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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-316-10458-6Rebecca BondWhen Marcus Moore Moved In
1999978-0-316-10463-0Marc/ (text by) Krensky, Stephen BrownFrancine, Believe It or Not!: A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book #14
1998978-0-316-10464-7Marc BrownArthur's Mystery Envelope
1981978-0-316-10467-8T. C. BoyleWater Music
1979978-0-316-10469-2T. C. BoyleDescent of Man
1949978-0-316-10475-3H.D. BoylstonSue Barton, Neighborhood Nurse
1939978-0-316-10476-0H.D. BoylstonSue Barton, Rural Nurse
1937978-0-316-10477-7   ''Sue Barton, Senior Nurse
1952978-0-316-10478-4H. D. BoylstonSue Barton, Staff Nurse
1936978-0-316-10479-1Helen Dore BoylstonSue Barton, Student Nurse
1940978-0-316-10481-4H. D. BoylstonSue Barton, Superintendent of Nurses
1938978-0-316-10482-1   ''Sue Barton, Visiting Nurse
1980978-0-316-10484-5Sandra BoyntonThe Compleat Turkey
  ''978-0-316-10486-9Sandra BoyntonIf at First
  ''978-0-316-10487-6James McEwanIf at First
1979978-0-316-10488-3Sandra BoyntonHippos go berserk
  ''978-0-316-10489-0   ''Hippos go berserk
1983978-0-316-10490-6Rose W BoyntonManual of ambulatory pediatrics (A Little, Brown spiral manual)
1985978-0-316-10491-3Sandra BoyntonChloe and Maude
  ''978-0-316-10492-0   ''Chloe and Maude
1986978-0-316-10494-4Sandra BoyntonHippos Go Berserk!
1998978-0-316-10496-8Marc BrownArthur and the Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club
1986978-0-316-10498-2Derry BrabbsEnglish Country Pubs
1994978-0-316-10502-6Jenny WoodMy Baby Dinosaur/Book and Soft Toy and Hatching Egg
1998978-0-316-10503-3Vic Braden · Bill BrunsTennis 2000: Strokes, Strategy, and Psychology for a Lifetime
1997978-0-316-10505-7Vic Braden · Bill BrunsVic Braden's Laugh and Win at Doubles
2012978-0-316-10507-1Anna NorthAmerica Pacifica: A Novel
1977978-0-316-10510-1Vic BradenVic Braden's Tennis for the Future
1980978-0-316-10511-8   ''Vic Braden's Tennis for the Future
2011978-0-316-10512-5Anna NorthAmerica Pacifica
1982978-0-316-10513-2Vic BradenTeaching Children Tennis the Vic Braden Way
1988978-0-316-10514-9Vic Braden · Bill BrunsVic Braden's Quick Fixes: Expert Cares for Common Tennis Problems (Sports Illustrated Book)
1990978-0-316-10515-6   ''Vic Braden's Quick Fixes: Expert Cures for Common Tennis Problems
1993978-0-316-10516-3Vic Braden · Robert WoolVic Braden's Mental Tennis: How to Psych Yourself to a Winning Game
1994978-0-316-10517-0   ''Vic Braden's Mental Tennis: How to Psych Yourself to a Winning Game
1996978-0-316-10519-4Vic Braden · Bill BrunsVic Braden's Laugh and Win at Doubles
2012978-0-316-10521-7Rick MoodyOn Celestial Music: And Other Adventures in Listening
1991978-0-316-10523-1Marc BrownArt Pres Readf: Bg Bd
978-0-316-10524-8Arthur's Baby
978-0-316-10527-9Arthur's Birthday
978-0-316-10528-6Arthur Goes to Camp (An Arthur Adventure)
978-0-316-10529-3Arthur's Pet Business (Special Edition)
2011978-0-316-10530-9Sebastian RotellaTriple Crossing: A Novel
2000978-0-316-10531-6Ralph BlumenthalStork Club: America's Most Famous Nightspot and the Lost World of Cafe Society
1999978-0-316-10534-7Marc BrownArthur's Computer Disaster: An Arthur Adventure (Arthur Adventure Series)
2013978-0-316-10535-4Bianca TuretskyThe Time-Traveling Fashionista at the Palace of Marie Antoinette
1998978-0-316-10536-1Marc BrownArthur Makes the Team
2012978-0-316-10538-5Bianca TuretskyThe Time-Traveling Fashionista at the Palace of Marie Antoinette
1999978-0-316-10539-2Marc Tolon BrownMake Your Own Arthur Calendar with Sticker
2011978-0-316-10542-2Bianca TuretskyThe Time-Traveling Fashionista
2012978-0-316-10544-6   ''The Time-Traveling Fashionista On Board the Titanic
2000978-0-316-10545-3Rebecca BondBravo, Maurice!
1998978-0-316-10546-0Marc BrownArthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest (Arthur Chapter Book Ser., No. 4)
  ''978-0-316-10554-527 - Joy StreetArthur Meets the President Pb: (Controlled Release)
  ''978-0-316-10555-2Marc BrownArthur's April Fool Pb: (Controlled Release)
  ''978-0-316-10556-9Keith Michael Brown · Adger W. CowansSacred Bond: Black Men and Their Mothers
  ''978-0-316-10559-0Susan BranchSweets to the Sweets Ppk 6: A Keepsake Book from the
1999978-0-316-10560-6Marc BrownArthur's First Sleepover: An Arthur Adventure (Arthur Adventures)
1999978-0-316-10562-0Matt ChristopherLong Arm Quarterback: A New Football Team Sparks an Old Rivalry (Matt Christopher Sports Classics)
1993978-0-316-10568-2Matt ChristopherThe Dog That Stole Home
978-0-316-10569-9Arthur's Family Vacation
1997978-0-316-10570-5Marc Tolon BrownArthur's Pet Business
1999978-0-316-10571-2Matt ChristopherLong Arm Quarterback (Matt Christopher Sports Classics)
1997978-0-316-10574-3Susan BranchCal 98 Heart of the Home
1998978-0-316-10575-0Susan BranchHeart of the Home
1999978-0-316-10576-7   ''2000 Heart of the Home Wall Calendar
1997978-0-316-10577-4   ''The Summer Book Surprise Package: From the Heart of the Home
978-0-316-10581-1BranchXmas Joy Ppk6: Ruby PB
2005978-0-316-10582-8Ruth SandersonThe Snow Princess
2003978-0-316-10584-2James BradleyFlyboys: A True Story of Courage
2002978-0-316-10585-9Matt ChristopherSoccer 'Cats #4: Hat Trick
1992978-0-316-10591-0James BradyFashion Show Or, the Adventures of Bingo Marsh: A Novel
1974978-0-316-10593-4James BradySuperchic
1979978-0-316-10594-1Charles BradySeven games in October
1989978-0-316-10595-8Melvyn BraggRichard Burton: A Life
1991978-0-316-10598-9Melvyn BraggA Time to Dance: A Novel
1996978-0-316-10599-6Berkeley BreathedGoodnight Opus
1989978-0-316-10600-9Jess Brallier · Richard P. McDonough · R. P.The Pessimist's Journal of Very, Very Bad Days
1990978-0-316-10603-0Jess M. Brallier · Richard P. McDonoughThe Pessimist's Journal of Very, Very Bad Days of the 1980's
  ''978-0-316-10608-5Jess Brallier · Richard McDonoughThe Really, Really Classy Donald Trump Quiz Book: Complete, Unauthorized, Fantastic...and the Best
1967978-0-316-10613-9Malcolm BralyOn the Yard
1976978-0-316-10614-6Malcolm BralyFalse Starts: A Memoir of San Quentin & Other Prisons
978-0-316-10616-0Mr. Popper's Penguins By Richard and Florence Atwater Paperback
2001978-0-316-10617-7Ralph BlumenthalStork Club: America's Most Famous Nightspot and the Lost World of Cafe Society
  ''978-0-316-10619-1Marc BrownArthur's Underwear (Arthur Adventures)
1996978-0-316-10621-4Susan BranchDays from the Heart of the Home
1998978-0-316-10622-1   ''Sweets to the Sweet: A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home
2000978-0-316-10623-8   ''Girlfriends Forever
1995978-0-316-10625-2Paul Brest · Sanford LevinsonProcesses of Constitutional Decisionmaking: Cases and Materials 1995
  ''978-0-316-10626-9Radhika Sekhri Breaden · Cheryl Denenberg · Kate C. Feibusch · Stephen N. GompertsPrescription for the Boards: Usmle Step 2 (A Litle, Brown review book)
  ''978-0-316-10629-0Susan BranchChristmas Joy 12-Copy Prepack: (Counter)
1986978-0-316-10631-3Susan BranchHeart of the Home: Notes From a Vineyard Kitchen
1988978-0-316-10632-0   ''Vineyard Seasons: More from the Heart of the Home
1984978-0-316-10634-4Gyles BrandrethJohn Gielgud: A Celebration
1979978-0-316-10635-1Janet Coogan BrandThe nursing student's guide to surgery
2007978-0-316-10636-8Mike BoettcherThe Network: The New Al Qaeda and the Secret War on Terror
2005978-0-316-10637-5Lauren and Hans Christian Andersen MillsHans Christian Andersen's Thumbelina (Retold and Illustrated By Lauren Mills)
1990978-0-316-10638-2Susan BranchChristmas from the Heart of the Home
1992978-0-316-10639-9   ''Baby Love: A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home
1978978-0-316-10640-5Willy BrandtPeople and politics: The years 1960-1975
1980978-0-316-10641-2Bill BrandtBill Brandt Nudes: 1945-1980
2007978-0-316-10647-4Ellen YeomansRubber Houses
2001978-0-316-10648-1Susan BranchChristmas Memories: A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home
1992978-0-316-10649-8From Heart of Home 1993 Calendar
2009978-0-316-10650-4Ellen YeomanRubber Houses
2006978-0-316-10653-5Darren ShanCirque du Freak: Allies of the Night (The Saga of Darren Shan)
  ''978-0-316-10654-2Darren ShanCirque Du Freak #9: Killers of the Dawn: Book 9 in the Saga of Darren Shan
1994978-0-316-10658-0Susan BranchLove from the Heart of the Home: A Keepsake Book
  ''978-0-316-10659-7   ''Love from the Heart of the: Home: 6 Copy Prepack
2006978-0-316-10660-3Todd ParrThings That Make You Feel Good
1994978-0-316-10661-0Susan BranchHeart of the Home Postcard Collection
2006978-0-316-10662-7Todd ParrZoo Do's and Don'ts
2009978-0-316-10663-4Denise VegaGrandmother, Have the Angels Come?
2005978-0-316-10664-1Alan KaufmanMatches: A Novel
1994978-0-316-10665-8Susan BranchHeart of the Home Postcard: Collection 8 Copy Prepack
1995978-0-316-10666-5   ''The Summer Book
1999978-0-316-10667-2Marc BrownKing Arthur
2000978-0-316-10669-6Matt ChristopherSoccer 'Cats #4: Hat Trick
2001978-0-316-10670-2Marc BrownD.W., Go to Your Room!
1999978-0-316-10671-9Mark BrownWho's in Love With Arthur
2000978-0-316-10675-7Berkeley BreathedEdwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big
  ''978-0-316-10677-1Matt ChristopherStranger in Right Field: A Peach Street Mudders Story
2007978-0-316-10678-8Paul BajoriaThe Printer's Devil
1995978-0-316-10682-5Susan BranchChristmas Joy: A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home
1968978-0-316-10685-6E. V BraunwaldMechanism of Contraction of the Normal and Failing Heart
1976978-0-316-10686-3Eugene BraunwaldMechanisms of contraction of the normal and failing heart
1995978-0-316-10690-0Berke BreathedOne Last Little Peek, 1980-1995: The Final Strips, the Special Hits, the Inside Tips
  ''978-0-316-10691-7Berkeley BreathedA Wish for Wings That Work: An Opus Christmas Story
1995978-0-316-10692-4John BrosnanThe Primal Screen: A History of Science Fiction Film
2009978-0-316-10693-1Tara Bray SmithBetwixt
1996978-0-316-10694-8John Keller · Isabelle BrentCats Love Christmas Too: A Seasonal Celebration in Poetry and Prose
2005978-0-316-10695-5James Patterson[Large Print Edition] Lifeguard by James Patterson & Andrew Cross
978-0-316-10698-6BraunwaldMechanisms of Contraction: Braunwald Mechanisms Contract 3e
1980978-0-316-10699-3Harold A. Braun · F.W., Jr., M.D. Cheney · C.P., M.D. LoehnenIntroduction to Respiratory Physiology
2005978-0-316-10700-6Wesley StaceMisfortune: A Novel
1992978-0-316-10701-3Berke BreathedPolitically, Fashionably, and Aerodynamically Incorrect: The First Outland Collection
2018978-0-316-10702-0Nelson MandelaIn His Own Words
2006978-0-316-10703-7Craig ChildsThe Way Out: A True Story of Ruin and Survival
1984978-0-316-10709-9Berke BreathedToons for Our Times: A Bloom County Book of Heavy Metal Rump 'N Roll
1983978-0-316-10710-5Berke BreathedBloom County "Loose Tails"
2005978-0-316-10714-3Berkeley BreathedOPUS: 25 Years of His Sunday Best
1973978-0-316-10717-4Edward M. BrecherLicit and Illicit Drugs; The Consumers Union Report on Narcotics, Stimulants, Depressants, Inhalants, Hallucinogens, and Marijuana - Including Caffei
1984978-0-316-10718-1Edward BrecherLove, Sex, and Aging: A Consumers Union Report
1986978-0-316-10719-8   ''Love, Sex, and Aging: A Consumers Union Report
1985978-0-316-10721-1Paul W. BrazisLocalization in Clinical Neurology
1986978-0-316-10724-2Berke BreathedBloom County Babylon: Five Years of Basic Naughtiness
1985978-0-316-10725-9   ''Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things (A Bloom County Book)
2006978-0-316-10728-0James BradleyFlyboys: A True Story of Courage
1987978-0-316-10729-7Berke BreathedBilly and the Boingers Bootleg (Bloom County Book)
2010978-0-316-10731-0Laban Carrick HillDave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave
1988978-0-316-10735-8Berke BreathedTales Too Ticklish to Tell: Bloom County
1989978-0-316-10737-2   ''Bloom County Calendar 1990
  ''978-0-316-10738-9   ''Night of the Mary Kay Commandos Featuring Smell O-Toons
1990978-0-316-10741-9Berke BreathedHappy Trails
  ''978-0-316-10742-6   ''Bloom County Swimsuit Calendar
  ''978-0-316-10743-3Paul W. Brazis · Joseph C. Masdeu · Jose BillerLocalization in Clinical Neurology
2006978-0-316-10744-0BrownD.W. Treasury
2007978-0-316-10745-7Rosemary MahoneyDown the Nile: Alone in a Fisherman's Skiff
1991978-0-316-10747-1Patience BrewsterRabbit Inn
1990978-0-316-10748-8Richard J BrennerMake the team: A slammin', jammin' guide to super hoops!
  ''978-0-316-10749-5Richard J. BrennerMake the Team: Basketball: A Slammin' Jammin' Guide to Super Hoops!
  ''978-0-316-10750-1   ''Make the Team: Soccer: A Heads-Up Guide to Super Soccer
1990978-0-316-10751-8Richard J. BrennerMake the Team: Soccer: A Heads-Up Guide to Super Soccer!
  ''978-0-316-10754-9Berke BreathedClassics of Western Literature: Bloom County 1986-1989
1991978-0-316-10758-7   ''A Wish for Wings That Work: An Opus Christmas Story
1992978-0-316-10761-7   ''The Last Basselope: One Ferocious Story
2010978-0-316-10762-4Mary Ann HobermanBingo
  ''978-0-316-10763-1HobermanJingle Bells
2008978-0-316-10764-8Mary Ann HobermanUntitled Sing-Along
2005978-0-316-10771-6William Sears · Martha Sears · Robert Sears · James SearsThe Baby Sleep Book: The Complete Guide to a Good Night's Rest for the Whole Family (Sears Parenting Library)
1980978-0-316-10772-3Marie BrennerRookie
1983978-0-316-10773-0Myron BrentonThe Runaways: Children, Husbands, Wives and Parents (A Modern medicine book)
1986978-0-316-10774-7Breda · KatzenDigital Subtraction Angiography
1999978-0-316-10775-4BrewerBiography of Edmund Burke
1992978-0-316-10777-8Stephen G. Breyer · Richard B. StewartAdministrative Law and Regulatory Policy: Problems, Text, and Cases (Law School Casebook Series)
1984978-0-316-10783-9Harry Brent and William LutzRhetorical considerations: Essays for analysis
1985978-0-316-10785-3Stephen G BreyerAdministrative law and regulatory policy: Teacher's manual
1988978-0-316-10786-0Stephen G Breyer1988 supplement, Administrative law and regulatory policy: Problems, text, and cases: second edition
1992978-0-316-10787-7Paul Brest · Sanford LevinsonProcesses of Constitutional Decisionmaking: Cases and Materials (Law School Casebook Series)
1984978-0-316-10789-1Paul BrestProcesses of constitutional decisionmaking: Cases and materials, second edition
1983978-0-316-10794-5   ''Processes of constitutional decisionmaking: Cases and materials (Law school casebook series)
1977978-0-316-10798-3William H. and Cope, Donald BricknerPlanning Process
1981978-0-316-10799-0Arthur P BriefManaging job stress
1985978-0-316-10801-0Raymond BriggsThe Tin-Pot Foreign General and the Old Iron Woman
1984978-0-316-10803-4Linda M BreytspraakThe development of self in later life (Little, Brown series on gerontology)
  ''978-0-316-10804-1Linda M. BreytspraakDevelopment of Self in Later Life
1985978-0-316-10805-8Stephen G BreyerAdministrative law and regulatory policy: Problems, text, and cases (Law school casebook series)
978-0-316-10806-5Paul BrestProcesses of Constitutional Decision Mak
1976978-0-316-10807-2Alan BrightmanLike Me
  ''978-0-316-10808-9Alan BrightmanLike me
1984978-0-316-10810-2Garry L BrieseYour first response in the streets
1985978-0-316-10813-3Raymond BriggsBuilding the Snowman (Raymond Briggs' the Snowman)
  ''978-0-316-10814-0   ''Dressing Up (Raymond Briggs' the Snowman)
  ''978-0-316-10815-7   ''Raymond Briggs' the Snowman: Walking in the Air
1985978-0-316-10816-4Raymond BriggsThe Party (Raymond Briggs' the Snowman)