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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1962978-0-389-00062-4Wallace S SayreAmerican Government (College Outline)
1970978-0-389-00261-1Julio A MiraMathematical teasers (Barnes & Noble everyday handbooks, no. 230)
  ''978-0-389-00728-9Hugh M MillerIntroduction to Music
1969978-0-389-01003-6Kenneth Alan FowlerThe King's lieutenant: Henry of Grosmont, First Duke of Lancaster, 1310-1361
1970978-0-389-01087-6Oddvar BjørklundHistorical atlas of the world
  ''978-0-389-01088-3Ronald P DraperD. H. Lawrence: the critical heritage (The Critical heritage series)
  ''978-0-389-01199-6Charlotte MauratThe Brontës' secret
1969978-0-389-01259-7Agrarian change and economic development;: The historical problems
1970978-0-389-03961-7Cyril FallsElizabeth's Irish wars,
  ''978-0-389-03973-0Lynn MontrossThe reluctant rebels;: The story of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789
1970978-0-389-03979-2The Anonimalle chronicle, 1333 to 1381,: From a MS. written at St Mary's Abbey, York;
  ''978-0-389-04031-6Charles Kingsley MeekLaw and authority in a Nigerian tribe;: A study in indirect rule,
1971978-0-389-04118-4Jack LindsayOrigins of astrology
1980978-0-389-20036-9Ronald TaylorLiterature and Society in Germany, 1918-1945 (Studies in Contemporary Literature and Culture, 3)
  ''978-0-389-20050-5R. J. HuggettModeling in Geography
  ''978-0-389-20084-0Stephen GaukrogerDescartes: Philosophy, Mathematics and Physics (Harvester readings in the history of science and philosophy ; v. 1)
  ''978-0-389-20091-8Aidan BurnsNature and culture in D.H. Lawrence
1980978-0-389-20099-4R. W. MakepeaceMarxist Ideology and Soviet Criminal Law
1981978-0-389-20113-7Jill StephensonThe Nazi organisation of women
1982978-0-389-20128-1Gale R. OwenRites and Religions of the Anglo-Saxons
1988978-0-389-20135-9Bertrand RussellMysticism and Logic
1980978-0-389-20148-9Virginia Thompson · Richard AdloffThe Western Saharans
1981978-0-389-20184-7William ShakespeareRichard III (Plays in Performance)
1983978-0-389-20228-8Jan S. FergusJane Austen and the Didactic Novel: Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice
1969978-0-389-20254-7Tom Peete CrossAncient Irish Tales
1982978-0-389-20260-8Alan FrankThe Horror Film Handbook
  ''978-0-389-20262-2Arild Holt-JensenGeography, its history and concepts: A student's guide
  ''978-0-389-20291-2W. HaasStandard Languages
  ''978-0-389-20299-8A. C GraylingAn introduction to philosophical logic
1989978-0-389-20312-4Keith SagarA D. H. Lawrence Handbook
1982978-0-389-20320-9Michael ChisholmModern World Development
  ''978-0-389-20323-0Sheila C DowMoney matters: A Keynesian approach to monetary economics
1982978-0-389-20325-4Alasdair SmithA mathematical introduction to economics
1983978-0-389-20354-4John SutherlandOffensive Literature
  ''978-0-389-20355-1Michael Joseph OakeshottOn History and Other Essays
  ''978-0-389-20408-4David QuinlanThe Illustrated Guide to Film Directors
  ''978-0-389-20414-5Brian PullanThe Jews of Europe and the Inquisition of Venice, 1550-1670
  ''978-0-389-20418-3J. M. RitchieGerman Literature Under National Socialism
1981978-0-389-20446-6Dario Melossi · Massimo Pavarini · Glynis CousinThe Prison and the Factory
1984978-0-389-20447-3Lawrence KeppieMaking of the Roman Army: From Republic to Empire
1984978-0-389-20463-3Darko SuvinTo Brecht and Beyond: Soundings in Modern Dramaturgy (Harvester / Barnes & Noble Studies in Contemporary Literature and Culture, 6)
  ''978-0-389-20472-5Philip ReesFascism and Pre-Fascism in Europe, 1890-1945: A Bibliography of the Extreme Right
  ''978-0-389-20483-1James WoodfieldEnglish Theatre in Transition
  ''978-0-389-20485-5DAVID BEETHAMMARXISTS IN FACE OF FASCISM: Writings by Marxists on Fascism From the Inter-war Period
1985978-0-389-20508-1Arthur C. RankinThe Poetry of Stevie Smith. 'Little Girl Lost'
1984978-0-389-20518-0Alison PlowdenElizabeth Tudor and Mary Stuart: Two Queens in One Isle
1985978-0-389-20531-9Arthur MacGregorBone, antler, ivory & horn: The technology of skeletal materials since the Roman period
  ''978-0-389-20536-4David BraundAugustus to Nero: A sourcebook on Roman history, 31 BC-AD 68
1985978-0-389-20544-9Keith TinklerA Short History of Geomorphology
  ''978-0-389-20570-8F. E AdcockThe Roman Art of War under the Republic (Martin Classical Lectures)
  ''978-0-389-20574-6Nigel GrayThe Worst of Times
  ''978-0-389-20576-0H. R. Kedward · Roger AustinVichy France and the Resistance
  ''978-0-389-20577-7J. M. WagstaffThe Evolution of the Middle Eastern Landscapes
1985978-0-389-20579-1Raphael IsraeliMan of Defiance: A Political Biography of Anwar Sadat
1986978-0-389-20590-6Graham WebsterThe Roman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries A.D.
1987978-0-389-20616-3E. H. MikhailThe Abbey Theatre
1989978-0-389-20620-0F. B. PinionA T.S. Eliot Companion: Life and Works
  ''978-0-389-20671-2Stella LowderThe Geography of Third World Cities
1988978-0-389-20672-9Ph.D., F.S.A. Miranda GreenThe Gods of the Celts
1987978-0-389-20682-8Martyn J. WhittockThe Origins of England, 410-600
  ''978-0-389-20700-9Stephen HaliczerInquisition and Society in Early Modern Europe
  ''978-0-389-20721-4Derek Hayward · Julius OguntoyinboClimatology of West Africa
  ''978-0-389-20731-3B. T. RobsonManaging the City: The Aims and Impacts of Urban Policy
1988978-0-389-20779-5Trevor LummisListening to History: The Authenticity of Oral Evidence
1988978-0-389-20785-6Christopher SaundersThe Making of the South African Past: Major Historians on Race and Class
  ''978-0-389-20803-7Dermot KeoghIreland & Europe 1919-1948
1989978-0-389-20814-3Brendan FitzpatrickSeventeenth-Century Ireland: The War of Religions
1988978-0-389-20820-4Leslie SmithModern British Farce: A Selective Study of British Farce from Pinero to the Present Day
  ''978-0-389-20861-7Max Liniger-GoumazSmall is Not Always Beautiful
1989978-0-389-20864-8Maurice HarmonAustin Clarke 1886-1974: A Critical Introduction
1992978-0-389-20928-7Rosalind ClarkThe Great Queens: Irish Goddesses from the Morrigan to Cathleen ni Houlihan (Irish Literacy Studies Series)
1991978-0-389-20958-4Robert AndelsonCommons Without Tragedy
  ''978-0-389-20967-6Hugh Lloyd-JonesGreek in a Cold Climate
1992978-0-389-20972-0Laurence FlanaganA Dictionary of Irish Archaeology
1991978-0-389-20976-8James Midgley · Howard GlennersterThe Radical Right and the Welfare State: An International Assessment (Studies in International Social Policy and Welfare)
2001978-0-389-21024-5Edward BodenBlack's Veterinary Dictionary

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