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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1967978-0-397-59012-4Sarah R GustafsonPaediatric Patient 1966
1966978-0-397-59013-1Gustav J. Martin · Bruno KischEnzymes in Mental Health
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  ''978-0-397-59015-5Jonas B. ROBITSCHERPursuit of Agreement: Psychiatry and the Law
1967978-0-397-59017-9Neal W ChiltonDesign and Analysis in Dental and Oral Research
  ''978-0-397-59018-6Robert W GibsonCrosscurrents in Psychiatry & Psychoanalysis
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1968978-0-397-59020-9Sarah R GustafsonPaediatric Patient 1967
1967978-0-397-59023-0Gene L. (Editor) UsdinAdolescence: Care and Counselling
1968978-0-397-59024-7Lippincott [1968] PhiladelphiaAspects of Anxiety.
  ''978-0-397-59026-1OLIVER COPEMan, Mind and Medicine
  ''978-0-397-59028-5Robert B. GreenblattSearch the Scriptures: Modern Medicine and Biblical Personages
1969978-0-397-59029-2Sarah R GustafsonPaediatric Patient 1968
1968978-0-397-59030-8James A. KnightFor the Love of Money: Human Behavior and Money
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1970978-0-397-59035-3l arnowHealth in a Bottle
1970978-0-397-59036-0Sarah R GustafsonPaediatric Patient 1969
  ''978-0-397-59037-7Graham A Jamieson · Tibor J GreenwaltRed Cell Membrane: Structure and Function
1969978-0-397-59038-4Lippincott [1969] PhiladelphiaSleep: Physiology and Pathology; A Symposium.
  ''978-0-397-59039-1Shirley Alma Johnson · M Mason GuestDynamics of Thrombous Formation and Dissolution
  ''978-0-397-59040-7Jack J., LeedyPoetry Therapy: The Use of Poetry in the Treatment of Emotional Disorders,
1970978-0-397-59041-4Moses MaimonidesTreatise on Haemorrhoids: Responsa
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1969978-0-397-59049-0Billy Ray WilsonEnvironment, the University and the Welfare of Man
1972978-0-397-59050-6Glycoproteins of blood cells & plasma
  ''978-0-397-59051-3William Daniel SnivelyTextbook of pathophysiology,
  ''978-0-397-59052-0C. Henry KempeHelping the battered child and his family
  ''978-0-397-59053-7Edward D ChurchillSurgeon to soldiers;: Diary and records of the Surgical Consultant, Allied Force Headquarters, World War II
1972978-0-397-59054-4C. Henry KempeHelping the Battered Child and His Family.
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1986978-0-397-60029-8Textbook of Dermatology
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1969978-0-397-60167-7Frederick Albert Lionel, ClowesPlant Cells
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1970978-0-397-60197-4J. M. VincentA Manual for the Practical Study of Root-Nodule Bacteria
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