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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-393-99127-7Enjoyment of Music 5e Records Set of 9ld
1984978-0-393-99129-1Joseph MachlisRecordings for the Enjoyment of Music: Set of 6 Discs
  ''978-0-393-99130-7Joseph MachlisEncyclopedia of Music
  ''978-0-393-99136-9R KamienEnjoyment of Music/the Norton Scores (Vol 1 Set of 6 Cassettes)
1985978-0-393-99140-6Robert PisaniStatistics: A Tutorial for the Apple IIE
1988978-0-393-99144-4Claude V. PaliscaNorton Anthology of Western Music Recording
1990978-0-393-99152-9K MACHLISRecordings from the Enjoyment of Music and the Norton Scores Album 2C
  ''978-0-393-99153-6Joseph MachlisMachlis: the Enjoyment of Music - Supplementary Recordings 6ed (Cassettes)
978-0-393-99159-8Trailside Sales Marketing Kit
1993978-0-393-99161-1C. ParrishMasterpiece of Music Before 1750 I Gregorian Chant
  ''978-0-393-99162-8   ''Masterpiece of Music Before 1750
978-0-393-99164-2Lohnes German 4ed Disk
1990978-0-393-99166-6Joseph Machlis · Kristine ForneyEnjoyment of Music Album, Basic Set, Vol. II (4 Discs)
1991978-0-393-99168-0Joseph MachlisMachlis: Enjoyment of Music/Music Example Bank (2 Compact Discs) 6ed
1991978-0-393-99169-7Eric MazurEssence of Physics
  ''978-0-393-99170-3Eric MazurEssence of Physics
978-0-393-99175-8La Traviata Vhs
1991978-0-393-99177-2MachlisPuccini: La Boheme (Video Cassette)
  ''978-0-393-99178-9P. I. ChaikovskiiThe Nutcracker
1990978-0-393-99179-6S.S. Prokof'evALEXANDER NEVSKY VHS
1993978-0-393-99181-9Donald Jay GroutNorton Recorded Anthology of Western Music
  ''978-0-393-99182-6PaliscaHistory of Western Music: Anthology of Western Music II
1995978-0-393-99187-1Kristine ForneyNorton Recordings: Vol 1
1996978-0-393-99188-8Kristine Forney · Joseph MachlisThe Enjoyment of Music: Shorter Version
  ''978-0-393-99189-5Joseph MacHlisNorton Recordings to Accompany the Norton Scores and the Enjoyment of Music: Shorter Version
1995978-0-393-99190-1Richard Edt VianoMusic Example Bank
1996978-0-393-99195-6Daniel Jacobson · Timothy KoozinThe Norton Cd-Rom Masterworks
1996978-0-393-99196-3Joseph MachlisThe Enjoyment of Music with Masterworks
1995978-0-393-99207-6MachlisNorton Recordings: Vol 2 (Norton Recordings to Accompany the Norton Scores & the Enjoy)
1996978-0-393-99208-3Kristine ForneyThe Norton Recordings to Accompany the Enjoyment of Music: Standard (Norton Recordings to Accompany the Norton Scores & the Enjoy) (Vol 2)
  ''978-0-393-99248-9McFaddenAn Exploration of Life Demo Disk
  ''978-0-393-99249-6McFaddenAn Exploration of Life
1988978-0-393-99341-7Richard DawkinsThe Blind Watchmaker 1.2: An Evolution Simulation/Mac Version
1987978-0-393-99342-4Martin WilliamsThe Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz
1988978-0-393-99343-1Richard DawkinsThe Blind Watchmaker
1980978-0-393-99352-3Conrad BrandtStalin's Failure in China, 1924-27
1988978-0-393-99373-8Ann Arbor SoftwareNorton Textra Speller
978-0-393-99381-3Mansfield Econ Ppd 6e Pr
978-0-393-99382-0Kelley Art Disk
1989978-0-393-99388-2Strothmann Petig LohnesGerman Struct App 4e IBM Data
978-0-393-99401-8Mayer Money 4ed Macintos
978-0-393-99402-5Gleitman Psych 3ed App 2
978-0-393-99403-2Gleitman Psyc 3e App Iie
978-0-393-99404-9Gleitman Psychol 3ed IBM
978-0-393-99408-7Mansfield Eco USA 2e App
978-0-393-99409-4Mansfield Eco USA 2e MAC
978-0-393-99410-0Ohanian Phy 2e App II+
978-0-393-99411-7Ohanian Phy 2e App Iie
978-0-393-99412-4Ohanian Phy 2e Macintosh
978-0-393-99413-1Ohanian Phy 2e IBM PC
1920978-0-393-99418-6Cooper Clancy Johnson BeekmanOh-Turbo 5 PASCAL-Student Dsk
  ''978-0-393-99419-3   ''Oh-Turbo PASCAL-Student Dsk
  ''978-0-393-99421-6Michael JohnsonOh Thinks Lightsp Pas
1993978-0-393-99424-7Joseph MachlisThe Enjoyment of Music 6e Computer Tif (D5)
1993978-0-393-99425-4Joseph MachlisThe Enjoyment of Music 6e Computer Tif (Dmac)
  ''978-0-393-99446-9   ''Machlis: the Enjoyment of Music 6ed Computer Test Item File 3.5 Disks
978-0-393-99469-8Parrish: A Treasury of Early Music: Volume 1, Music of the Middle Ages (CD)
978-0-393-99470-4Parrish: A Treasury of Early Music: Volume 2, Music of the Ars Nova & Renaissance (CD)
978-0-393-99471-1Parrish: A Treasury of Early Music: Volume 3, Music of the Renaissance & Baroque (CD)
978-0-393-99472-8Parrish: A Treasury of Early Music: Volume 4, Music of the Baroque (CD)
1990978-0-393-99487-2Martin WilliamsSmithsonian Collection of Classical Jazz
978-0-393-99494-0GleitmanPsychology 3e Comput Sg I5
978-0-393-99495-7GleitmanPsychology 3e Comput Sg I3
1920978-0-393-99531-2Cooper Clancy Johnson Beekman · Doug CooperUsing Quickmod
978-0-393-99539-8GleitmanPsychology 3e Int Sg/Dem I5
978-0-393-99540-4   ''Psychology 3e Int Sg/Dem I3
978-0-393-99541-1GleitmanPsychology 3e Int Sg/Dem Mac
1990978-0-393-99545-9DawkinsBlind Watchmk Evol Softwr I5
1993978-0-393-99546-6DawkinsThe Blind Watchmaker Software Evolution for DOS 3.5
1920978-0-393-99567-1Ginsberg LowiAmer Gov Free POW Video 1
  ''978-0-393-99568-8   ''Amer Gov Free POW Video 2
  ''978-0-393-99569-5   ''Amer Gov Free POW Video 3
1992978-0-393-99570-1C. ParrishA Treasury of Early Music - Music for the Middle Ages V 1 (Cs)
  ''978-0-393-99571-8   ''A Treasury of Early Music - Music of the Ars Nova V 2 (Cs)
  ''978-0-393-99572-5   ''A A Treasury of Early Music: Treas Early Music Cass V3 Music of the Renaissance v. 3
1992978-0-393-99573-2C. ParrishA Treasury of Early Music - Music of the Baroque V 4 (Cs)
1992978-0-393-99575-6C. ParrishParrish: Masterpieces of Music before 1750 Vol 2: the 16th & 17th Century (Cassette)
  ''978-0-393-99576-3   ''Masterpieces of Music before 1750 - the 17th & & 18th Century V 3 (Cs)
1991978-0-393-99583-1Scott JoplinTreemonisha [VHS]
  ''978-0-393-99637-1William ManchesterManchester: In Our Time (Paper)
2005978-0-393-99668-5Eric MazurThe Essence of Physics
1996978-0-393-99725-5James L. GouldEssence of Biology: Macintosh
1993978-0-393-99731-6Joseph StiglitzEconomics With 3.5 Disc-Dns (Plus Tutorial for the IBM 3 in Disc)
978-0-393-99737-8TINDALLAmerica 3e Workout for the IBM
1995978-0-393-99751-4GOULDEssence of Biology - Software for Windows
978-0-393-99771-2Jane AustenPride and Prejudice
1993978-0-393-99772-9Emily BronteWuthering Heights an Authoritative Text
1971978-0-393-99773-6Charlotte BronteJane Eyre Norton Anthology Edition
978-0-393-99794-1Macroeconomics 4ed Macintosh Disk Onlysk
978-0-393-99822-1HeffernanWriting: A College Handbook- Exercise 4e (D3)
978-0-393-99823-8HeffernanWriting - A College Handbook Exercise 4e (D5)
1993978-0-393-99842-9Frank TirroTrumpet Kings: for Jazz: A History [VHS]
  ''978-0-393-99843-6Frank TirroTenor Titans: for Jazz: A History [VHS]
  ''978-0-393-99844-3   ''Reed Royalty: for Jazz: A History [VHS]
1993978-0-393-99845-0Frank TirroPiano Legends: for Jazz: A History [VHS]
1994978-0-393-99858-0Arbor TumanNorton Textra Connect
  ''978-0-393-99873-3The student version of Pro Solv: Problem solving concepts
978-0-393-99913-6LOWITeach Asst Video T/A American Govnmt 3ed
1996978-0-393-99948-8Carol Hardy McFadden · William T. KeetonBiology: BioExplorer for Windows: An Exploration of Life
  ''978-0-393-99949-5   ''Biology: BioExplorer for Macintosh: An Exploration of Life
978-0-393-99950-1TINDALLAmerica Workouts Computerized Sg
978-0-393-99951-8   ''America Workouts Computerized Sg
2004978-0-393-99952-5Paula S. BerggrenTeaching with the Norton Anthology of World Masterpeices
978-0-393-99953-2LOWIAmerican Government
978-0-393-99954-9OHANIANPrinciples of Physics, Purdue Ed
978-0-393-99955-6GleitmanPsychology 4e Classroom Demo CDROM
978-0-393-99981-5MayerMoney Banking & the Econ 6e D3
1991978-0-393-99985-3Everett C. LaddLadd Report #9
1990978-0-393-99986-0Everett Carll LaddThe Ladd Report, #8: Abortion, the Nation Responds
1988978-0-393-99992-1Everett C. LaddLadd Report No 7
1987978-0-393-99994-5Everett C. LaddAmerican Polity: The People and Their Government
1986978-0-393-99995-2   ''American Polity: The People and Their Government
  ''978-0-393-99996-9Everett Carll LaddAlignment and realignment: Where are all the voters going? (The Ladd report)
1985978-0-393-99997-6   ''The federal budget -- front and center (The Ladd report)
  ''978-0-393-99998-3Everett C. LaddAmerican Polity: The People and Their Government
1990978-0-393-99999-0NortonBIO SCI 2E SP RET