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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-525-00038-9Mark Tvenâ„– 44, Tainstvennyy neznakomets
978-0-525-01245-0Herbert BluaTake Up the Bodies Theater At the Vanish
1976978-0-525-01461-4Thomas, Sir, Saint MoreUtopia
1951978-0-525-02482-8John Stuart MillUtilitarianism, Liberty, and Representative Government (Everyman's Library: Philosophy and Theology, 482A)
1950978-0-525-02641-9Van Wyck BrooksNew England Indian Summer
1952978-0-525-02645-7Van Wyck BrooksThe Flowering of New England
1953978-0-525-02650-1   ''The Confident Years: 1885-1915
1973978-0-525-02660-0Jean-Jacques RousseauThe Social Contract: And Discourses
1978978-0-525-03003-4Dom ForkerAlmost Everything about Baseball: 2
1980978-0-525-03004-1Eliot PorterEliot Porter Calendar 1981: 2
  ''978-0-525-03005-8Barbara CrossetteAmerica's Wonderful Hotels: 2
1977978-0-525-03010-2Martin CharninAnnie: A theatre memoir
  ''978-0-525-03025-6Laurence WylieBeaux Gestes: A Guide to French Body Talk
1978978-0-525-03026-3Harvey MacklinThe Backpacker's Cookbook: 2
  ''978-0-525-03035-5John P. S. MackenzieBirds in Peril: A Guide to the Endangered Birds of Canada and the United States
1972978-0-525-03050-8Keith OatleyBrain mechanisms and mind (The World of science library)
1981978-0-525-03051-5SwigartThe Book of Revelations
1982978-0-525-03052-2Jean MalaurieThe Last Kings of Thule
  ''978-0-525-03053-9Albert HaleyExotic
1981978-0-525-03054-6Raymond NelsonVan Wyck Brooks: A Writer's Life
1982978-0-525-03055-3Wilfrid SheedClare Booth Luce
1983978-0-525-03057-7Joyce Carol OatesThe Profane Art: Essays and Reviews
1982978-0-525-03058-4Anthony ManciniMiracle of Pelham Bay Park
1982978-0-525-03061-4Ngọc Ngạn Nguyẽ̂n · E E RicheyThe will of heaven: a story of one Vietnamese and the end of his world
1979978-0-525-03095-9PratleyThe Book of Movie Lists: 2
1971978-0-525-03100-0Jack NewfieldBread and Roses Too
1977978-0-525-03153-6Roger RappaportCalifornia Catalog: 2
1980978-0-525-03162-8Anthony TaberCats' Eyes
1977978-0-525-03180-2BrennanThe Complete Book of Midwifery: 2
1985978-0-525-03183-3BerglundThe Complete Guide to Orienteering: 2
1978978-0-525-03185-7PagurianComplete Handicapper Manual: 2
1985978-0-525-03188-8KnapComplete OutdoorHhandbook: 2
1970978-0-525-03295-3Robert Brown and Jerome Charyn (Richard Brautigan) Hal ScharlattThe Dutton Review
1973978-0-525-03310-3Michael HamburgerEast German Poetry: An Anthology
1971978-0-525-03375-2EURoad: The complete guide to motoring in Europe (A Bert W. Lief travel book)
1979978-0-525-03383-7RubinsteinEurope's Wonderful Hotels: 2
1985978-0-525-03390-5KnapFishing Secrets: 2
1972978-0-525-03442-1Bill GunstonTransportation; problems and prospects (The World of science library)
1977978-0-525-03455-1Ervin [Editor] LaszloGoals for Mankind A Report to the Club of Rome
  ''978-0-525-03465-0Jorge Luis BorgesThe Gold of the Tigers: Selected Later Poems
1979978-0-525-03469-8Sandra BoyntonGopher Baroque and Other Beastly Conceits
1985978-0-525-03475-9PagurianThe Great American Quiz Book: 2
1972978-0-525-03480-3John MELVILLEGuide to California Wines
978-0-525-03525-1Miller WilliamsHalfway from Hoxie; new & selected poems
1979978-0-525-03545-9ForganHelp Your Child Learn: 2
1969978-0-525-03547-3Handling the Young Cerebral Palsied Child At Home
1973978-0-525-03570-1Elisabeth Lohman ScharlattHow to get things done in New York,
1972978-0-525-03630-2A., Jr. PoulinIn Advent
1974978-0-525-03635-7Jorge Luis BorgesIn Praise of Darkness: 2 (English and Spanish Edition)
1979978-0-525-03643-2BarrettInsider's Guide to Prep School: 2
2000978-0-525-03875-7Harvard Student AgenciesLet's Go a Student Guide to the United States and Ca
1973978-0-525-03930-3Harvard Student AgenciesMaking it; a guide to student finances
1985978-0-525-03935-8HowardMake Your Own Furniture: 2
1971978-0-525-03940-2David ShapiroA Man Holding an Acoustic Panel
1975978-0-525-03945-7Mihajlo D. MesarovicMankind at the Turning Point: The Second Report to the Club of Rome
1972978-0-525-03970-9H. Kaplan and B. SadockThe Origins of Group Psychoanalysis (MODERN GROUP, VOLUME 1)
  ''978-0-525-03971-6   ''The Evolution of Group Theory (Modern Group, Volume 2)
2000978-0-525-03972-3Kaplan HiGroups and Drugs
1973978-0-525-03973-0Harold I. KaplanSensitivity Through Encounter and Marathon.
1972978-0-525-03974-7Harold I. Kaplan · Benjamin J. SadockNew Models for Group Theory (Modern Group, Volume 5)
  ''978-0-525-03975-4HAROLD I. & BENJAMIN J. SADOCK (eds.) KAPLANGroup Treatment of Mental Illness
1976978-0-525-03995-2Rudd HMy Escape from the C I A- And into C B S
1973978-0-525-04005-7Clive William. KilmisterThe Nature of the Universe
1974978-0-525-04012-5Malachi MartinNew Castle Reaching for the Future
1970978-0-525-04020-0Dutton, 1970.Pq7258 . New YorkNew Poetry of Mexico.
1979978-0-525-04025-5SpencerNew Professional Hockey Almanac: 2
1969978-0-525-04030-9Henry GeldzahlerNew York Painting and Sculpture: 1940-1970
1971978-0-525-04100-9Miller WilliamsOnly World There Is
1972978-0-525-04125-2Cyril PonnamperumaThe origins of life (The World of science library)
1985978-0-525-04132-0DurstThe Outdoorsman Guide to Camping: 2
1972978-0-525-04155-9Sanford J. UngarThe Papers and the Papers: An Account of the Legal and Political Battle over the Pentagon Papers,
1978978-0-525-04157-3Ted WolnerParallels: A Look at Twins
1972978-0-525-04180-1Elizabeth Lohman ScharlattThe passionate shopper;: New York guidebook,
1978978-0-525-04230-3MacKay SmiPoster Book of Horses
  ''978-0-525-04260-0David SpencerThe New Professional Hockey Almanac
1977978-0-525-04275-4Henry HinesQuick Tennis
1976978-0-525-04340-9New York :Reshaping the International Order: A Report to the Club of Rome
1977978-0-525-04355-3Daniela Mrazkova · Vladmire RemesThe Russian War, 1941-1945
1971978-0-525-04425-3Brendan KennellySelected Poems
1978978-0-525-04435-2Frank Z. Warren · Walter Ian FischmanSexual Acupuncture
1979978-0-525-04450-5RiederSun Spots Stars Stoc: 2
1971978-0-525-04460-4June JordonSome Changes
1980978-0-525-04475-8Bernice ThomasThe Truth About Cats
1972978-0-525-04540-3Robert CooverTheological Position
1971978-0-525-04650-9Frank LimaUnderground with the Oriole
1979978-0-525-04700-1Harriet Bridgeman · Elizabeth DruryVisiting the Gardens of Europe: 2
1978978-0-525-04740-7Terence Michael ShorttWild Birds of America
1977978-0-525-04745-2Douglas DurstThe Outdoorsman's Guide to Wilderness Camping
1979978-0-525-04755-1Alyson Hart KnapWilderness Harvest: A Guide to Edible Wild Plants in North America
1985978-0-525-04775-9Tiffany HolmesWoman's Astrology: 2
1985978-0-525-04782-7WolanskyWoodworking Made Easy: 2
1972978-0-525-04880-0Yevgeny Aleksandrovich YevtushenkoYevtushenko's Reader; The Spirit of Elbe, A Precocious Autobiography and Poems
1971978-0-525-04962-3John LoganThe Zigzag Walk: Poems, 1963 1968
1979978-0-525-05006-3Edward AbbeyAbbey's Road
1973978-0-525-05010-0Mary Ellin BarrettAn Accident of Love
2000978-0-525-05018-6Terhune ApAcross the Line
1977978-0-525-05023-0Brian CallisonAn act of war
1978978-0-525-05030-8Charlton HestonCharlton Heston: The Actor's Life: Journals, 1956-1976
  ''978-0-525-05050-6R.D. FenwickThe Advocate Guide to Gay Health
1973978-0-525-05110-7Timothy SeverinThe African adventure;: Four hundred years of exploration in the dangerous continent
1975978-0-525-05125-1Ramona StewartAge of Consent
1965978-0-525-05137-4Floyd MillerAhdoolo!: The Biography of Matthew A. Henson
1970978-0-525-05154-1Jorge Luis BorgesThe Aleph and Other Stories, 1933-1969: Together with Commentaries and an Autobiographical Essay
1971978-0-525-05193-0Walter A WeisskopfAlienation and economics
1964978-0-525-05222-7G. I. GurdjieffBeelzebub's Tales to His Grandson (All and Everything)
1981978-0-525-05245-6Gary CareyAll the Stars in Heaven: Louis B. Mayer's MGM
1979978-0-525-05252-4Dom ForkerAlmost Everything You'Ve Ever Wanted to Know About Baseball
1980978-0-525-05285-2BarrettAmerican Beauty: 2
1971978-0-525-05300-2Auto QuarterlyAmerican Car Since 1775: 2
1976978-0-525-05310-1William H Distin · Robert BishopThe American Clock: A Comprehensive Pictorial Survey, 1723-1900, with a listing of 6153 Clockmakers
1970978-0-525-05324-8Richard J. BarberThe American Corporation: Its Power, Its Money, Its Politics,
1974978-0-525-05350-7Robert Charles BishopAmerican Folk Sculpture
1975978-0-525-05353-8Evan JonesAmerican food: The gastronomic story
1972978-0-525-05365-1[American Indian Art : Form and Tradition]American Indian Art. Form and Tradition
1985978-0-525-05368-2Joan MorrisonAmerican Mosaic
1980978-0-525-05370-5Barbara CrossetteAmerica's Wonderful Hotels: 2
1972978-0-525-05387-3Dean A FalesAmerican painted furniture, 1660-1880
  ''978-0-525-05395-8Carleton L Safford · Robert BishopAmerica's Quilts and Coverlets
1974978-0-525-05410-8Alexander LaingAmerican Sail: A Pictorial History
1979978-0-525-05420-7WickingAmerican Vein: 2
1985978-0-525-05430-6PenningtonAmericana at Auction: 2
1968978-0-525-05443-6Herbert ChildsAn American Genius: The Life of Ernest Orlando Lawrence, Father of the Cyclotron
1982978-0-525-05479-5Heinrich von KleistAn Abyss Deep Enough: Letters of Heinrich Von Kleist
1974978-0-525-05480-1Gordon Rattray TaylorThe angel makers;: A study in the psychological origins of historical change, 1750-1850
1978978-0-525-05481-8Lauren ElderAnd I Alone Survived
1981978-0-525-05483-2Joyce Carol OatesAngel of Light
1973978-0-525-05498-6James A MackayThe Animaliers: A Collector's Guide to the Animal Sculptors of the 19th & 20th Centuries
1985978-0-525-05512-9GrangerAnimals in Peril: 2
1953978-0-525-05545-7Maurice, HerzogAnnapurna
1977978-0-525-05550-1Martin CharninAnnie: A theatre memoir
1978978-0-525-05575-4Eliot PorterAntarctica
1972978-0-525-05585-3Elizabeth StillingerThe Antiques Guide to Decorative Arts in America, 1600-1875
1974978-0-525-05613-3Alice WinchesterThe Antiques Treasury of Furniture and Other Decorative Arts at Winterthur, Williamsburg, Sturbridge, Ford Museum, Cooperstown, Deerfield, Shelburne
1967978-0-525-05681-2Vernon ReynoldsThe Apes: The Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Orangutan, and Gibbon: Their History and Their World
1970978-0-525-05685-0Edward AbbeyAppalachian Wilderness: The Great Smoky Mountains
1973978-0-525-05686-7Eliot Porter · Edward AbbeyAppalachian Wilderness: The Great Smoky Mountains
1978978-0-525-05750-5BuerschaperArctic Journey: 2
1970978-0-525-05766-6Kit ReedArmed Camps
1971978-0-525-05783-3Carol F JoplingArt and aesthetics in primitive societies;: A critical anthology
1961978-0-525-05834-2Samuel RandlettThe Art of Origami; Paper Folding, Traditional and Modern.
1979978-0-525-05850-2Ephraim P. Engleman · Milton SilvermanThe Arthritis Book: A Guide for Patients and Their Families
1974978-0-525-05853-3Jacqueline FryThe art and peoples of Black Africa
1970978-0-525-05855-7Ralph ThompsonAn Artist's Safari
1979978-0-525-05857-1American Folk MuseumArtists in Aprons: 2
1980978-0-525-05910-3Anne LaBastilleAssignment: Wildlife
1970978-0-525-05919-6Edward. LyndoeAstrology for Everyone.
1975978-0-525-05991-2Florence J MurrayAt the foot of Dragon Hill
1981978-0-525-05995-0DuttonAtlas of Train Travel: 2
1971978-0-525-06000-0L. Scott BaileyAutomobile Quarterly's World Of Cars,
1948978-0-525-06055-0George Herman Ruth · Bob ConsidineBabe Ruth Story
1979978-0-525-06070-3Robert K. Tanenbaum · Philip RosenbergThe Badge of the Assassin
1974978-0-525-06118-2Harold B. SegelThe Baroque Poem: A Comparative Survey, Together with 150 Illustrative Texts in the Original Languages and Accompanying English Translations
1975978-0-525-06140-3Gloria Roth TelekiThe baskets of rural America
1968978-0-525-06174-8Robert Franklin LeslieThe Bears and I; Raising Three Cubs in the North Woods.
1980978-0-525-06177-9Michael JenkinsonBeasts Beyond the Fire
1977978-0-525-06180-9Laurence William Wylie · Rick StaffordBeaux Gestes: A Guide to French Body Talk
1979978-0-525-06215-8McCallBeecher: 2
  ''978-0-525-06240-0MaloneBees Don't Get Arthritis: 2
1971978-0-525-06265-3Georgette HeyerBehold, here's poison
1980978-0-525-06302-5Joyce Carol OatesBellefleur (1st Edition)
1953978-0-525-06310-0Marchette Gaylord ChuteBen Jonson of Westminster
1975978-0-525-06315-5Francois Andre CamoinBenbow and Paradise
1970978-0-525-06429-9Allen J. HubinBest Detectives Stories Of The Year
1971978-0-525-06430-5Allen J. · Stories By Michael Harrison, Michael Gilbert, Avram Davidson, Jorge Luis Borges, Gerald Kersh, Bill Pronzini & Others HubinBest Detective Stories of the Year -- 1971, 25th Annual Collection
1973978-0-525-06432-9Allen J. (Editor) HUBINBest Detective Stories of the Year-1973
1974978-0-525-06433-6Allen J. HUBINBest Detective Stories of the Year 1974
1975978-0-525-06434-3Anthology of Detective Stories.Best Detective Stories Of The Year 1975: 29Th Annual Collection. (29th Annual Collection)
1976978-0-525-06435-0Edward HochBest Detective Stories of the Year, 1976
1977978-0-525-06436-7   ''Best Detective Stories of the Year, 1977
1978978-0-525-06437-4   ''Best Detective Stories of the Year, 1978
1979978-0-525-06438-1HochBest Detective Stories 1979: 2
1980978-0-525-06439-8HochBest Detective Stories 1980: 2 (Year's Best Mystery & Suspense Stories)
1985978-0-525-06440-4HochBest Detective Stories 1981: 2 (Year's Best Mystery & Suspense Stories)
1971978-0-525-06450-3Allen J HubinBest of the best detective stories;: 25th anniversary collection
1977978-0-525-06460-2Patricia Falk FeeleyBest Friend
1963978-0-525-06463-3Samuel RandlettThe Best of Origami New Models By Contemporary Folders
1972978-0-525-06490-9Lester Del ReyBest Science Fiction Stories of the Year
1974978-0-525-06492-3Lester Del ReyBest Science Fiction Stories of the Year: Third Annual Collection
1975978-0-525-06493-0Lester, Editor Del ReyBest Science Fiction Stories Of The Year: Fourth Annual
1976978-0-525-06494-7Lester Del ReyBest Science Fiction Stories of the Year, Fifth Annual Collection
1977978-0-525-06495-4Gardner DozoisBest Science Fiction Stories of the Year, 1977: 6th Annual Collection
1978978-0-525-06496-1Gardner DozoisThe Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year
1979978-0-525-06497-8   ''Best Science Fiction Stories 1979: 2
1980978-0-525-06498-5VariousBest Science Fiction Stories 1980: 2
1981978-0-525-06499-2Gardner R. DozoisBest Science Fiction Stories of the Year, Tenth Annual Collection
1970978-0-525-06616-3Irving Marsh and Edward EhreBest Sports Stories 1970: a Panorama of the 1969 Sports World with the Year's To
1972978-0-525-06618-7Editors Irving T. Marsh and Edward EhreBest Sports Stories 1972
1973978-0-525-06619-4   ''Best Sports Stories: 1973 Edition: A Panorama of the 1972 Sports Year
1974978-0-525-06620-0Irving T. and Edward Ehre, editorsBest Sports Stories 1974: A Panorama of the 1973 Sports World Including the 1973 Champions of All Sports with the Year's Top Photographs
1975978-0-525-06621-7Irving T.Best Sport Stories 1975
1977978-0-525-06623-1Irving T. Marsh · Edward EhreBest Sports Stories 1977: A Panorama of the 1976 Sports World with the Year's Top Photographs
1978978-0-525-06624-8Irving T. MarshBest Sports Stories 1978: 2
1979978-0-525-06625-5   ''Best Sports Stories 1979: 2
1980978-0-525-06626-2   ''Best Sports Stories 1983: 2
1977978-0-525-06632-3Steven DavidowitzBetting thoroughbreds: A professional's guide for the horseplayer
1981978-0-525-06634-7OsborneA Better Class of Person: An Autobiography
1980978-0-525-06645-3Susan Fromberg SchaefferThe Bible of the Beasts of the Little Field: Poems
1973978-0-525-06658-3John Russell NapierBigfoot; The Yeti and Sasquatch in Myth and Reality
1976978-0-525-06675-0Max Boas · Steve ChainBig Mac: The Unauthorized Story of McDonald's
1972978-0-525-06680-4Marc NormanBike Riding In Los Angeles a Novel

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