14271-5Evaline NessAmelia Mixed the Mustard and Other Poems
1975978-0-684-14319-4Robert William JulyPrecolonial Africa: An economic and social history
  ''978-0-684-14325-5Michael G KammenColonial New York: A history (A History of the American colonies)
  ''978-0-684-14333-0Berniece Freschet · Donald CarrickGrizzly Bear
  ''978-0-684-14336-1Erica WilsonNeedleplay
  ''978-0-684-14342-2Les DanielsLiving in Fear: A History of Horror in the Mass Media
1976978-0-684-14399-6Thea BeckmanCrusade in Jeans (English and Dutch Edition)
1975978-0-684-14402-3Michael GrantThe Twelve Caesars
1975978-0-684-14405-4John Frayn TurnerDestination Berchtesgaden: The story of the United States Seventh Army in World War II
  ''978-0-684-14410-8James BamaThe Western Art of James Bama
  ''978-0-684-14427-6Loren EiseleyAll the Strange Hours: The Excavation of a Life

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