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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-0-446-69961-7Nelson DeMilleThe Panther (John Corey, Book 6) (A John Corey Novel)
2009978-0-446-69964-8Creflo A. Dollar8 Steps to Create the Life You Want: The Anatomy of a Successful Life
  ''978-0-446-69969-3Transition Network The · Gail RentschSmart Women Don't Retire -- They Break Free: From Working Full-Time to Living Full-Time
2008978-0-446-69971-6Jackie KendallA Man Worth Waiting For: How to Avoid a Bozo
  ''978-0-446-69972-3Method ManMethod Man
2009978-0-446-69974-7Ghostface Killah · Marlon Chapman · Shauna GarrCell Block Z
  ''978-0-446-69975-4Bryan ChristyThe Lizard King: The True Crimes and Passions of the World's Greatest Reptile Smugglers
  ''978-0-446-69976-1Mark Penn · E. Kinney ZalesneMicrotrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow's Big Changes
2009978-0-446-69977-8Robert A. SchullerWalking in Your Own Shoes: Discover God's Direction for Your Life
  ''978-0-446-69983-9Harry BeckwithThe Invisible Touch: The Four Keys to Modern Marketing
2007978-0-446-69984-6Bruce Brennan · James EhrlichThe Hippy Gourmet's Quick and Simple Cookbook for Healthy Eating
2008978-0-446-69985-3Min Jin LeeFree Food for Millionaires
  ''978-0-446-69989-1Marilyn Hickey · Sarah BowlingBlessing the Next Generation: Creating a Lasting Family Legacy with the Help of a Loving God
978-0-446-69991-4Nordine ZouaregMind Over Body: The Key to Lasting Weight Loss Is All in Your Head
2009978-0-446-69995-2Kathleen TurnerSend Yourself Roses: Thoughts on My Life, Love, and Leading Roles
  ''978-0-446-69997-6Charla KruppHow Not to Look Old: Fast and Effortless Ways to Look 10 Years Younger, 10 Pounds Lighter, 10 Times Better
1988978-0-446-71007-7Arthur AsheA Hard Road to Glory: A History of the African-American Athlete, 1919-1945
  ''978-0-446-71008-4ARTHUR R. JR. ASHEHard Road to Glory, A: #3
1996978-0-446-72902-4Sarah Ban BreathnachSimple Abundance
1983978-0-446-73170-6Sidney SheldonMaster of the Game
1973978-0-446-74242-9Kenneth RobesonThe Flame Breathers (The Avenger #12)
1973978-0-446-74254-2Kenneth RobesonMurder on Wheels (The Avenger #13)
1972978-0-446-74285-6William JohnstonBanyon: The Private Eye of the Thirties Returns
1973978-0-446-75032-5Jan HerbrandThe Altheimer Inheritance
  ''978-0-446-75102-5Karl Edward WagnerDeath Angel's Shadow
  ''978-0-446-75462-0XVirgin Planet: Frst
1969978-0-446-75646-4William ReadyUnderstanding Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings
1974978-0-446-75690-7The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power
1973978-0-446-76018-8Marvin Karlins · Lewis M. AndrewsBiofeedback
1974978-0-446-76061-4Martin CaidinOperation Nuke (Cyborg No 2)
1975978-0-446-76408-7Martin CaidinHigh Crystal (Six Million Dollar Man, No. 3)
1974978-0-446-76414-8XHow Woman Love: Racers
1975978-0-446-76833-7Mike JahnWine, women, and war: Six Million Dollar Man Series #1
  ''978-0-446-76834-4Evan RichardsSolid Gold Kidnapping (The Six Million Dollar Man, No. 2)
  ''978-0-446-76835-1Jay BarbreeSix Million Dollar Man, No. 4: Pilot Error
1976978-0-446-76944-0EDITORS OF MAD MAGAZINEGood 'N' Mad
1975978-0-446-76981-5Avram DavidsonThe Enquiries of Doctor Eszterhazy
1975978-0-446-76982-2Wade Wellman · Manly W. WellmanSherlock Holmes's war of the worlds (Warner science fantasy)
2010978-0-446-77477-2Jayne Ann KrentzSweet Starfire
2008978-0-446-77523-6Nicholas SparksNights in Rodanthe
1993978-0-446-77815-2Rachel McLish · Joyce VedralPerfect Parts: A World Champion's Guide to "Spot" Slimming, Shaping, and Strengthening Your Body
  ''978-0-446-77817-6Philip Jose FarmerTales of Riverworld
1973978-0-446-78017-9I Am Mary Tudor
1974978-0-446-78597-6Total Sexuality (Warner Paperback Library 78-597)
1975978-0-446-78711-6Karl Edward WagnerBloodstone
  ''978-0-446-78774-1Linda. LeeBruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew
  ''978-0-446-78844-1Theodus CarrollEvil Is A Quiet Word (Gothic, 78-844)
1976978-0-446-78974-5Alice AdamsFamilies and Survivors
1980978-0-446-80558-2Norman MailerThe Executioner's Song
1981978-0-446-81317-4Max Dr. LuscherPersonality Signs: How to Read a Person like a Book
1978978-0-446-81368-6Gael GreeneBlue skies, no candy
1977978-0-446-81520-8Beverly SillsBubbles
1978978-0-446-81543-7Harriet Frank JrSingle
  ''978-0-446-81581-9T. A. HeppenheimerColonies in Space: Take An Expedition to Dream Cities in the Stars
1978978-0-446-81826-1Jennifer WildeDare to Love
  ''978-0-446-82319-7Elliot S. MagginSuperman, Last Son of Krypton
1977978-0-446-82426-2M.D. Harry BenjaminTranssexual Phenomenon
1978978-0-446-82565-8David Michael PetrouThe Making of Superman the Movie
1979978-0-446-82633-4L.A. MorseFlesh Eaters
1978978-0-446-82774-4Thea Plym Alexander2150 A.D.
1979978-0-446-82977-9Alan Dean FosterAlien
978-0-446-83420-9Pauline KaelReeling
1977978-0-446-84544-1Christopher WoodThe Spy Who Loved Me [Movie Tie-In]
1979978-0-446-85589-1Frank de FelittaThe Entity
  ''978-0-446-85641-6judith krantzScruples: a Novel
1978978-0-446-87328-4Doug Henning · Charles R. ReynoldsHoudini: His Legend and His Magic
1977978-0-446-87430-4Dian ThomasRoughing it easy 2
1978978-0-446-87494-6Michael L. Fleisher · Janet E. LincolnThe Great Superman Book: The Complete Encyclopedia of the Folk Hero of America (Vol. 3)
1982978-0-446-87652-0Antonio ProhiasMad's Big Book of Spy Vs. Spy Capers and Other Suprises
1978978-0-446-87942-2Ul De RicoThe rainbow goblins
1979978-0-446-87953-8Tim ConsidineThe photographic dictionary of soccer
1975978-0-446-88015-2SMITHHow a Woman Longs to Be Loved
1976978-0-446-88154-8Karl Edward WagnerDark Crusade
1975978-0-446-88285-9   ''Bloodstone
1977978-0-446-88341-2Michael ButterworthPlanets of Peril (Space: 1999 Year 2, No 1)
  ''978-0-446-88345-0Michael ButterworthSpace: 1999 Year 2 #5. The Time Fighters
1978978-0-446-89118-9Walt Green · Walter S. Herndon · Thomas Rickman · Bill KerbyHooper
1976978-0-446-89124-0Thea Alexander2150 A.D.
  ''978-0-446-89291-9Rolf AlexanderThe renewing power of your mind: Or, The doctor alone can't cure you
1977978-0-446-89396-1John Baxter · Thomas AtkinsThe Fire Came By: The Riddle of the Great Siberian Explosion
1978978-0-446-89407-4Linda LeeBruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew
1976978-0-446-89411-1Vernon HowardThe Mystic Path to Cosmic Power
1977978-0-446-89473-9Stephen SkinnerThe Oracle of Geomancy: Techniques of Earth Divination
1979978-0-446-89489-0Harlan EllisonStrange Wine
1978978-0-446-89597-2Karl Edward WagnerNight Winds
1978978-0-446-89598-9Karl Edward WagnerDarkness Weaves
  ''978-0-446-89681-8Joan AikenLast Movement
1979978-0-446-89779-2John HerzfeldVoices
  ''978-0-446-89948-2Betty Leslie-Melville · Jock Leslie-MelvilleRaising Daisy Rothschild
1973978-0-446-90001-0Karl Edward WagnerDeath Angel's Shadow
1976978-0-446-90021-8   ''Dark Crusade
1982978-0-446-90034-8Ben and Norma BarzmanRich Dreams
1983978-0-446-90352-3Alan Dean FosterSpellsinger #01
1985978-0-446-90353-0   ''The Man Who Used the Universe
1984978-0-446-90354-7   ''The Hour of the Gate (Spellsinger #2)
1982978-0-446-90493-3Fred L. WorthComplete Unabridged Super Trivia Encyclopedia Vol. II
1981978-0-446-90611-1Caroline CourtneyA Lovers Victory
1982978-0-446-90621-0Zev Wanderer · David RadellHow Big Is Big
1981978-0-446-90648-7Alan EricksenBar games, bets and challenges
1982978-0-446-90803-0Robert BlochPsycho
  ''978-0-446-90804-7Robert BlochPsycho II
  ''978-0-446-90920-4Thomas FlemingOfficer's Wives
1981978-0-446-90922-8Gregory McDonaldFletch and the Widow Bradley
1982978-0-446-90962-4Caroline CourtneyLove in Waiting (Caroline Courtney)
1982978-0-446-90963-1Caroline CourtneyThe Daring Heart
  ''978-0-446-90981-5Rebecca BrandewyneForever My Love
1984978-0-446-90991-4John NaisbittMegatrends: Ten New Directions Transforming Our Lives
1995978-0-446-91003-3Susan BernardBlondes! (Bernard of Hollywood Pin-Ups)
  ''978-0-446-91004-0Susan BernardBrunettes! (Bernard of Hollywood Pin-Ups)
1995978-0-446-91005-7Susan BernardRedheads! (Bernard of Hollywood Pin-Ups)
  ''978-0-446-91019-4Barry David MarcusA Noteworthy Book: Clock Cover
  ''978-0-446-91020-0Rubin CarterThe Sixteenth Round
  ''978-0-446-91021-7Barry David MarcusA Noteworthy Book: Angel Cover
  ''978-0-446-91023-1   ''A Noteworthy Book: Rose Cover
1995978-0-446-91024-8Barry David MarcusA Noteworthy Book: Typewriter Cover
  ''978-0-446-91031-6Mary Pradt · Betsy DexterYou Must Remember This 1955: Milestones, Memories, Trivia and Facts, News Events, Prominent Personalities & Sports Highlights of the Year
1979978-0-446-91075-0Pauline KaelGoing Steady
  ''978-0-446-91125-2GluyasThe King's Brat
1997978-0-446-91170-2Debi Dietz Crawford and FriendsAdvice for a Happy Marriage: From Miss Dietz's Third-Grade Class
  ''978-0-446-91173-3Dawn Hylton Gottlieb · Diane SedoTaking Tea with Alice: Looking-Glass Tea Parties and Fanciful Victorian Teas
1980978-0-446-91192-4Thomas FlemingPromises to Keep
1981978-0-446-91196-2Elliot S. MagginSuperman: Miracle Monday
1997978-0-446-91200-6MAD Magazine · Sergio AragonesMad: The Half-Wit and Wisdom of Alfred E. Neuman
1996978-0-446-91206-8James RedfieldThe Celestine Prophecy: A Pocket Guide to the Nine Insights
1997978-0-446-91207-5Sarah Ban BreathnachHold That Thought
  ''978-0-446-91208-2Christine WalkerA Painter's Garden: Cultivating the Creative Life
1997978-0-446-91210-5Alexandra WentworthThe Wasp Cookbook
  ''978-0-446-91212-9Al JaffeeMad: Fold This Book! A Ridiculous Collection of Fold-Ins
  ''978-0-446-91213-6James RedfieldThe Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision - A Pocket Guide
1976978-0-446-91228-0Joe HyamsBogart and Bacall
1980978-0-446-91250-1Ann GabhartA Heart Divided
1998978-0-446-91259-4Cal 99 Celestine Vision Insight-A-Day
1976978-0-446-91530-4Thea Alexander2150 A.D.
1980978-0-446-91616-5Claire HowardThe Beach Club
1979978-0-446-92095-7Karin BlairMeaning in Star Trek
  ''978-0-446-92110-7Barry Neil KaufmanSon-Rise
1980978-0-446-92226-5Dennis E. HackinBronco Billy
  ''978-0-446-92246-3Richard LaymonThe Cellar
1979978-0-446-93259-2Richard NixonThe Memoirs of Richard Nixon Volume I
1981978-0-446-93675-0Alan Dean FosterClash of the Titans
1979978-0-446-94050-4Caroline CourtneyDuchess in Disguise
1979978-0-446-94052-8Caroline CourtneyDangerous Engagement
  ''978-0-446-94053-5   ''Guardian of the Heart
  ''978-0-446-94054-2   ''Love Unmasked
1976978-0-446-94062-7Marta RandallA City in the North
1980978-0-446-94293-5Caroline CourtneyLove Triumphant
  ''978-0-446-94294-2   ''Heart of Honor
1980978-0-446-94295-9Caroline CourtneyLibertine in Love (Regency Romance) 10
  ''978-0-446-94296-6   ''The Romantic Rivals
1981978-0-446-94608-7   ''The Tempestuous Affair
1980978-0-446-95540-9Stanley ElkinThe Dick Gibson Show
1981978-0-446-95829-5Alan Dean FosterOutland: The Novelization
  ''978-0-446-96136-3Richard M NixonThe real war
1979978-0-446-96944-4Christopher LaschThe Culture of Narcissism
1982978-0-446-97010-5George RilandThe New Steinerbooks Dictionary of the Paranormal
  ''978-0-446-97041-9Richard SimmonsRichard Simmons Never-Say-Diet Book
1978978-0-446-97090-7George SheenanRunning & Being: The Total Experience
1980978-0-446-97133-1Jerry Hopkins · Danny SugarmanNo One Here Gets Out Alive
1981978-0-446-97352-6Alan Dean FosterSpellsinger: Novel
1980978-0-446-97495-0Christopher LaschThe culture of narcissism: American life in an age of diminishing expectations
1982978-0-446-97890-3Michael A. Weiner · Kathleen GossThe Art of Feeding Children Well