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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-0-521-57754-0June CrebbinSpike and the Concert Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57755-7June CrebbinDon't Be Late! Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57756-4   ''A Cat for Keeps Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57757-1   ''The Special Cake Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57758-8   ''The Dog Show Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57759-5June CrebbinThe Pyjama Party Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57760-1   ''Strawberry Picking Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57761-8June CrebbinParrot Talk Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57762-5   ''Cutting and Sticking Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
978-0-521-57763-2Ilan Pappe · Gabriel PiterbergThe Politics of History in Israel (The Contemporary Middle East)
1996978-0-521-57764-9Anita StrakerMental Maths for Ages 5 to 7 Teacher's book
  ''978-0-521-57765-6Anita StrakerMental Maths Starter book
2009978-0-521-57766-3Günter ZöllerSchopenhauer: Prize Essay on the Freedom of the Will (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy)
2010978-0-521-57767-0Daniel Breazeale · Gunter ZollerFichte: The System of Ethics (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy)
1997978-0-521-57768-7Michael McCarthy · Felicity O'DellVocabulary in Use Upper Intermediate With answers
1996978-0-521-57769-4Jolene Gear · Robert GearCambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test Pack
  ''978-0-521-57770-0Jolene Gear · Robert GearCambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test
  ''978-0-521-57771-7   ''Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test Student's book
1999978-0-521-57772-4Robert A. HartWork and Pay in Japan
2020978-0-521-57773-1Karim M. Abadir · Kaddour HadriAn Introduction to Econometric Time Series
2008978-0-521-57774-8Jacques SilberInequality, Dissimilarity and Independence
1997978-0-521-57775-5Andrew WrennThe First World War (Cambridge History Programme Key Stage 4)
2002978-0-521-57776-2Arnlaug LeiraWorking Parents and the Welfare State: Family Change and Policy Reform in Scandinavia
2010978-0-521-57777-9Stavros ZeniosFinancial Optimization
2008978-0-521-57778-6David EdgertonScience, Tech & Brit Indus Decline (New Studies in Economic and Social History)
2008978-0-521-57779-3James SerpellIn the Company of Animals: A Study of Human-Animal Relationships (Canto original series)
1996978-0-521-57780-9Elliot Leader · Enrico PredazziAn Introduction to Gauge Theories and Modern Particle Physics 2 Volume Hardback Set: Vol.1 (Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology)
2008978-0-521-57781-6G. J. KomenDynamics & Modelling of Ocean Waves
1998978-0-521-57782-3William B. Meyer · B. L. Turner IIChanges in Land Use and Land Cover: A Global Perspective
2008978-0-521-57783-0R. SocolowIndustrial Ecology & Global Change
1996978-0-521-57784-7Steven CherryMedical Services and the Hospital in Britain, 1860-1939
2008978-0-521-57785-4Ajoy GhatakIntroduction to Fiber Optics
  ''978-0-521-57786-1Lorena MadrigalStatistics for Anthropology
1999978-0-521-57787-8Richard BlantonAncient Oaxaca (Case Studies in Early Societies)
1998978-0-521-57788-5Rex GibsonTeaching Shakespeare: A Handbook for Teachers (Cambridge School Shakespeare)
2008978-0-521-57789-2A. MartsinkovskyLMS: 238 Representation Theory (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)
  ''978-0-521-57790-8HolstiThe State, War, & the State of War (Cambridge Studies in International Relations)
1996978-0-521-57791-5Simon RyanThe Cartographic Eye: How Explorers Saw Australia
1998978-0-521-57792-2Bill de Rooy · Stephen BarclaySystems Technology for Schools (Australian Technology Studies)
978-0-521-57793-9Roslynn D. HaynesSeeking the Centre: The Australian Desert in Literature, Art and Film
1997978-0-521-57794-6Jenny ChapmanBiodiversity: The Abundance of Life (Studies in Biology)
1998978-0-521-57795-3Martin Hewings · Sharon GoldsteinPronunciation Plus Cassettes: Practice through Interaction: Cassette Set
1999978-0-521-57796-0Martin HewingsPronunciation Plus: Practice through Interaction
1998978-0-521-57797-7   ''Pronunciation plus: Practice Through Interaction: Student's Book
  ''978-0-521-57798-4Falk Seeger · J\xf6rg Voigt · Ute WaschescioThe Culture of the Mathematics Classroom
1997978-0-521-57799-1Ian BremmerNew States, New Politics: Building the Post-Soviet Nations
1996978-0-521-57800-4J. E. GoldthorpeThe Sociology of Post-Colonial Societies: Economic Disparity, Cultural Diversity and Development
1997978-0-521-57801-1Robin Murray · Peter Hill · Peter McGuffin · J. L. T. BirleyThe Essentials of Postgraduate Psychiatry
1996978-0-521-57802-8Richard Brown · Kate RuttleWalking in the Jungle Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
978-0-521-57803-5Dennis KennedyLooking at Shakespeare: A Visual History of Twentieth-Century Performance
2010978-0-521-57804-2Francis AlbarèdeIntroduction to Geochemical Modeling
1996978-0-521-57805-9Gruppo METADue: Audiocassetta 4
  ''978-0-521-57806-6Gruppo METADue: Audiocassette 1, 2 and 3 Pack of 3 Cassettes: Audiocassette 1, 2 & 3
1996978-0-521-57807-3Gruppo METADue: Guida per l'insegnante
  ''978-0-521-57808-0   ''Due: Libro degli esercizi e sintesi di grammatica: Corso comunicativo di italiano
1996978-0-521-57809-7Gruppo METADue: Libro dello studente
  ''978-0-521-57810-3Brian H. Walker · Will SteffenGlobal Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems (International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Book Series)
1997978-0-521-57811-0Rex GibsonShakespeare's Language 150 photocopiable worksheets (Cambridge School Shakespeare)
1998978-0-521-57812-7Rosemary PringleSex and Medicine: Gender, Power and Authority in the Medical Profession
2001978-0-521-57813-4Letizia PanizzaA History of Women's Writing in Italy
2010978-0-521-57814-1Darnell HuntScreening the Los Angeles 'Riots': Race, Seeing, and Resistance (Cambridge Cultural Social Studies)
1998978-0-521-57815-8William Andrefsky JrLithics (Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology)
1997978-0-521-57816-5Lillian Hoddeson · Laurie Brown · Michael Riordan · Max DresdenThe Rise of the Standard Model: Particle Physics in the 1960's and 1970's: A History of Particle Physics from 1964 to 1979
  ''978-0-521-57817-2Lynda LawsonStaying Ahead Video activity book (Cambridge Professional English)
2008978-0-521-57818-9L. M. SinghviTale of Three Cities: Rede Lecture: The 1993 Rede Lecture and Related Summit Declarations
1999978-0-521-57819-6Miriam EspesethAcademic Listening Encounters: Human Behavior Audio Cassettes (5): Listening, Note Taking, and Discussion (Academic Encounters)
  ''978-0-521-57820-2   ''Academic Listening Encounters: Human Behavior Teacher's Manual: Listening, Note Taking, and Discussion (Academic Encounters)
1998978-0-521-57821-9   ''Academic Listening Encounters: Human Behavior Student's Book: Listening, Note Taking, and Discussion (Academic Encounters)
2008978-0-521-57822-6DamonTacitus: Histories Book I: Bk. 1 (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics)
  ''978-0-521-57823-3James T. CushingPhilosophical Concepts in Physics: The Historical Relation between Philosophy and Scientific Theories
2008978-0-521-57824-0SherBeyond Neutrality: Perfectionism and Politics
1997978-0-521-57825-7Jan de VriesThe First Modern Economy: Success, Failure, and Perseverance of the Dutch Economy, 1500-1815
2010978-0-521-57826-4Linda Trinkaus ZagzebskiVirtues of the Mind: An Inquiry into the Nature of Virtue and the Ethical Foundations of Knowledge (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy)
2008978-0-521-57827-1Richard B. BrandtFacts, Values, and Morality
1999978-0-521-57828-8Robin GillChurchgoing and Christian Ethics (New Studies in Christian Ethics)
978-0-521-57829-5Duncan HawleyThe Weather Starter pack (Cambridge Primary Geography)
978-0-521-57830-1Jacqueline DineenBritain since 1930 Starter pack (Cambridge Primary History)
978-0-521-57831-8David FlintSettlement Starter pack (Cambridge Primary Geography)
978-0-521-57832-5Steve BraceLiving in Lincoln Starter pack (Cambridge Primary Geography)
978-0-521-57833-2Jacqueline DineenAncient Egypt Starter Pack (Cambridge Primary History)
2002978-0-521-57834-9Kate ThomsonThe Environment Starter pack (Cambridge Primary Geography)
  ''978-0-521-57835-6Penny Liddiard · Cottia HowardRivers Starter pack (Cambridge Primary Geography)
  ''978-0-521-57836-3Tim CopelandAncient Greece Starter pack (Cambridge Primary History)
978-0-521-57837-0Margaret WrightVictorian Britain Starter pack (Cambridge Primary History)
1996978-0-521-57838-7Steve BraceVillage Life in India Starter pack (Cambridge Primary Geography)
1997978-0-521-57839-4Christine Counsell · Kate ThomsonLife in Tudor Times Starter pack (Cambridge Primary History)
1996978-0-521-57840-0Vincent Bunce · Wendy MorganLiving in St Lucia Starter pack (Cambridge Primary Geography)
1997978-0-521-57841-7Cottia Howard · Penny LiddiardThe Romans in Britain Starter pack (Cambridge Primary History)
2006978-0-521-57842-4Steven CollinsNirvana and Other Buddhist Felicities (Cambridge Studies in Religious Traditions)
2008978-0-521-57843-1MelucciChallenging Codes: Collective Action in the Information Age (Cambridge Cultural Social Studies)
1997978-0-521-57844-8Raymond Murphy · Lelio PalliniEssential Grammar in Use Italian key: A Reference and Practice Book for Elementary Students of English
  ''978-0-521-57845-5Raymond Murphy · Lelio PalliniEssential Grammar in Use Italian edition: A Reference and Practice Book for Elementary Students of English
2008978-0-521-57847-9S. SureshFatigue of Materials 2ed (Cambridge Solid State Science)
2009978-0-521-57848-6Lisa CahillSex, Gender, and Christian Ethics (New Studies in Christian Ethics)
1996978-0-521-57849-3Gillian RoseMourning Becomes the Law: Philosophy And Representation
  ''978-0-521-57850-9Rudolf L. TökésHungary's Negotiated Revolution: Economic Reform, Social Change and Political Succession (Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies)
1999978-0-521-57851-6Jean H. DuffyUsing French Vocabulary
2009978-0-521-57852-3Cheryl ClaassenShells (Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology)
1996978-0-521-57854-7Cambridge School Classics ProjectCambridge Latin Anthology (Cambridge Latin Course)
1996978-0-521-57855-4Sue HepkerCheese! Yummy cheese! (English) (Little Library Numeracy)
  ''978-0-521-57856-1Lindi Mahlangu · Lungi Maseko · Joan RankinScary footsteps (English) (Little Library Numeracy)
  ''978-0-521-57857-8Dianne HofmeyrMama Mabena's Magic (Little Library Maths Kit)
  ''978-0-521-57858-5Vuyokasi Matross · Cecelia Ntliziywana · Nodumo Mabece · Phumeze Mtati · Heather Sheasby · David WhissonVusirala the giant (English) (Little Library Numeracy)
  ''978-0-521-57859-2Sue Appleby · Buyiswa Bala · Xolela Ciliza · Sedick GalantUmoyana, the Little Wind (Little Library Maths Kit)
1996978-0-521-57860-8Janine Corneilse · Marcelle Edwards · Jamela January · Shirley de KockThe terrible Graakwa (English) (Little Library Literacy)
  ''978-0-521-57861-5Sue HepkerBaby Monkey's bananas (English) (Little Library Numeracy)
  ''978-0-521-57862-2   ''A long way to Baba (English) (Little Library Numeracy)
  ''978-0-521-57863-9Elizabeth Littlewort · Jonathan Shapiro · Velaphi Mlombo · Ramona Francis · Margaretha Kilpin · Peter MidgleyThuli's Mattress (Little Library Maths Kit)
  ''978-0-521-57864-6Colleen Cousins · Ntsiki Jamnda · Elizabeth Hitchcock · Wilhelmina ThebusNtsiki's surprise (English)
1996978-0-521-57865-3Sue HepkerLittle Library Maths Kit Boxed Set
  ''978-0-521-57866-0James Durno · Misiwe Baskiti · Emma Durden · Pateka MbombelaEddie Ndlovu (Little Library Reading Kit)
  ''978-0-521-57867-7Amanda Jesperson · Caroline Mjindi · Brian Prehn · Sive SontoThe little lost goat (English)
  ''978-0-521-57868-4Christopher HodsonLizo's Song (Little Library Reading Kit)
  ''978-0-521-57869-1Lesley Beake · Paddy Bouma · Maggie Jantjies · Jane NkwahlaOne dark, dark night (English) (Little Library Literacy)
1996978-0-521-57870-7Dianne HofmeyrHic ... hic ... hiccups (English) (Little Library Literacy)
  ''978-0-521-57871-4Monika Hollemann · Helen Pooler · Ntombizine Kom · Madoda MatiwaneChameleon's clever trick (English) (Little Library Literacy)
  ''978-0-521-57872-1Kathy Luckett · Sylve Sandalls · Nombulelo SikhosanaDoes your Father Snore? (Little Library Reading Kit)
  ''978-0-521-57873-8Fundisile Gwazube · Lulu Khumalo · Linda Pantsi · Nompuleleo YakoCrocodile's sore tooth (English) (Little Library Literacy)
  ''978-0-521-57874-5Beverley Burkett · Denise Manning · Lungi Radasi · Lyn StonestreetYawning is catching (English) (Little Library Literacy)
1996978-0-521-57875-2Sally Ward · Bongi DlhomoDorothy's visit (English)
  ''978-0-521-57876-9Sue HepkerLittle Library Reading Kit Boxed Set
  ''978-0-521-57877-6Cambridge School Classics ProjectCambridge Latin Anthology (Cambridge Latin Course)
  ''978-0-521-57878-3Richard Brown · Kate Ruttle · Juliet Partridge · Bill GillhamCambridge Reading Talking Books (Acorn) Acorn Diskettes: Beginning to Read
  ''978-0-521-57879-0Richard Brown · Kate Ruttle · Juliet Partridge · Bill GillhamCambridge Reading Talking Books (Windows) Windows Diskettes: Beginning to Read
1998978-0-521-57880-6   ''Cambridge Reading Talking Books (Mac) Mac diskettes: Beginning to Read
2008978-0-521-57881-3Mark LaddIntro to Physical Chemistry 3ed
2010978-0-521-57882-0Joseph McCauleyClassical Mechanics: Transformations, Flows, Integrable and Chaotic Dynamics
2008978-0-521-57883-7t HooftSearch of Ultimate Building Blocks
2008978-0-521-57884-4Michael AndersonBritish Population History: From the Black Death to the Present Day (New Studies in Economic and Social History)
  ''978-0-521-57885-1R. J. KnechtRenaissance Warrior and Patron: The Reign of Francis I
1994978-0-521-57886-8L. Stephen O'BrienTraumatic Events and Mental Health (Psychiatry and Medicine)
2008978-0-521-57887-5NicholsThe Life of Debussy (Musical Lives)
1997978-0-521-57888-2Richard Brown · Kate Ruttle · Jean GlasbergTowards Independence Adoption pack (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57889-9Richard Brown · Kate Ruttle · Jean GlasbergTowards Independence Starter pack (Cambridge Reading)
1998978-0-521-57890-5R. F. ChapmanThe Insects: Structure and Function
  ''978-0-521-57891-2Aubrey Manning · Marian Stamp DawkinsAn Introduction to Animal Behaviour
2008978-0-521-57892-9Shaftesbury/KleinShaftesbury: Characteristics of Men (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy)
  ''978-0-521-57893-6Dixon/AikhenvaldThe Amazonian Languages
2010978-0-521-57894-3P. WojtaszczykA Mathematical Introduction to Wavelets (London Mathematical Society Student Texts)
2010978-0-521-57895-0Bryan GilliamThe Life of Richard Strauss (Musical Lives)
  ''978-0-521-57896-7Russell CooperCoordination Games
978-0-521-57897-4Robert TaylorThe Politics of Elections in Southeast Asia (Woodrow Wilson Center Press)
1998978-0-521-57898-1Jagdeep S. BhandariEconomic Dimensions in International Law: Comparative and Empirical Perspectives
2004978-0-521-57899-8Kenneth Bowler · Andrew Cossins · Gerhardt HeldmeierTemperature Biology of Animals
2008978-0-521-57900-1Da Prato/ZabczykLMS: 229 Ergodicity Dimensionl Sys (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)
1998978-0-521-57901-8School Mathematics ProjectRevise for GCSE Mathematics Higher Tier: Higher Tier/Home Study (SMP GCSE Revision)
1997978-0-521-57902-5School Mathematics ProjectRevise for GCSE Mathematics Intermediate Tier: Intermediate/Home Study (SMP GCSE Revision)
1998978-0-521-57903-2   ''Revise for GCSE Mathematics Foundation Tier (SMP GCSE Revision)
978-0-521-57904-9   ''GCSE Mathematics Revision Higher Worksheet (SMP GCSE Revision)
1998978-0-521-57905-6   ''GCSE Mathematics Revision Worksheets for Foundation Tier Copymasters
1997978-0-521-57906-3   ''GCSE Mathematics Revision Worksheets for Intermediate and Higher Copymasters (SMP GCSE Revision)
1998978-0-521-57907-0School Mathematics ProjectGCSE Mathematics Revision Higher Tier: Higher Tier/School (SMP GCSE Revision)
1997978-0-521-57908-7   ''GCSE Mathematics Revision Intermediate Tier (SMP GCSE Revision)
1998978-0-521-57909-4   ''GCSE Mathematics Revision Foundation Tier (SMP GCSE Revision)
2009978-0-521-57910-0Cheryl MisakThe Cambridge Companion to Peirce (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy)
2005978-0-521-57911-7Iain Hampsher-MonkThe Impact of the French Revolution: Texts from Britain in the 1790s (Cambridge Readings in the History of Political Thought)
1996978-0-521-57912-4Sarah M. CorseNationalism and Literature: The Politics of Culture in Canada and the United States (Cambridge Cultural Social Studies)
1997978-0-521-57913-1Helen NorrisScience Support: Physics Spiral bound
  ''978-0-521-57914-8Helen NorrisScience Support: Chemistry Spiral bound
1998978-0-521-57915-5   ''Science Support: Biology Spiral bound
1996978-0-521-57916-2S. Victor PerryMolecular Mechanisms in Striated Muscle (Lezioni Lincee)
  ''978-0-521-57917-9Sue Perry · Jane RoseNot Yet, Nathan! Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57918-6John PraterVicky's Box Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57919-3John PraterNishal's Box Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57920-9John PraterTom's Box Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57921-6   ''Sophie's Box Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57922-3John PraterBilly's Box Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57923-0   ''Wayne's Box Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57924-7   ''Lucy's Box Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57925-4   ''Dan's Box Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57926-1   ''Yasmin's Box Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57927-8Marjorie CraggsRhyming Riddles Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57928-5Phil GatesAnimal Senses Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57929-2Phil GatesThe Scots Pine Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57930-8Phil GatesBubbles Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57931-5Grace HallworthSleep Tight Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57932-2Grace Hallworth · Richard BrownGracie's Cat Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57933-9   ''Going to School Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57934-6Rosemary DavidsonOne Teddy All Alone Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57935-3Rosemary DavidsonFishy Numbers Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57936-0Richard BrownAtul's Christmas Hamster Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57937-7   ''The Moonlit Owl Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57938-4   ''All by Myself Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57939-1Richard Brown · Kate RuttleOver in the Meadow Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57940-7Richard Brown · Kate RuttlePeas in a Pod Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57941-4   ''Wiggle and Giggle Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57942-1Richard Brown · Kate RuttleTwo by Two Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57943-8   ''One Blue Hen Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57944-5   ''Five Little Monkeys Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57945-2   ''Incy Wincy Spider Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57946-9   ''Humpty Dumpty Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57947-6Richard Brown · Kate RuttleHickory Dickory Dock Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57948-3Richard Brown · Kate RuttleHey Diddle Diddle Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57949-0   ''I Went to School This Morning Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57950-6   ''Afloat in a Boat Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57951-3   ''Looking for Dragons Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57952-0   ''Jumping Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57953-7Joanna TroughtonThe Story of Running Water Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
  ''978-0-521-57954-4Joanna TroughtonThe Chinese New Year Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)
1996978-0-521-57955-1Joanna TroughtonThe Animal Wrestlers Pack of 6 (Cambridge Reading)