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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-393-00025-2Donald L. Barrett · Donald L. Barlett · James B. SteeleEmpire: The Life, Legend, and Madness of Howard Hughes
1980978-0-393-00027-6Jr. Roy F. GusteAntoine's Restaurant Since 1840 Cookbook
1981978-0-393-00028-3John DinkelThe Road and Track Illustrated Auto Dictionary
  ''978-0-393-00029-0Jonathan KwitnyVicious Circles:The Mafia in the Marketplace
1982978-0-393-00030-6Robert SobelInside Wall Street
1981978-0-393-00031-3John M. BurnsBioGraffiti: A Natural Selection
  ''978-0-393-00033-7Sarah StageFemale Complaints
  ''978-0-393-00034-4Cynthia Propper SetonThe Half-Sisters
  ''978-0-393-00035-1George B. ForgiePatricide in the House Divided
1981978-0-393-00036-8Linda Cannon BurgessThe Art of Adoption
  ''978-0-393-00037-5Peter StanskyGladstone: A Progress in Politics
1980978-0-393-00038-2Lillian SmithMemory of a Large Christmas (Norton Paperback)
1981978-0-393-00039-9Aileen S. KraditorThe Ideas of the Woman Suffrage Movement: 1890-1920
  ''978-0-393-00040-5Elizabeth Marshall ThomasWarrior Herdsmen
  ''978-0-393-00042-9Yuri OleshaEnvy, and Other Works (English and Russian Edition)
978-0-393-00043-6NortonThree Short Novels
1981978-0-393-00045-0Carlo M. CipollaFaith, Reason, and the Plague in Seventeenth Century Tuscany
  ''978-0-393-00046-7Charlotte L. FortenThe Journal of Charlotte L. Forten: A Free Negro in the Slave Era
1982978-0-393-00047-4David KalstoneFive Temperaments
1981978-0-393-00049-8Linda PastanWaiting for My Life: Poems
1981978-0-393-00052-8Hector d'Espouy · John Blatteau · Christiane SearsFragments from Greek & Roman Architecture: The Classical America Edition of Hector d'Espouy's Plates (Classical America Series in Art and Architecture)
1982978-0-393-00053-5Albert E. RichardsonMonumental Classic Architecture in Great Britain and Ireland (The Classical America Series in Art and Architecture)
1981978-0-393-00054-2Bruce StokesHelping Ourselves: Local Solutions to Global Problems
  ''978-0-393-00055-9Suzanne PierotSuzanne's Cooking Secrets
1986978-0-393-00056-6Jean RhysWide Sargasso Sea
1981978-0-393-00057-3Jean Piaget · Barbel Inhelder · Alina SzeminskaThe Child's Conception of Geometry (A Detective Hazel Micallef Mystery)
  ''978-0-393-00058-0Percy M. YoungThe Choral Tradition: [An Historical and Analytical Survey from the Sixteenth Century to the Present Day] (Norton library)
  ''978-0-393-00059-7Wilson Clark · Jake PageEnergy, Vulnerability and War: Alternatives for America
1982978-0-393-00060-3Edmund S. MorganThe Genius of George Washington (Third George Rogers Clark Lecture)
1981978-0-393-00061-0Irving H. BartlettWendell and Ann Phillips: The Community Reform, 1840-1880
1980978-0-393-00062-7Michael R. BeschlossKennedy and Roosevelt
1982978-0-393-00063-4John Morton BlumThe Progressive Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson
  ''978-0-393-00064-1Chiang YeeSilent Traveller in San Francisco
1982978-0-393-00065-8Harvey FiresideSoviet Psychoprisons
1981978-0-393-00066-5Margaret GaanLast Moments of a World
  ''978-0-393-00067-2Michael J. MahoneyMahoney Self-Change - Strategies for Solving Personal Problems
  ''978-0-393-00068-9Aleksandr M. NekrichPunished Peoples
1982978-0-393-00070-2Jerome S. Zerbe · Cyril ConnollyPavillons of the Eighteenth Century
1992978-0-393-00071-9Anne Tyler · Joan Gordon · Nancy Milford · Honor Moore · Michele Murrary · Margaret Walker · Susan Griffin · Alice WalkerThe Writer on Her Work, Volume I
1986978-0-393-00073-3Thelma SargentThe Idylls of Theocritus (English and Ancient Greek Edition)
1981978-0-393-00074-0J. A. WestrupThe New College Encyclopedia of Music (Second Edition)
1982978-0-393-00076-4JB ChadwickCountry Journal Woodburner's Cookbook
  ''978-0-393-00078-8Donald LightBecoming Psychiatrists: The Professional Transformation of Self
1981978-0-393-00079-5Jacques LacanThe Four Fundamental Concepts of Psycho-Analysis
  ''978-0-393-00080-1Yehudi MenuhinViolin: Six Lessons With Yehudi Menuhin
1982978-0-393-00084-9Phil BermanCatamaran Sailing: From Start to Finish
1992978-0-393-00085-6Blue Guide
978-0-393-00086-3Blue Guide Belgium And Luxembourg
1987978-0-393-00087-0Peter McGregor EadieThe Channel Islands
978-0-393-00089-4Blue Guide: Cyprus
1989978-0-393-00090-0Stuart RossiterBlue Guide: England
1977978-0-393-00092-4Stuart RossiterGreece (Blue Guides)
1982978-0-393-00093-1John TomesBlue Guide Holland
1978978-0-393-00095-5Ian RobertsonLoire Valley, Normandy, Brittany (Blue Guides)
1984978-0-393-00096-2Stuart RossiterBlue Guide: London
1990978-0-393-00097-9Peter M. EadieBlue Guide: Malta
1984978-0-393-00098-6Evan Mawdsley · Margaret MawdsleyBlue Guide: Moscow and Leningrad
1982978-0-393-00100-6Mercia MasonOxford and Cambridge (Blue guide)
1958978-0-393-00101-3HomerThe Iliad of Homer
1958978-0-393-00103-7Charles R. MoreyChristian Art
1960978-0-393-00104-4Irwin EdmanArts and the Man: A Short Introduction to Aesthetics
1955978-0-393-00109-9Mary Ellen, ChaseLife and Language in the Old Testament.
1962978-0-393-00110-5Elizabeth A. DrewDiscovering Poetry
  ''978-0-393-00112-9G. GorerPeople of Great Russia a Psychological Study
  ''978-0-393-00113-6Edith HamiltonWitness to the Truth: Christ and His Interpreters
  ''978-0-393-00115-0Paul Henry LangProblems of Modern Music: The Princeton Seminar in Advanced Musical Studies (Norton Library (Paperback))
  ''978-0-393-00116-7Hugh Sinclair MorrisonLouis Sullivan Prophet of Modern Architecture
1962978-0-393-00121-1José Ortega y GassetMan and Crisis (Norton Library)
  ''978-0-393-00122-8José Ortega y GassetHistory as a System and Other Essays Toward a Philosophy of History
1963978-0-393-00123-5   ''Man and People (Norton Library (Paperback))
1993978-0-393-00124-2   ''Concord and liberty,
1963978-0-393-00125-9   ''Meditations on Quixote
1964978-0-393-00126-6   ''What Is Philosophy?
1968978-0-393-00128-0José Ortega y GassetThe Origin of Philosophy
1969978-0-393-00129-7Conyers ReadThe Tudors: Personalities and Practical Politics in Sixteenth Century England
1963978-0-393-00130-3Douglas MooreListening to Music
1962978-0-393-00131-0Karen HorneyAre You Considering Psychoanalysis?
1964978-0-393-00132-7Karen HorneyNew Ways in Psychoanalysis
1945978-0-393-00133-4   ''Our Inner Conflicts: A Constructive Theory of Neurosis
1968978-0-393-00134-1   ''Self Analysis
1970978-0-393-00135-8   ''Neurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Toward Self-Realization
1962978-0-393-00136-5Bertrand RussellFreedom Versus Organization, 1814-1914: The Pattern of Political Changes in 19th Century European History
1968978-0-393-00138-9Harry Stack SullivanThe Interpersonal Theory of Psychiatry
1963978-0-393-00139-6A. L. RowseAppeasement: A Study in Political Decline, 1933-34
  ''978-0-393-00140-2F Sherwood TaylorA Short History of Science and Scientific Thought
1990978-0-393-00142-6Sigmund FreudThe Ego and the Id (The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud)
  ''978-0-393-00143-3Sigmund FreudTotem and Taboo (The Standard Edition) (Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud)
  ''978-0-393-00144-0   ''On Dreams (The Standard Edition) (Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud)
1990978-0-393-00145-7Sigmund FreudJokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious (The Standard Edition) (Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud)
1989978-0-393-00146-4   ''An Autobiographical Study (The Standard Edition) (Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud)
1963978-0-393-00148-8   ''Problem Of Anxiety
1990978-0-393-00149-5   ''Leonardo da Vinci and a Memory of His Childhood (The Standard Edition) (Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud)
  ''978-0-393-00150-1   ''On the History of the Psycho-Analytic Movement (The Standard Edition) (Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud)
1989978-0-393-00151-8Sigmund FreudAn Outline of Psycho-Analysis (The Standard Edition) (Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud)
1963978-0-393-00152-5George A. KellyA Theory of Personality: The Psychology of Personal Constructs (Norton Library (Paperback))
  ''978-0-393-00153-2W. Grey WalterThe Living Brain
  ''978-0-393-00154-9Rainer Maria RilkeStories of God
1962978-0-393-00157-0Rainer Maria RilkeSonnets To Orpheus
1963978-0-393-00159-4   ''The Lay of the Love and Death of Cornet Christopher Rilke
1964978-0-393-00160-0   ''Wartime Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke
1962978-0-393-00162-4Barbara WardThe Interplay of East and West
1958978-0-393-00163-1jane austenPersuasion
  ''978-0-393-00164-8Nathaniel HawthorneThe Blithedale Romance
  ''978-0-393-00166-2Samuel RichardsonPamela
1962978-0-393-00168-6Marc PincherleVivaldi
1962978-0-393-00169-3Edith HamiltonSpokesmen for God
  ''978-0-393-00170-9Erik H. EriksonYoung Man Luther: A Study in Psychoanalysis and History
  ''978-0-393-00171-6Jean PiagetPlay Dreams & Imitation in Childhood (Norton Library (Paperback))
  ''978-0-393-00174-7Henry S. ChurchillThe City Is the People
  ''978-0-393-00176-1W W. RostowThe Process of Economic Growth
1962978-0-393-00177-8Alfred EinsteinEssays on Music
  ''978-0-393-00179-2G. SalveminiSalvemini French Revolution (1788-92)
1969978-0-393-00180-8Raymond James SontagGermany and England: Background of Conflict, 1848-1894
  ''978-0-393-00181-5Robert G. WaiteVanguard of Nazism: The Free Corps Movement in Postwar Germany 1918-1923
1962978-0-393-00183-9Dudley C. LuntThe Road to the Law
1963978-0-393-00186-0Bush DouglasMythology and the Romantic Tradition in English Poetry
  ''978-0-393-00187-7Douglas BushMythology & the Renaissance Tradition in English Poetry
  ''978-0-393-00188-4Crane BrintonThe Lives of Talleyrand
1963978-0-393-00189-1J. M. KeynesEssays in Biography
  ''978-0-393-00190-7John Maynard KeynesEssays in Persuasion
  ''978-0-393-00191-4Roy Forbes HarrodThe Dollar
  ''978-0-393-00193-8K. FreemanGreek City-States
1959978-0-393-00194-5Arthur B TourtellotLexington and Concord
1963978-0-393-00195-2Edmund GosseFather and Son
  ''978-0-393-00196-9T. E. LawrenceThe Mint
1963978-0-393-00198-3Aaron CoplandCopland on Music
  ''978-0-393-00199-0Paul Henry LangStravinsky: A New Appraisal of His Work With a Complete List of Works
  ''978-0-393-00200-3Douglas MooreA Guide to Musical Styles: From Madrigal to Modern Music (Revised Edition)
1971978-0-393-00202-7Jean PiagetOrigins of Intelligence in Children
1958978-0-393-00203-4Euripides · AeschylusThree Greek Plays: Prometheus Bound / Agamemnon / The Trojan Women
2000978-0-393-00204-1Nicolson MhMountain Gloom and Mountain Glory
1963978-0-393-00205-8Walter B. CannonThe Wisdom Of The Body
  ''978-0-393-00206-5Franz AlexanderFundamentals of Psychoanalysis
1964978-0-393-00207-2Kartini RaLetters of a Javanese Princess
1963978-0-393-00209-6Curt SachsWorld History of the Dance (The Norton Library)
  ''978-0-393-00212-6Shway YoeThe Burman: His Life and Notions
1980978-0-393-00215-7Robert LangbaumThe Poetry of Experience: The Dramatic Monologue in Modern Literary Tradition
2000978-0-393-00216-4P. AlexanderIntroductions to Shakespeare
1991978-0-393-00218-8Paul Henry LangThe Creative World of Mozart
1963978-0-393-00219-5Paul BekkerThe Orchestra
1963978-0-393-00221-8Robert Jay LiftonThought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism
2000978-0-393-00229-4O. JespersenLanguage, Its Nature, Development and Origin
1964978-0-393-00231-7Edith HamiltonThe Echo of Greece
  ''978-0-393-00233-1Adolf KatzenellenbogenSculptural Programs of Chartres Cathedral
  ''978-0-393-00235-5Erich EyckBismarck and the German Empire
  ''978-0-393-00236-2Alvin H. HansenThe Postwar American Economy: Performance and Problems
1969978-0-393-00239-3Aaron CoplandThe New Music, 1900-1960.
1964978-0-393-00241-6Manfred F. BukofzerStudies in Medieval and Renaissance Music (Norton Library (Paperback))
1961978-0-393-00242-3Bruno WalterOf Music and Music-Making
1958978-0-393-00245-4Mrs. GaskellMary Barton
1968978-0-393-00247-8Jean HatzfeldHistory of Ancient Greece
1964978-0-393-00248-5George L. BrookHistory of the English Language
  ''978-0-393-00249-2Bertrand RussellThe Principles of Mathematics
1964978-0-393-00250-8Victor EhrenbergThe Greek State
  ''978-0-393-00251-5Pearl Augusta. HarwoodClimbing a Mountain With Mr. and Mrs. Bumba.
  ''978-0-393-00252-2J. S. KasaninLanguage and Thought in Schizophrenia
1996978-0-393-00255-3Cecil RothThe Spanish Inquisition
1964978-0-393-00256-0Nathan BroderThe Great Operas of Mozart
1966978-0-393-00259-1Hans T. David · Arthur MendelThe Bach Reader: A Life of Johann Sebastian Bach in Letters and Documents, Revised Edition
1964978-0-393-00260-7Melanie Klein · Joan RiviereLove, Hate and Reparation (Norton Library (Paperback))
1965978-0-393-00261-4Douglas BushPrefaces To Renaissance Literature
1964978-0-393-00262-1Geoffrey GorerThe American People: A Study in National Character
  ''978-0-393-00263-8Darrell HuffHow to Take a Chance
1965978-0-393-00264-5John HollowayVictorian Sage Philosophy and Rhetoric In
1969978-0-393-00265-2Martin P. NilssonGreek Piety
1964978-0-393-00266-9Eleanor DuckettThe Wandering Saints of the Early Middle Ages
  ''978-0-393-00267-6Rainer Maria RilkeThe Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge
1964978-0-393-00269-0David DaichesA Study of Literature for Readers and Critics
1965978-0-393-00270-6M M. BoberKarl Marx's Interpretation of History
1964978-0-393-00271-3Arthur P. WhitakerThe United States and the Independence of Latin America, 1800-1830 (Norton Library (Paperback))
  ''978-0-393-00272-0Gerald Warner BraceThe Garretson Chronicle: A Novel
1960978-0-393-00273-7J.a WestrupNew College Encyclopedia of Music
1958978-0-393-00274-4Henry FieldingJoseph Andrews
1965978-0-393-00275-1C.H. GordonThe Ancient Near East (Books That Live)
  ''978-0-393-00276-8J.D.S. PendleburyThe Archaeology of Crete: An Introduction
  ''978-0-393-00277-5Johann Joseph FuxThe Study of Counterpoint: From Johann Joseph Fux's Gradus Ad Parnassum
  ''978-0-393-00279-9John W. SpanierThe Truman- MacArthur Controversy and the Korean War
1965978-0-393-00280-5S. William HalperinGermany Tried Democracy
1964978-0-393-00282-9Arthur Haggerty KrappeThe Science of Folklore
  ''978-0-393-00283-6Thomas Love PeacockNightmare Abbey
1965978-0-393-00284-3Hans J. MorgenthauThe Crossroad Papers: A Look into the American Future
1969978-0-393-00285-0Henry JamesAwkward Age
  ''978-0-393-00286-7Henry JamesEight Tales From the Major Phase: "In the Cage" and Others
1964978-0-393-00287-4Martin P. NilssonA History of Greek Religion (Second Edition) (Norton Library (Hardcover))
1965978-0-393-00292-8Charles Leonard WoolleyThe Sumerians (Norton Library (Paperback))
  ''978-0-393-00293-5Cyrus H. GordonCommon Background of Greek and Hebrew Civilizations
  ''978-0-393-00294-2Frances BurneyEvelina
1965978-0-393-00296-6Robert E. BrownCharles Beard and the Constitution: A Critical Analysis of An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution
  ''978-0-393-00297-3Burl NoggleTeapot Dome: Oil and Politics in the 1920's
  ''978-0-393-00298-0A. J. WhyteEvolution of Modern Italy
  ''978-0-393-00299-7Dewey W. GranthamThe Democratic South: The Economic and Social Revolution in the South Interpreted in the Light of History
  ''978-0-393-00300-0Franz AlexanderPsychosomatic Medicine: Its Principles and Applications
1966978-0-393-00303-1Cecil RothThe Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Historical Approach
1965978-0-393-00304-8Nikolai V. GogolThe Overcoat and Other Tales of Good and Evil
1965978-0-393-00306-2Pendleton HerringThe Politics of Democracy
  ''978-0-393-00307-9Otto JespersonThe Philosophy of Grammar (Norton Library (Paperback))
  ''978-0-393-00308-6Frederick Jackson TurnerThe United States 1830-1850
  ''978-0-393-00309-3Melville HerskovitsEconomic Anthropology: The Economic Life of Primitive Peoples
1992978-0-393-00310-9Horace Walpole · Thomas MoreRichard III: The Great Debate
1965978-0-393-00313-0Cedric H. WhitmanHomer and the Heroic Tradition (Norton Library (Paperback))