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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-0-595-00002-9Clarice StaszAmerican Dreamers: Charmian and Jack London
  ''978-0-595-00020-3Carol BerkinJonathan Sewall: Odyssey of an American Loyalist
  ''978-0-595-00024-1Colin EvansKiller Doctors
  ''978-0-595-00032-6Ward JonesThe Right Man
  ''978-0-595-00042-5Richard NolanLiving Issues in Ethics
2000978-0-595-00048-7Lawrence J. HunterThe Flying Prostitute
  ''978-0-595-00050-0John GuintherBreaking the Mob: The Gripping True Story of a Dedicated Cop Who Led the Fight that Put an Entire Mafia Family out of Business
  ''978-0-595-00055-5Christine A. LunardiniFrom Equal Suffrage to Equal Rights: Alice Paul and the National Woman's Party, 1910-1928 (American Social Experience)
  ''978-0-595-00095-1Bernard Ryan Jr.The Poisoned Life of Mrs. Maybrick
  ''978-0-595-00097-5Henry LumpkinFrom Savannah to Yorktown: The American Revolution in the South
2000978-0-595-00101-9Anthony SerafiniLinus Pauling: A Man and His Science
  ''978-0-595-00102-6Ronald MazurThe New Intimacy: Open-Ended Marriage and Alternative Lifestyles
  ''978-0-595-00106-4Robyn LandisBodyFueling: Stop Watching Your Weight, Start Fueling Your Life
  ''978-0-595-00116-3Lewis YablonskyThe Hippie Trip: A Firsthand Account of the Beliefs and Behaviors of Hippies in America By A Noted Sociologist
  ''978-0-595-00119-4Arthur PlotnikThe Elements of Authorship: Unabashed Advice, Undiluted Experience, Unadulterated Inspiration for Writers and Writers-to-be
2000978-0-595-00145-3Robert E. UlanowiczGrowth and Development: Ecosystems Phenomenology
  ''978-0-595-00153-8Joan CampionIn the Lion's Mouth: Gisi Fleischmann & the Jewish Fight for Survival
  ''978-0-595-00184-2Dave Elder-VassMVS Systems Programming
  ''978-0-595-00190-3Mary Lou Cummings · Missy CummingsHornet's Nest: The Experiences of One of the Navy's First Female Fighter Pilots
  ''978-0-595-00191-0Alan TooshiDr. Tooshi's High Fiber Diet: A Revolutionary Diet that will Help You to Lose Weight, Prevent Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Digestive Disorders
2000978-0-595-00192-7Roger A. StrausCreative Self-Hypnosis: New wide-awake, nontrance techniques to empower your life, work, and relationships
  ''978-0-595-00193-4Roger A. StrausStrategic Self-Hypnosis: How to Overcome Stress, Improve Performance, and Live to Your Fullest Potential
  ''978-0-595-00202-3Beverly JenkinsIndigo
  ''978-0-595-00218-4Robert H. RimmerThe Byrdwhistle Option: To Play Instead of Work
  ''978-0-595-00220-7Barbara M. McMahonA Week In Porlamar, Margarita Island, Venezuela
2000978-0-595-00233-7Dave DewittCallaloo, Calypso and Carnival: The Cuisines of Trinidad and Tobago
  ''978-0-595-00234-4Karen KenyonSunshower
  ''978-0-595-00236-8Lewis B. FrumkesHow to Raise Your I.Q. by Eating Gifted Children
  ''978-0-595-00237-5Richard TregaskisStronger Than Fear
  ''978-0-595-00240-5Lewis FrumkesName Crazy
2000978-0-595-00246-7Sean ThomasAbsent Fathers
  ''978-0-595-00248-1Richard TregaskisVietnam Diary
  ''978-0-595-00250-4   ''X-15 Diary: The Story of America's First Space Ship
  ''978-0-595-00259-7Juan Ramon Jimenez · Antonio T. De NicolasInvisible Reality
  ''978-0-595-00260-3Juan Ramon JimenezGod Desired and Desiring
2000978-0-595-00262-7Juan Ramon Jimenez · Antonio De NicolasTime and Space: A Poetic Autobiography
  ''978-0-595-00269-6Juan Ramon JimenezStories of Life and Death
  ''978-0-595-00288-7William Lee BrentLong Time Gone: A Black Panther's True-Life Story of His Hijacking and Twenty-Five Years In Cuba
  ''978-0-595-00299-3Aimee LiuSolitaire: The compelling story of a young woman growing up in America and her triumph over anorexia.
  ''978-0-595-00312-9Dale GeigerWinning the Cost War: Applying Battlefield Management Doctrine to the Management of Government
2000978-0-595-00329-7John WarrenThe Arctic Fox: Bush Pilot of the North Country
  ''978-0-595-00339-6Simon BrettCast, In Order of Disappearance (Charles Paris Mysteries)
  ''978-0-595-00345-7Juan Ramon Jimenez · Antonio T. de NicolasPlatero and I
  ''978-0-595-00349-5Simon BrettWhat Bloody Man Is That?
  ''978-0-595-00350-1   ''Situation Tragedy
2000978-0-595-00351-8Simon BrettStar Trap (Charles Paris Mysteries)
  ''978-0-595-00352-5   ''A Series of Murders
  ''978-0-595-00353-2   ''Murder In The Title (Charles Paris Mysteries)
2000978-0-595-00354-9Simon BrettThe Dead Side of the Mike (Charles Paris Mysteries)
  ''978-0-595-00355-6   ''Murder Unprompted
  ''978-0-595-00356-3   ''Not Dead, Only Resting.
  ''978-0-595-00357-0   ''Dead Giveaway
  ''978-0-595-00358-7   ''A Comedian Dies
2000978-0-595-00359-4Simon BrettAn Amateur Corpse
2000978-0-595-00360-0Simon BrettSo Much Blood
  ''978-0-595-00380-8Lucia BirnbaumBlack Madonnas: Feminism, Religion & Politics in Italy
  ''978-0-595-00387-7Joyce D NashNow That You've Lost It: How to Maintain Your Best Weight
  ''978-0-595-00388-4Libby HughesBenazir Bhutto: From Prison to Prime Minister (People in Focus Book)
  ''978-0-595-00399-0Sheila IsenbergWomen Who Love Men Who Kill
2000978-0-595-00418-8Blase BonpaneGuerrillas of Peace: Liberation Theology and the Central American Revolution
  ''978-0-595-00439-3Bonnie KayeIs He Straight: A Checklist for Women Who Wonder
  ''978-0-595-00451-5Michael NewtonCentury of Slaughter
  ''978-0-595-00452-2Thomas Heck · Thomas F. HeckCommedia Dell'Arte: A Guide to the Primary and Secondary Literature
  ''978-0-595-00456-0Madeline Smith MooreMirror, Mirror...
2000978-0-595-00494-2Gini Graham ScottThe Creative Traveler: A Guidebook for All Places and All Seasons
  ''978-0-595-00496-6Gini Graham ScottThe Fantasy Seekers: Exploring Fantasy in Everyday Life
  ''978-0-595-00499-7Arelo SederbergA Collection for J. L.: A Novel of Crisis
  ''978-0-595-00537-6Nicolaos TzannesBackgammon Games and Strategies
  ''978-0-595-00544-4J. A. EdwardsThe Hidden Seeker
2000978-0-595-00553-6Steve LehtoThe Lemon Law Bible: Everything the Smart Consumer Needs to Know About Automobile Law
  ''978-0-595-00558-1Charlie TolchinBlow the House Down: The Story Of My Double Lung Transplant
  ''978-0-595-00571-0Ranjit ThomasQuizzing: Everything You Always Wanted to Know but Didn't Know Where to Look (The Ultimate Trivia Book)
  ''978-0-595-00593-2Juan AlonsoKilling the Mandarin
  ''978-0-595-00620-5Anthony J. BarakThe Gold of Quivira: A Story of Spanish Conquistadores on the Great Plains
2000978-0-595-00637-3Merry JonesBirthmothers: Women Who Have Relinquished Babies for Adoption Tell Their Stories
  ''978-0-595-00638-0Laurence ShamesSunburn
  ''978-0-595-00639-7Laurence ShamesTropical Depression
  ''978-0-595-00665-6Randall McClellanThe Healing Forces of Music: History, Theory, and Practice
  ''978-0-595-00666-3David Chapin · Ben Weinstock · David A. ChapinThe Road from Letichev, Vol. 1: The History and Culture of a Forgotten Jewish Community in Eastern Europe
2000978-0-595-00667-0David ChapinThe Road From Letichev, Vol. 2: The History and Culture of a Forgotten Jewish Community in Eastern Europe
  ''978-0-595-00681-6Cynthia Grant TuckerProphetic Sisterhood: Liberal Women Ministers of the Frontier, 1880-1930
  ''978-0-595-00694-6Remo Capra BloiseBridge Over Niger: The True Story of the J. F. Kennedy Bridge
  ''978-0-595-00695-3Timothy B. BenfordCórka Hitlera (Polish version)
  ''978-0-595-00717-2Michael HillyardPublic Crisis Management: How and Why Organizations Work Together to Solve Society's Most Threatening Problems
2000978-0-595-00720-2Timothy BenfordRighteous Carnage: The List Murders in Westfield
  ''978-0-595-00738-7Douglas ValentineThe Phoenix Program
  ''978-0-595-00742-4Gertrude SamuelsB-G: Fighter of Goliaths: The Story of David Ben-Gurion
  ''978-0-595-00760-8Harry Mark PetrakisThe Odyssey of Kostas Volakis
  ''978-0-595-00782-0James CurtisBetween Flops: A Biography of Preston Sturges
2000978-0-595-00783-7Diane FasselWorking Ourselves To Death: The High Cost of Workaholism and the Rewards of Recovery
  ''978-0-595-00786-8Wayne BakerNetworking Smart: How To Build Relationships for Personal and Organizational Success
  ''978-0-595-00787-5Susan Provost BellerCadets At War: The True Story of Teenage Heroism at the Battle of New Market
  ''978-0-595-00788-2Susan Provost BellerMosby and His Rangers: Adventures of the Gray Ghost
  ''978-0-595-00789-9   ''Woman of Independence: The Life of Abigail Adams
2000978-0-595-00794-3Walter SatterthwaitMiss Lizzie
  ''978-0-595-00799-8Cecelia HollandUntil the Sun Falls
  ''978-0-595-00804-9Sophy BurnhamThe Art Crowd
  ''978-0-595-00807-0Michael Foster · Barbara Foster · Letha HadadyThree in Love: Menages a Trois from Ancient to Modern Times
  ''978-0-595-00808-7Stanley WeintraubAubrey Beardsley: Imp of the Perverse
2000978-0-595-00820-9Allan EckertThe HAB Theory
  ''978-0-595-00953-4Stephen RimmerThe Trade Off: My Husband/Your Wife
  ''978-0-595-01003-5Lewis YablonskyGeorge Raft
  ''978-0-595-01039-4Richard ScottMoney Chords: A Songwriter's Sourcebook of Popular Chord Progressions
  ''978-0-595-01042-4Katherine DonnellyRecovering From the Loss of a Sibling: When a Brother or Sister Dies
2000978-0-595-01074-5Mary JohnsonGet Rid of the Blues: Everything you always wanted to know about Varicose and Spider Veins But Didn't Know Who to Ask
  ''978-0-595-01082-0Gary Vitacco-RoblesCursum Perficio: Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood Hacienda: The Story of Her Final Months
  ''978-0-595-01089-9Robert WintnerThe Modern Outlaws: A Road Saga
  ''978-0-595-01113-1John DeaconMarnie's Place
  ''978-0-595-01165-0William GreenThe Retail Store: Design and Construction
2000978-0-595-01179-7Rustum RoyThe Interdisciplinary Imperative: Interactive Research and Education, Still an Elusive Goal in Academia
  ''978-0-595-01207-7Clifford SherryThe Mathematics of Technical Analysis: Applying Statistics to Trading Stocks, Options and Futures
2001978-0-595-01467-5Arthur Conan DoyleMemoirs of Sherlock Holmes
2000978-0-595-08850-8Robert H. RimmerMe and Samuel's Wife: An Analytical Story
  ''978-0-595-08857-7Barry CliftonBen-Hur: The Odyssey
  ''978-0-595-08868-3John ChinA Way to Quit Gambling: (For Problem Gamblers)
  ''978-0-595-08873-7Darleen TooleyGeorge Tooley's Beginner's Book on How to Handle Firearms Safely
2000978-0-595-08876-8Denise DomningSummer's Storm
  ''978-0-595-08882-9Cecelia Holland · HollandFloating Worlds
  ''978-0-595-08883-6Pat Lyons · Debby BurgardGreat Shape: The First Fitness Guide For Large Women
  ''978-0-595-08884-3F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreThe Woman Between The Worlds
  ''978-0-595-08885-0Edward AlexanderA Crime of Vengeance: An Armenian Struggle for Justice
2000978-0-595-08895-9James D. Whitehead · Evelyn Eaton WhiteheadThe Promise of Partnership: A Model for Collaborative Ministry
  ''978-0-595-08898-0Rose Leiman GoldembergAntique Jewelry: A Practical & Passionate Guide
  ''978-0-595-08900-0Douglas LaBierModern Madness: The Hidden Link Between Work and Emotional Conflict
  ''978-0-595-08902-4Mort WalkerThe Lexicon of Comicana
  ''978-0-595-08911-6Alvin H. ReissCash In!: Funding and Promoting the Arts
2000978-0-595-08914-7Edward WakinA Lonely Minority: The Modern Story of Egypt's Copts
  ''978-0-595-08915-4Margaret CheneyWhy?: The Serial Killer in America
  ''978-0-595-08918-5John SackReport From Practically Nowhere
  ''978-0-595-08927-7Daniel FordIncident at Muc Wa: A Novel of War in Southeast Asia
  ''978-0-595-08928-4Linda WolfeThe Literary Gourmet: Menus from Masterpieces
2000978-0-595-08929-1Hala Deeb JabbourA Woman of Nazareth
  ''978-0-595-08951-2Mary-Ann Tirone SmithThe Book of Phoebe
  ''978-0-595-08957-4Sylvia SimmonsThe Great Garage Sale Book: How to Run a Garage, Tag, Attic, Barn, or Yard Sale
  ''978-0-595-08958-1Allan W. EckertEarth Treasures Volume 1: The Northeastern Quadrant (Earth Treasures (Back in Print))
  ''978-0-595-08959-8Allan W. EckertEarth Treasures Volume 2: The Southeastern Quadrant (Earth Treasures (Back in Print))
2000978-0-595-08960-4Allan W. EckertEarth Treasures Volume 3: The Northwestern Quadrant (Earth Treasures (Back in Print))
  ''978-0-595-08961-1   ''The Southwestern Quadrant
  ''978-0-595-08962-8   ''The Dark Green Tunnel
  ''978-0-595-08963-5   ''The Silent Sky: The Incredible Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon
2000978-0-595-08964-2Allan W. EckertTecumseh!: A Play
  ''978-0-595-08984-0Tony FennellyThe Glory Hole Murders
  ''978-0-595-08988-8Allan W. EckertThe Scarlet Mansion
  ''978-0-595-08989-5   ''The Dreaming Tree
  ''978-0-595-08990-1   ''The Court-Martial of Daniel Boone
2000978-0-595-08991-8Allan W. EckertSong of the Wild
  ''978-0-595-08992-5   ''The Crossbreed
  ''978-0-595-09040-2Richard RubacherJonBenet Knows Evil Love
  ''978-0-595-09043-3Bem AllenWorld War II 1939-1948: A Novel About the Aftermath of a Nazi Victory
  ''978-0-595-09071-6Harriet SirofThe Road Back: Living with a Physical Disability
2000978-0-595-09079-2Steven FinkCrisis Management: Planning for the Inevitable
  ''978-0-595-09088-4Lynn MyersThe Hungry Bachelors Club - The Novel
  ''978-0-595-09099-0Michael ShapiroJapan In the Land of the Broken-Hearted
  ''978-0-595-09106-5Linda Tuck-JenkinsStarpeople: The Sirian Redemption
  ''978-0-595-09113-3Mark RoederSomeone is Killing the Gay Boys of Verona
2000978-0-595-09118-8Arthur PlotnikThe Elements of Expression: Putting Thoughts Into Words
  ''978-0-595-09120-1Joseph AmatoWhen Father and Son Conspire: A Minnesota Farm Murder
  ''978-0-595-09126-3Tom ChasukThe Bean Gourmet Presents the Greatest Little Bean Cookbook
  ''978-0-595-09131-7Dian Dincin BuchmanDeadly Medical Mysteries: How They Were Solved
  ''978-0-595-09165-2Mary Roblee HenryA Farmhouse in Provence
2000978-0-595-09168-3Pete VeroneseShrouded Chronicles of Jesus the Christ
  ''978-0-595-09181-2Leslie KarsnerThe Long Distance Romance Guide
  ''978-0-595-09200-0Liza KetchumWest Against the Wind
  ''978-0-595-09201-7Patrick EddingtonGassed in the Gulf: The Inside Story of the Pentagon-CIA Cover-up of Gulf War Syndrome
  ''978-0-595-09202-4Richard KnaakThe Horse King (Dragonrealm)
2000978-0-595-09204-8Richard KnaakThe Dragon Crown (Dragonrealm)
  ''978-0-595-09205-5   ''The Crystal Dragon (Dragonrealm)
2000978-0-595-09207-9Richard KnaakDragon Tome (Dragonrealm)
  ''978-0-595-09208-6   ''Children of the Drake (Dragonrealm)
  ''978-0-595-09209-3   ''The Shrouded Realm (Dragonrealm)
  ''978-0-595-09211-6   ''Shadow Steed (Dragonrealm)
  ''978-0-595-09213-0Richard A. KnaakIce Dragon (Dragonrealm)
2000978-0-595-09238-3Stephane GroueffManhattan Project: The Untold Story of the Making of the Atomic Bomb
2006978-0-595-09239-0Darold A. TreffertExtraordinary People: Understanding Savant Syndrome
2000978-0-595-09248-2Eric GordonMark the Music: The Life and Work of Marc Blitzstein
  ''978-0-595-09252-9Allan W. EckertEarth Treasures: The Southwestern Quadrant, Vol. 4B
  ''978-0-595-09264-2Michael LevineDeep Cover: The Inside Story of How DEA Infighting, Incompetence and Subterfuge Lost Us the Biggest Battle of the Drug War
  ''978-0-595-09270-3David DeKokUnseen Danger: A Tragedy of People, Government, and the Centralia Mine Fire
  ''978-0-595-09298-7Valerie HarmsTryin' To Get To You: The Story of Elvis Presley
2000978-0-595-09315-1Tal BrookeRiders of the Cosmic Circuit
  ''978-0-595-09316-8Sol SteinThe Magician: A Novel
  ''978-0-595-09324-3T.M. GrundnerThe Skinner Box Effect: Sexual Addiction and Online Pornography
  ''978-0-595-09333-5Lillian Stewart CarlAlong the Rim of Time: Stories
  ''978-0-595-09340-3Michael RaleighA Body in Belmont Harbor: A Paul Whelan Mystery
2000978-0-595-09341-0Michael RaleighDeath in Uptown: A Paul Whelan Mystery
  ''978-0-595-09343-4   ''Killer on Argyle Street: A Paul Whelan Mystery (Paul Whelan Mysteries)
  ''978-0-595-09375-5Suzanne MorrisSkychild
  ''978-0-595-09380-9Ottone M. RiccioThe Intimate Art of Writing Poetry
  ''978-0-595-09381-6Diane HohThe Train
2000978-0-595-09406-6Sattar MemonThe Ashram
  ''978-0-595-09408-0David TwickenFive Element Chinese Astrology Made Easy
  ''978-0-595-09421-9Lon LaFlammeVanishing Breed
  ''978-0-595-09428-8Elaine WilliamsMaharani: Memoirs of a Rebellious Princess
  ''978-0-595-09429-5John van der ZeeThe Gate: The True Story of the Design and Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge
2000978-0-595-09431-8Eve LaPlanteSeized
  ''978-0-595-09444-8Lillian Stewart CarlThe Winter King
2000978-0-595-09445-5Lillian Stewart CarlSabazel
  ''978-0-595-09446-2   ''Dust to Dust
  ''978-0-595-09447-9   ''Garden of Thorns
  ''978-0-595-09448-6   ''Ashes to Ashes