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1994978-0-316-91016-3Jonathan DimblebyThe Prince of Wales: A Biography
  ''978-0-316-91019-4Tim SeverinThe China Voyage: A Pacific Quest by Bamboo Raft
  ''978-0-316-91020-0Guralnick PeterLast Train To Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley
  ''978-0-316-91031-6Anita RoddickThe Body Shop Book
2002978-0-316-91033-0Cecily Von ZiegesarGossip Girl #1: A Novel (Gossip Girl Series)
1994978-0-316-91074-3Jan GoodwinPrice of Honour
1995978-0-316-91078-1Peter LoveseyThe Summons
  ''978-0-316-91110-8Lena KennedyAway to the Woods
1995978-0-316-91111-5Marcel Desaulniers · Michael GrandDESSERTS TO DIE FOR (Signed)
  ''978-0-316-91125-2Patricia CornwellFirst Scarpetta Collection
2002978-0-316-91148-1Cecily von ZiegesarYou Know You Love Me: A Gossip Girl Novel
1994978-0-316-91161-0Jonathan KellermanSelf-Defense (Alex Delaware)
2003978-0-316-91212-9Cecily von ZiegesarAll I Want Is Everything (Gossip Girl, 3)
1995978-0-316-91216-7Mary StewartYoga over Fifty: The Way to Vitality, Health and Energy in Later Life
1994978-0-316-91217-4Pavel & Anatoli Sudoplatov SudoplatovSPECIAL TASKS: MEMOIRS OF AN UNWANTED WITNESS A SOVIET SPYMASTER
1995978-0-316-91227-3Tom HollandVampyre: Being the True Pilgrimage of Lord Byron
1994978-0-316-91236-5Andy Hamilton · Alistair BeatonDrop the Dead Donkey
1990978-0-316-91243-3Dick PowellPresentation Techniques
1994978-0-316-91253-2Peter LoveseyThe Crime of Miss Oyster Brown and Other Stories
1995978-0-316-91273-0Gillian SouterStorybook Favourites in Cross Stitch
  ''978-0-316-91277-8Vincent Van GoghVincent by Himself (By Himself Series)
  ''978-0-316-91283-9Miriam Ali-Kamouhi · Jana Wain · Miriam AliWithout Mercy: Woman's Struggle Against Modern Slavery
1994978-0-316-91290-7Robert B. AspreyWar in the Shadows: The Guerrilla in History
1995978-0-316-91310-2J. KatzenbachThe Shadow Man
  ''978-0-316-91351-5Stuart SpencerThe Art of Marbling
1995978-0-316-91352-2John KatzenbachThe Shadow Man
  ''978-0-316-91390-4Heather LukeCartonnage Kit
  ''978-0-316-91394-2Ross ThomasAh, Treachery!
  ''978-0-316-91414-7Patricia CORNWELLFrom Potter's field
  ''978-0-316-91436-9Iain BanksWhit, or Isis amongst the unsaved
1996978-0-316-91439-0John SuchetThe Last Master (v. 1)
1996978-0-316-91456-7Ann Rule'Dead by Sunset: Perfect Husband, Perfect Killer?'
1995978-0-316-91457-4Marcus BerkmannRain Men: The Madness of Cricket
  ''978-0-316-91471-0Maryanne VollersGhosts of Mississippi: The Murder of Medgar Evers, the Trials of Byron De La Beckwith, and the Haunting of the New South
1996978-0-316-91483-3Stephen C. VlayPractical Approach to Cardiac Arrhythmias
2002978-0-316-91605-9Evelyn WaughPut Out More Flags
2000978-0-316-91719-3Dan WakefieldHow Do We Know When It's God?: A Spiritual Memoir
2003978-0-316-91730-8Natalie Madorsky Elman · Eileen Kennedy-MooreThe Unwritten Rules of Friendship: Simple Strategies to Help Your Child Make Friends
2002978-0-316-91733-9Evelyn WaughBlack Mischief
1972978-0-316-91744-5Jan WahlGrandmother Told Me.
2003978-0-316-91916-6William PoundstoneHow Would You Move Mount Fuji?: Microsoft's Cult of the Puzzle
2004978-0-316-91981-4David Foster WallaceOblivion: Stories
1997978-0-316-91989-0David Foster WallaceA Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments
1982978-0-316-91996-8Robert WallaceWriting poems
1996978-0-316-92004-9David Foster WallaceInfinite Jest: A Novel
1995978-0-316-92029-2David Wallechinsky · Amy WallaceThe Book of Lists
1991978-0-316-92053-7David WallechinskyThe Complete Book of the Olympics, 1992
  ''978-0-316-92054-4   ''The Complete Book of the Olympics, 1992
1996978-0-316-92056-8   ''David Wallechinskys 20th Century: History With the Boring Parts Left Out
1993978-0-316-92079-7David Wallechinsky · Amy WallaceThe People's Almanac Presents the Book of Lists/the '90s Edition
1995978-0-316-92095-7David WallechinskyThe People's Almanac Presents the Twentieth Century: The Definitive Compendium of Astonishing Events, Amazing People, and Strange-But-True Facts
1997978-0-316-92108-4William K. S. Wang · Marc I. SteinbergInsider Trading
  ''978-0-316-92117-6David Foster WallaceInfinite Jest: A Novel
1971978-0-316-92145-9Joseph WambaughThe New Centurions
1972978-0-316-92146-6Joseph WambaughThe Blue Knight
1996978-0-316-92236-4Geoffrey C. WardThe West: An Illustrated History
1976978-0-316-92326-2William W. WarnerBeautiful Swimmers: Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay
1983978-0-316-92328-6   ''Distant Water: The Fate of the North Atlantic Fisherman
1994978-0-316-92335-4   ''Beautiful Swimmers: Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay
1979978-0-316-92348-4Janet WarrenA Feast of Scotland
1935978-0-316-92351-4Charles, WarrenThe Supreme Court in United States History,
1996978-0-316-92446-7Gerard M. Doherty · Washington UniversityThe Washington Manual of Surgery (Little, Brown Spiral Manual)
1993978-0-316-92453-5T. H. WatkinsThe Great Depression: America in the 1930s
1995978-0-316-92454-2T. H. WatkinsThe Great Depression: America in the 1930s
  ''978-0-316-92457-3Craig WatsonBasic Human Neuroanatomy: An Introductory Atlas
2000978-0-316-92519-8David Foster WallaceBrief Interviews with Hideous Men
1998978-0-316-92528-0David Foster WallaceA Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments
1999978-0-316-92541-9   ''Brief Interviews with Hideous Men: Stories
  ''978-0-316-92546-4Evelyn WaughThe Complete Stories of Evelyn Waugh
  ''978-0-316-92605-8   ''A Handful of Dust
  ''978-0-316-92607-2   ''Decline and Fall
  ''978-0-316-92608-9   ''The Loved One
1999978-0-316-92610-2Evelyn WaughScoop
1999978-0-316-92611-9Evelyn WaughVile Bodies
1979978-0-316-92620-1   ''The End of the Battle
2000978-0-316-92628-7   ''Men at Arms
1979978-0-316-92630-0   ''Officers and Gentlemen
1980978-0-316-92633-1   ''A little order: A selection from his journalism
1999978-0-316-92634-8Evelyn WaughBrideshead Revisited
1985978-0-316-92647-8   ''When the Going Was Good
1986978-0-316-92651-5   ''A Tourist in Africa
2000978-0-316-92660-7   ''The Complete Stories of Evelyn Waugh
2003978-0-316-92711-6Kathy JakobsenMy New York: New Anniversary Edition
1974978-0-316-92842-7Herman G. WeinbergThe Complete Wedding March of Erich von Stroheim (American Film Institute series)
1976978-0-316-92860-1Michael A. WeinerBugs in the Peanut Butter: Dangers in Everyday Food
1975978-0-316-92902-8Linda Allison · Marilyn Burns · David WeitzmanMy Backyard History Book (A Brown Paper School book)
1994978-0-316-92908-0Michael J. WeissLatitudes & Attitudes: An Atlas of American Tastes, Trends, Politics, and Passions: From Abilene, Texas to Zanesville, Ohio
1997978-0-316-92916-5John WeitzHitler's Banker: Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht
1999978-0-316-92919-6George StephanopoulosAll Too Human: A Political Education
2000978-0-316-92920-2Michael J. WeissThe Clustered World: How We Live, What We Buy, and What It All Means About Who We Are
2005978-0-316-92966-0Eric J. WeinerWhat Goes Up: The Uncensored History of Modern Wall Street as Told by the Bankers, Brokers, CEOs, and Scoundrels Who Made It Happen
2000978-0-316-93016-1George StephanopoulosAll too Human
2002978-0-316-93021-5Mary Ann Hoberman · Nadine Bernard WestcottSing Along Songs (3 Books and 1 Tape Set)
1984978-0-316-93034-5G.P. WellsH.G. Wells in Love: Postscript to an Experiment in Autobiography
1998978-0-316-93074-1Nadine Bernard WestcottThe Lady with the Alligator Purse
2003978-0-316-93084-0Mary Ann HobermanI Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
2000978-0-316-93091-8Nadine Bernard WestcottSkip to My Lou
2002978-0-316-93093-2Dalai LamaAn Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life
1998978-0-316-93118-2Mary Ann HobermanMiss Mary Mack
1972978-0-316-93120-5Jean Rosenthal · Lael WertenbakerThe Magic of Light: The Craft and Career of Jean Rosenthal, Pioneer in Lighting for the Modern Stage
1980978-0-316-93127-4Mary Ann HobermanI Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
1990978-0-316-93136-6Nadine Bernard WestcottThe Lady with the Alligator Purse
1991978-0-316-93172-4W. D. WetherellUpland Stream: Notes on the Fishing Passion
1996978-0-316-93257-8Sarah WheelerTravels in a Thin Country: A Journey Through Chile
1991978-0-316-93403-9Richard WhelanDrawing the Line: The Korean War, 1950-1953
2004978-0-316-93549-4Deon MeyerHeart of the Hunter: A Novel
1979978-0-316-93604-0Thomas Taylor WhiteReoperative gastrointestinal surgery
978-0-316-93623-1Anesthesia for Ambulatory Surgery (International Anesthesiology Clinics)
1990978-0-316-93761-0Hank WhittemoreCNN: The Inside Story: How a Band of Mavericks Changed the Face of Television News
1955978-0-316-93872-3Leonard Patrick O'Connor WibberleyThe Mouse That Roared
2000978-0-316-93910-2Anna WilsonOver in the Grasslands
1995978-0-316-93925-6Herbert Neil Wigder · Wigder · H. Neil WigderStandards of Care in Emergency Medicine: A Practical Guide to Emergency Procedures and Liability
  ''978-0-316-93970-6Professor Arthur BestWigmore on Evidence
2006978-0-316-93991-1Roni SchotterPassover!
  ''978-0-316-93992-8Jimmy LiaoThe Sound of Colors: A Journey of the Imagination
2005978-0-316-94008-5Nancy WillardSweep Dreams
1999978-0-316-94044-3James WilcoxSort of Rich
1994978-0-316-94094-8Elizabeth WilhideThe Fireplace
1989978-0-316-94102-0Elizabeth WilkinsonMaking Cents: Every Kid's Guide to Money: How to Make It, What to Do With It
1999978-0-316-94134-1James WilcoxPolite Sex: A Novel
1996978-0-316-94137-2Stephen (introduction by Kirk Makin) WilliamsINVISIBLE DARKNESS - The Strange Case of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka
1989978-0-316-94238-6Stephanie WilliamsHongkong Bank: The Building of Norman Foster's Masterpiece
1985978-0-316-94385-7Garry WillsThe Kennedy Imprisonment: A Meditation on Power
1975978-0-316-94416-8joan wilsonHerbert Hoover: Forgotten Progressive
  ''978-0-316-94493-9Jerry V WilsonPolice report, a view of law enforcement
  ''978-0-316-94496-0Dorothy Clarke WilsonStranger and Traveler: The Story of Dorothea Dix, American Reformer
1997978-0-316-94756-5Ann Sayre WisemanMaking Things: The Handbook of Creative Discovery
1977978-0-316-94900-2Roxane WitkeComrade Chiang Ch'ing
1999978-0-316-95261-3Amy E. SklanskyZoom Zingers
2002978-0-316-95266-8Herman WoukThe Winds of War
1999978-0-316-95275-0Amy E. SklanskyZoom Fun With Friends
2000978-0-316-95276-7   ''Zoomdos You Can Do: 50+ Things You Can Craft, Bake and Build from the Hit PBS TV Show!
2000978-0-316-95278-1Amy E. SklanskyZoomfun Outside: 50+ Awesome Outdoor Games Experements, Picnics and More from the Hit Pbs TV Show
2002978-0-316-95319-1Herman WoukThe Glory
2002978-0-316-95441-9Herman WoukThe Hope
  ''978-0-316-95499-0   ''War and Remembrance
1978978-0-316-95501-0   ''War and Remembrance
1985978-0-316-95504-1   ''Inside, Outside: A Novel
1992978-0-316-95509-6   ''Aurora Dawn
1992978-0-316-95510-2Herman WoukThe Caine Mutiny: A Novel
  ''978-0-316-95511-9   ''City Boy
  ''978-0-316-95512-6   ''Don't Stop the Carnival: A Novel
  ''978-0-316-95513-3   ''Marjorie Morningstar
  ''978-0-316-95514-0   ''This Is My God
1992978-0-316-95515-7Herman WoukWar and Remembrance
1992978-0-316-95516-4Herman WoukThe Winds of War
1990978-0-316-95517-1   ''Youngblood Hawke
1993978-0-316-95519-5   ''The Hope, A Novel
  ''978-0-316-95521-8   ''The Hope (Deluxe Limited Edition)
1994978-0-316-95525-6   ''The Glory: A Novel
1995978-0-316-95528-7Herman WoukThe Glory: A Novel
  ''978-0-316-95529-4   ''Inside, Outside: A Novel
1999978-0-316-95534-8   ''Don't Stop the Carnival
1994978-0-316-95639-0Ningkun Wu · Yikai LiA Single Tear: A Family's Persecution, Love, and Endurance in Communist China
1999978-0-316-96620-7Walter MosleyWalkin' the Dog
1996978-0-316-96708-2Brock W. YatesThe Critical Path: Inventing an Automobile and Reinventing a Corporation
1999978-0-316-96718-1Brock YatesOutlaw Machine: Harley Davidson and the Search for the American Soul
1996978-0-316-96726-6Joshua S., M.D. Yamamoto · Stephen A., M.D. BradaFunctional Anatomy and Physiology for Emergency Care in the Streets
1995978-0-316-96860-7Jane Yolen · Barbara CooneyLetting Swift River Go
1998978-0-316-96887-4Jane YolenRaising Yoder's Barn
1997978-0-316-96888-1   ''Elfabet: An ABC of Elves
1994978-0-316-96894-2   ''The Girl in the Golden Bower
1997978-0-316-96897-3Jane YolenChild of Faerie, Child of Earth
1992978-0-316-96899-7Jane Yolen · Barbara CooneyLetting Swift River Go
1991978-0-316-96916-1Geoffrey YorkPeople of the pines: The warriors and the legacy of Oka
1996978-0-316-96920-8Howard Egger-Bovet · Marlene Smith-BaranziniBook of the American Colonies (Brown paper school)
1994978-0-316-96922-2Howard Egger-Bovet · Marlene Smith-BaranziniBook of the American Revolution (Brown Paper School US Kids History)
2001978-0-316-96944-4James PattersonSuzanne's Diary for Nicholas
2002978-0-316-96968-0James Patterson · Peter De JongeThe Beach House
2003978-0-316-97159-1Jane YolenMy Brothers' Flying Machine: Wilbur, Orville, and Me
2002978-0-316-97374-8Simon MawerThe Gospel of Judas: A Novel
1984978-0-316-97712-8J. William T. YoungsEleanor Roosevelt: A Personal and Public Life (Library of American Biography)
2005978-0-316-98001-2Evan CooperUm, Like... OM: A Girl Goddess's Guide to Yoga
2006978-0-316-98559-8Denise VegaClick Here (to find out how i survived seventh grade)
2004978-0-316-98564-2Karma WilsonNever, Ever Shout in a Zoo
2011978-0-316-98840-7Karma WilsonHogwash! (Wilson, Karma)
2005978-0-316-98841-4   ''Sakes Alive! A Cattle Drive
2004978-0-316-98894-0Lisa WheelerBubble Gum, Bubble Gum
2003978-0-316-98912-1Lisa Wheeler · Illustrator Janie BynumPorcupining: A Prickly Love Story
2002978-0-316-98936-7George E. VaillantAging Well: Surprising Guideposts to a Happier Life from the Landmark Harvard Study of Adult Development
2001978-0-316-98979-4Dalai LamaAn Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life
2002978-0-316-99042-4Oralee WachterNo More Secrets For Me (Revised)
2007978-0-316-99766-9Vincent Virga · Library of CongressCartographia: Mapping Civilizations