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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1975978-0-352-39815-4Dawn Langley SimmonsAll for Love
  ''978-0-352-39816-1John OakseyStory of Mill Reef
1976978-0-352-39817-8Alexander EdwardsBlack Bird: A Novel
1972978-0-352-39818-5Alfred LawrenceA Christmas Killing (Columbo)
1975978-0-352-39819-2Mike JahnThe Rockford Files
  ''978-0-352-39820-8Michael JahnWine, Women and War (Six Million Dollar Man)
  ''978-0-352-39821-5Robert HawkesDeath List (NARC series)
  ''978-0-352-39825-3Paul DenverFalling Blonde
1975978-0-352-39826-0Peter UnderwoodDanny La Rue: Life's a Drag!
1977978-0-352-39828-4Adi-Kent Thomas JeffreyBermuda Triangle
1974978-0-352-39829-1Robin MaughamThe Sign
1975978-0-352-39830-7Mike YarwoodAnd This is Me!
  ''978-0-352-39831-4Derek BowskillSwingers and Swappers: Sexploitation in the Velvet Underground
  ''978-0-352-39832-1Evan RichardsSolid Gold Kidnapping (Six Million Dollar Man)
  ''978-0-352-39833-8G.F. NewmanThe Streetfighter
1976978-0-352-39834-5Rosemary Anne SissonStratford Story
1975978-0-352-39836-9Max CaulfieldBruce Lee Lives?
1976978-0-352-39837-6"Joey"Hit 29
  ''978-0-352-39838-3Victor B. MillerMarked for Murder (Kojak)
1976978-0-352-39839-0Pat PhoenixAll My Burning Bridges
  ''978-0-352-39840-6Knight IsaacsonThe Store
  ''978-0-352-39841-3James JuneauJudy Garland (Illustrated History of the Movies)
  ''978-0-352-39842-0Des Hickey · Gus SmithThe Prince: Laurence Harvey: Public and Private Life of Laurence Harvey
  ''978-0-352-39843-7Hans HolzerConfessions of a Witch
1976978-0-352-39844-4Michael JahnRescue of Athena One (Six Million Dollar Man)
  ''978-0-352-39845-1Rod McKuenAlone
  ''978-0-352-39846-8Kilgore TroutVenus on the Half Shell
  ''978-0-352-39847-5Steve ShaganHustle
  ''978-0-352-39848-2W.A. HarbinsonBronson!: Charles Bronson
1976978-0-352-39849-9Herbert HarrisAngry Battalion (Hawaii Five-O)
  ''978-0-352-39851-2Eric CorderRunning Dogs
  ''978-0-352-39852-9W.".W.".QHE! The Prophets of Evil
  ''978-0-352-39853-6Madelaine DukeSpanish Fly
1977978-0-352-39854-3Paul H. DunnThe Osmonds
1976978-0-352-39855-0Death of a Courier (Narc, No. 2)
  ''978-0-352-39856-7Harry & Lucas, Jerry LorayneTHE MEMORY BOOK
1976978-0-352-39857-4Richard NeelyInnocents with Dirty Hands
1979978-0-352-39858-1Burt HirschfeldFather Pig
1977978-0-352-39859-8Burt HirschfeldMoment of Power
  ''978-0-352-39860-4   ''Behold Zion
1979978-0-352-39861-1Alex DuncanIt's a Vet's Life
1978978-0-352-39862-8Adi-Kent Thomas JeffreyThey Dared the Devil's Triangle
1980978-0-352-39863-5Donald RumbelowComplete Jack the Ripper
1976978-0-352-39864-2Jay BarbeeThe Six Million Dollar Man Pilot Error
1977978-0-352-39865-9Joanna RussPicnic on Paradise
1980978-0-352-39866-6Jackie CollinsWorld is Full of Divorced Women
1976978-0-352-39867-3Victor B. MillerTake-Over Kojak
  ''978-0-352-39870-3Daisy ThomsonWomen in love
  ''978-0-352-39872-7Paul DenverCannon: It's Lonely On The Sidewalk
  ''978-0-352-39873-4Eric CorderThe Bite
1978978-0-352-39874-1Jow and Epstein, Edward Z. MorellaGABLE AND LOMBARD
1979978-0-352-39875-8Jackie CollinsWorld is Full of Married Men (A Star book)
1977978-0-352-39876-5Daisy ThomsonSummons to Love
1978978-0-352-39877-2Fiona RichmondFiona: Being the Intimate Sexual Exploits of Fiona Richmond
1975978-0-352-39878-9MIKE from the teleplay by LARSON, GLEN A based on a character created by CAIDIN, MARTIN JAHNThe Six Million Dollar Man
1979978-0-352-39879-6Alex DuncanVet Has Nine Lives
1977978-0-352-39880-2Alan SillitoeRagman's Daughter
1976978-0-352-39881-9Michael JahnSwitch
1976978-0-352-39882-6SAM STEWARTMcCoy - The Big Rip Off
1978978-0-352-39883-3Michael AspelSupersaver Cook Book
1976978-0-352-39884-0Vera LynnVocal Refrain: Autobiography
  ''978-0-352-39886-4Fanny CradockThe Lormes of Castle Rising
  ''978-0-352-39887-1Charles ThompsonBing: Biography of Bing Crosby
1977978-0-352-39889-5Alan SillitoeThe General
1976978-0-352-39890-1NARC The Delgado Killings
1982978-0-352-39891-8J. Paul GettyHow to be Rich
1976978-0-352-39892-5Dion FortuneThe Demon Lover
  ''978-0-352-39893-2Dion FortuneThe Sea Priestess
1977978-0-352-39894-9Michael Moorcock · Michael ButterworthTime of the Hawklords: From a Concept by Michael Moorcock (A star book)
1976978-0-352-39895-6Paddy KitchenThe marriage ring
  ''978-0-352-39896-3Stanley MorganThe Russ Tobin bedside guide to smoother seduction
1977978-0-352-39897-0Alida BaxterFlat on My Back
1982978-0-352-39898-7Jeffrey KonvitzSentinel
1977978-0-352-39899-4Peter Vincent · Ian DavidsonTwo Ronnies: But First the News
2000978-0-352-53349-4Emma HollyIn the Flesh
978-0-352-66783-0Y. CelbridgeNexus: Strapping Suzette
1998978-0-352-79086-6Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs