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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1943978-0-397-00007-4Mary O'HaraThunderhead
1988978-0-397-00011-1Mary O'HaraGreen Grass of Wyoming
1954978-0-397-00049-4James StreetGood-Bye, My Lady
1960978-0-397-00151-4Harper LeeTo Kill a Mockingbird
1963978-0-397-00260-3Gladys TaberAnother Path
  ''978-0-397-00301-3Thomas PynchonV: A Novel
1965978-0-397-00400-3Mario PeiStory of Language
1966978-0-397-00418-8Thomas PynchonThe Crying of Lot 49
  ''978-0-397-00451-5Margaret A. StangerThat Quail, Robert
1969978-0-397-00611-3Gladys TaberStillmeadow Album with photographs by Jacques Chepard
1972978-0-397-00733-2Leon EdelHenry James, the Master: 1901-1916.
  ''978-0-397-00739-4John D MacDonaldThe Long Lavender Look (The Travis McGee series)
1975978-0-397-00753-0Clay BlairSilent Victory: The U. S. Submarine War Against Japan
  ''978-0-397-00765-3Frances Lonsdale DonaldsonEdward VIII
1972978-0-397-00779-0David HoldenGreece without columns: The making of the modern Greeks
1976978-0-397-00787-5Craig Claiborne · Virginia LeeThe Chinese Cookbook
1972978-0-397-00807-0Larry PiheraThe Making of a Winner: The Porsche 917
1972978-0-397-00834-6Bud Wilkinson · Bud WilinsonSports Illustrated Football Offense (The Sports Illustrated Library)
  ''978-0-397-00844-5Gerard Willem Van LoonThe story of Hendrik Willem van Loon
1973978-0-397-00853-7Richard BradfordSo Far From Heaven
1972978-0-397-00886-5Stephen BirminghamThe Late John Marquand: A Biography
1973978-0-397-00953-4John D. MacDonaldThe Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper
  ''978-0-397-00976-3Helene HanffThe Duchess of Bloomsbury Street
  ''978-0-397-00987-9John D. MacDonaldThe Turquoise Lament
  ''978-0-397-00990-9Charles Elihue BallSaddle Up! the Farm Journal Book of Western Horsemanship
1974978-0-397-00997-8Ninette BeaverCaril,
1973978-0-397-01004-2Harold C SchonbergGrandmasters of chess,
1974978-0-397-01023-3Gladys Bagg TaberCountry Chronicle
1974978-0-397-01026-4Hans SelyeStress Without Distress
  ''978-0-397-01032-5John D. MacDonaldA Deadly Shade of Gold (The Travis McGee Series)
1977978-0-397-01058-5Eugenia PriceMaria
1975978-0-397-01074-5John D. MacDonaldThe Dreadful Lemon Sky
  ''978-0-397-01084-4Edward AbbeyThe Monkey Wrench Gang
  ''978-0-397-01085-1Diane PearsonCsardas
  ''978-0-397-01090-5John D. MacDonaldThe Deep Blue Good-By (A Travis McGee Mystery)
1976978-0-397-01102-5Frank WestmoreThe Westmores of Hollywood
1976978-0-397-01116-2John D. MacDonaldNightmare in Pink (His the Travis McGee Series)
  ''978-0-397-01120-9James A LevineWho will raise the children?: New options for fathers (and mothers)
  ''978-0-397-01133-9Gladys Bagg TaberHarvest of Yesterdays
1977978-0-397-01140-7Lev KopelevTo Be Preserved Forever
  ''978-0-397-01153-7Jillian BeckerHitler's children: The Story of the Baader-Meinhof Terrorist Gang
1976978-0-397-01156-8Gladys Bagg TaberThe Best of Stillmeadow: A Treasury of Country Living
  ''978-0-397-01166-7John D. MacDonaldA Purple Place for Dying
1976978-0-397-01169-8Thaddeus, KostrubalaThe Joy of Running
  ''978-0-397-01170-4Sheridan FenwickGetting it: The psychology of est
  ''978-0-397-01182-7David Axton · Dean KoontzPrison of Ice
1978978-0-397-01191-9John D. MacDonaldOne Fearful Yellow Eye (The Travis McGee Series)
1977978-0-397-01195-7Bob ThomasBud & Lou: The Abbott & Costello story
  ''978-0-397-01196-4Ruth BrandonA capitalist romance: Singer and the sewing machine
  ''978-0-397-01203-9John D. MacDonaldCondominium
1977978-0-397-01214-5Harry Darbee · Mac FrancisCatskill Flytier: My life, times, and techniques
1978978-0-397-01220-6John D MacDonaldThe Empty Copper Sea (Travis McGee, Book 17)
1977978-0-397-01225-1Benita EislerThe Lowell Offering: Writings by New England Mill Women (1840-1845)
1978978-0-397-01248-0Elaine DavenportThe plumbat affair
  ''978-0-397-01255-8David M RorvikIn his image: The cloning of a man
  ''978-0-397-01258-9Flo Conway · Jim SiegelmanSnapping: America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change
  ''978-0-397-01259-6Eva JonesEvalore
  ''978-0-397-01265-7Merle ShainWhen Lovers Are Friends
1978978-0-397-01274-9John Cunningham LillyThe scientist: A novel autobiography
  ''978-0-397-01283-1Piers Paul ReadThe Train Robbers
  ''978-0-397-01318-0Tom BrakefieldSmall Game Hunting
  ''978-0-397-01320-3Harvey SachsToscanini
1979978-0-397-01343-2John D. MacDonaldA Tan and Sandy Silence (The Travis McGee Series)
  ''978-0-397-01360-9Merle ShainSome Men Are More Perfect Than Others: A Book About Men, and Hence About Women, and Love and Dreams
1979978-0-397-01362-3John D. MacDonaldThe Green Ripper
1981978-0-397-01377-7Mary S. Calderone · Eric W. JohnsonThe Family Book About Sexuality
1980978-0-397-01379-1Piers Paul ReadA Married Man: A Novel
  ''978-0-397-10026-2Agnes Mary SanfordHealing Gifts of the Spirit
1968978-0-397-10062-0Bradford SmithMeditation the Inward Art
1923978-0-397-30006-8Helen BannermanThe Story of Little Black Sambo
978-0-397-30007-5Helen BannermanThe Story of Little Black Sambo
1958978-0-397-30015-0Arthur RansomeSwallows and Amazons
2000978-0-397-30018-1Hugh LoftingDoctor Dolittle's Return
1945978-0-397-30109-6Lois LenskiStrawberry Girl
2000978-0-397-30207-9Hugh LoftingDoctor Dolittle's Puddleby Adventures
1992978-0-397-30477-6Philippa PearceTom's Midnight Garden
1981978-0-397-30568-1John CiardiMan Who Sang the Sillies
1985978-0-397-30693-0Frances Hodgson BurnettA Little Princess
1972978-0-397-30818-7Edna Mason KaulaThe Land and People of Ethiopia
1969978-0-397-31054-8Paul D. ThompsonAbiogenesis: From Molecules to Cells
1970978-0-397-31118-7Vera Cleaver · Bill CleaverGrover
  ''978-0-397-31127-9Joyce. BlackburnJames Edward Oglethorpe.
1971978-0-397-31366-2Harold, KeithThe Runt of Rogers School.
1972978-0-397-31432-4Edna Mason KaulaThe land and people of Ethiopia (Portraits of the nations series)
1973978-0-397-31480-5Robert M QuackenbushShe'll be comin' 'round the mountain
1974978-0-397-31493-5Daniel CohenCurses, Hexes and Spells (The Weird and horrible library)
1965978-0-397-31536-9Helen Dean FishAnimals of the Bible
1975978-0-397-31635-9Jessie RubenstoneWeaving for Beginners
1976978-0-397-31645-8Alvin SchwartzKickle Snifters and Other Fearsome Critters
2007978-0-397-31712-7Betty MacDonaldMrs. Piggle-Wiggle
1954978-0-397-31713-4Betty MacDonaldMrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm
2007978-0-397-31715-8   ''Hello, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
1978978-0-397-31783-7Edward PackardDeadwood City
1982978-0-397-31947-3Chester AaronDuchess
  ''978-0-397-32013-4Christine Szambelan-StrevinskyDark Hour of Noon
1984978-0-397-32062-2Brian SchatellSam's No Dummy, Farmer Goff
  ''978-0-397-32069-1Bruce CovilleSarah and the dragon
1986978-0-397-32169-8Beverley NaidooJourney to Jo'burg: A South African Story
1987978-0-397-32179-7Dorothy Sharp CarterHis Majesty, Queen Hatsheput
1989978-0-397-32209-1Angela Sommer-BodenburgIf you want to scare yourself
1988978-0-397-32216-9Ernest Lloyd RaboffAlbrecht Dürer
1988978-0-397-32219-0Ernest Lloyd RaboffDiego Rodriguez de Silva y Velasquez (Art for children)
  ''978-0-397-32227-5Ernest RaboffRaphael Sanzio (Art for Children)
1989978-0-397-32259-6Lois EhlertColor Zoo
  ''978-0-397-32260-2Lois EhlertColor Zoo
1988978-0-397-32292-3Seymour SimonHow to Be an Ocean Scientist in Your Own Home
1990978-0-397-32422-4Polly Schoyer BrooksBeyond the Myth: The Story of Joan of Arc
  ''978-0-397-32440-8Lois EhlertColor Farm
  ''978-0-397-32455-2Robin MooreMaggie among the Seneca
1990978-0-397-32456-9Robin MooreMaggie Among the Seneca
  ''978-0-397-41917-3BarashAsa Refresher Course in Anesthesiology
1989978-0-397-44556-1Harry L. IoachimPathology of AIDS: Textbook and Atlas of Diseases Associated With Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
1987978-0-397-44564-6David TaiAcupuncture and Moxibustion
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1991978-0-397-44628-5Roy Calne · Stephen G. PollardOperative Surgery
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1989978-0-397-44652-0Kenneth E. SalyerTechniques in Aesthetic Craniofacial Surgery
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978-0-397-51143-3YannuzziLazer Photocoag Macula CB
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978-0-397-51341-3Adjuvant Therapy of Cancer (v. 7)
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2007978-0-397-51568-4William A. Strohl · Harriet Rouse · Pamela C. Champe · Richard A. HarveyMicrobiology (Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Series)