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1952978-0-486-20010-1Alfred J. Ayer · Alfred Jules AyerLanguage, Truth and Logic (Dover Books on Western Philosophy)
1955978-0-486-20013-2William BartramTravels of William Bartram
1962978-0-486-20021-7Thomas HopeCostumes of the Greeks and Romans (Dover Fashion and Costumes)
  ''978-0-486-20022-4Edward D. AndrewsThe Gift to Be Simple
1997978-0-486-20024-8H. KleyThe Drawings of Heinrich Kley (Dover Fine Art, History of Art)
1955978-0-486-20025-5Franz BoasPrimitive Art
2012978-0-486-20049-1E.S. LumsdenThe Art of Etching (Dover Art Instruction)
1980978-0-486-20050-7Ernst CassirerSubstance and Function & Einstein's Theory of Relativity
1953978-0-486-20051-4Ernst CassirerLanguage and Myth
1955978-0-486-20053-8J. Albert CavanaghLettering and Alphabets: 85 Complete Alphabets (Lettering, Calligraphy, Typography)
1954978-0-486-20054-5Cennino d'Andrea Cennini · Jr. Daniel V. ThompsonThe Craftsman's Handbook: "Il Libro dell' Arte"
2017978-0-486-20055-2Robert G. OlsonAn Introduction to Existentialism
1956978-0-486-20059-0Barrett H. ClarkWorld Drama: An Anthology, Vol. 2: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Russia, and Norway
1961978-0-486-20062-0Arthur A. MerrillHow do You Use a Slide Rule?
1972978-0-486-20064-4Ernest Bramah SmithBest Max Carrados Detective Stories
1974978-0-486-20066-8John RuskinThe King of the Golden River: or the Black Brothers
1964978-0-486-20070-5Kakuzo OkakuraThe Book of Tea
1956978-0-486-20082-8W. Ellenberger · H. Baum · H. DittrichAn Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists (Dover Anatomy for Artists)
1953978-0-486-20084-2Jorge EncisoDesign Motifs of Ancient Mexico (Dover Pictorial Archive)
1961978-0-486-20094-1J. W. PowellThe Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons
1971978-0-486-20095-8Paul E. KennedyAmerican Wild Flowers Coloring Book (Dover Nature Coloring Book)
1989978-0-486-20097-2Helen F. GainesCryptanalysis: A Study of Ciphers and Their Solution
1973978-0-486-20105-4Howard Phillips LovecraftSupernatural Horror in Literature
1962978-0-486-20106-1Georges Renaud · Victor KahnThe Art of the Checkmate
1954978-0-486-20107-8Jacques HadamardThe Psychology of Invention in the Mathematical Field
1953978-0-486-20110-8Royal V. HeathMathemagic: Magic, Puzzles and Games with Numbers (Dover Recreational Math)
1956978-0-486-20112-2G. W. F. HegelThe Philosophy of History
2012978-0-486-20119-1Hubert PhillipsMy Best Puzzles in Logic and Reasoning (Dover Recreational Math)
1946978-0-486-20125-2Clarence P. HornungHandbook of Designs and Devices (Dover Pictorial Archive)
1973978-0-486-20129-0Alexander CalderAnimal Sketching (Dover Art Instruction)
1972978-0-486-20130-6L. A. WaddellTibetan Buddhism
1962978-0-486-20146-7Edward LaskerChess for Fun and Chess for Blood
1985978-0-486-20150-4Arthur AvalonTantra of the Great Liberation (English and Sanskrit Edition)
1962978-0-486-20152-8Caroline F. JayneString Figures and How to Make Them: A Study of Cat's Cradle in Many Lands
1955978-0-486-20162-7Rudolf KochThe Book of Signs (Dover Pictorial Archive)
1953978-0-486-20163-4Maurice KraitchikMathematical Recreations
1975978-0-486-20166-5Mark FeldsteinUnseen New York
1951978-0-486-20167-2Edward LearThe Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear
1957978-0-486-20169-6A. W. LewisBasic Bookbinding
1973978-0-486-20180-1Spyros HoremisGeometrical Design Coloring Book (Dover Design Coloring Books)
1962978-0-486-20181-8Wilhelm BuschMax and Moritz (Dover Humor)
1975978-0-486-20182-5Paul Jacques GrilloForm, Function & Design (Dover Art Instruction and Reference Books)
1984978-0-486-20189-4AlekhineBook of the Nottingham International Chess Tournament
1954978-0-486-20196-2M. MinnaertThe Nature of Light and Colour in the Open Air (Dover Books on Earth Sciences)
  ''978-0-486-20198-6Geoffrey Mott-SmithMathematical Puzzles, for Beginners and Enthusiasts
1971978-0-486-20200-6Lewis MumfordThe Brown Decades: A Study of the Arts in America, 1865-1895 (Dover Books on Art, Art History)
1955978-0-486-20202-0Lewis MumfordSticks and Stones (Dover Books on Architecture)
1957978-0-486-20203-7Eadweard MuybridgeAnimals in Motion (Dover Anatomy for Artists)
1955978-0-486-20204-4Eadweard MuybridgeThe Human Figure in Motion
1952978-0-486-20215-0Amedee OzenfantFoundations of Modern Art / 256 Illustrations
1973978-0-486-20216-7H. Montgomery HydeThe Trials of Oscar Wilde
2011978-0-486-20217-4Charles S. PeircePhilosophical Writings of Peirce
1975978-0-486-20231-0JoAnne C. DayEarly American Cut & Use Stencils
1971978-0-486-20232-7Georges BraqueIllustrated Notebooks: 1917-1955 (English and French Edition)
1955978-0-486-20236-5George SantayanaScepticism and Animal Faith
  ''978-0-486-20238-9George SantayanaThe Sense of Beauty: Being the Outline of Aesthetic Theory
1957978-0-486-20241-9Fritz SchiderAn Atlas of Anatomy for Artists (Dover Anatomy for Artists)
1955978-0-486-20247-1Laurence D. SmithCryptography: The Science of Secret Writing
  ''978-0-486-20250-1Benedict de Spinoza · Benedictus de SpinozaOn the Improvement of the Understanding / The Ethics / Correspondence
1954978-0-486-20257-0Miguel de UnamunoTragic Sense of Life
1962978-0-486-20268-6Joseph LemaîtreFrench: How to Speak and Write It (Dover Language Guides French) (English and French Edition)
1967978-0-486-20271-6Joseph RosenbergGerman: How to Speak and Write It (Dover Dual Language German)
1950978-0-486-20276-1Heinrich WölfflinPrinciples of Art History: The Problem of the Development of Style in Later Art
1961978-0-486-20278-5Charles Sprague SargentManual of the Trees of North America (exclusive of Mexico), Vol. 2
1974978-0-486-20279-2Sergey ProkofievFour Orchestral Works
2009978-0-486-20281-5Louis H. SullivanThe Autobiography of an Idea (Dover Architecture)
1962978-0-486-20287-7W. A. Bentley · W. J. HumphreysSnow Crystals (Dover Pictorial Archive)
1971978-0-486-20290-7Ludek PachmanModern Chess Strategy
1960978-0-486-20291-4William JamesThe Will to Believe, Human Immortality, and Other Essays in Popular Philosophy
1955978-0-486-20295-2Henry StickerHow to Calculate Quickly: Full Course in Speed Arithmetic (Dover Books on Mathematics)
1936978-0-486-20296-9Aron NimzovichChess Praxis
1972978-0-486-20299-0Jules PascinPascin: 110 Drawings; Selected, Edited and Introduced by Alfred Werner
1957978-0-486-20302-7Franz Sales MeyerHandbook of Ornament (Dover Pictorial Archive)
2011978-0-486-20307-2Wilkie CollinsTales of Terror and the Supernatural
1972978-0-486-20308-9Francis J. KafkaLinoleum Block Printing (Dover Craft Books)
1962978-0-486-20320-1Claude Debussy · Ferruccio Busoni · Charles IvesThree Classics in the Aesthetic of Music
1956978-0-486-20323-2Franz CumontThe Mysteries of Mithra
1956978-0-486-20326-3Joshua SlocumSailing Alone Around the World
  ''978-0-486-20327-0Daniel V. ThompsonThe Materials and Techniques of Medieval Painting (Dover Art Instruction)
2012978-0-486-20334-8George GroveBeethoven and His Nine Symphonies (Dover Books on Music)
1956978-0-486-20335-5Martin GardnerMathematics, Magic and Mystery (Dover Recreational Math)
1974978-0-486-20336-2Terence ReeseMaster Play in Contract Bridge
1962978-0-486-20343-0Daniel V. ThompsonThe Practice of Tempera Painting: Materials and Methods (Dover Art Instruction)
2000978-0-486-20351-5Moses MaimonidesThe Guide for the Perplexed
1956978-0-486-20363-8Millard HopperWin at Checkers
1957978-0-486-20367-6C. R. Wylie Jr.101 Puzzles in Thought and Logic (Dover Recreational Math)
1956978-0-486-20370-6A. A. KlafCalculus Refresher (Dover Books on Mathematics)
2011978-0-486-20378-2Ananda K. CoomaraswamyChristian and Oriental Philosophy of Art
1950978-0-486-20381-2William JamesThe Principles of Psychology, Vol. 1
  ''978-0-486-20382-9   ''The Principles of Psychology, Vol. 2
1953978-0-486-20384-3Harry HoudiniHoudini on Magic (Dover Magic Books)
1957978-0-486-20386-7Philip SergeantMorphy's Games of Chess
1973978-0-486-20388-1R. Austin FreemanThe Best Dr. Thorndyke Detective Stories (Dover Edition)
1957978-0-486-20392-8Paul RadinPrimitive Man as a Philosopher
1937978-0-486-20393-5Paul RadinPrimitive Religion: Its Nature and Origin
1957978-0-486-20394-2Martin GardnerFads and Fallacies in the Name of Science (Popular Science)
1958978-0-486-20396-6Ladislas SegyAfrican Sculpture (African Art Art of Illustration)
  ''978-0-486-20397-3J. B. BuryThe Ancient Greek Historians
2011978-0-486-20398-0J. B. BuryHistory of the Later Roman Empire: From the Death of Theodosius I to the Death of Justinian (Volume 1)
  ''978-0-486-20399-7   ''History of the Later Roman Empire: From the Death of Theodosius I to the Death of Justinian (Volume 2)
1957978-0-486-20400-0Claude BernardAn Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine (Dover Books on Biology)
2013978-0-486-20412-3Max BornThe Restless Universe
1964978-0-486-20415-4J. Sheridan Le FanuBest Ghost Stories of J. S. LeFanu
1961978-0-486-20419-2Seymour ResnickEssential French Grammar (Dover Language Guides Essential Grammar)
1961978-0-486-20422-2Guy Stern · E. F. BleilerEssential German Grammar (Dover Language Guides Essential Grammar)
1963978-0-486-20425-3W. Henry Hill · Arthur F. Hill · Alfred E. HillAntonio Stradivari: His Life and Work (1644-1737)
1959978-0-486-20426-0Charles R. KnightAnimal Drawing: Anatomy and Action for Artists
1957978-0-486-20427-7Alexander NesbittHistory and Technique of Lettering
1958978-0-486-20429-1David E. SmithHistory of Mathematics, Vol. I (Dover Books on Mathematics)
  ''978-0-486-20430-7David E. SmithHistory of Mathematics, Vol. II (Dover Books on Mathematics)
  ''978-0-486-20432-1John H. VanderpoelThe Human Figure (Dover Anatomy for Artists)
2013978-0-486-20433-8J. I. Biegeleisen · M. A. CohnSilk Screen Techniques (Dover Craft Books)
2000978-0-486-20437-6E. C. LargeAdvance of the Fungi
1958978-0-486-20439-0Fred ReinfeldHow to Force Checkmate
  ''978-0-486-20448-2Fred ReinfeldHypermodern Chess: As Developed in the Games of Its Greatest Exponent, Aron Nimzovich
1974978-0-486-20452-9L. Frank BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz Coloring Book (Dover Classic Stories Coloring Book)
  ''978-0-486-20455-0Alexander AlekhineWorld's Chess Championship 1937
1972978-0-486-20459-8U. P. HedrickSturtevant's Edible Plants of the World
2011978-0-486-20463-5James MasonThe Art of Chess
1973978-0-486-20469-7Rudi BleshClassic Piano Rags: Complete Original Music for 81 Piano Rags
2000978-0-486-20471-0John DeweyExperience and Nature
1958978-0-486-20473-4Henry E. DudeneyAmusements in Mathematics (Dover Recreational Math)
1958978-0-486-20475-8J. G. SchwandnerCalligraphy (Calligraphia Latina) (Dover Pictorial Archive)
2018978-0-486-20479-6Charles DarwinSelected Letters on Evolution and Origin of Species
2011978-0-486-20485-7Otto RankBeyond Psychology
1958978-0-486-20492-5Lewis CarrollSymbolic Logic and the Game of Logic (Dover Recreational Math)
  ''978-0-486-20493-2Lewis Carroll · C. L. DodgsonThe Mathematical Recreations of Lewis Carroll: Pillow Problems and a Tangled Tale (Dover Recreational Math)
  ''978-0-486-20495-6U. S. War DeptDictionary of Spoken Spanish (Dover Language Guides Spanish)
  ''978-0-486-20496-3U. S. War DepartmentA Phrase and Sentence Dictionary of Spoken Russian: Russian-English, English-Russian
1959978-0-486-20498-7Sam LoydMathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd
1971978-0-486-20504-5U.S. Dept. of AgricultureCommon Weeds of the United States
1959978-0-486-20510-6Edward LaskerAdventure of Chess
  ''978-0-486-20511-3William M. HarlowFruit Key and Twig Key to Trees and Shrubs
1959978-0-486-20515-1A. M. NaglerA Source Book in Theatrical History: Twenty-five centuries of stage history in more than 300 basic documents and other primary material
2011978-0-486-20518-2Banesh HoffmannThe Strange Story of the Quantum
1959978-0-486-20523-6Robert Williams WoodHow to Tell the Birds from the Flowers: And Other Wood-cuts: A Revised Manual of Flornithology for Beginners
  ''978-0-486-20530-4John LockeAn Essay Concerning Human Understanding: In Two Volumes, Vol. One
  ''978-0-486-20531-1John LockeAn Essay Concerning Human Understanding: In Two Volumes, Vol. Two (Dover Books on Western Philosophy)
1973978-0-486-20537-3Jacques FutrelleBest "Thinking Machine" Detective Stories
  ''978-0-486-20539-7Jean HugardCard Manipulations (Dover Magic Books)
2012978-0-486-20540-3Julian WatkinsThe 100 Greatest Advertisements 1852-1958: Who Wrote Them and What They Did
  ''978-0-486-20542-7C. V. BoysSoap Bubbles: Their Colors and Forces Which Mold Them
1959978-0-486-20544-1Alexander NesbittDecorative Alphabets and Initials (Lettering, Calligraphy, Typography)
1949978-0-486-20551-9Fred ReinfeldDevelopment of a Chess Genius
1959978-0-486-20557-1Alexander SpeltzThe Styles of Ornament (Dover Pictorial Archive)
1975978-0-486-20574-8JoAnne C. DayPennsylvania Dutch Cut & Use Stencils
1959978-0-486-20582-3Marguerite IckisThe Standard Book of Quilt Making and Collecting (Dover Quilting)
2010978-0-486-20583-0Eugene Znosko-BorovskyThe Art of Chess Combination (Dover Chess)
1960978-0-486-20593-9Paul KeresKeres' Best Games of Chess 1931-1948
1960978-0-486-20604-2Frank James MarshallMarshall's Best Games of Chess
2011978-0-486-20605-9H. G. WellsThree Prophetic Science Fiction Novels
1960978-0-486-20606-6S. ReshevskyReshevsky's Best Games of Chess
  ''978-0-486-20610-3Jack WinocourThe Story of the Titanic As Told by Its Survivors (Dover Maritime)
  ''978-0-486-20613-4Edward LaskerGo and Go-Moku: The Oriental Board Games
1954978-0-486-20616-5George BickhamThe Universal Penman (Lettering, Calligraphy, Typography)
1960978-0-486-20617-2Hans KmochRubinstein's Chess Masterpieces: 100 Selected Games
  ''978-0-486-20620-2Mikhail Botvinnik · Stephen GarryBotvinnik: One Hundred Selected Games
  ''978-0-486-20621-9Logan ClendeningSource Book of Medical History
1973978-0-486-20623-3Bible · Coloring BooksBible Stories Coloring Book (Dover Classic Stories Coloring Book)
1983978-0-486-20626-4Finley Peter DunneMr. Dooley on Ivrything and Ivrybody
2010978-0-486-20630-1W. W. Rouse BallA Short Account of the History of Mathematics (Dover Books on Mathematics)
1974978-0-486-20638-7Richard RetiModern Ideas in Chess
1960978-0-486-20640-0Emanuel LaskerLasker's Manual of Chess
1951978-0-486-20643-1H. Rider HaggardThree Adventure Novels: She, King Solomon's Mines, Allan Quatermain
1960978-0-486-20645-5VitruviusVitruvius: The Ten Books on Architecture (Bks. I-X)
1909978-0-486-20649-3R. G. HattonHandbook of Plant and Floral Ornament
1960978-0-486-20653-0Charles W. HawthorneHawthorne on Painting (Dover Art Instruction)
1960978-0-486-20658-5William Symes AndrewsMagic Squares and Cubes
1975978-0-486-20659-2Florence WeinsteinCrocheting Tablecloths and Placemats (Dover Needlework)
1973978-0-486-20664-6Howard W. BergersonPalindromes and Anagrams
2012978-0-486-20668-4Lewis CarrollAlices Abenteuer im Wunderland (Dover Dual Language German)
  ''978-0-486-20679-0Edward Deming Andrews · Faith AndrewsShaker Furniture (Craftsmanship of an American Communal Sect)
1972978-0-486-20690-5Fred ReinfeldComplete Book of Chess Strategems
2015978-0-486-20691-2L. Frank BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Dover Children's Classics)
1969978-0-486-20692-9   ''The Marvelous Land of Oz (Dover Children's Classics)
1979978-0-486-20694-3Joseph De MarliaveBeethoven's Quartets
1974978-0-486-20701-8Clarence P. HornungWill Bradley: His Graphic Art
1975978-0-486-20707-0Carol Belanger GraftonStained Glass Christmas Ornament Coloring Book (Holiday Stained Glass Coloring Book)
2011978-0-486-20709-4Martin GardnerMore Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd
1972978-0-486-20714-8Frederic RemingtonFrederic Remington: 173 Drawings and Illustrations
2011978-0-486-20715-5J. S. LeFanuGhost Stories and Mysteries
  ''978-0-486-20717-9Giorgio VasariVasari on Technique (Dover Art Instruction)
1974978-0-486-20722-3Carolus ClusiusPlant and Floral Woodcuts for Designers and Craftsmen (Dover Pictorial Archives)
1961978-0-486-20739-1Edward FalkenerGames Ancient and Oriental and How to Play Them
  ''978-0-486-20741-4Odell ShepardThe Heart of Thoreau's Journals
1967978-0-486-20742-1Kenneth S. HowardEnjoyment of Chess Problems
1961978-0-486-20746-9Edward S. MorseJapanese Homes and Their Surroundings (Dover Architecture)
  ''978-0-486-20748-3Kenneth S. HowardHow to Solve Chess Problems
1984978-0-486-20752-0Hermann Helms · Alexander AlekhineThe Book of the New York International Chess Tournament 1924 (Containing the Authorized Account of the 110 Games Played March-April, 1924)
1962978-0-486-20766-7Thomas Bewick1800 Woodcuts by Thomas Bewick and His School (Dover Pictorial Archive)
1964978-0-486-20767-4Ambrose BierceGhost and Horror Stories of Ambrose Bierce
1962978-0-486-20773-5Ruby S. McKim101 Patchwork Patterns (Dover Quilting)
1963978-0-486-20779-7Olga RagusaEssential Italian Grammar (Dover Language Guides Essential Grammar)
1959978-0-486-20780-3Seymour ResnickEssential Spanish Grammar (Dover Language Guides Essential Grammar)
1972978-0-486-20781-0Jean CocteauDrawings
2011978-0-486-20789-6Jack FrohlichsteinMathematical Fun, Games and Puzzles (Dover Recreational Math)
1963978-0-486-20792-6Frederic W. GoudyThe Alphabet and Elements of Lettering, Revised and Enlarged Edition
2011978-0-486-20793-3Alexander C. Martin · Herbert S. Zim · Arnold L. NelsonAmerican Wildlife and Plants: A Guide To Wildlife Food Habits
1953978-0-486-20805-3DoverSay It in Hebrew (Modern) (Dover Language Guides Say It Series)
1958978-0-486-20806-0DoverSay It in Italian (Dover Language Guides Say It Series)