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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-352-00165-8Colin MacinnesAbsolute Beginners
1998978-0-352-00650-9HarrisonSM Intro Automat Control
1981978-0-352-00838-1Martin RyersonNest of Rattlers
1998978-0-352-03700-8MurrillSM FORTRAN IV Prog
1978978-0-352-04201-9Lateinamerikanische Literatur der Gegenwart in Einzeldarstellungen (Kroners Taschenausgabe ; Bd. 462)
1973978-0-352-04560-7Edward ObertInternal Combustion Engines & Air Pollut
1998978-0-352-05305-3Greenlaw Kn700/7000 Deck Marksim
  ''978-0-352-05306-0   ''360 Deck Marksim
  ''978-0-352-05307-7   ''1620 Deck Marksim
1969978-0-352-06584-1MD SwansonPertsim Deck Set
978-0-352-07019-7Frank KreithPrinciples of Heat Transfer 3ED
1998978-0-352-07309-9Greenlaw Ho360 Deck Prosim
  ''978-0-352-07310-5   ''700/7000 Prosim
1985978-0-352-11700-7Abraham KaplanThe Conduct of Inquiry: Methodology for Behavioral Science Edition: Reprint
1961978-0-352-14475-1Donald Sutherland [translator and introduction]Lysistrata
1975978-0-352-17800-8SpaethIntroduction to Supreme Court Decision Making
1993978-0-352-23278-6Alexis ArvenEngine of Desire
1974978-0-352-30000-3Eric Morecambe · Ernie WiseEric and Ernie: The Autobiography of Morecambe & Wise
  ''978-0-352-30001-0"Joey" · Dave FisherKiller: Autobiography of Joey a Professional Murderer
1974978-0-352-30002-7Alexis Obolensky · Ted JamesBackgammon
  ''978-0-352-30003-4Derek BowskillPerson to Person: A Survey of the Intimate Personal Confrontation Business
  ''978-0-352-30004-1Alan G. BarbourHumphrey Bogart (Illustrated History of the Movies)
  ''978-0-352-30005-8Alvine H. MarklKatharine Hepburn (Illustrated History of the Movies)
1976978-0-352-30006-5Bruce BahrenburgCreation of King Kong
1974978-0-352-30007-2Lawrence SandersFirst Deadly Sin
  ''978-0-352-30008-9Eric CorderLong Tattoo
1974978-0-352-30009-6Robin MaughamLast Encounter
  ''978-0-352-30011-9Walter GibsonThe Boat
  ''978-0-352-30012-6Fitzhugh DodsonHow to Parent
1974978-0-352-30013-3Terence ReesePrecision Bidding, Precision Play
1975978-0-352-30014-0Jimmy YoungJ.Y.: The Autobiography of Jimmy Young
1974978-0-352-30015-7Ena Twigg · Ruth Hagy BrodEna Twigg: Medium
  ''978-0-352-30016-4Niven BuschThe Take-over
  ''978-0-352-30017-1John Nicholas IannuzziSicilian Defence
1974978-0-352-30018-8Alexander ThynneBlue Blood
  ''978-0-352-30019-5Jack FishmanMy Darling Clementine: Story of Lady Churchill
1975978-0-352-30020-1Bill MillarThe Coasters
1974978-0-352-30021-8Ernest TidymanDummy: Donald Lang
  ''978-0-352-30022-5Walter HarrisDay I Died
  ''978-0-352-30024-9Anthony QuinnOriginal Sin: A Self-portrait
  ''978-0-352-30025-6Arthur J.La BernHaigh: The Acid Bath Murderer
1974978-0-352-30026-3Rod McKuenSeasons in the Sun (A biplane book)
  ''978-0-352-30027-0Rene JordanClark Gable (Illustrated History of the Movies)
  ''978-0-352-30028-7Jerry VermilyeBette Davis (Illustrated History of the Movies)
1975978-0-352-30029-4Noele GordonMy Life at Crossroads
  ''978-0-352-30030-0Geoff L. SimonsBook of Sexual Records
  ''978-0-352-30031-7Stephen LongstreetThe Pedlocks
1975978-0-352-30032-4John RechyFourth Angel
  ''978-0-352-30033-1Robert J. FloodThe Hit Man
1974978-0-352-30034-8Henry SuttonThe Liberated
  ''978-0-352-30035-5Anthony FowlesPastime
1975978-0-352-30036-2Bob ThomasBrando
  ''978-0-352-30038-6Terence ReesePractical Bidding and Practical Play
  ''978-0-352-30039-3Alec WaughFatal Gift
1975978-0-352-30041-6Thom KeyesBattle of Disneyland
  ''978-0-352-30042-3Tom BarlingBergman's Blitz
  ''978-0-352-30043-0Linda LeeLife and Tragic Death of Bruce Lee
  ''978-0-352-30045-4J.A.S. SageLive to be 100
  ''978-0-352-30046-1Robert WindelerMary Pickford - Sweetheart of the World
1975978-0-352-30047-8Curtis KnightJimi: Intimate Biography of Jimi Hendrix
  ''978-0-352-30048-5Helen CathcartAnne and the Princesses Royal
  ''978-0-352-30049-2RICHARD L. FREYHow to Win at Contract Bridge in Ten Easy Lessons
1973978-0-352-30050-8Robert BarrThe Edge Of The Forest
1975978-0-352-30051-5Ray ConnollyGirl Who Came to Stay
  ''978-0-352-30052-2Henry DenkerPlace for the Mighty
  ''978-0-352-30053-9Jack DaviesPaper Tiger
1975978-0-352-30055-3Parley J. CooperMy lady evil
  ''978-0-352-30056-0James BroughFabulous Fondas
  ''978-0-352-30057-7Joe DavisHow I Play Snooker
  ''978-0-352-30058-4Paul GambacciniElton John and Bernie Taupin
  ''978-0-352-30059-1Joan MellenMarilyn Monroe (Illustrated History of the Movies)
1975978-0-352-30060-7Jack & Lawton, A. T. StoneleyIs Anyone Out There?
  ''978-0-352-30061-4Leo RostenOperation Casino
  ''978-0-352-30062-1Rene JordonMarlon Brando (Illustrated History of the Movies)
  ''978-0-352-30063-8Leonard KatzUncle Frank: Biography of Frank Costello, Real Czar of the Mafia Syndicate
  ''978-0-352-30064-5Ramsey CampbellDemons by Daylight
1975978-0-352-30065-2Manly Wade WellmanWho Fears the Devil
  ''978-0-352-30066-9Alec WaughBrief Encounter
  ''978-0-352-30067-6Eric CorderHellbottom
1980978-0-352-30069-0Woody AllenGetting Even
1977978-0-352-30070-6Jackie CollinsLovehead
1975978-0-352-30072-0Maralyn Bailey · Maurice Bailey117 Days Adrift
  ''978-0-352-30074-4Nick & FINNIS,Rob (eds) LOGANThe 'New musical express' book of rock
  ''978-0-352-30076-8Bjarne RostaingPhantom of the Paradise
1975978-0-352-30077-5Myra FriedmanBuried alive: A biography of Janis Joplin
  ''978-0-352-30078-2Joan BlondellCentre Door Fancy
1977978-0-352-30080-5Molly ParkinLove: All
1975978-0-352-30082-9Hugh LambStar Book of Horror No. 1
1977978-0-352-30083-6Peter DouglasClint Eastwood: Movin' On
1975978-0-352-30084-3John WhitmanTHE PSYCHIC POWER OF PLANTS: Fantastic Revelations About the Secret Life of Plants
  ''978-0-352-30086-7George CarpoziThe Gary Cooper story
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  ''978-0-352-30089-8Victor B MillerKojak Requiem For A Cop
1975978-0-352-30090-4Terence BradyVictoria
  ''978-0-352-30091-1William WoolfolkThe Overlords
  ''978-0-352-30092-8David DaltonThe Rolling Stones
  ''978-0-352-30093-5Hank HarrisonThe Grateful Dead
  ''978-0-352-30094-2Alan SillitoeMen, Women and Children
1975978-0-352-30095-9Rupert Croft-CookeConduct Unbecoming
  ''978-0-352-30096-6Alan SillitoeThe Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner
  ''978-0-352-30097-3Ralph Guy MartinThe Story of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor
  ''978-0-352-30098-0Alan SillitoeSaturday Night and Sunday Morning
1977978-0-352-30099-7Philip RockDirty Harry
  ''978-0-352-30108-6Peter VincentMore of the Two Ronnies
1977978-0-352-30109-3John Cleese · Jack Hobbs · Joe McGrathThe Strange Case of the End of Civilisation As We Know It
  ''978-0-352-30110-9Peter BuchananRag Trade
1978978-0-352-30112-3Elizabeth HarrisonLove, Honour and Dismay
1977978-0-352-30113-0Alida BaxterTwo's Company
  ''978-0-352-30114-7Sax RohmerMask of Fu Manchu
  ''978-0-352-30115-4Sax RohmerMystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu
  ''978-0-352-30117-8W.A. HarbinsonEvita - A Legend for the Seventies: Life of Eva Peron
1978978-0-352-30118-5Stanley MorganRuss Tobin Up Tight
1977978-0-352-30119-2G.S. MaddenThe Quest
1977978-0-352-30136-9John W. DeanBlind Ambition: The White House Years
  ''978-0-352-30139-0Linda BlandfordOil Sheikhs: In Quest of the New Arab
  ''978-0-352-30140-6Walter HarrisSaliva
  ''978-0-352-30141-3Lee MackenzieLover's Meeting (Emmerdale Farm Book 4)
1978978-0-352-30142-0Lee MackenzieA Sad and Happy Summer (Emmerdale Farm Book 5): Sad Happy Summer
1977978-0-352-30143-7Barry SheeneBarry Sheene: The Story So Far
1978978-0-352-30144-4J. B. PriestleyMan and Time
  ''978-0-352-30145-1Archibald Ward GardnerFamily Dictionary of Symptoms
1978978-0-352-30146-8Judith RossnerAny Minute I Can Split
  ''978-0-352-30147-5Frank Pakenham,Earl of LongfordKennedy: Life of John F. Kennedy
1977978-0-352-30148-2Michael J. BirdWho Pays the Ferryman?
1981978-0-352-30149-9David Pryce-JonesUnity Mitford: A Quest
1978978-0-352-30150-5P. G. WodehouseGentleman of Leisure
  ''978-0-352-30151-2Nicolas BentleyPay Bed
  ''978-0-352-30152-9P. G. WodehouseDamsel in Distress
  ''978-0-352-30153-6Alex RaymondFlash Gordon-The Witch Queen of Mongo
1978978-0-352-30154-3Alex RaymondFlash Gordon-War of the Cybernauts
  ''978-0-352-30156-7N.Richard NashEast Wind, Rain
  ''978-0-352-30157-4Margaret WalkerJubilee
  ''978-0-352-30158-1Diana DorsFor Adults Only
1977978-0-352-30159-8Dennis Shryack · Michael ButlerGauntlet
1978978-0-352-30162-8Sharon. LawrenceSo you want to be a rock & roll star.
  ''978-0-352-30163-5Liv UllmannChanging
1982978-0-352-30164-2Dean KoontzNight Chills (A Star book)
1978978-0-352-30165-9David l with Troupe, Quincy WolperThe Inside Story of Television's "Roots"
1978978-0-352-30166-6Robert GrossbachThe goodbye girl: A novelisation
  ''978-0-352-30168-0Stanley MorganRuss Tobin in Hollywood (A Star book)
  ''978-0-352-30169-7Pelham Grenville WodehouseSomething fishy
  ''978-0-352-30170-3Max BygravesThe milkman's on his way
1979978-0-352-30171-0Richard LlewellynThe night is a child
  ''978-0-352-30177-2Henry MillerBook of Friends
1978978-0-352-30180-2Peter O'DonnellBlack Pearl (Modesty Blaise/Peter O'Donnell)
1978978-0-352-30181-9Peter O'DonnellIn the Beginning
  ''978-0-352-30182-6Alan SillitoeRaw Material
  ''978-0-352-30183-3Dorothy UhnakPolicewoman
  ''978-0-352-30184-0David DawsonVet in the Paddock
  ''978-0-352-30185-7P. G. WodehouseUncle Dynamite (A star book)
1978978-0-352-30188-8D.G. FinlayOnce Around the Sun
  ''978-0-352-30194-9Earl WilsonSinatra
  ''978-0-352-30195-6Anthony J CampEveryone has Roots: An Introduction to Genealogy
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  ''978-0-352-30197-0Pelham Grenville WodehouseCocktail time
1978978-0-352-30198-7Alida BaxterDon't hang up, Sophie - it's God
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  ''978-0-352-30200-7Jeffrey CaineHeathcliff
  ''978-0-352-30202-1Alan SillitoeStart in Life
  ''978-0-352-30203-8Alex DuncanBest of Vets
1978978-0-352-30204-5Ronnie Corbett · Ronnie BarkerIn a Packed Programme Tonight
  ''978-0-352-30208-3Judith RossnerNine Months in the Life of an Old Maid
  ''978-0-352-30209-0David DawsonVet in the Vale
  ''978-0-352-30210-6Dan JenkinsSemi-tough
  ''978-0-352-30211-3Jean PlaidyRise of the Spanish Inquisition
1978978-0-352-30212-0Robert EarlyA time of madness
1979978-0-352-30213-7Lawrence SandersPleasures of Helen
1978978-0-352-30214-4Katherine WinstonHeartbreaker
  ''978-0-352-30215-1Molly ParkinGood Golly Ms.Molly
  ''978-0-352-30216-8Jean PlaidyGrowth of the Spanish Inquisition
1982978-0-352-30217-5Graham MastertonThe Sphinx
1978978-0-352-30218-2Alex DuncanVet's Choice
  ''978-0-352-30219-9Tony CurtisKid Andrew Cody and Julie Sparrow
  ''978-0-352-30221-2Clare DarcyCecily
1978978-0-352-30222-9Clare DarcyGeorgina
1977978-0-352-30233-5Erich Maria RemarqueBobby Deerfield
1978978-0-352-30238-0Mel ValleyMagnum Force
1980978-0-352-30239-7Wesley MorganThe Enforcer
1979978-0-352-30240-3Sylvester StalloneParadise Alley
1978978-0-352-30241-0Esther RantzenThat's Life!
  ''978-0-352-30242-7Petra LeighGarnet
  ''978-0-352-30243-4Lee MackenzieA Sense of Responsibility (Emmerdale Farm Book 6)
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1979978-0-352-30248-9Jean PlaidyEnd of the Spanish Inquisition
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1978978-0-352-30250-2Alex DuncanVet in the Manger
  ''978-0-352-30251-9Alan SillitoeKey to the Door
1978978-0-352-30252-6Omar & Guinchard, Marie-Therese SharifTHE ETERNAL MALE
1979978-0-352-30254-0Stanley MorganTobin Among the Stars
1978978-0-352-30255-7Spiro T. AgnewCanfield Decision
  ''978-0-352-30256-4Lee MackenzieAnnie Sugden"s Country Diary
1979978-0-352-30258-8Robert VachaMoscow 1980
1978978-0-352-30259-5Pierre SichelThe Jersey Lily
  ''978-0-352-30260-1Paul BonnecarrereGolden Triangle
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1978978-0-352-30262-5Peter KrassaErich Von Daniken: Disciple of the Gods
1979978-0-352-30263-2Molly ParkinSwitchback
1978978-0-352-30266-3Charles ThompsonThe Complete Crosby
1979978-0-352-30267-0Patrick Hughes · Paul HammondUpon the Pun