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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-0-446-04382-3Jennifer RardinBite Marks
1983978-0-446-11219-2Andy RooneyThe Complete Andy Rooney
1987978-0-446-11259-8Merriam-WebsterWebster's Basic Reference Set: 3-Volume Boxed Set
1991978-0-446-15225-9LevyPpk18mx S.P. Schultz
1995978-0-446-16224-1Scott BurnsidePpk27 Deadly Innocence
1997978-0-446-16568-6Faye McDonald SmithFlight of the Blackbird
2002978-0-446-17118-2Jimmy PritchardPpk06 NYC Bartenders Joke Book
2004978-0-446-17274-5Billie LettsShoot The Moon
  ''978-0-446-17513-5D. Resin · Tinkerbell HiltonTinkerbell Hilton Diaries, the - 6 Copy Counter Display: My Life Tailing Paris Hilton
2005978-0-446-17522-7Howard RoughanPromise of a Lie, the - 18 Copy Floor Display
2007978-0-446-17787-0David BaldacciStone Cold
2008978-0-446-17788-7Ewan McGregor · Charley BoormanLong Way Down
  ''978-0-446-17790-0Peter H. Gott · Robin DonovanDr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar(TM) Diet
2007978-0-446-17792-4Nelson DeMilleNight Fall
  ''978-0-446-17793-1Nelson DeMilleUp Country
  ''978-0-446-17794-8Anna PasternakDaisy Dooley Does Divorce
2008978-0-446-17795-5Leslie Pockell · Celia Johnson100 Poems to Lift Your Spirits
2007978-0-446-17803-7John Aubrey AndersonAbiding Darkness (The Black or White Chronicles #1)
2008978-0-446-17806-8Jewel Woods · Karen HunterDon't Blame It on Rio: The Real Deal Behind Why Men Go to Brazil for Sex
2009978-0-446-17807-5Jewel Woods · Karen HunterDon't Blame It On Rio: The Real Deal Behind Why Men go to Brazil for Sex
2008978-0-446-17808-2Wahida ClarkPayback with Ya Life
2009978-0-446-17809-9Wahida ClarkThug Lovin'
2010978-0-446-17810-5   ''The Golden Hustla
2010978-0-446-17813-6Victor McGlothinThe Secrets of Newberry
2008978-0-446-17814-3Elise ChidleyYour Roots Are Showing
  ''978-0-446-17815-0Ray BlackstonPar for the Course: A Novel
2007978-0-446-17816-7Joshilyn JacksonGods in Alabama
  ''978-0-446-17817-4Creflo A. DollarClaim Your Victory Today: 10 Steps That Will Revolutionize Your Life
2008978-0-446-17818-1Anne HoltWhat Is Mine
  ''978-0-446-17819-8Bill Lloyd · Scott FinchThe Dudes' Guide to Pregnancy: Dealing with Your Expecting Wife, Coming Baby, and the End of Life as You Knew It
  ''978-0-446-17822-8Marjorie HillisLive Alone and Like It: The Classic Guide for the Single Woman
2008978-0-446-17823-5Carolyn JewelMy Wicked Enemy (My Immortals)
2009978-0-446-17824-2Carolyn JewelMy Forbidden Desire (My Immortal)
2008978-0-446-17827-3Barbara CorcoranNextville: Amazing Places to Live the Rest of Your Life
2009978-0-446-17828-0Barbara CorcoranNextville: Amazing Places to Live Your Life
2008978-0-446-17829-7Hal Sirkin · Jim Hemerling · Arindam BhattacharyaGlobality: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything
2009978-0-446-17830-3Hal Sirkin · Jim Hemerling · Arindam BhattacharyaGlobality: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything
2007978-0-446-17833-4the Editors of Prevention (TM) magazine · Ann FittanteThe Sugar Solution: Your Symptoms Are Real--and Your Solution Is Here
2009978-0-446-17836-5Stephanie RoweThe First Seduction
2008978-0-446-17839-6Jonathan J. McCulloughA Tale of Two Subs: An Untold Story of World War II, Two Sister Ships, and Extraordinary Heroism
2009978-0-446-17840-2   ''A Tale of Two Subs: An Untold Story of World War II, Two Sister Ships, and Extraordinary Heroism
  ''978-0-446-17842-6Kevin RooseThe Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University
2010978-0-446-17843-3Kevin RooseThe Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University
2009978-0-446-17844-0Annie SolomonOne Deadly Sin
2010978-0-446-17845-7Annie SolomonTwo Lethal Lies
2007978-0-446-17848-8David BaldacciSaving Faith
  ''978-0-446-17850-1   ''Hour Game (King & Maxwell)
  ''978-0-446-17851-8Dorothy GarlockWill You Still Be Mine?
2008978-0-446-17856-3Susan CrandallPitch Black
2009978-0-446-17857-0Susan CrandallSeeing Red (Romantic Suspense/Grand Central Pub)
2008978-0-446-17858-7Richard StarkDirty Money
2009978-0-446-17860-0Donald E. WestlakeGet Real (Dortmunder, Book 15)
  ''978-0-446-17892-1Roberto EscobarThe Accountant's Story: Inside the Violent World of the Medellín Cartel
2010978-0-446-17894-5David FisherThe Accountant's Story: Inside the Violent World of the Medell?n Cartel
2008978-0-446-17946-1Robin Jones GunnEngaging Father Christmas (Father Christmas Series #2)
2009978-0-446-17947-8Karen KingsburyGideon's Gift (The Red Gloves Collection #1)
2008978-0-446-17951-5James Patterson · Maxine PaetroThe 6th Target (Women's Murder Club)
2009978-0-446-17952-2Candice DowFeelin' the Vibe
2011978-0-446-17953-9Candice DowOff the Chain
2008978-0-446-17957-7PynkErotic City
2010978-0-446-17958-4   ''Sexaholics
2008978-0-446-17966-9James Patterson · Maxine Paetro4th of July (Women's Murder Club)
2008978-0-446-17996-6Martina ColeClose
2009978-0-446-17997-3Martina ColeFaces
2010978-0-446-17998-0Karrine SteffansThe Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce & Keep the Man You Want
2009978-0-446-19123-4Karrine SteffansThe Vixen Diaries
2007978-0-446-19154-8Sandra BrownThe Witness
2006978-0-446-19333-7James Patterson · Peter de JongePatterson Non Cross - 12 Copy Mixed Prepack
2008978-0-446-19391-7Pat WilliamsCoaching Your Kids to Be Leaders: The Keys to Unlocking Their Potential
2007978-0-446-19392-4Karen KingsburyA Treasury of Christmas Miracles: True Stories of God's Presence Today (Miracle Books Collection)
2008978-0-446-19404-4James PattersonSaving the World (Maximum Ride, Book 3)
2009978-0-446-19405-1James PattersonThe Final Warning: A Maximum Ride Novel (Book 4)
2010978-0-446-19406-8   ''Max (Maximum Ride, Book 5)
2008978-0-446-19415-0Jasmin RosembergHow the Other Half Hamptons
  ''978-0-446-19416-7Joyce Meyer100 Ways to Simplify Your Life
2009978-0-446-19420-4Tiffany BakerThe Little Giant of Aberdeen County
2010978-0-446-19422-8Tiffany BakerThe Little Giant of Aberdeen County
2012978-0-446-19423-5   ''The Gilly Salt Sisters
2007978-0-446-19509-6Nicholas SparksThe Choice
  ''978-0-446-19510-2David BaldacciStone Cold (Camel Club)
2009978-0-446-19514-0Tiffany L. WarrenThe Bishop's Daughter
2010978-0-446-19516-4Tiffany L. WarrenIn the Midst of It All
2007978-0-446-19518-8Felicia PearsonGrace After Midnight: A Memoir
2009978-0-446-19519-5Felicia Pearson · David RitzGrace After Midnight: A Memoir
2007978-0-446-19521-8Paula WhiteYou're All That!
  ''978-0-446-19522-5John BevereHonor's Reward
  ''978-0-446-19524-9Mark Penn · E. Kinney ZalesneMicrotrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow's Big Changes
1954978-0-446-19527-0Jane StewartThe Choice
2009978-0-446-19529-4Sue-Ellen WelfonderSeducing a Scottish Bride
2009978-0-446-19530-0Sue-Ellen WelfonderA Highlander's Temptation (MacKenzie, Book 7)
2008978-0-446-19550-8David BaldacciDivine Justice (Camel Club)
2009978-0-446-19551-5   ''True Blue
2010978-0-446-19552-2   ''Hell's Corner
2009978-0-446-19559-1Brian HaigThe Hunted
2010978-0-446-19560-7Brian HaigThe Hunted
2010978-0-446-19561-4Brian HaigThe Capitol Game
2011978-0-446-19562-1   ''The Capitol Game
2009978-0-446-19590-4Linda KelseyFifty Is Not a Four-Letter Word
2008978-0-446-19597-3David BaldacciThe Whole Truth
2009978-0-446-19603-1Henry AlfordHow to Live: A Search for Wisdom from Old People (While They Are Still on This Earth)
2010978-0-446-19604-8Henry AlfordHow to Live: A Search for Wisdom from Old People (While They Are Still on This Earth)
2008978-0-446-19610-9Margaret MaronDeath's Half Acre
2009978-0-446-19611-6Margaret MaronSand Sharks (Deborah Knott Mysteries)
  ''978-0-446-19613-0M. C. BeatonDeath of a Witch (Hamish Macbeth Mysteries, No. 25)
2008978-0-446-19690-1Kate WhiteLethally Blond (Bailey Weggins Mysteries, No. 5)
  ''978-0-446-19693-2Archer MayorChat (Joe Gunther)
  ''978-0-446-19699-4Stephen Baldwin · Mark TabbThe Death and Life of Gabriel Phillips: A Novel
2009978-0-446-19701-4Rebecca St. JamesLoved: Stories of Forgiveness
2008978-0-446-19704-5Diana HolquistHungry for More
2009978-0-446-19705-2Diana HolquistHow to Tame a Modern Rogue
2008978-0-446-19706-9Michele Andrea BowenHoly Ghost Corner
2007978-0-446-19796-0James L. Garlow · Rick MarschallThe Secret Revealed: Exposing the Truth About the Law of Attraction
2009978-0-446-19797-7Lauren LiptonMating Rituals of the North American WASP
2008978-0-446-19798-4Amanda ScottBorder Wedding (Border Trilogy)
  ''978-0-446-19799-1Amanda ScottBorder Lass (Border Trilogy)
2009978-0-446-19800-4Kristin ArmstrongWork in Progress: An Unfinished Woman's Guide to Grace
2009978-0-446-19803-5Jacqueline CareyNaamah's Kiss
2010978-0-446-19804-2Jacqueline CareyNaamah's Kiss (Kushiel Legacy)
  ''978-0-446-19805-9   ''Naamah's Curse
2011978-0-446-19806-6   ''Naamah's Curse
  ''978-0-446-19807-3   ''Naamah's Blessing (Kushiel's Legacy)
2012978-0-446-19808-0Jacqueline CareyNaamah's Blessing
2011978-0-446-19814-1Keith Black · Arnold MannBrain Surgeon: A Doctor's Inspiring Encounters with Mortality and Miracles
2008978-0-446-19815-8Liza DonnellySex and Sensibility: Ten Women Examine the Lunacy of Modern 200 Cartoons
2009978-0-446-19816-5Liza DonnellySex and Sensibility
  ''978-0-446-19817-2Jacqueline CareySanta Olivia
2010978-0-446-19818-9J. Randy TaraborrelliThe Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe
2008978-0-446-19819-6Michael ConnellyTrunk Music (Harry Bosch, No. 5)
2010978-0-446-19820-2Cornelia ReadThe Crazy School (A Madeline Dare Novel)
2008978-0-446-19822-6Walter MosleyBad Boy Brawly Brown (Easy Rawlins)
  ''978-0-446-19823-3Walter MosleyCinnamon Kiss: A Novel
  ''978-0-446-19824-0   ''Little Scarlet (Easy Rawlins)
  ''978-0-446-19895-0James Patterson · Maxine PaetroThe 6th Target (Women's Murder Club)
2009978-0-446-19896-7James Patterson · Michael LedwidgeThe Quickie
2008978-0-446-19897-4James Patterson · Howard RoughanYou've Been Warned
2008978-0-446-19898-1James PattersonDouble Cross (Alex Cross, Book 13)
2009978-0-446-19925-4James Patterson · Maxine Paetro7th Heaven (Women's Murder Club)
  ''978-0-446-19926-1Peter H. GottDr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar(TM) Cookbook
2008978-0-446-19927-8James Patterson · Michael LedwidgeStep On a Crack (Michael Bennett)
2009978-0-446-19930-8David GilmourThe Film Club: A Memoir
2008978-0-446-19931-5Marian HenleyThe Shiniest Jewel: A Family Love Story
2011978-0-446-19943-8Jon StewartThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race
2009978-0-446-19944-5James Patterson · Gabrielle CharbonnetSundays at Tiffany's
2007978-0-446-19946-9DAVID BALDACCISimple Genius
2008978-0-446-19947-6Rita HerronInsatiable Desire (The Demonborn)
  ''978-0-446-19950-6Faith EvansKeep the Faith: A Memoir
2009978-0-446-19951-3   ''Keep the Faith: A Memoir
  ''978-0-446-19953-7Carrie VaughnKitty and the Dead Man's Hand (Kitty Norville)
  ''978-0-446-19954-4Carrie VaughnKitty Raises Hell (Kitty Norville)
2010978-0-446-19955-1   ''Kitty's House of Horrors (Kitty Norville)
2007978-0-446-19957-5Douglas Frantz · Catherine CollinsThe Nuclear Jihadist: The True Story of the Man Who Sold the World's Most Dangerous Secrets...And How We Could Have Stopped Him
2008978-0-446-19958-2Douglas Frantz · Catherine CollinsThe Man from Pakistan: The True Story of the World's Most Dangerous Nuclear Smuggler
2008978-0-446-19961-2Karen KingsburyLike Dandelion Dust
  ''978-0-446-19963-6Eric. WeinerThe Geography of Bliss
  ''978-0-446-19966-7Captain D. Michael AbrashoffIt's Our Ship: The No-Nonsense Guide to Leadership
2010978-0-446-19973-5Michael J. LosierLaw of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't
2007978-0-446-19974-2Michael J. LosierLaw of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't
1986978-0-446-30000-1William GoldmanHeat
1987978-0-446-30009-4Alan Dean FosterTime of the Transference (Spellsinger)
1986978-0-446-30010-0Carolyn ChuteBeans of Egypt Maine
1987978-0-446-30015-5Harvey Diamond · Marilyn DiamondFit for Life
1983978-0-446-30029-2John G JonesAmityville Horror 2
1986978-0-446-30057-5Karen RobardsLoving Julia
1987978-0-446-30058-2Karen RobardsNight Magic
1986978-0-446-30070-4Mandy Aftel · Robin Tolmach LakoffWhen Talk Is Not Cheap: Or, How to Find the Right Therapist When You Don't Know Where to Begin
  ''978-0-446-30085-8Michael M. ThomasHard Money
  ''978-0-446-30095-7Thomas ThompsonLost!
1981978-0-446-30110-7William ReadyThe Tolkien Relation
1986978-0-446-30139-8Alan Dean FosterAliens
1987978-0-446-30158-9Nelson DeMilleWord of Honor
1986978-0-446-30159-6Florence Aadland · Tedd ThomeyThe Big Love
1986978-0-446-30165-7Shirl HenkeGolden Lady
1982978-0-446-30179-4Luciano Pavarotti · William WrightPavarotti: My Own Story
  ''978-0-446-30222-7James KahnPoltergeist
1986978-0-446-30240-1Gordon MerrickA Measure of Madness
1982978-0-446-30244-9Len Wein · Jose Garcia · Dick GiordanoBatman Vs the Incredible Hulk
1984978-0-446-30304-0Gregory McdonaldCarioca Fletch
1990978-0-446-30396-5Mad EditorsHowling Mad
  ''978-0-446-30510-5Larry SiegelMad's How to Be a Successful Dog
1983978-0-446-30544-0Frances LynchIn the House of Dark Music
1974978-0-446-30557-0J. B. West · Mary Lynn KotzUpstairs at the White House
1984978-0-446-30617-1Karen RobardsAmanda Rose
1985978-0-446-30618-8   ''Dark Torment
1983978-0-446-30620-1Pat BarrJade
  ''978-0-446-30642-3Alan Dean FosterKrull
1979978-0-446-30645-4Barry Neil KaufmanSon Rise
1983978-0-446-30653-9Karl E. WagnerDarkness Weaves
  ''978-0-446-30723-9Jennifer WildeLove Me, Marietta
1983978-0-446-30749-9Karl Edward WagnerDeath Angel's Shadow
1982978-0-446-30784-0Richard Turner PascaleThe Art Japanese Management
  ''978-0-446-30816-8Jackie CollinsThe Love Killers
1983978-0-446-30840-3Robert BlochTwilight Zone
  ''978-0-446-30896-0Mike RoykoSez Who? Sez Me
  ''978-0-446-30978-3James W. NewmanRelease Your Brakes
1982978-0-446-31034-5Hunter Dr. ThompsonThe Great Shark Hunt
1984978-0-446-31076-5Taylor CaldwellNever Victorious, Never Defeated
1988978-0-446-31078-9Harper LeeTo Kill a Mockingbird
1983978-0-446-31099-4Niel HancockSquaring the Circle: Circle of Light No. 4
1988978-0-446-31133-5Vilhelm MobergImmigrant
1983978-0-446-31209-7Neil HancockDragon Winter