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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
  ''978-0-390-00254-9LINEAS MARITIMAS LITORAL 254
1973978-0-390-00501-4William D. GriffinIrish in America: Chronology and Factbook
  ''978-0-390-00509-0Francesco CordascoPuerto Ricans 1493 1973
1970978-0-390-00850-3John AdairThe people's health;: Medicine and anthropology in a Navajo community
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1969978-0-390-02075-8Nicholas AlexBlack in Blue: A Study of the Negro Policeman
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1992978-0-390-02292-9Hutchison, Hoelzle StreeterMathematics Math 70 Introduction to Intermediate Algebra
2010978-0-390-02377-3Nation of Nations; a Narrative History of the American Republic. (Volume 1 and 2)
1969978-0-390-02958-4Leo GrossInternational law in the twentieth century
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978-0-390-03837-1Michael McgearyUrban Change and Poverty
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1969978-0-390-04030-5Jeffery J. AuerThe Rhetoric of Our Times
1970978-0-390-04165-4David E AustinReading rights for boys;: Sex role in language experience
  ''978-0-390-04380-1Fuad BaaliUrban sociology;: Contemporary readings,
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1988978-0-390-04716-8Fritz WidhalmGaisberggefühl (German Edition)
1969978-0-390-05027-4Thomas Andrew BaileyA diplomatic history of the American people
  ''978-0-390-05036-6Thomas Andrew BaileyEssays diplomatic and undiplomatic of Thomas A. Bailey
1982978-0-390-06111-9J. C. StoffelGraphical and Binary Image Processing and Applications
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1993978-0-390-07888-9Kenneth C. GreenAfter the Boom: Management Majors in the 1990s
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1971978-0-390-08429-3Frank Lee BennsEurope, 1939 to the present
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1992978-0-390-08922-9English departmentPrimis/ English/ Handbook of Grammar
1983978-0-390-08990-8Financial Accounting Primis
1971978-0-390-09081-2David L BicknellImage & event; America now
2000978-0-390-09097-3Donna MeekEnglish 100-101
1970978-0-390-09574-9Hillman M BishopBasic issues of American democracy;: A book of readings,
1973978-0-390-09575-6William M. Bishop · Samuel HendelBasic Issues of American democracy
2008978-0-390-09583-1McGraw-Hill/IrwinEssentials of Business Development 2, BUS 5602
1971978-0-390-09691-3Graham Burt BlaineEmotional problems of the student
1972978-0-390-10000-9Thomas M BlakeIntroduction to electrocardiography
2014978-0-390-10003-0Ph.D Ashwin MadiaAdvanced Corporate Finance/ Strategic Finance
2009978-0-390-10036-8Mass Media and Society: J201, Custom edition for University of Oregon, school of journalism and Communiciation
2011978-0-390-10093-1Effective Interpersonal Relations (MHR 3010 Trevecc Nazarene Univeristy)
2010978-0-390-10101-3Stanley K RidgleyFundamentals of International Business (Temple University Fox School of Business, General and Strategic Management)
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  ''978-0-390-10159-4Peter WallaceBusiness Policy and Strategy (BA 469 Stonehill College)
2010978-0-390-10211-9Noreen, Brewer GarrisonManagerial Accounting Volumes 1 & 2
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2012978-0-390-10304-8Physical Science; 8E (Community College of Beaver County)
2009978-0-390-10320-8Husain, Guest, DeSpelder-Strickland CrawfordRace, Ethnicity, Gender and Aging (Reront 3005/5005 Instructor: Dwigtht L. Adams University of Utah)
2010978-0-390-10322-2CohenOrganizational Behavior
  ''978-0-390-10364-2Introduction to College Mathematics (MATH 1005- University of Colorado)
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1971978-0-390-10588-2Vascular disorders of the intestine,
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1970978-0-390-10637-7Donald Frederic BondThe age of Dryden (Goldentree bibliographies in language and literature)
2003978-0-390-10645-2Lena RitzerCourse: Introduction To Sociology
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1973978-0-390-10669-8Guy Loraine BondReading difficulties: their diagnosis and correction
2009978-0-390-10677-3Your Global Money Freshman Signature Course (UGS 303 Professor Brandl School of Undergraduate Studies)
  ''978-0-390-10681-0Innovation and New Ventures (Custom Edition for Kettering University, BUSN 372)
2008978-0-390-10781-7Precollegiate Reading and Writing English 150
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2000978-0-390-10841-8Et. Al.Primis English (10 Steps to Building College Reading Skills)
2010978-0-390-10859-3Neil SheflinIntroduction to Macroeconomics
2008978-0-390-10893-7Principles of Economics I
978-0-390-10935-4Managing International Trade & Investmen
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2009978-0-390-11037-4Microeconomics 1002
2008978-0-390-11038-1Frank - BernankeMacroeconomics 1001 Walden University; Principles of Economics
  ''978-0-390-11078-7Strategic Management
1972978-0-390-11116-6John BorrieManagement of emergencies in thoracic surgery
2009978-0-390-11122-7Ph.D, & Brian RappEntertain Course Director: Jerry JuskaEntertainment Media Publishing and Distribution (Full Sail University)
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1970978-0-390-11169-2Alvin BoskoffThe sociology of urban regions (ACC sociology series)
2009978-0-390-11184-5W. Phillips ShivelyComparative Governance Political Structure and Diversity Across the Globe Comparative Politics 204 University of Arizona
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1994978-0-390-11240-8accounting (volume 1)
1973978-0-390-11244-6J. F BourdillonSpinal manipulation
978-0-390-11254-5Medical & Health Psychology Custom Reade
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1973978-0-390-11301-6Claude Charleton BowmanHumanistic sociology; readings
2008978-0-390-11320-7Advanced Financial Management, Finance 4670
2010978-0-390-11342-9Principles of Management (2 Volume Set, Rose State College)
  ''978-0-390-11370-2McAdamsLaw, Business, and Society (Vol. 1)
2008978-0-390-11385-6Mesa State CollegeSrategic Management Mesa State College
2009978-0-390-11399-3Human Resources and Negotiations (Custom Edition for Indiana University, Kelley School of Business)
2008978-0-390-11467-9Chris BidwellInternational Finance-FIN 450, University of Dayton, International Business
2000978-0-390-11527-0Primis Political Science
2009978-0-390-11533-1Noe · Hollenbeck · Gerhart · WrightHuman Resource Management HTM 31200 Purdue University Hospitality and Tourism Management
2010978-0-390-11535-5Organizational Behavior Volumes 1 and 2 (Custom Edition), 9th Edition
2000978-0-390-11543-0Mulligan/Costanzo/DerricoPrimis Business Law (Virginia Western Community College)
2009978-0-390-11568-3Strategic Human Resource Management - Internaional HRM Supplement (International Management: Managing in a diverse and dynamic global environment, second edition)
2010978-0-390-11572-0Professor Francois CharvetThe Transportation Industries
2012978-0-390-11575-1Ventura/KnappTechnical Mathematics TMTH 1150
1992978-0-390-11654-3Virginia Commonwealth University Educational Studies Department. Educational Psychology.
2008978-0-390-11711-3Plants and Animals, Economic Botany BSCI 30277, Kent State University
2009978-0-390-11735-9Morehouse CollegePhysical Science (PHY 102)
2001978-0-390-11742-7The Reality and the Dream
2009978-0-390-11768-7Fund Fin Acctg Concepts I (Custom Seu)
1993978-0-390-11770-0Bob HarmelEssentials of economics ;: Workbook to accompany Bradley R. Schiller's Essentials of Economics
2000978-0-390-11776-2Developmental English FacultyFundamentals of Composition
2009978-0-390-11800-4North Carolina A&T State UniversityContemporary Moral Problems
2010978-0-390-11822-6Comparative Governance, Political Structure and Diversity Across the Globe, Po102, John Carroll University
2014978-0-390-11878-3Harland HodgesMGMT 408 Hodges
1999978-0-390-11962-9Primis English: Freshman Compostion Eng 1A
2010978-0-390-11964-3Anthony PaulrajModeling and Management of Operations
  ''978-0-390-11965-0Hillier-HillerModeling and Management of Operations (Man 6501 University of Florida Edition)
2000978-0-390-11993-3W. Phillips ShivelyComparative governance (McGraw-Hill Primis)
2009978-0-390-12001-4Product Management, MKT574, University of Cincinnati
2008978-0-390-12003-8Gregg ThomasQuantitative Analysis Business 510 Anderson University
1996978-0-390-12048-9Psychology Pathways to Psychology: A Modular Approach
1971978-0-390-12112-7Robert H. · with The Assistance Of Richard M. Friedman and Donald B. Schewe BremnerAmerican Social History Since 1860
1964978-0-390-12160-8Richard L BrengleArthur King of Britain History Chronicle
1994978-0-390-12182-0Hofstra UniversityPrimus Management
2010978-0-390-12224-7Database Systems Volume 1, CSE 241 and CSE 341 (Selected Material from Database System Concepts, 6e)--Custom Edition for Lehigh University Computer Science and Engineering
1995978-0-390-12279-7McGraw-Hill PrmisSociology Primis/ McGraw-Hill Custom Edition Based on Readings in Sociology by Lena & Introductions to Social Problems by Calhoun & Ritzer
2011978-0-390-12290-2UnknownProduction & Operations Management (Custom Edition for West Chester University, MGT-341)
2009978-0-390-12294-0Survey of Accounting (Custom Edition for Louisiana State University, Class: ACCT 2000)
1999978-0-390-12324-4W. Phillips ShivelyComparative governance (McGraw-Hill Primis)
1994978-0-390-12382-4Jim Schweikart · Sidney Gray · Clare RobertsInternational Accounting: A Case Approach
2000978-0-390-12417-3EideIntroduction To Engineering 1999-2000 EF 1015
2000978-0-390-12444-9Christa KnebelPrimis Women's Studies by Christa Knebel
1994978-0-390-12491-3Economic effects of regional integration in Europe and North america: Beitrage des Symposions der Universitaten von Notre Dame/Indiana und Innsbruck ... der Universitat Innsbruck)
2009978-0-390-12498-2unknownMacro/Micro Economics SS 2200/2210 Indiana Institute of Technology
2008978-0-390-12545-3SantrockEducation (Course PSY 372) (Ashford University)
2009978-0-390-12571-2Robert Linn Ken BronsteinManagerial Accounting Acct 245 (Western Washington University)
2010978-0-390-12576-7McGraw-HillBusiness Policy (BUS 400 Bryant University)
2009978-0-390-12591-0Pearce-RobinsonStrategic Management OL421 Southern New Hampshirer University (Primis Online, OL421)
2011978-0-390-12597-2Carol J MillerBusiness Law III: Business Enterprises Rights/Liabilities
  ''978-0-390-12601-6Gerald ThomasResearch and Program Evaluation MMHC 667
2012978-0-390-12644-3Economis I (ECON 101), Raritan Valley Community College
2010978-0-390-12648-1Economics II, ECON 102, Raritan Valley Community College
1996978-0-390-12715-0SchoedingerPrimis Philosophy and Religion-Boise State University Arts and Sciences
2010978-0-390-12805-8Adnan Hamideh · Stephen WalshDescriptive & Inferential Statistics: Bus 203 and Bus 204 (Clark College)
2009978-0-390-12859-1ASW Analytical Tools for University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Kenan-flagler Business School
2010978-0-390-12914-7Gina VegaSmall Business Management, Management 337--Custom Edition for Salem State College Bertolon School of Business
1995978-0-390-12949-9RACINEPrimis: Financial Accounting 1
  ''978-0-390-12950-5RACINEFinancial Accounting 1: Worksheets
  ''978-0-390-13080-8Primis for Engineering Fundamentals Fall 1995: Engineering Fundamentals and Problem Solving, 2/e; Ethics in Engineering
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  ''978-0-390-13258-1McgrawhillCreate Course Electrical Circuits Volume 1
1999978-0-390-13360-1California StateManagement
2011978-0-390-13590-2Introduction to Professional Education
2009978-0-390-13618-3Musicianship Labs I and II (Loyola University of Chicago)
2012978-0-390-13727-2Greenville Technical CollegeEmployee Selection and Retention Volumes 1 and 2 - MGT 210 - Greenville Technical College
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1971978-0-390-13850-7Stuart Gerry BrownRevolution, confederation, and constitution (The Literature of history)
2009978-0-390-13858-3Introduction to Philosophy, PHL 101, St.: Louis Community College Meramec
2010978-0-390-13859-0Organization Theory and Behavior (Custom Edition for West Chester University) (MGT-321)
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2009978-0-390-14031-9McConnell-Brue-FlynnPrinciples of Microeconomics ECO 2620 Julie Granthen Oakland Community College
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978-0-390-14407-2Mohsen MilaniPolitical Science Comparative Politics
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2012978-0-390-14549-9Nature Study BY3612
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2009978-0-390-14585-7UnknownBusiness and Society: Business 166 Fall 2009, Custom Edition for San Jose State University College of Business
  ''978-0-390-14609-0Contours of U.S. History (Hist 106 Section 05 and 06, Millersville University)
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2001978-0-390-14861-2Reading College Prep Reading II (Reading, College Prep Reading II)
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