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2017978-1-316-64673-1Raymond MurphyBasic Grammar in Use Student's Book with Answers and Interactive eBook: Self-study Reference and Practice for Students of American English
  ''978-1-316-64674-8Adaptation by William R. Smalzer , Joseph Chapple Raymond MurphyBasic Grammar in Use Student's Book with Answers
  ''978-1-316-64675-5   ''Basic Grammar in Use Student's Book without Answers
2018978-1-316-64683-0Edited by Jaideep J. PanditPractical Operating Theatre Management
2017978-1-316-64688-5Kim Yi DionneDoomed Interventions: The Failure of Global Responses to AIDS in Africa
2019978-1-316-64699-1Kealani CookReturn to Kahiki: Native Hawaiians in Oceania (Studies in North American Indian History)
2018978-1-316-64731-8Peter WatkinsTeaching and Developing Reading Skills: Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers
2017978-1-316-64746-2Maria Grazia Ferrari · Cinzia MacchiaMake It! Levels 1-3 Learning Support Book
2018978-1-316-64756-1Adam Clark ArcadiWild Chimpanzees: Social Behavior of an Endangered Species
2017978-1-316-64777-6Antoine AckerVolkswagen in the Amazon (Global and International History)
2019978-1-316-64805-6Cynthia M. Horne · Lavinia StanTransitional Justice and the Former Soviet Union: Reviewing the Past, Looking toward the Future
2018978-1-316-64811-7Austin SaratHuman Rights and Legal Judgments: The American Story
2017978-1-316-64812-4John IliffeAfricans: The History of a Continent (African Studies)
2019978-1-316-64821-6Ingrid LeijtenCore Socio-Economic Rights and the European Court of Human Rights (Cambridge Studies in European Law and Policy)
2018978-1-316-64858-2Surya DevaBuilding a Treaty on Business and Human Rights: Context and Contours
  ''978-1-316-64863-6Jeffrey C. Gershel · Ellen F. CrainClinical Manual of Emergency Pediatrics
2019978-1-316-64867-4Lee RagsdaleCambridge Horizons Level 1 Student's Pack: For Bachillerato Tecnológico
  ''978-1-316-64869-8Aaron BurkholderCambridge Horizons Level 3 Student's Pack: For Bachillerato Tecnológico
2019978-1-316-64871-1Sarah BlackwoodCambridge Horizons Level 5 Student's Pack: For Bachillerato Tecnológico
2020978-1-316-64880-3Gwynne L. SkinnerTransnational Corporations and Human Rights: Overcoming Barriers to Judicial Remedy
2018978-1-316-64933-6Mindset for IELTS Level 3 Teacher's Book with Class Audio: An Official Cambridge IELTS Course
2019978-1-316-64946-6Simo Särkkä · Arno SolinApplied Stochastic Differential Equations (Institute of Mathematical Statistics Textbooks)
2017978-1-316-64952-7Phillip RupprechtBritish Musical Modernism: The Manchester Group and their Contemporaries (Music since 1900)
  ''978-1-316-64954-1Nicholas MathewThe Invention of Beethoven and Rossini: Historiography, Analysis, Criticism
2018978-1-316-64958-9Jamila MichenerFragmented Democracy
  ''978-1-316-64959-6Bridget J CrawfordFeminist Judgments: Rewritten Tax Opinions (Feminist Judgment Series: Rewritten Judicial Opinions)
2017978-1-316-64960-2Walter J. StoneCandidates and Voters
2018978-1-316-64961-9Carrie N. BakerFighting the US Youth Sex Trade: Gender, Race, and Politics
2016978-1-316-64975-6Charles Browne · Brent Culligan · Joseph PhillipsIn Focus Level 1 Student's Book with Online Resources Bina Dharma Edition
2017978-1-316-64977-0Susanna Michele LeeClaiming the Union: Citizenship in the Post-Civil War South (Cambridge Studies on the American South)
  ''978-1-316-64992-3Ruth Bloch RubinBuilding the Bloc: Intraparty Organization in the US Congress
  ''978-1-316-65554-2John M. CollinsMartial Law and English Laws, c.1500-c.1700 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History)
2017978-1-316-65575-7Emma Plunkett · Emily Johnson · Anna PiersonReturning to Work in Anaesthesia: Back on the Circuit
  ''978-1-316-65954-0Aarti WaniFantasy of Modernity: Romantic Love in Bombay Cinema of the 1950s
  ''978-1-316-66891-7Amy KingChina-Japan Relations after World War Two: Empire, Industry and War, 1949-1971
  ''978-1-316-67423-9Debjani SenguptaThe Partition of Bengal: Fragile Borders and New Identities
  ''978-1-316-67425-3Tanuja KothiyalNomadic Narratives: A History of Mobility and Identity in the Great Indian Desert
2017978-1-316-67428-4Angshul MajumdarCompressed Sensing for Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction
  ''978-1-316-67436-9M. S. SwaminathanCombating Hunger and Achieving Food Security
  ''978-1-316-67545-8Harish HiraniFundamentals of Engineering Tribology with Applications
  ''978-1-316-67547-2Shaila Dinkar ApteSignals and Systems: Principles and Applications
  ''978-1-316-67548-9S. B. Lal Seksena · Kaustuv DasguptaFundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Part 1
2017978-1-316-67549-6Shikha AgarwalEngineering Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications
  ''978-1-316-67550-2H. D. Ram · A. K. ChauhanFoundations and Applications of Engineering Mechanics
  ''978-1-316-67551-9Lakhwinder Pal SinghWork Study and Ergonomics
  ''978-1-316-68520-4Nikolas M. Rajkovic · Tanja Aalberts · Thomas Gammeltoft-HansenThe Power of Legality: Practices of International Law and their Politics
  ''978-1-316-68525-9Thomas MurrayContesting Economic and Social Rights in Ireland: Constitution, State and Society, 1848-2016 (Cambridge Studies in Law and Society)
2017978-1-316-68924-0James W. HeitzPost-Anesthesia Care: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Management
  ''978-1-316-69180-9Suman DuttaOptimization in Chemical Engineering
  ''978-1-316-69185-4Surjya Kumar MaitiFracture Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications
  ''978-1-316-69297-4Christoph KalterThe Discovery of the Third World: Decolonization and the Rise of the New Left in France, c.1950-1976
  ''978-1-316-71059-3Victor Plahte TschudiBaroque Antiquity: Archaeological Imagination in Early Modern Europe
2017978-1-316-71335-8Ian BrownThe School of Oriental and African Studies: Imperial Training and the Expansion of Learning
  ''978-1-316-71570-3Chris ThornhillA Sociology of Transnational Constitutions: Social Foundations of the Post-National Legal Structure (Cambridge Studies in Law and Society)
  ''978-1-316-72302-9Chris Goto-JonesConjuring Asia: Magic, Orientalism and the Making of the Modern World
  ''978-1-316-72333-3Xiaoping CongMarriage, Law and Gender in Revolutionary China (Cambridge Studies in the History of the People's Republic of China)
  ''978-1-316-73060-7Anne PetersBeyond Human Rights: The Legal Status of the Individual in International Law (Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law)
2018978-1-316-76724-5Simon C. ParkerThe Economics of Entrepreneurship
2017978-1-316-76742-9James R. Silkenat · Dirk Van GervenAttorney-Client Privilege in the Americas: Professional Secrecy of Lawyers
2017978-1-316-77413-7William MattisonThe Sermon on the Mount and Moral Theology: A Virtue Perspective
  ''978-1-316-78190-6Jim KozubekModern Prometheus: Editing the Human Genome with Crispr-Cas9
  ''978-1-316-78198-2Vincent W. S. Wong · Robert Schober · Derrick Wing Kwan Ng · Li-Chun WangKey Technologies for 5G Wireless Systems
  ''978-1-316-78638-3Peter M. Anderson · John P. Hirth · Jens LotheTheory of Dislocations
  ''978-1-316-78645-1Thomas Bock · Thomas LinnerConstruction Robots: Volume 3: Elementary Technologies and Single-Task Construction Robots
2017978-1-316-78657-4Itamar MannHumanity at Sea: Maritime Migration and the Foundations of International Law (Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law)
  ''978-1-316-79266-7Carlos Closa · Dimitry KochenovReinforcing Rule of Law Oversight in the European Union
978-1-316-79291-9Toxic Torts: Science, Law, and the Possibility of Justice
2017978-1-316-80573-2Patrick Low · Chiedu Osakwe · Maika OshikawaAfrican Perspectives on Trade and the WTO: Domestic Reforms, Structural Transformation and Global Economic Integration
  ''978-1-316-81101-6Findlay StarkCulpable Carelessness: Recklessness and Negligence in the Criminal Law
  ''978-1-316-81107-8Susan Bisom-Rapp · Malcolm SargeantLifetime Disadvantage, Discrimination and the Gendered Workforce
  ''978-1-316-81170-2Pradip SircarMathematical Aspects of Signal Processing
2017978-1-316-82552-5Ruey-Hung ChenFoundations of Gas Dynamics
  ''978-1-316-82555-6Ted KaizerReligion, Society and Culture at Dura-Europos (Yale Classical Studies)
  ''978-1-316-83593-7Aldo MarchesiLatin America's Radical Left: Rebellion and Cold War in the Global 1960s (Cambridge Latin American Studies)
2018978-1-316-83609-5Lorraine Bayard de VoloWomen and the Cuban Insurrection: How Gender Shaped Castro's Victory
  ''978-1-316-83617-0Daniel M. Brinks · Abby BlassThe DNA of Constitutional Justice in Latin America: Politics, Governance, and Judicial Design (Comparative Constitutional Law and Policy)
2017978-1-316-83626-2Todd DufresneThe Late Sigmund Freud: Or, The Last Word on Psychoanalysis, Society, and All the Riddles of Life
  ''978-1-316-84005-4Viktor J. Bruckman · Esin Apaydın Varol · Bașak B. Uzun · Jay LiuBiochar: A Regional Supply Chain Approach in View of Climate Change Mitigation
2017978-1-316-84007-8Daniel Jew · Robin Osborne · Michael ScottM. I. Finley: An Ancient Historian and his Impact (Cambridge Classical Studies)
  ''978-1-316-84339-0Siddhartha RayPrinciples and Applications of Metal Rolling
2018978-1-316-84611-7Molly K. Land · Jay D. AronsonHuman Rights and New Technologies
2017978-1-316-84955-2Jonathan Ives · Michael Dunn · Alan CribbEmpirical Bioethics: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives (Cambridge Bioethics and Law)
  ''978-1-316-85932-2John GerringCase Study Research: Principles and Practices (Strategies for Social Inquiry)
  ''978-1-316-86230-8D. Daniel SokolPatent Assertion Entities and Competition Policy
  ''978-1-316-86808-9Mikhail Menshikov · Serguei Popov · Andrew WadeNon-homogeneous Random Walks: Lyapunov Function Methods for Near-Critical Stochastic Systems (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics)
2017978-1-316-86820-1David CollinsAn Introduction to International Investment Law
  ''978-1-316-87008-2R. Quentin Grafton · Ian G. Cronshaw · Michal C. MooreRisks, Rewards and Regulation of Unconventional Gas: A Global Perspective
  ''978-1-316-87157-7Iain D. Boyd · Thomas E. SchwartzentruberNonequilibrium Gas Dynamics and Molecular Simulation (Cambridge Aerospace Series)
  ''978-1-316-88364-8Frances M. RossLiquid Cell Electron Microscopy (Advances in Microscopy and Microanalysis)
  ''978-1-316-99306-4Nicola Da Dalt · Ali SheikholeslamiUnderstanding Jitter and Phase Noise: A Circuits and Systems Perspective
2018978-1-316-99619-5Debasish Roy · G. Visweswara RaoStochastic Dynamics, Filtering and Optimization
2020978-1-316-99839-7Oliver M. O'ReillyIntermediate Dynamics for Engineers: Newton-Euler and Lagrangian Mechanics
2018978-1-316-99857-1Caroline Nixon · Michael TomlinsonKid's Box Level 2a Student's Book and Workbook Full Combo with Online Resources Ecuador Edition
2020978-1-316-99881-6Wilfried Sieg · Richard Sommer · Carolyn TalcottReflections on the Foundations of Mathematics: Essays in Honor of Solomon Feferman (Lecture Notes in Logic)
2018978-1-316-99891-5Caroline Nixon · Michael TomlinsonKid's Box Level 1 Student's Book and Workbook Full Combo with Online Resources Ecuador Edition
2019978-1-316-99990-5Sue Elliott · Amanda ThomasCompact Preliminary for Schools Student's Book without Answers with Online Workbook