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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-440-91374-0Ian LivingstoneCity of Thieves
  ''978-0-440-91659-8Lou KassemDance of Death (Twilight #19)
  ''978-0-440-91717-5Ian LivingstoneDeathtrap Dungeon
1982978-0-440-91719-9Madeleine L'EngleDragons in the Water
1983978-0-440-91740-3Robb WhiteDeathwatch
1987978-0-440-91743-4Douglas HillDEATHWING OVER VEYNA (Last Legionary, Book 2)
  ''978-0-440-91762-5Douglas HillDAY OF THE STARWIND
1990978-0-440-91805-9Lois DuncanDown a Dark Hall
1987978-0-440-91810-3Geraldine HarrisDEAD KINGDOM (Seven Citadels, No 3)
1983978-0-440-91814-1Nat HentoffThe Day They Came to Arrest the Book (Laurel-Leaf Books)
1990978-0-440-91864-6Lois DuncanDaughters of Eve
1985978-0-440-91865-3J.J. FortuneDANGER: DUE NORTH
1986978-0-440-91866-0Gloria GonzalezA Deadly Rhyme (Twilight)
  ''978-0-440-91873-8J.H. BrennanDen of Dragons (Grail Quest)
1992978-0-440-91961-2Dale CowanDeadly Sleep (Laurel-Leaf Books)
1991978-0-440-92064-9Rosa GuyThe Disappearance (Laurel Leaf Books)
1983978-0-440-92097-7Colin DanielThe Demon Tree
1986978-0-440-92141-7Neil SeldenDrawing the Dead
1984978-0-440-92172-1J. J. FortuneDuel for the Samurai Sword
1984978-0-440-92406-7J. J. FortuneEscape from Raven Castle
  ''978-0-440-92430-2   ''Evil in Paradise (Race Against Time 6)
1992978-0-440-92431-9Richie Tankersley CusickEvil on the Bayou (Laurel-Leaf)
1984978-0-440-92461-6Joseph TrainorFamily Crypt
1982978-0-440-92496-8Imogen HoweFatal Attraction (Twilight #4)
1983978-0-440-92531-6Jay CallahanFootprints of the Dead (Twilight #14)
1987978-0-440-92787-7Douglas HillGalactic Warlord
1998978-0-440-93115-7Joan Lowery NixonThe Ghosts of Now
1973978-0-440-93180-5E.L. KonigsburgFrom the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (Laurel Leaf Books)
1965978-0-440-93221-5Robert GravesGreek Gods and Heroes (Laurel-Leaf Books)
1991978-0-440-93259-8Judy BlumeDeenie
1984978-0-440-93643-5Susan BlakeThe Haunted Dollhouse (Twilight #22)
1985978-0-440-93685-5Madeleine L'EngleA House Like a Lotus
  ''978-0-440-93686-2Steve JacksonHouse of Hades (Fighting Fantasy)
1986978-0-440-93758-6Arthur Conan DoyleThe Hound of the Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes)
1983978-0-440-93884-2Walter Dean MyersHoops
1989978-0-440-94000-5Scott O'DellIsland of the Blue Dolphins
1982978-0-440-94047-0Robert BrunnThe Initiation (Twilight #3)
1991978-0-440-94060-9Robert CormierI Am the Cheese
1986978-0-440-94066-1Marietta MoskinI Am Rosemarie
1987978-0-440-94140-8Judy BlumeIt's Not the End of the World
  ''978-0-440-94250-4Esther ForbesJohnny Tremain
1985978-0-440-94272-6J. J. FortuneJourney to Atlantis: Race Against Time, No. 9
1980978-0-440-94376-1Marie Lyons KilileaKaren
1999978-0-440-94459-1Robert CormierThe Chocolate War
1975978-0-440-94500-0Rudyard KiplingKim
1990978-0-440-94515-4Lois DuncanKilling Mr. Griffin
1976978-0-440-94538-3Scott O'DellThe King's Fifth
1987978-0-440-94540-6J.H. BrennanKINGDOM OF HORROR (Grail Quest)
1981978-0-440-94797-4Harry MazerThe Last Mission (Laurel-Leaf Historical Fiction)
1986978-0-440-94942-8Lois DuncanLocked in Time
1981978-0-440-95776-8Madeleine L'EngleThe Moon by Night (Austin Family, Book 2)
  ''978-0-440-95777-5   ''Meet the Austins
1983978-0-440-95945-8Carl LaymonNightmare Lake
1997978-0-440-96132-1Paula FoxThe Slave Dancer
1979978-0-440-96134-5Harry MazerSnow Bound
1987978-0-440-96638-8Joan Lowery NixonThe Other Side of Dark (Laurel-Leaf Suspense Fiction)
1986978-0-440-96784-2Walter Dean MyersThe Outside Shot (Laurel-Leaf Books)
1986978-0-440-96950-1Charles VeleyPlay to Live
1987978-0-440-97126-9Douglas HillPlanet of the Warlord (Last Legionary #4)
1986978-0-440-97164-1Betsy HaynesThe Power (Twilight Series No. 2)
1984978-0-440-97181-8J. J. FortunePursuit of the Deadly Diamonds
1981978-0-440-97232-7Madeleine L'EngleA Ring of Endless Light (Austin Family)
1984978-0-440-97292-1Lois DuncanRansom
1986978-0-440-97339-3Richard PeckRemembering the Good Times
  ''978-0-440-97360-7Steve JacksonREBEL PLANET (Fighting Fantasy)
  ''978-0-440-97407-9Andrew ChapmanRINGS OF KETHER (Fighting Fantasy)
1965978-0-440-97483-3Norris HoughtonRomeo and Juliet and West Side Story
1989978-0-440-97534-2S.E. HintonRumble Fish
1987978-0-440-97672-1Arthur BecknellSCAVENGER'S HUNT (Twilight)
1985978-0-440-97676-9Steve JacksonScorpion Swamp (Fighting Fantasy No 8)
1984978-0-440-97685-1J. J. FortuneSearch for Mad Jack's Crown (Race Against Time #4)
1983978-0-440-97707-0J.J. FortuneREVENGE SILENT TOMB
1986978-0-440-97708-7Steve Jackson · Ian LivingstoneSeas of Blood (Fighting Fantasy)
1993978-0-440-97740-7Joan Lowery NixonThe Specter (St. Antony's MacMillan Series (London, England))
1984978-0-440-97745-2J.J. FortuneSecret of the Third
1987978-0-440-97747-6Geraldine HarrisThe Seventh Gate (Seven Citadels, No 4)
  ''978-0-440-97753-7Joan Lowery NixonThe Stalker (Laurel-Leaf Suspense Fiction)
1985978-0-440-97757-5Donald R. GalloSixteen: Short Stories by Outstanding Writers for Young Adults
1987978-0-440-97795-7Steve JacksonSword of the Samurai (Fighting Fantasy Gamebook, No 20)
1989978-0-440-97850-3S.E. HintonTex
1997978-0-440-97975-3Scott O'DellSing Down the Moon
1985978-0-440-98149-7Steve Jackson · Ian LivingstoneSpace Assassin (Fighting Fantasy)
  ''978-0-440-98151-0Bruce CovilleSpirits and Spells
1984978-0-440-98241-8Steve JacksonStarship Traveller
1983978-0-440-98289-0Susan NetterStorm Child
1977978-0-440-98324-8Lois DuncanSummer of Fear
1980978-0-440-98350-7Louise FitzhughSport
1982978-0-440-98356-9Lois DuncanStranger with My Face
1978978-0-440-98445-0T.H. WhiteThe Sword in the Stone: Magical Story of Young King Arthur
1982978-0-440-98469-6Judy BlumeTiger Eyes
1985978-0-440-98515-0Steve Jackson · Ian LivingstoneTalisman of Death (Fighting Fantasy)
1972978-0-440-98652-2S.E. HintonThat Was Then, This Is Now
1975978-0-440-98659-1Judy BlumeThen Again, Maybe I Won't
1983978-0-440-98690-4Janet Patton SmithThe Twisted Room (Twilight: Where Darkness Begins)
1991978-0-440-98720-8Lois DuncanThe Third Eye
1976978-0-440-98761-1Madeleine L'EngleA Wind in the Door (The Time Quartet)
1984978-0-440-99058-1J.J. FortuneTrapped in the U.S.S.R.
1982978-0-440-99317-9James HaynesVoices in the Dark (Twilight Series)
1983978-0-440-99318-6Imogen HoweVicious Circle (Twilight #13)
1985978-0-440-99335-3Amanda ByronThe Warning (Twilight)
1981978-0-440-99371-1Todd StrasserThe Wave
1984978-0-440-99381-0Steve Jackson · Ian LivingstoneThe Warlock of Firetop Mountain (Fighting Fantasy Gamebook, No. 1)
1986978-0-440-99406-0Gloria MiklowitzThe War Between the Classes (Laurel-Leaf Contemporary Fiction)
1983978-0-440-99419-0Joseph TrainorWatery Grave
1978978-0-440-99577-7Elizabeth George SpeareThe Witch of Blackbird Pond
1980978-0-440-99615-6Marie Lyons KilileaWith Love from Karen
1976978-0-440-99805-1Madeleine L'EngleA Wrinkle in Time (The Time Quartet)
1978978-0-440-99904-1Scott O'DellZia
1989978-0-440-99919-5Madeleine L'EngleThe Young Unicorns