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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-399-10013-0Sloan WilsonAll the Best People.
1967978-0-399-10018-5Robin. FurneauxThe Amazon: The Story of a Great River
1971978-0-399-10181-6William F. Buckley Jr.Cruising Speed: A Documentary
1976978-0-399-10226-4Frank HerbertDune Messiah (Dune Chronicles (Econo-Clad Hardcover))
1949978-0-399-10234-9Mika WatariThe Egyptian
1968978-0-399-10238-7Roger ManvellEllen Terry
1969978-0-399-10342-1Mario PuzoThe Godfather
1971978-0-399-10361-2Bosley CrowtherGreat Films
1970978-0-399-10398-8Jim GarrisonA Heritage of Stone
1968978-0-399-10419-0Len DeightonHorse Under Water
1970978-0-399-10460-2Robert A. HeinleinI Will Fear No Evil
1972978-0-399-10548-7Lee. IsraelMiss Tallulah Bankhead.
  ''978-0-399-10550-0Harry KemelmanMonday the Rabbi Took Off
  ''978-0-399-10557-9David NivenThe Moon's a Balloon
1958978-0-399-10597-5T. H. WhiteThe Once and Future King
1967978-0-399-10620-0Robert A. HeinleinPast Through Tomorrow: "Future History" Stories
1993978-0-399-10642-2   ''Podkayne of Mars
1971978-0-399-10761-0Eleanor Hibbert · Victoria Holt · Philippa CarrThe Spanish Bridegroom
1961978-0-399-10772-6Robert A. HeinleinStranger in a Strange Land
1968978-0-399-10832-7Peter MaasThe Valachi Papers
1972978-0-399-10913-3Frances FarmerWill there really be a morning?: An autobiography
  ''978-0-399-10954-6Nat FreedlandThe Occult Explosion.
  ''978-0-399-10977-5Philippa Carr · Victoria Holt · Jean PlaidyMiracle at st Brunos
1972978-0-399-10998-0Kenneth S. DavisFDR: the beckoning of destiny,: 1882-1928; a history,
  ''978-0-399-11006-1Frank HerbertThe God Makers.
  ''978-0-399-11008-5William O JohnsonAll that glitters is not gold;: The Olympic game
  ''978-0-399-11010-8Jackie Robinson · Alfred DuckettI Never Had It Made: An Autobiograhy
1973978-0-399-11022-1Jack F BernardTalleyrand;: A biography,
1972978-0-399-11029-0Georgette HeyerThe toll-gate
  ''978-0-399-11037-5William F. Buckley Jr.Inveighing We Will Go
1973978-0-399-11069-6Golda MeirA land of our own: An oral autobiography,
1973978-0-399-11103-7Alan, ClarkAces High: The War in the Air over the Western Front 1914-18.
  ''978-0-399-11127-3E. Roosevelt · James BroughAn Untold Story: The Roosevelts of Hyde Park
1974978-0-399-11128-0Jan Vlachos WestcottThe tower and the dream
1973978-0-399-11133-4Jill EmersonThe trouble with Eden
  ''978-0-399-11139-6Douglas ReemanA Prayer for the Ship
  ''978-0-399-11144-0Hal HigdonFinding the groove
  ''978-0-399-11151-8Robert A. HeinleinTime Enough For Love
1973978-0-399-11170-9William F. Buckley Jr.Four Reforms: A Program for the Seventies
  ''978-0-399-11184-6Thomas PageThe Hephaestus plague
  ''978-0-399-11195-2Douglas ReemanHis Majesty's U-boat
  ''978-0-399-11207-2Thomas KiernanJane
  ''978-0-399-11208-9Erich von DanikenThe Gold Of The Gods
1973978-0-399-11209-6John KoblerArdent Spirits
  ''978-0-399-11216-4Richard O'ConnorThe spirit soldiers;: A historical narrative of the Boxer Rebellion
  ''978-0-399-11219-5Charles WilliamsMan On a Leash
1974978-0-399-11224-9L. BlanchPavilions of the Heart the Four Walls of Love
1973978-0-399-11229-4LiberaceLiberace;: An autobiography
  ''978-0-399-11237-9Leonard ShecterOn the pad: the underworld and its corrupt police;: Confessions of a cop on the take,
1974978-0-399-11239-3C. H. V SutherlandRoman coins (The World of numismatics)
  ''978-0-399-11261-4Merle MillerPlain Speaking: An Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman
1974978-0-399-11276-8Earl WilsonShow Business Laid Bare
  ''978-0-399-11278-2Alexander KentCommand a King's Ship
  ''978-0-399-11282-9D. F. JonesThe Fall of Colossus
  ''978-0-399-11286-7Robert Edwin HerzsteinAdolf Hitler and the German Trauma, 1913-1945: An Interpretation of the Nazi Phenomenon
1975978-0-399-11300-0Norman SpinradPassing Through The Flame
1974978-0-399-11319-2Marlys MillhiserNella Waits
  ''978-0-399-11340-6Arthur LennigThe Count: The life and films of Bela "Dracula" Lugosi
1974978-0-399-11341-3Jerome LawrenceActor Life Paul Muni
  ''978-0-399-11342-0Edgar D. Mitchell · Martin Ebon · Robert L. Morris · Jean Houston · Thelma Moss · Geraald Feinberg · James B. Beal · Russell TargPsychic Exploration: A Challenge for Science
  ''978-0-399-11346-8Erich von DänikenIn search of ancient gods: my pictorial evidence for the impossible
  ''978-0-399-11355-0Charles Richard WebbOrphans and other children,
  ''978-0-399-11365-9John D BergaminiThe Spanish Bourbons: The history of a tenacious dynasty
1974978-0-399-11370-3Samuel CarterThe riddle of Dr. Mudd
1975978-0-399-11386-4Julia Dent Grant · Ralph G. NewmanThe Personal Memoirs of Julia Dent Grant (Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant) and The First Lady as an Author
1974978-0-399-11408-3William F BuckleyUnited Nations Journal: A Delegate's Odyssey
1975978-0-399-11412-0A. J. P TaylorThe Second World War: An illustrated history
  ''978-0-399-11421-2James BrabazonAlbert Schweitzer
  ''978-0-399-11423-6Richard O'ConnorRogue's progress: The fabulous adventures of Wilson Mizner
  ''978-0-399-11439-7Thomas GiffordThe wind chill factor
  ''978-0-399-11440-3Harry GoldenLong live Columbus =: Leben zul Columbus
1975978-0-399-11443-4Thomas HarrisBlack Sunday
1974978-0-399-11446-5E. Howard HuntUndercover: Memoirs of An American Secret Agent
  ''978-0-399-11448-9Alexander KentSignal, close action!
1980978-0-399-11465-6James WebbThe Harmonious Circle: The Lives and Work of G. I. Gurdjieff, P. D. Ouspensky, and Their Followers
1975978-0-399-11480-9Elspeth HuxleyFlorence Nightingale
  ''978-0-399-11481-6Alfred BesterThe Computer Connection (Indian Giver)
1976978-0-399-11487-8Jack FincherHuman intelligence
1975978-0-399-11488-5Romain GaryThe enchanters
  ''978-0-399-11493-9William Donald Aelian KingAdventure in Depth
  ''978-0-399-11502-8George MurrayLegacy of Al Capone
1975978-0-399-11503-5Richard O'ConnorHeywood Broun: A biography
  ''978-0-399-11506-6Jean PlaidyMadame Serpent
  ''978-0-399-11528-8Geoffrey H BourneThe gentle giants: The gorilla story
  ''978-0-399-11531-8Jr. William F. BuckleyExecution Eve And Other Contemporary Ballads
1976978-0-399-11535-6Alice CooperMe, Alice: The Autobiography of Alice Cooper
  ''978-0-399-11538-7Paris FlammondeUFO Exist!
1975978-0-399-11542-4David NivenBring on the empty horses
1975978-0-399-11552-3G. Harry StineThe third industrial revolution
1977978-0-399-11553-0Igor CassiniI'd Do It Over Again
1976978-0-399-11575-2Harry GolombekChess: A history
1975978-0-399-11589-9James Lane BuckleyIf men were angels: A view from the Senate
  ''978-0-399-11595-0Yong Yap CotterellThe early civilization of China
  ''978-0-399-11596-7James GradyShadow of the Condor
  ''978-0-399-11597-4Rene JordanThe greatest star: The Barbra Streisand story, an unauthorized biography
1979978-0-399-11613-1Tom ShachtmanDay America Crashed
1976978-0-399-11640-7Irving FeinJack Benny: An intimate biography
  ''978-0-399-11660-5Anthony ScadutoScapegoat: The Lonesome Death of Bruno Richard Hauptmann
1976978-0-399-11665-0Sterling HaydenVoyage
1977978-0-399-11666-7Joan HaslipCatherine the Great
1975978-0-399-11669-8Golda MeirMy Life
  ''978-0-399-11685-8Jean PlaidyThe Italian Woman
1976978-0-399-11689-6Ruth Doan MacDougallWife and mother
  ''978-0-399-11692-6Dan KurzmanThe bravest battle: The twenty-eight days of the Warsaw ghetto uprising
  ''978-0-399-11697-1Frank HerbertChildren of Dune
1972978-0-399-11716-9Ursula K LeguinWord for World Forest
1977978-0-399-11738-1Vin McLellanThe voices of guns: The definitive and dramatic story of the twenty-two-month career of the Symbionese Liberation Army, one of the most bizarre chapters in the history of the American Left
1976978-0-399-11748-0Robert Burton · Carole Devaney · Tony LongThe Living Sea: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Marine Life
  ''978-0-399-11762-6Edward De BonoThe Greatest Thinkers: The Thirty Minds That Shaped Our Civilization
1977978-0-399-11766-4R. GottliebThinking Big
1978978-0-399-11773-2Richard F. Leavitt · Tennessee WilliamsThe World of Tennessee Williams
1976978-0-399-11788-6Joseph Burkholder SmithPortrait of a cold warrior
1976978-0-399-11796-1Spider RobinsonTelempath
  ''978-0-399-11797-8Jack VanceMaske: Thaery
  ''978-0-399-11815-9Bob OatesCelebrating the dawn: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the TM technique
  ''978-0-399-11816-6Alfred BesterStar Light, Star Bright (Volume II)
  ''978-0-399-11822-7George EellsGinger, Loretta, and Irene who?
1980978-0-399-11831-9Werner SchadeCranach: A Family of Master Painters
1977978-0-399-11845-6Robert Edwin HerzsteinWar that Hitler won
1976978-0-399-11851-7Jean PlaidyThe captive of Kensington Palace (Queen Victoria series ; 1)
1977978-0-399-11863-0Lyn TornabeneLong Live the King: A Biography of Clark Gable
1976978-0-399-11864-7George. WickesThe Amazon of Letters: The Life and Loves of Natalie Barney
1977978-0-399-11866-1Bari WoodTwins: A novel
1977978-0-399-11868-5Poul AndersonMirkheim
  ''978-0-399-11873-9Francine ProseMarie Laveau
  ''978-0-399-11881-4Colin WatsonIt Shouldn't Happen To a Dog
  ''978-0-399-11891-3Douglas ReemanSurface With Daring
  ''978-0-399-11893-7Red Auerbach · Ed FitzgeraldRed Auerbach
1978978-0-399-11899-9Nan Tillson BirminghamStore
1978978-0-399-11902-6Stephen Del Corso · Bill Erwin · Michael FoonerBlue Domino
1979978-0-399-11904-0W. Mark FeltThe FBI pyramid from the inside
1977978-0-399-11942-2Gregory BenfordIf the stars are gods
  ''978-0-399-11946-0Clifford D SimakA Heritage of Stars
  ''978-0-399-11952-1Ronald W. ClarkEdison
1978978-0-399-11963-7Mike DouglasMike Douglas, my story
  ''978-0-399-11981-1Sergeanne GolonAngelique and the Ghosts
1977978-0-399-11995-8George PlimptonShadow Box
1978978-0-399-12018-3Clarence NorrisThe last of the Scottsboro boys
1977978-0-399-12022-0Frank HerbertThe Dosadi Experiment
  ''978-0-399-12023-7Lawrence SandersThe Second Deadly Sin
1977978-0-399-12024-4James MitchellSmear Job
1978978-0-399-12030-5Ellen PeckThe parent test: How to measure and develop your talent for parenthood
1977978-0-399-12031-2Philip Jose FarmerThe Dark Design (The Riverworld Series ; 3)
  ''978-0-399-12032-9Clifford D SimakSkirmish: The great short fiction of Clifford D. Simak
  ''978-0-399-12040-4Margaret CravenWalk Gently This Good Earth
  ''978-0-399-12063-3Dean R KoontzThe vision
1978978-0-399-12064-0Hans Peter KrausA Rare Book Saga: The Autobiography of H. P. Kraus
  ''978-0-399-12083-1Jr. James TiptreeUp the Walls of the World
1978978-0-399-12095-4Gardner R DozoisStrangers
1977978-0-399-12097-8L. Sprague De CampThe Hostage of Zir
1978978-0-399-12102-9Patti SmithBabel
  ''978-0-399-12116-6Joseph GoebbelsFinal Entries 1945: The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels
  ''978-0-399-12123-4Robert Francis Kennedy JrJudge Frank M. Johnson, Jr: A biography
  ''978-0-399-12144-9Poul AndersonThe Earth Book of Stormgate
  ''978-0-399-12146-3Terry CarrThe Year's Finest Fantasy
1977978-0-399-12147-0Robert E. HowardConan: The People of the Black Circle
1978978-0-399-12148-7Richard, MathesonWhat Dreams May Come: A Novel
1978978-0-399-12149-4Joanna RussThe two of them
  ''978-0-399-12179-1John EllisCavalry: The history of mounted warfare
1979978-0-399-12207-1Christopher RobbinsAir America: The Story of the CIA'S Secret Airlines
1978978-0-399-12227-9William F. BuckleyA Hymnal: The Controversial Arts
  ''978-0-399-12228-6Poul AndersonThe avatar
  ''978-0-399-12240-8Tom ReamyBlind Voices
  ''978-0-399-12241-5Judy BlumeWifey
1978978-0-399-12244-6Mario PUZOFools Die
  ''978-0-399-12245-3Samuel R DelanyEmpire: A visual novel (Berkley/Windhover books)
  ''978-0-399-12246-0Colin WilsonMysteries
1979978-0-399-12264-4John G. FullerAirmen Would Not Die
  ''978-0-399-12268-2Frank Herbert · Bill RansomJesus Incident
1980978-0-399-12271-2Dan KurzmanMiracle of November: Madrid's Epic Stand, 1936
1979978-0-399-12272-9Elizabeth A LynnWatchtower
1978978-0-399-12282-8Jean PlaidyThe Widow of Windsor
1979978-0-399-12285-9Robert Saffron · Arthur Conan DoyleThe demon device: A novel
1978978-0-399-12302-3Philippa CarrThe Love Child
1979978-0-399-12303-0Alexander KentThe Inshore Squadron
  ''978-0-399-12304-7Steve MartinCruel Shoes
1979978-0-399-12305-4Lawrence SandersThe Sixth Commandment
  ''978-0-399-12319-1Jeremy Rifkin · T. HowardThe Emerging Order
  ''978-0-399-12325-2Ursula K. Le GuinLanguage of the Night: Essays on Fantasy and Science Fiction
  ''978-0-399-12326-9John VarleyTitan
  ''978-0-399-12327-6Terry CarrYears Finest Fantasy
1979978-0-399-12328-3Robin CookSphinx
  ''978-0-399-12331-3Robert NyeMerlin
  ''978-0-399-12333-7Robert E. HowardRed Nails
  ''978-0-399-12336-8Jack KramerThe game: My 40 years in tennis
1980978-0-399-12351-1Dean KoontzWhispers
1979978-0-399-12355-9Jean PlaidyThe Lion of Justice (The Norman Trilogy: Number 2)
1980978-0-399-12361-0Elizabeth MorganThe Making of a Woman Surgeon
1981978-0-399-12365-8Margaret SachsThe Ufo Encyclopedia
1979978-0-399-12366-5Philip Van RensselaerMillion dollar baby: An intimate portrait of Barbara Hutton
1981978-0-399-12371-9Ben Bradlee Jr. · Dale Van AttaProphet of Blood: The Untold Story of Ervil Lebaron and the Lambs of God
1980978-0-399-12372-6Elmer BendinerFall of Fortresses
1979978-0-399-12373-3Robert K MurrayTrapped!: The story of the struggle to rescue Floyd Collins from a Kentucky cave in 1925
  ''978-0-399-12375-7Poul AndersonThe Merman's Children
1980978-0-399-12376-4Marion MeadeMadame Blavatsky, the woman behind the myth

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