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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-0-545-00000-0story by Alyssa Satin Capucilli · pictures by Pat SchoriesBiscuit visits the big city
2007978-0-545-00001-7Patricia Polacco`Emma Kate
  ''978-0-545-00002-4Elizabeth Cody KimmelLily B. On The Brink of Love
  ''978-0-545-00003-1rich-wallaceSouthpaw - Winning Season Book 6
  ''978-0-545-00005-5Audrey WoodA Dog Needs A Bone
978-0-545-00006-2A Dog Needs a Bone
2007978-0-545-00007-9Karma WilsonAnimal Strike at the Zoo. It's True!
  ''978-0-545-00008-6Scholastic Inc. · ScholasticThe Dog: Happy Howliday Book
2008978-0-545-00009-3Various666: The Number Of The Beast
2007978-0-545-00010-9Abby SherKissing Snowflakes
2008978-0-545-00012-3Holly LisleThe Ruby Key (Moon & Sun)
2009978-0-545-00013-0Holly LisleThe Ruby Key (Moon and Sun)
2009978-0-545-00014-7Holly LisleThe Moon & Sun: The Silver Door
2010978-0-545-00015-4   ''The Moon & Sun: The Silver Door
2007978-0-545-00016-1Rafael SirkisMy First Book Of Su Doku
  ''978-0-545-00021-5Quinan B. LeeClifford Makes a Splash
  ''978-0-545-00025-3Margie PalatiniOink?
2014978-0-545-00026-0Sarah L. ThomsonAmazing Dolphins!
2007978-0-545-00032-1ScholasticMagic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up
  ''978-0-545-00047-5Christiane GunziMega Wheels: The Most Exciting Cars in the World
2007978-0-545-00058-1Dylan and Cole 4-Ever
  ''978-0-545-00059-8ScholasticRock & Bop (Doodlebops)
  ''978-0-545-00060-4   ''Doodlebops: We're Gonna Take a Bus Ride
  ''978-0-545-00061-1   ''Barney: Barney's Christmas Countdown
  ''978-0-545-00062-8Samantha BrookeTop 10 Ways to Rule the School (Zoey 101)
2007978-0-545-00064-2Norman BridwellClifford And His Friends (Clifford, the Big Red Dog)
  ''978-0-545-00066-6Scholastic Inc. · Jill AckermanHow to Build a Snowman (Little Scholastic)
  ''978-0-545-00067-3Scholastic Inc. · Scholastic · Lily KarrSilent Night: Nativity Board Book
978-0-545-00068-0Barry AblettDear Polar Bear
2007978-0-545-00070-3Jill AckermanBaby Days: A Collection of 9 Board Books (Little Scholastic)
2015978-0-545-00071-0Scholastic2008 D-T-V Novelization (Pokemon)
2007978-0-545-00072-7Tracey West · Katherine NollPokemon: Sinnoh Handbook
  ''978-0-545-00073-4Tracey WestTeam Rocket Truce (Pokemon: Battle Frontier #1)
  ''978-0-545-00074-1Joanne RyderA Pair of Polar Bears (Twin Cubs Find a Home at the San Diego Zoo)
2007978-0-545-00075-8Inc. Disney EnterprisesDisney Fairies: The Fairy Without Wings (Disney Wonderful World of Reading)
978-0-545-00080-2The Getaway: Expert Escape & Evasion
2005978-0-545-00081-9Mary Pope OsborneSeason of the Sandstorms (Magic Treehouse, A Merlin Mission)
2007978-0-545-00084-0David LubarPunished!
  ''978-0-545-00085-7Faith McNultyIf You Decide to Go to the Moon
2008978-0-545-00087-1Sarah WeeksWithout You
  ''978-0-545-00090-1Macky Pamintuan Carolyn Keene'SLEEPOVER SLEUTHS (NANCY DREW AND THE CLUE CREW, NO 1)'
978-0-545-00093-2Ouch!: It Hurts!
2010978-0-545-00094-9Hans WilhelmNoodles: I Love Christmas (Scholastic Reader Level 1)
2007978-0-545-00095-6Hans WilhemPlease Don't Go!
  ''978-0-545-00096-3Seymour SimonHorses
  ''978-0-545-00098-7Steve MetzgerThe Mixed-up Alphabet
2007978-0-545-00101-4Jenne AbramowitzHello Kitty Show-And-Tell
  ''978-0-545-00102-1Elizabeth BennettSecret Santa
  ''978-0-545-00103-8Christine MehlhaffDon't Talk to Strangers
  ''978-0-545-00115-1Scholastic EditorialScooby-Dooby-Doo’s Double Reader! (Scooby-Doo (Cartoon Network Paperback))
  ''978-0-545-00116-8Ruth YoungWho Says Moo?
2007978-0-545-00118-2Ruth YoungWho Says Moo?
2007978-0-545-00122-9Dayle Ann DoddsTeacher's Pets
  ''978-0-545-00124-3Aaron ReynoldsChicks and Salsa (Audio CD Only)
978-0-545-00126-7Steve MetzgerThe Easter Bunny Is Missing!
2007978-0-545-00130-4Amber StewartRabbit Ears
  ''978-0-545-00132-8Steve MetzgerWe're Going on a Nature Hunt
  ''978-0-545-00133-5John ButlerTen in the Meadow
  ''978-0-545-00134-2John ButlerTen in the Meadow
2007978-0-545-00135-9Maria B. AlfanoHow to Draw Dragonball Z Greatest Heroes and Villains
2008978-0-545-00139-7ScholasticScholastic First Discovery: Dogs
  ''978-0-545-00140-3Jeunesse Gallimard · Gallimard JeunesseScholastic First Discovery: Whales
  ''978-0-545-00141-0ScholasticScholastic First Discovery: Cars & Trucks
  ''978-0-545-00142-7   ''Rain Forest (Scholastic First Discovery)
2007978-0-545-00143-4Scholastic · Gallimard JeunesseScholastic First Discovery: Endangered Animals
  ''978-0-545-00144-1Scholastic Inc. · ScholasticScholastic First Discovery: Penguins
2001978-0-545-00145-8ScholasticNight Creatures (Scholastic First Discovery)
2007978-0-545-00146-5Scholastic Inc.The Universe (Scholastic First Discovery)
2007978-0-545-00148-9Marcia Thornton JonesChamp
  ''978-0-545-00149-6The Backyardigans Tapeti-tap, suish, tuin (Nick Jr Play to Learn)
  ''978-0-545-00150-2Susan ShreveKiss me Tomorrow
  ''978-0-545-00152-6Go Diego Go! Diego salva al Tapir (Nick Jr Play to Learn)
  ''978-0-545-00153-3Rescate En El Polo Sur (Go Diego Go!)
2007978-0-545-00154-0justin-spelvinEl Misterio de la Momia (Nick Jr. Play to Learn, The Backyardigans)
  ''978-0-545-00161-8Tracey West · Katherine NollTop 10 Handbook (Pokemon)
2002978-0-545-00170-0Suzy KlineHorrible Harry & Friends Pack (Horrible Harry)
978-0-545-00183-0Class Acts: Your Favorite Stars in School
978-0-545-00184-7Star Scene What's in the Stars for All Your Faves Fortune Teller Inside
2007978-0-545-00187-8Alliz Zobel-NolanThe Easter Story
1952978-0-545-00188-5E. B. WhiteCharlotte's Web
2007978-0-545-00191-5Animals Nobody Loves
2006978-0-545-00206-6Annie Barrows and Sophie BlackallIvy and Bean
2005978-0-545-00208-0Pansie Hart FloodTiger Turcotte Takes On The Know-It-All
2008978-0-545-00229-5Jane YolenComo van a la escuela los dinosaurios? (Spanish Edition)
2007978-0-545-00232-5Elizabeth BennettThe Biggest Pumpkin Ever!
2008978-0-545-00233-2Alexander StadlerJulian Rodriguez (Spanish Edition)
2007978-0-545-00234-9Marcia Thornton / Dadey, Debbie JonesDragons Do Eat Homework
  ''978-0-545-00235-6Marcia Thornton JonesWizards Do Roast Turkeys
2008978-0-545-00236-3Steve MetzgerEaster Eggs Everywhere!
2007978-0-545-00237-0Big Shark's Holloween Mystery
  ''978-0-545-00238-7David BiedrzyckiSanta's New Jet
  ''978-0-545-00240-0Jerry PallottaShapes and Patterns (Math = Fun)
978-0-545-00245-5Jerry PallottaCount by Fives
2008978-0-545-00269-1N/ABear and Friends Book and Cd Pack
2005978-0-545-00286-8a book about disobeying
2006978-0-545-00287-5Christine RicciGo Deigo Go Diego's Sea Turtle Adventure
2006978-0-545-00288-2Doud Doug PetersonThe Good the Bad, and the Silly
2007978-0-545-00290-5Anna McQuinn · Illustrator-Rosalind BeardshawLola At the Library
  ''978-0-545-00297-4Kate McMullanHelp! It's Parents Day at DSA (Dragon Slayers' Academy, #10)
  ''978-0-545-00298-1DISNEYDisney Tuck-in Tales Stories About Kindness
  ''978-0-545-00304-9Alan Katz · Caissie St. OngeUnited Jokes of America
  ''978-0-545-00307-0Holly KowittDracula's de-Composition Book
2008978-0-545-00308-7Denene Millner · Mitzi MillerHotlanta, No. 1
2008978-0-545-00309-4Denene Millner · Mitzi MillerIf you Only Knew: A HotLanta Novel
2009978-0-545-00310-0Denene Millner · Mitzi MillerHotlanta Book 3: What Goes Around
2007978-0-545-00316-2Jean MarzolloI Spy Phonics Fun: Letters C & D
  ''978-0-545-00317-9Jean MarzolloI Spy Phonics Fun E F
  ''978-0-545-00318-6I Spy Phonics Fun: G H
  ''978-0-545-00319-3Jean MarzolloI Spy Phonics Fun: I J
  ''978-0-545-00320-9   ''I Spy Phonics Fun K L
2007978-0-545-00322-3Jean MarzolloI Spy Phonics Fun O P Q
  ''978-0-545-00324-7   ''I Spy Phonics Fun: Letters T and U
2006978-0-545-00327-8Mike LupicaHeat
2007978-0-545-00330-8Bill Martin Jr. · Michael SampsonChicka Chicka 1, 2, 3
  ''978-0-545-00331-5Adam BladeBeast Quest #1: Ferno the Fire Dragon
2000978-0-545-00332-2Marguerite HenryKing of the Wind Collection (3 Books)
2007978-0-545-00333-9Jenifer Corr MorseBook of World Records 2007
  ''978-0-545-00334-6Anthony HorowitzEvil Star, Book Ii of the Gatekeepers
2007978-0-545-00337-7Jodi Lynn AndersonMay Bird and the Ever After
  ''978-0-545-00339-1Scholastic · American Bible SocietyLee y aprende: La biblia (Read and Learn Bible): (Spanish language edition of Read and Learn Bible) (American Bible Society) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-545-00340-7Rick RiordanThe Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2)
2006978-0-545-00341-4Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Deborah ReberChicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: The Real Deal: Challenges Stories about disses losses messes stresses and more Edition: Reprint
2008978-0-545-00342-1Marilyn BurnsScholastic Do the Math: Multiplication A, Basic Concepts, Student Pair Materials
2007978-0-545-00346-9Chain Letter
2008978-0-545-00347-6Kris HirschmannHello Kitty's Snowy Sports Spectacular (Paperback)
2007978-0-545-00349-0Sarah L. ThomsonAMAZING DOLPHINS! I Can Read Level 2 (Wildlife Conservation Society)
  ''978-0-545-00352-0Tony MittonPenguins to the Rescue
  ''978-0-545-00355-1Hello Ocean / Hola Mar
2007978-0-545-00358-2Norman BridwellClifford Takes A Trip (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
  ''978-0-545-00361-2Mark TeaguePigsty - Audio
  ''978-0-545-00363-6Brian SelznickThe Invention of Hugo Cabret
  ''978-0-545-00365-0Charlie FletcherStoneheart #1 - Audio (The Stoneheart Trilogy)
  ''978-0-545-00371-1Kathleen KrullIsaac Newton (Giants of Science)
2007978-0-545-00372-8Leonardo da Vinci (Giants of Science)
  ''978-0-545-00377-3Lauren ThompsonLittle Quack's New Friend
2008978-0-545-00378-0Kristiana GregoryThe Haunting of Hillside School (Cabin Creek Mysteries)
2009978-0-545-00379-7Kristiana GregoryBlizzard On Blue Mountain (Cabin Creek Mysteries)
  ''978-0-545-00380-3   ''The Secret Of The Junkyard Shadow (Cabin Creek Mysteries)
2008978-0-545-00383-4Marilyn BurnsScholastic Do the Math: Multiplication B, Student Pair Materials
2007978-0-545-00384-1David ParkerOur Class Works Together (First Chapter Book)
  ''978-0-545-00386-5David ParkerSharing My Room (the Best Me I Can Be First Chapter Book)
  ''978-0-545-00387-2Brian SelznickThe Invention of Hugo Cabret - Audio Library Edition
2009978-0-545-00388-9Marilyn BurnsScholastic Do the Math: Multiplication B, Teacher Demonstration Materials
978-0-545-00389-6My Best Friend is Moving (The Best Me I Can Be First Chapter Book)
2008978-0-545-00391-9Melvin Berger · Gilda BergerScholastic True or False: Baby Animals
2008978-0-545-00392-6Melvin Berger · Gilda BergerButterflies And Caterpillars (Scholastic True Or False)
  ''978-0-545-00393-3   ''Scholastic True or False: Reptiles
2008978-0-545-00394-0Melvin Berger · Gilda BergerScholastic True or False: Farm Animals
2009978-0-545-00395-7   ''Scholastic True or False: Dangerous Animals
  ''978-0-545-00396-4   ''Scholastic True or False: Pets
2007978-0-545-00397-1Charlie FletcherStoneheart #1 - Audio Library Edition (Stoneheart Trilogy (Scholastic Audio))
2008978-0-545-00398-8E Macleod · F WishinskyEverything But the Kitchen Sink: Weird Stuff You Didn't Know About Food
  ''978-0-545-00399-5Timothy RolandKooks in the Cafeteria (Comic Guy, #3)
2007978-0-545-00400-8Timothy RolandA Silly Science Experiment (Comic Guy)
  ''978-0-545-00401-5   ''Comic Guy: Our Crazy Class Election
2008978-0-545-00402-2Seymour SimonAnimals in the Dark (Glow-in-the Dark)
2007978-0-545-00403-9   ''Glow-In-The-Dark Stars and Constellations
2008978-0-545-00404-6Siobhan VivianA Little Friendly Advice
2009978-0-545-00405-3Siobhan VivianA Little Friendly Advice
2009978-0-545-00407-7Siobhan VivianSame Difference
2010978-0-545-00408-4   ''Same Difference
2007978-0-545-00409-1Norman BridwellClifford Takes a Trip - Audio Library Edition
  ''978-0-545-00411-4Let's Go To The Park
  ''978-0-545-00412-1ScholasticVamos a comer/ Let's Eat
  ''978-0-545-00413-8Let's Eat!
  ''978-0-545-00415-2ScholasticLet's Go!
2007978-0-545-00419-0Mark TeaguePigsty - Audio Library Edition
  ''978-0-545-00445-9Sean & Ryan DelonasScuttle's Big Wish
  ''978-0-545-00470-1Catherine LukasJingle Bell Christmas - The Backyardigans from Nick Jr. (The Backyardigans)
  ''978-0-545-00472-5Avatar The Last Airbender: The Ultimate Pocket Guide
  ''978-0-545-00475-6Cynthia StierleNick Jr: Go! Diego! Go!: Halloween Rescue!
2007978-0-545-00496-1Natalie BabbittJack Plank Tells Tales
2011978-0-545-00497-8Natalie BabbittJack Plank Tells Tales
2007978-0-545-00507-4Lucinda McQueenThe Little Red Hen - Audio
  ''978-0-545-00510-4Margery WilliamsVelveteen Rabbit (paperback & audio cd)
  ''978-0-545-00511-1Lucinda McQueenThe Little Red Hen - Audio Library Edition
  ''978-0-545-00512-8Margery WilliamsVelveteen Rabbit Library Edition (Read-Along Audio CD Included)
  ''978-0-545-00513-5Eoin ColferBenny and Babe - Audio (Benny Shaw)
2007978-0-545-00514-2Ann M. MartinMain Street #1: Welcome to Camden Falls - Audio
  ''978-0-545-00515-9ScholasticMovie 8x8 (Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-545-00516-6Gail HermanMovie Reader (El Increible Emporio De. Sr. Magnorium) (Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-545-00517-3Cornelia FunkeEl Señor de los Ladrones (Spanish Edition)
2008978-0-545-00518-0Gail HermanScooby Doo! The Haunted Road Trip (Scooby-Doo Readers, No. 22)
2007978-0-545-00519-7James Crawford · Stephen KrashenEnglish Language Learners in American Classrooms: 101 Questions, 101 Answers
2009978-0-545-00520-3Daniel Barnekow3-D Graphic Organizers: 20 Easy-to-Make Learning Tools th
2008978-0-545-00521-0Janet AngelliloGrammar Study: Helping Students Get What Grammar Is and How It Works (Theory and Practice)
2007978-0-545-00522-7Eoin ColferBenny and Babe - Audio Library Edition (Benny Shaw)
  ''978-0-545-00523-4M. Martin Ann · Ann M. MartinMain Street #1: Welcome to Camden Falls - Audio Library Edition
2007978-0-545-00524-1Matt HaigSamuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest - Audio
  ''978-0-545-00525-8Charles OgdenUnder Town (Edgar & Ellen)
  ''978-0-545-00526-5Ann M. MartinMain Street #2: Needle and Thread - Audio
  ''978-0-545-00527-2Gordon KormanIsland II: Survival - Audio
  ''978-0-545-00528-9Matt HaigSamuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest - Audio Library Edition
2007978-0-545-00529-6Charles OgdenEdgar & Ellen #3: Under Town - Audio Library Edition
  ''978-0-545-00530-2M. Martin Ann · Ann M. MartinMain Street #2: Needle and Thread - Audio Library Edition
  ''978-0-545-00531-9Gordon KormanIsland II: Survival - Audio Library Edition