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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2018978-0-440-00040-2Laura BradfordJust Plain Murder (An Amish Mystery)
1976978-0-440-00042-6John H. Watson · Philip Jose FarmerThe Adventure of the Peerless Peer
2019978-0-440-00045-7Emma RousThe Au Pair
1977978-0-440-00069-3Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
  ''978-0-440-00075-4Lewis CarrollAlice's adventures in Wonderland
2018978-0-440-00105-8Tom ClancyThe Sum of All Fears (Movie Tie-In) (A Jack Ryan Novel)
1980978-0-440-00154-6Richard DubelmanThe adventures of Holly Hobbie: A novel
1982978-0-440-00191-1Donald Clayton PorterApache War Cry
1983978-0-440-00243-7Sun TzuThe Art of War
1979978-0-440-00244-4C. Maxwell Cade · Nona CoxheadThe awakened mind: Biofeedback and the development of higher states of awareness
1982978-0-440-00302-1Leonard LubinAladdin and His Wonderful Lamp (English and Arabic Edition)
1978978-0-440-00362-5Thomas BergerArthur Rex: A Legendary Novel
1973978-0-440-00441-7Jack VanceThe Anome
1978978-0-440-00453-0Paul GallicoBeyond the Poseidon adventure
  ''978-0-440-00523-0Joseph WambaughThe black marble
1979978-0-440-00550-6Arthur M YoungThe Bell notes: A journey from physics to metaphysics
  ''978-0-440-00551-3Arthur M YoungThe Bell notes: A journey from physics to metaphysics
1977978-0-440-00583-4Elmer GreenBeyond biofeedback
1981978-0-440-00590-2Catherine WeberBlackfoot Ambush
  ''978-0-440-00656-5Jonathan ScofieldBayonets in No Mans Land (Freedom Fighters, No 11)
1981978-0-440-00668-8Jonathan ScofieldBullets on the Border (Freedom Fighters, No 5)
1977978-0-440-00673-2Irwin ShawBeggarman, Thief
1981978-0-440-00792-0John ShearerBilly Jo Jive and the walkie-talkie caper
  ''978-0-440-00884-2Irwin ShawBread Upon the Waters
1973978-0-440-00928-3Robert MarascoBurnt Offerings
1989978-0-440-00931-3Terry McDonnellCalifornia Bloodstock
1979978-0-440-00987-0Michael Bar-ZoharBen-Gurion: A biography
1974978-0-440-01009-8Alexander SolzhenitsynCancer Ward
1981978-0-440-01020-3Madeleine L'EngleCamilla: A novel
1982978-0-440-01103-3E. V CunninghamThe Case of the Kidnapped Angel: A Masao Masuto Mystery
1981978-0-440-01120-0John FarrisCatacombs
  ''978-0-440-01140-8Nelson DeMilleCathedral: A novel
1972978-0-440-01143-9Joan BlondellCenter Door Fancy
1987978-0-440-01149-1W. J. WeatherbyChariots of Fire
1982978-0-440-01151-4Robert B ParkerCeremony: A Spenser novel
  ''978-0-440-01215-3peter hansencreek rifles
1981978-0-440-01242-9James ClavellThe Children's Story
1982978-0-440-01270-2Jane ToombsChippewa Daughter
1977978-0-440-01371-6Lacey FosburghClosing Time: The True Story of the "Goodbar" Murder
1979978-0-440-01408-9Rona JaffeClass Reunion
1974978-0-440-01418-8Robert SilverbergChains of the Sea
1981978-0-440-01525-3Jeanne SommersComanche Revenge
1982978-0-440-01588-8Bill HotchkissCrow Warriors
  ''978-0-440-01691-5Neil PostmanThe disappearance of childhood
1984978-0-440-01702-8Andrew M. GreeleyDeath in April
1975978-0-440-01779-0Mario PeiDictionary of foreign terms (A Laurel original)
1982978-0-440-01780-6Kurt VonnegutDeadeye Dick
1974978-0-440-01815-5Carlo FioreBud: The Brando I Knew; The untold story of Brando's private life
1977978-0-440-01844-5King of France, 1830-1848 Louis PhilippeDiary of My Travels In America
1977978-0-440-01903-9J. P DonleavyThe destinies of Darcy Dancer, gentleman
1982978-0-440-02117-9Lou KimzeyEarlyriders: Motorcycles Through the Years
1974978-0-440-02120-9Robert Ludlum · Jonathan RyderThe Cry of the Halidon
  ''978-0-440-02121-6Irwin Maxwell StillmanDr. Stillman's 14-day shape-up program;: An amazing new diet to slim with, exercises to trim with
1977978-0-440-02146-9Richard BrautiganDreaming of Babylon: A Private Eye Novel, 1942
  ''978-0-440-02162-9Yeshaʻyahu Ben PoratEntebbe rescue
1981978-0-440-02260-2Donald J SobolEncyclopedia Brown's second record book of weird and wonderful facts
1980978-0-440-02323-4Dee Presley · Billy Stanley · Rick Stanley · David StanleyElvis, We Love You Tender
1979978-0-440-02329-6Donald J SobolEncyclopedia Brown's record book of weird and wonderful facts
1970978-0-440-02345-6Jack VanceEmphyrio
1982978-0-440-02412-5Belva PlainEden Burning
1981978-0-440-02477-4Timothy FindleyFamous last words: A novel
1976978-0-440-02579-5Lin CarterFlashing Swords, No. 3: Warriors & Wizards
1982978-0-440-02618-1Jonathan ScofieldFar Shores Of Danger
1973978-0-440-02624-2James Patrick. DonleavyA Fairy Tale of New York
1978978-0-440-02661-7Belva PlainEvergreen: A Novel
1981978-0-440-02832-1John R GribbinGenesis: The origins of man and the universe
1983978-0-440-02833-8Thomas BergerThe Feud
1966978-0-440-02843-7William JohnstonThe Swinger
1981978-0-440-02919-9Jonathan ScofieldGuns at Twilight (Freedom Fighters, No 4)
1970978-0-440-02929-8Jr. Kurt VonnegutGod Bless You, Mr. Rosewater or, Pearls Before Swine
1978978-0-440-02948-9Tim O'BrienGoing After Cacciato: A Novel
1976978-0-440-02950-2Max WilkThe golden age of television: Notes from the survivors
1978978-0-440-03034-8Gerald A BrowneGreen ice
1977978-0-440-03232-8Maria GripeThe green coat
1978978-0-440-03246-5Richard YatesA Good School
1980978-0-440-03299-1Ingrid BergmanIngrid Bergman: My Story
  ''978-0-440-03654-8Joseph P LashHelen and teacher: The story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Macy (Radcliffe biography series)
1982978-0-440-03662-3Michael BaigentHoly Blood, Holy Grail
1985978-0-440-03686-9W. G. Stone · G. HirlimanThe Hate Factory
1982978-0-440-03834-4John Caldwell HoltHow children fail
1983978-0-440-03835-1John Caldwell HoltHow children learn
1973978-0-440-03853-5TIM O'BRIENIf I Die In a Combat Zone, Box Me Up & Ship Me Home
1978978-0-440-03944-0Abby SlaterIn search of Margaret Fuller: A biography
1976978-0-440-04041-5editors Of Flying MagazineI learned about flying from that!
1979978-0-440-04072-9Barry GibbBee Gees: The Authorized Biography
1975978-0-440-04144-3Walt WhitmanWalt Whitman's I hear America singing
1982978-0-440-04163-4Jonathan ScofieldJunglefire (Freedom Fighters #15)
  ''978-0-440-04179-5Lawrence MeyerIsrael now: Portrait of a troubled land
1978978-0-440-04187-0Julie CoryellJazz-Rock Fusion, the People, the Music
1978978-0-440-04295-2Richard BrautiganJune 30th, June 30th
1977978-0-440-04318-8Richard BachIllusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
1976978-0-440-04408-6Alden HatchBuckminster Fuller: At home in the universe (A Delta book)
1979978-0-440-04522-9Lee IsraelKilgallen: A Biography of Dorothy Kilgallen
1976978-0-440-04551-9Andrew OffuttChieftain of Andor
1982978-0-440-04567-0Harvey WassermanKilling our own: The disaster of America's experience with atomic radiation
1983978-0-440-04617-2Luke RhinehartLong Voyage Back
1975978-0-440-04691-2Robert & Robert Anton Wilson SheaILLUMINATUS PART II - THE GOLDEN APPLE
1980978-0-440-04764-3Robert B. ParkerLooking for Rachel Wallace
  ''978-0-440-04834-3Peggy TomarkinKiss: The Real Story, Authorized
1982978-0-440-04924-1Elizabeth Forsythe HaileyLife sentences: A novel
1976978-0-440-04987-6Arthur YoungGeometry of Meaning
  ''978-0-440-04991-3Arthur M YoungThe geometry of meaning
  ''978-0-440-05159-6William GoldmanMagic
1980978-0-440-05264-7Nancy FridayMen in love: Men's sexual fantasies: the triumph of love over rage
1974978-0-440-05327-9William GoldmanMarathon Man
1975978-0-440-05363-7Joseph WambaughThe Choirboys
1979978-0-440-05449-8Kurt VonnegutJailbird
1971978-0-440-05528-0Pierre, IvanoffMayan Enigma: The Search for a Lost Civilization.
1981978-0-440-05536-5Rona JaffeMazes and Monsters: A Novel
1975978-0-440-05595-2Erich von DänikenMiracles of the gods: A new look at the supernatural
1978978-0-440-05599-0Virginia KiddMillennial Women
1974978-0-440-05609-6Milton Berle · Haskel FrankelMilton Berle: An Autobiography
1971978-0-440-05644-7Richard PeckMindscapes: Poems for the Real World
1977978-0-440-05688-1Russell. TargMind-Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Ability
1981978-0-440-05756-7George GrangerMuskets of '76 (Freedom Fighters, No. 2)
1975978-0-440-05757-4Irwin ShawNightwork
1974978-0-440-05853-3Kurt, Jr. VonnegutMother Night
  ''978-0-440-05905-9Paul GallicoMrs. 'Arris goes to Moscow
1975978-0-440-05919-6S. E HintonRumble fish
1977978-0-440-05924-0Brad SteigerMysteries of Time and Space
1976978-0-440-05925-7Arthur M. YoungThe Reflexive Universe: Evolution of Consciousness
1975978-0-440-05983-7Charles H HapgoodVoices of spirit: Through the psychic experience of Elwood Babbitt
1975978-0-440-05992-9Elizabeth LevySomething Queer at the Ball Park, a Mystery
1974978-0-440-06037-6Jacqueline Bouvier · Lee BouvierOne Special Summer
  ''978-0-440-06038-3Jacqueline Kennedy OnassisOne special summer
1975978-0-440-06084-0Melanie KleinNarrative of a child analysis: The conduct of the psycho-analysis of children as seen in the treatment of a ten-year old boy
  ''978-0-440-06085-7Melanie KleinThe Psychoanalysis of Children
  ''978-0-440-06143-4Lin CarterMad Empress of Callisto
1982978-0-440-06202-8Chad CalhounThe Mountain Queen
1974978-0-440-06207-3Elizabeth LevyNice little girls
1975978-0-440-06208-0Manning O'BrineNo Earth for Foxes
1983978-0-440-06330-8Mick ClumpnerNez Perce Legend (American Indians (Dell))
1980978-0-440-06416-9Billy MartinNumber 1
1981978-0-440-06456-5James ClavellNoble house: A Novel of Contemporary Hong Kong
1980978-0-440-06513-5Paul DicksonThe official explanations
1981978-0-440-06593-7Kurt VonnegutPalm Sunday
1973978-0-440-06692-7Joseph WambaughThe Onion Field
1982978-0-440-06760-3Jonathan ScofieldPacific Hellfire (Freedom Fighters, Book 13)
1983978-0-440-06780-1Halsey ClarkPacific Standoff
1981978-0-440-06824-2Patricia J. CampbellPassing the Hat: Street Performers in America
1983978-0-440-06855-6Judith Hotchkiss Bill / ShearsPawnee Medicine (American Indians #14)
1974978-0-440-07037-5Kurt Vonnegut Jr.Player Piano
1982978-0-440-07087-0Tarvez TuckerPrepared Childbirth
1980978-0-440-07124-2Belva PlainRandom Winds
1976978-0-440-07198-3Kare HoltThe Race: A Novel of Polar Exploration (English and Norwegian Edition)
1981978-0-440-07347-5Danielle SteelRemembrance
1982978-0-440-07404-5Edward FentonThe Refugee Summer
1976978-0-440-07424-3Irwin ShawRich Man, Poor Man
1982978-0-440-07500-4Minh ThaiThe Winning Solution to Rubik's Revenge
1983978-0-440-07590-5David WiltseThe Serpent
1978978-0-440-07591-2William DiehlSharky's Machine
1975978-0-440-07605-6Bernard SladeSame time, next year: A romantic comedy
1983978-0-440-07659-9Judith Hotchkiss Bill · ShearsShoshone Thunder (American Indians
  ''978-0-440-07812-8Cathy Cash SpellmanSo many partings
1982978-0-440-07914-9Donald PorterSioux Arrows
1979978-0-440-07948-4Kurt, Jr. VonnegutThe Sirens of Titan
1979978-0-440-07957-6J. P DonleavySchultz
1978978-0-440-08036-7Alice Mulcahey FlemingSomething for nothing: A history of gambling
1973978-0-440-08050-3Lin CarterSky Pirates of Callisto :Callisto 3
1981978-0-440-08094-7Robert B. ParkerA Savage Place: A Spenser Novel
1974978-0-440-08109-8Wardell B. PomeroyYour Child and Sex: A Guide for Parents
1982978-0-440-08195-1Richard BrautiganSo The Wind Won't Blow it all Away
1981978-0-440-08317-7Joan AikenThe stolen lake
1977978-0-440-08434-1Ralph Franklin WalworthSubdue the Earth
1976978-0-440-08449-5Elmore LeonardSwag
1982978-0-440-08471-6Steve AllenThe talk show murders
1973978-0-440-08489-1Robert. DaleyTarget Blue: An Insider's View of the N.Y.P.D.
1981978-0-440-08490-7Jonathan ScofieldThe Turning of the Tide (Freedom Fighters, No. 7)
1978978-0-440-08494-5Eeva KilpiTamara
1981978-0-440-08503-4Leighton CollinsTakeoffs and Landings: The Crucial Maneuvers & Everything in Between
1979978-0-440-08509-6John R GribbinTimewarps
1974978-0-440-08625-3Lin CarterTime War
1983978-0-440-08721-2James ClavellShogun
  ''978-0-440-08740-3Robert B ParkerThe widening gyre: A Spenser novel
1980978-0-440-08770-0Richard BrautiganThe Tokyo-Montana Express
1979978-0-440-08780-9Richard BachThere's no such place as far away
1981978-0-440-08819-6Celeste De BlasisThe Tiger's woman
1982978-0-440-08824-0Jill Ross KlevinThe Turtle Street Trading Co
1971978-0-440-08834-9John Warren Wells · (Lawrence Block)3 Is Not A Crowd
1972978-0-440-08840-0John Warren Wells · Lawrence BlockBeyond Group Sex: The New Sexual Life Styles
1979978-0-440-08900-1Karl AlexanderTime After Time
  ''978-0-440-08976-6Irwin ShawThe Top of the Hill
1978978-0-440-09061-8F W WinterbothamThe Ultra Secret
1983978-0-440-09064-9Charles HighamTrading With the Enemy: An exposé of the Nazi-American money plot, 1933-1949
1981978-0-440-09119-6Daniel Streib · Jonathan ScofieldTomahawks and Long Rifles (Freedom Fighters, No 1)
1976978-0-440-09193-6Michael MoorcockThe Quest for Tanelorn (Count Brass, 3)
1977978-0-440-09397-8Timothy FindleyThe Wars
1981978-0-440-09405-0Jonathan ScofieldVolunteers for Glory (Freedom Fighters, No 10)
1973978-0-440-09478-4Kurt VonnegutWelcome to the Monkey House (Dell #9478)
1978978-0-440-09536-1Robert Coles · Jane Hallowell ColesWomen of Crisis: Lives of Struggle and Hope (Radcliffe Biography Series)
  ''978-0-440-09548-4James JonesWhistle
1982978-0-440-09606-1Paul DicksonWords: A connoisseur's collection of old and new, weird and wonderful, useful and outlandish words
1975978-0-440-09896-6J. D. RatcliffYour Body and How It Works
1984978-0-440-10034-8Charles HeathOld Scores to Settle
1986978-0-440-10047-8Rona JaffeAfter the Reunion