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1967978-0-444-00012-5A.I. MarkushevichRemarkable Sine Functions
1970978-0-444-00075-0William SquireIntegration for engineers and scientists (Modern analytic and computational methods in science and mathematics)
1971978-0-444-00082-8I PrigogineKinetic theory of vehicular traffic
  ''978-0-444-00090-3Douglas H. MooreHeaviside Operational Calculus: An Elementary Foundation (Modern analytic and computational methods in science and mathematics)
1970978-0-444-00092-7Stephen H DoleHabitable planets for man
1971978-0-444-00098-9Jan G KrzyżProblems in Complex Variable Theory (Modern Analytic and Computational Methods in Science and Mathematics)
1972978-0-444-00116-0Gerold L. Langnes · etc.Secondary Recovery and Carbonate Reservoirs
1973978-0-444-00117-7Nobel FoundationNobel: The Man and His Prizes
1975978-0-444-00153-5E. S. QuadeAnalysis for Public Decisions
1977978-0-444-00155-9Charles Frederick VoegelinClassification and Index of the World's Languages (Foundations of linguistics series)
1980978-0-444-00158-0William Allan WulfThe Design of an Optimizing Compiler
1975978-0-444-00160-3A. C UguralAdvanced strength and applied elasticity
1977978-0-444-00205-1Maurice H. HalsteadElements of Software Science (Operating and programming systems series)
  ''978-0-444-00212-9Herbert M. WeinerPsychobiology and Human Disease
1978978-0-444-00249-5D Hookin · B. MossAutomata
  ''978-0-444-00259-4John F. WakerlyError Detecting Codes, Self-checking Circuits and Applications (Computer design and architecture series)
  ''978-0-444-00261-7Robert RosenFundamentals of Measurement and Representation of Natural Systems (General Systems Research Series, Vol 1)
1978978-0-444-00263-1Richard W. DanielsIntroduction to Numerical Methods and Optimization Techniques
  ''978-0-444-00276-1ReadingSedimentary environments and facies
1979978-0-444-00301-0D KannanAn introduction to stochastic processes (North Holland series in probability and applied mathematics)
  ''978-0-444-00321-8Francisco J. VarelaPrinciples of Biological Autonomy (The North Holland series in general systems research ; 2)
1980978-0-444-00366-9William B. RouseSystems Engineering Models of Human-Machine Interaction (North Holland series in system science and engineering ; v. 6)
1981978-0-444-00379-9Robert B CooperIntroduction to queueing theory
1980978-0-444-00383-6V.Sankrithi KrishnanIntroduction to Category Theory
1981978-0-444-00424-6Morton I KamienDynamic optimization: The calculus of variations and optimal control in economics and management (Dynamic economics)
  ''978-0-444-00430-7Walter A. WoodsConsumer Behavior: Adapting and Experiencing
  ''978-0-444-00550-2Leonard LewinPolylogarithms and Associated Functions
1980978-0-444-00551-9L.H. BowkerPrison Victimization
1981978-0-444-00552-6Principles of Neural Science
1981978-0-444-00584-7Vaclav Insler · Gerhard BettendorfAdvances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility: Symposium Proceedings
  ''978-0-444-00620-2M.J. KallaherAffine Planes with Transitive Collineation Groups
1982978-0-444-00628-8Ordway HiltonScientific examination of questioned documents (Elsevier series in forensic and police science)
  ''978-0-444-00665-3E. S. QuadeAnalysis for Public Decisions
1983978-0-444-00710-0Vira Chankong · Yacov Y. HaimesMultiobjective Decision Making: Theory and Methodology (North Holland series in system science and engineering)
  ''978-0-444-00722-3Joseph Paul MartinoTechnological forecasting for decision making
  ''978-0-444-00770-4James CowgerFriction Ridge Skin: Comparison and Identification of Fingerprints (Practical aspects of clinical & forensic investigations series)
1983978-0-444-00772-8Richard H. VeithTelevision's Teletext
1993978-0-444-00779-7C.H.P. LupisChemical Thermodynamics of Materials
1984978-0-444-00797-1David F. Lindsley · J.Eric HolmesBasic Human Neurophysiology
1983978-0-444-00812-1Professor Subhash Mahajan · James W. CorbettMaterials Research Society International Symposium Proceedings 1982: Defects in Semiconductors, II (Materials Research Society symposia proceedings)
1984978-0-444-00921-0Niall M. Fraser · Keith W. HipelConflict Analysis: Models and Resolutions (North-holland Series in System Science and Engineering)
  ''978-0-444-00939-5Paul C. BucyNeurosurgical Giants: Feet of Clay and Iron
1986978-0-444-00970-8Michael LaurieAn introduction to landscape architecture
  ''978-0-444-00987-6Jens RasmussenInformation Processing and Human-Machine Interaction: An Approach to Cognitive Engineering (North-Holland Series in System Science and Engineering, 12)
1987978-0-444-01081-0Barry A. J FisherTechniques of crime scene investigation (Elsevier series in forensic and police science)
1986978-0-444-01083-4Paul C. BucyModern Neurosurgical Giants
1987978-0-444-01180-0D.V. EllisWell Logging for Earth Scientists
1988978-0-444-01289-0Anastasios Georgotas · Robert CancroDepression and Mania
  ''978-0-444-01323-1Joseph T. DiPiro · etc.Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach
1990978-0-444-01491-7Avery A. SandbergChromosomes in Human Cancer and Leukaemia
1989978-0-444-01518-1Michael A. MorganFinite Element and Finite Difference Methods in Electromagnetic Scattering (PROGRESS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS RESEARCH)
  ''978-0-444-01520-4R.B. Seymour · H.F. MarkOrganic Coatings: Their Origin and Development
1991978-0-444-01542-6William J BodziakFootwear Impression Evidence (Elsevier Series in Practical Aspects of Criminal & Forensic Investigations)
1990978-0-444-01560-0S.D. Halsey · R.B. AbelCoastal Ocean Space Utilization
1991978-0-444-01594-5G ApostolakisProbabilistic Safety Assessment and Management
1991978-0-444-01609-6Morton I. Kamien · Nancy L. SchwartzDynamic Optimization: The Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control in Economics and Management (Advanced Textbooks in Economics)
  ''978-0-444-01623-2J. F. Keeffer · R. K. ShahExperimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, and Thermodynamics 1991: Proceedings
1992978-0-444-01632-4D.E. Zulawski · D.E. WicklanderPractical Aspects of Interview and Interrogation (Elsevier Series in Practical Aspects of Criminal & Forensic Investigations)
1999978-0-444-10004-7P J WheatleyCaa Guidance: Epa's Policy and Interpretations
1996978-0-444-10015-3Walter Meier · David H. Olson · Ch Baerlocher · International Zeolite Association Structure CommissionAtlas of Zeolite Structure Types
1999978-0-444-10030-6G. Elssner · H. Hoven · G. Kiessler · P. WellnerCeramics and Ceramic Composites: Materialographic Preparation
  ''978-0-444-10038-2Aspen PublishersHwc Regulatory Interpretations Index
978-0-444-10088-7S. C. Kleene · Stephen Cole Kleene · S.C. KleeneIntro to Metamathematic (Bibliotheca Mathematica, a Series of Monographs on Pure and)
1971978-0-444-10100-6L. M KachanovFoundations of the theory of plasticity (North-Holland series in applied mathematics and mechanics, v. 12)
  ''978-0-444-10122-8Janos KornaiAnti-equilibrium: On economic systems theory and the tasks of research
  ''978-0-444-10129-7W. A. J Luxemburg · A. C. ZaanenRiesz Spaces. Volume 1
1972978-0-444-10357-4Yves MeyerAlgebraic numbers and harmonic analysis (North-Holland mathematical library, v. 2)
1972978-0-444-10409-0Jozef T. DevreesePolarons in ionic crystals and polar semiconductors: Antwerp Advanced Study Institute 1971 on Frohlich polarons and electron-phonon interaction in polar semiconductors
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  ''978-0-444-10484-7Thomas J JechThe Axiom of Choice Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics, Vol. 75
1975978-0-444-10492-2G. TakeutiProof Theory
1973978-0-444-10523-3Lars HormanderIntroduction to Complex Analysis in Several Variables (Mathematical Library, Vol 7)
1974978-0-444-10535-6Lev D. BeklemishevProvability, Computability and Reflection, Volume 76 (Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics)
  ''978-0-444-10537-0Yiannis N MoschovakisElementary Induction on Abstract Structures
1973978-0-444-10544-8Karl August FoxThe theory of quantitative economic policy with applications to economic growth, stabilization and planning (Studies in mathematical and managerial economics)
1974978-0-444-10620-9Alain BensoussanManagement applications of modern control theory (Studies in mathematical and managerial economics)
1975978-0-444-10622-3Lev D. BeklemishevProvability, Computability and Reflection, Volume 83 (Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics)
  ''978-0-444-10708-4J. NeveuDiscrete Parameter Martingales
  ''978-0-444-10751-0Masatoshi NeiMolecular population genetics and evolution (Frontiers of biology)
1975978-0-444-10776-3Peter John HiltonLocalization of nilpotent groups and spaces, Volume 15 (North-Holland Mathematics Studies)
  ''978-0-444-10790-9Judah M EisenbergNuclear Theory, Vol. 1: Nuclear Models
  ''978-0-444-10791-6J. M CowleyDiffraction physics
  ''978-0-444-10850-0Author UnknownVolterra Stieltjes-integral equations: Functional analytic methods, linear constraints (North-Holland mathematics studies 16)
  ''978-0-444-10940-8Erica C GarciaThe role of theory in linguistic analysis: The Spanish pronoun system (North-Holland linguistic series ; 19)
1976978-0-444-11001-5J. L. SteinMonetarism (Studies in Monetary Economics ; Vol. 1)
1975978-0-444-11002-2Daniel GallinIntensional and Higher-Order Modal Logic, With Applications to Montague Semantics (North-Holland Mathematics Studies, Vol. 19)
1976978-0-444-11007-7The Phillips curve and labor markets (Carnegie-Rochester conference series on public policy)
1977978-0-444-15271-8Symposium on Health · Disease in Tribal SocietiesHealth and Disease in Tribal Societies (Ciba Foundation Symposium)
1976978-0-444-19451-0John Adrian Bondy · U.S.R. MurtyGraph Theory With Applications
1975978-0-444-19525-8Maurice Vincent WilkesTime-Sharing Computer Systems (Computer monographs)
1972978-0-444-19576-0M. J. S RudwickThe meaning of fossils: episodes in the history of palaeontology (History of science library)
1971978-0-444-19578-4Tobias MayerOpera inedita: The first translation of the Lichtenberg edition of 1775
1972978-0-444-19579-1Alan John MarshallA text-book of zoology
1970978-0-444-19653-8Metals and Metallurgy Trust · Institution of Mechanical EngineersAvoidance of failure;
1969978-0-444-19703-0F. M BurnetChanging patterns;: An atypical autobiography
1969978-0-444-19747-4Kenneth W CattermolePrinciples of pulse code modulation
  ''978-0-444-19769-6F.R. HopgoodCompiling Techniques
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1998978-0-444-20525-4K. Valter · P. ArrizabalagaDesigner Drugs Directory
1999978-0-444-20532-2P. Bernier · S. Lefrant · G. BidanICSM'98 on CD-ROM
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1963978-0-444-40642-2Author UnknownNerve, Brain and Memory Models, Volume 2 (Progress in Brain Research)
1971978-0-444-40706-1   ''Silurian reefs of Gotland, Volume 13 (Developments in Sedimentology)
1981978-0-444-40713-9   ''Research, Manufacture, Utilization, Volume Volume 3
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1971978-0-444-40930-0Ernest KleinKleins Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the English Language
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1976978-0-444-41395-6DEBLOCKElsevier Dict Public Hlth (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German Edition)
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1976978-0-444-41456-4Author UnknownUnderstanding the Stretch Reflex, Volume 44 (Progress in Brain Research)
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  ''978-0-444-41492-2L. MedardGas Encyclopaedia / Encyclopédie des gaz
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1978978-0-444-41667-4Author UnknownFundamentals of reservoir engineering, Volume 8 (Developments in Petroleum Science)
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1979978-0-444-41777-0Lawrence FishbeinPotential Industrial Carcinogens and Mutagens (Studies in Environmental Science)
1980978-0-444-41779-4Handbook of paper science: The science and technology of papermaking, paper properties and paper usage
1983978-0-444-41810-4Tropical rain forest ecosystems (Ecosystems of the world)
  ''978-0-444-41830-2L.P. DakeFundamentals of Reservoir Engineering, Volume 8 (Developments in Petroleum Science)
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2000978-0-444-41932-3M. HaleGeochemical Remote Sensing of the Sub-Surface
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1986978-0-444-42118-0Shell InternationalThe Petroleum Handbook
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