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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-408-00003-1G.J. SonnenbergRadar and Electronic Navigation
1972978-0-408-00069-7Reginald T. Lythall · P. LythallJ. & P. Switchgear Book
1974978-0-408-00125-0James C. MacChesneyPackaging of Cosmetics and Toiletries (Applied packaging)
1975978-0-408-00129-8Robert Wighton MoncrieffMan-made Fibres
  ''978-0-408-00135-9Jeff MaynardDictionary of Data Processing
1974978-0-408-00136-6A. JohnsonPlumbing (Questions & Answers)
1976978-0-408-00168-7Leslie William TurnerElectronics Engineer's Reference Book
  ''978-0-408-00176-2J. J. Connor · C. A. BrebbiaFinite Element Techniques for Fluid Flow
  ''978-0-408-00249-3H.W. Hellyer · Ian Robertson SinclairQuestions and Answers on Radio and Television (Questions and answers series)
1977978-0-408-00259-2S.W. AmosRadio, Television and Audio Technical Reference Book
1976978-0-408-00267-7L.L. ShreirCorrosion
1977978-0-408-00279-0P.J. InnocentRevision Notes on Construction Science
1978978-0-408-00321-6Alfred Fulcher · etc.Painting and Decorating (Questions & Answers)
1981978-0-408-00339-1R.S. RobertsDictionary of Audio, Radio and Video
1979978-0-408-00373-5M.G. Scroggie · G.G. JohnstoneRadio and Electronic Laboratory Handbook
1980978-0-408-00387-2W.J. Fox · S.C. McBirnieMarine Steam Engines and Turbines (Marine engineering)
  ''978-0-408-00416-9James Hugh MiltonMarine Steam Boilers (Marine engineering)
1980978-0-408-00440-4B.W. AndersonGem Testing
1981978-0-408-00450-3K.G. Jackson · R. FeinbergDictionary of Electrical Engineering
1980978-0-408-00467-1Guide to Broadcasting Stations
1981978-0-408-00488-6J. Fincham · D. WatkinsConstruction Science and Materials: Level 2 (Butterworths TEC technician series)
  ''978-0-408-00493-0P.J. HarrisManufacturing Technology: Level 3 (Butterworths technician series)
  ''978-0-408-00498-5George Oliphant WatsonMarine Electrical Practice (Marine engineering)
  ''978-0-408-00544-9Barbara London Upton · Richard BoyerPhotographing Indoors with Your Automatic Camera
1988978-0-408-00558-6Roy D. CullumHandbook of Engineering Design
1981978-0-408-00595-1Colin LewisScientific Inventory Control
1985978-0-408-00720-7Newnes Radio and Electronics Engineer's Pocket Book
1988978-0-408-00733-7Alan WeatherallComputer Integrated Manufacturing: From Fundamentals to Implementation
1985978-0-408-00740-5Harry J. Otway · Malcolm PeltuRegulating Industrial Risks: Science, Hazards and Public Protection
1987978-0-408-00880-8I.A.R. GalerApplied Ergonomics Handbook
1982978-0-408-01105-1Vladimir HubkaPrinciples of Engineering Design
  ''978-0-408-01140-2J.D. WeaverElectrical and Electronic Clocks and Watches
1988978-0-408-01191-4G.J. SonnenbergRadar and Electronic Navigation
1988978-0-408-01259-1Ralph G. Scurlock · C.A. BaileyCryogenic Engineering: 12th: Conference Proceedings
1986978-0-408-01394-9R.M.E. DiamantThermal and Acoustic Insulation
1988978-0-408-01420-5Vladimir HubkaPractical Studies in Systematic Design
1987978-0-408-01422-9Wolf-Heinrich HuchoAerodynamics of Road Vehicles
1984978-0-408-01424-3Karl-Erik ThelningSteel and Its Heat Treatment: Bofors Handbook
1987978-0-408-01464-9Eric OxtobySpun Yarn Technology
  ''978-0-408-01531-8C. V. HorieMaterials for Conservation: Organic Consolidants, Adhesives and Coatings (Butterworths series in conservation & museology)
1985978-0-408-01554-7A. J. PretloveBasic Mechanical Vibrations (BASIC series)
  ''978-0-408-01557-8Spence GeddesEstimating for Building and Civil Engineering Works
1987978-0-408-01587-5Banister FletcherSir Banister Fletcher's A History of Architecture
1990978-0-408-02320-7B W AndersonGem Testing
1988978-0-408-02386-3A.S. Nicholson · J.E. RiddHealth, Safety and Ergonomics
  ''978-0-408-02660-4Om Prakash KharbandaCapital Cost Estimating for the Process Industries
  ''978-0-408-02696-3Trevor A. KletzLearning from Accidents in Industry
1988978-0-408-02760-1E.C. SnellingSoft Ferrites: Properties and Applications
1990978-0-408-02840-0Nicholas Braithwaite · Graham WeaverElectronic Materials (Materials in Action S.)
1987978-0-408-02850-9R.B. Parry · C.R. PerkinsWorld Mapping Today
1989978-0-408-02870-7Roger LoisonCoke: Quality and Production
1988978-0-408-03060-1HALLEYAgricultural Notebook
1989978-0-408-03621-4Mohan MunasingheComputers and Informatics in Developing Countries
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1991978-0-408-05260-3GRUNSALLThe Veterinary Annual 1990
1990978-0-408-05442-3Michael Talbot-SmithBroadcast Sound Technology
  ''978-0-408-06198-8David MoseyReactor Accidents: Nuclear Safety and the Role of Institutional Failure (Nuclear Engineering International special publications)
1970978-0-408-06750-8James Hugh MiltonMarine Steam Boilers (Marine engineering series)
1980978-0-408-10662-7D. Atkinson · etc.Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Trees (Studies in the agriculture and food sciences)
1987978-0-408-10668-9Colin PearsonConservation of Marine Archaeological Objects (Conservation and Museology)
1980978-0-408-10697-9Frank P. LeesLoss Prevention in the Process Industries: 1
  ''978-0-408-10698-6Frank P. LeesLoss Prevention in the Process Industries: 2
1982978-0-408-10702-0Bernard Burrows · G. EdwardsDefence of Western Europe (European Studies)
1982978-0-408-10717-4A. Kaye · A. StreetDie Casting Metallurgy (Butterworths monographs in materials)
  ''978-0-408-10796-9Beate KohlerPolitical Forces in Spain, Greece and Portugal (Butterworths European Studies)
1984978-0-408-10812-6Paolo Mora · Laura Mora · Paul PhilippotConservation of Wall Paintings (Conservation and Museology)
1982978-0-408-10834-8Bogdan SzajkowskiEstablishment of Marxist Regimes
1983978-0-408-10856-0E. M. TrentMetal Cutting
1985978-0-408-10857-7A. Cryer · R.L.R. VanNew Perspectives in Adipose Tissue: Structure, Function and Development
1991978-0-408-10861-4THRUSFIELDVeterinary Epidemiology
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1970978-0-408-20653-2Robert WebsterGems
978-0-408-25705-3Natural Resources Forum Jour Misc
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1990978-0-408-50068-5Renzo SalvadoriArchitect's Guide to Paris (Butterworth Architecture Architect's Guides)
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1979978-0-408-71313-9Ernest Braun · etc.Assessment of Technological Decisions (SISCON S.)
2007978-0-408-71836-3Andrew GeddisElectoral Law in New Zealand: Practice and Policy