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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-302-00546-0Ernesto Caballo · etc.Marino Marini
  ''978-0-302-00547-7Odile Nouvel · Jean-Pierre SeguinWallpapers of France, 1800-50
  ''978-0-302-00548-4Gus WyliePatterns of the Hebrides
  ''978-0-302-00549-1Gus WyliePatterns of the Hebrides
1984978-0-302-00550-7Donald Garstang · John HarrisGiacomo Serpotta and the Stuccatori of Palermo, 1560-1790 (Studies in Architecture)
1977978-0-302-00551-4Elizabeth TarnoveDrawings of Van Dyck (Master Draughtsman)
1982978-0-302-00552-1Jeannie Chapel · Jeremy MaasVictorian Taste: Complete Catalogue of Paintings at the Royal Holloway College
  ''978-0-302-00554-5Erich SteingraberFrancesco Messina
1984978-0-302-00560-6David ThomsonRenaissance Paris: Architecture and Growth, 1475-1600 (Studies in architecture)
1984978-0-302-00561-3David ThomsonRenaissance Paris: Architecture and Growth, 1475-1600 (Studies in architecture)
1987978-0-302-00588-0David DavidsonJames Gandon: Vitruvius Hibernicus and Edward McPharland
1986978-0-302-00590-3Richard F. FellowsSir Reginald Blomfield: An Edwardian Architect (Architects in perspective)
1985978-0-302-00591-0Frank JacksonSir Raymond Unwin: Architect, Planner and Visionary (Architects in perspective)
  ''978-0-302-00594-1Miles Hadfield · etc.British Gardeners: A Biographical Dictionary
  ''978-0-302-00595-8Kerry DownesEnglish Baroque Architecture
1979978-0-302-00599-6Chris OrrArthur: A Story with 12 Lithographs
1988978-0-302-00600-9John Dixon HuntWilliam Kent: Landscape Garden Designer (Architects in perspective)
  ''978-0-302-00601-6Damie StillmanEnglish Neo-classical Architecture: Studies in Architecture (2 Volume Set)
  ''978-0-302-00602-3Peter LeachJames Paine (Studies in Architecture S.)
1994978-0-302-00603-0Hanno Walter KruftA History of Architectural Theory: From Vitruvius to the Present
1990978-0-302-00606-1Eileen HarrisArchitectural Books in Britain, 1556-1785: An Historical and Bibliographical Account
1989978-0-302-00608-5J. Harris · G. HiggotInigo Jones: Complete Architectural Drawings (Studies in Architecture)
1993978-0-302-00609-2Howard SaalmanFilippo Brunelleschi: The Buildings (Studies in architecture)
2001978-0-302-00613-9Franta BelskyFranta Belsky: Sculpture
1993978-0-302-00614-6Peter BaldwinToy Theatres of the World
1993978-0-302-00615-3John MorleyRegency Design, 1790-1840: Gardens, Buildings, Interiors, Furniture
1994978-0-302-00616-0Cecil GouldParmigianino: Life and Work, With a Catalogue of Paintings and Prints
1993978-0-302-00617-7Joseph FriedmanSpencer House: Chronicle of a Great London Mansion
  ''978-0-302-00618-4Elly Dekker · Peter C. J. van der KrogtGlobes from the Western World
2001978-0-302-00619-1John E. Bowlt · Nicoletta MislerTwentieth-century Russian and East European Painting in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
1995978-0-302-00620-7Timothy ShawThe World of Auguste Escoffier
1994978-0-302-00622-1Hanno Walter KruftA History of Architectural Theory: From Vitruvius to the Present
1993978-0-302-00623-8Steffi RoettgenAnton Raphael Mengs: And His British Patrons
  ''978-0-302-00624-5Steffi RoettgenAnton Raphael Mengs And His British Patrons 1728 - 1779
  ''978-0-302-00625-2Katharine BaetjerGlorious Nature: British Landscape Painting, 1750-1850
2001978-0-302-00634-4Gloria CliftonDirectory of British Scientific Instrument Makers, 1550-1851
1994978-0-302-00636-8Anthony RadcliffeBronzes, 1500-1650: The Robert H.Smith Collection
  ''978-0-302-00642-9David Sanctuary HowardThe Choice of the Private Trader: Private Market in Chinese Export Porcelain Illustrated from the Hodroff Collection: The Private Market in Chinese ... Illustrated in the Hodroff Collection
1993978-0-302-00644-3Larry ClarkThe Perfect Childhood.
1995978-0-302-00647-4Richard Verdi · etc.Nicolas Poussin
1994978-0-302-00648-1Sarah KentShark Infested Waters: The Saatchi Collection of British Art in the 90s
1996978-0-302-00650-4Delia MillarVictorian Watercolours and Drawings
2003978-0-302-00651-1Christopher GreenEuropean Avant-gardes: Art in France and Western Europe c.1907-45 from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
1995978-0-302-00652-8Gill SaundersPicturing Plants
1995978-0-302-00654-2Brian Lavery · Simon StephensShip Models: Their Purpose and Development from 1650 to the Present
  ''978-0-302-00656-6Richard VerdiNicolas Poussin 1594-1665
  ''978-0-302-00657-3Anna Somers Cocks · Charles TrumanRenaissance Jewels, Gold Boxes and Objets de Vertu
  ''978-0-302-00658-0Marie SimonFashion in Art: The Second Empire and Impressionism
  ''978-0-302-00659-7Pierre Andre LablaudeThe Gardens at Versailles
1996978-0-302-00660-3Leonor D'OreyFive Centuries of Jewellery: National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon
1999978-0-302-00661-0Joao Castel-Branco PereiraPortuguese Tiles from the National Museum of Azulejo, Lisbon
1995978-0-302-00665-8John MelvinJohn Melvin: Selected Buildings and Projects
1995978-0-302-00667-2Robert KudielkaBridget Riley: Dialogues on Art
2001978-0-302-00668-9Andreas LambrouFountain Pens of the World
1996978-0-302-00670-2Anne Pingeot · Anne PingeatSculpture in the Musee D'Orsay
1995978-0-302-00675-7Jannic Durand · Daniel AlcouffeLouvre: Objets d'Art
1962978-0-302-00909-3Whitman Publishing Co.Canadian Half Dollar Collection- 1961 to 1993- Number Two (Volume II)
1970978-0-302-02000-5Gerald PratleyCinema of John Frankenheimer (International Film Guides)
1969978-0-302-02002-9Paul M. JensenCinema of Fritz Lang (International Film Guides)
  ''978-0-302-02003-6Ivan ButlerReligion in the cinema ('The International Film Guide' series)
1970978-0-302-02004-3John BaxterScience Fiction in the Cinema (International Film Guides)
  ''978-0-302-02006-7Nina HibbinEastern Europe: Film Book
1971978-0-302-02007-4Felix BucherGermany: An Illustrated Guide (Screen)
1970978-0-302-02009-8Peter CowieSweden: v. 1 (Screen)
  ''978-0-302-02010-4Peter CowieSweden: v. 2 (Screen)
978-0-302-02011-1More Figures in Art (Master Draughtsman)
978-0-302-02012-8Henry FuseliDrawings (Master Draughtsman)
978-0-302-02013-5Francisco Jose de GoyaDrawings (Master Draughtsman)
1969978-0-302-02014-2HokusaiDrawings (Master Draughtsman)
1972978-0-302-02015-9A. ModiglianiDrawings (Master Draughtsman)
1970978-0-302-02016-6George RomneyDrawings (Master Draughtsman)
1966978-0-302-02022-7G. Braun · F. HogenbergDescriptions and Engravings of the World's Most Important Cities
1969978-0-302-02031-9Heinrich KleyDrawings (Master Draughtsman)
978-0-302-02032-6Dance in Art (Master Draughtsman)
1969978-0-302-02035-7Jean LeymarieImpressionist Drawings from Manet to Renoir
  ''978-0-302-02036-4G. Poulet · R. CoppWho Was Baudelaire?
1969978-0-302-02037-1Jules David PrownAmerican Painting: v. 1 (Painting Colour History)
  ''978-0-302-02038-8Barbara RoseAmerican Painting: v. 2 (Painting Colour History)
  ''978-0-302-02039-5Jules David Prown · Barbara RoseAmerican Painting
978-0-302-02042-5G. Braun · F. HogenbergDescriptions and Engravings of the World's Most Important Cities: v. 5
1970978-0-302-02054-8Graham PetrieCinema of Francois Truffaut (International Film Guides)
  ''978-0-302-02055-5Peter CowieSweden: v. 1 (Screen)
  ''978-0-302-02056-2   ''Sweden: v. 2 (Screen)
1971978-0-302-02057-9Tom MilneCinema of Carl Dreyer (International Film Guides)
1970978-0-302-02058-6Ivan ButlerHorror in the Cinema (International Film Guides)
1970978-0-302-02059-3Anthony SlideEarly American cinema (The international film guide series)
1971978-0-302-02060-9Paul O'DellGriffith and the Rise of Hollywood (International Film Guides)
1970978-0-302-02061-6Ivan ButlerCinema of Roman Polanski (International Film Guides)
1971978-0-302-02062-3Tom VallanceAmerican Musical (Screen)
  ''978-0-302-02063-0Peter CowieConcise History of the Cinema: Volume 1 before 1940
  ''978-0-302-02064-7   ''A Concise History of the Cinema Volume 2: Since 1940
  ''978-0-302-02065-4John BaxterThe Gangster Film (Screen)
  ''978-0-302-02066-1Arne SvenssonJapan (Screen)
1971978-0-302-02067-8Russell CampbellPhotographic Theory for the Motion Picture Cameraman (Screen)
  ''978-0-302-02068-5Russell CampbellPractical Motion Picture Photography (Screen)
1970978-0-302-02069-2Christopher White · K. BoonRembrandt's Etchings
978-0-302-02070-8Michel RagonEtienne-Martin
978-0-302-02071-5Marcel JorayVictor Vasarely: v. 2
978-0-302-02072-2Lucien HerveLe Corbusier: Artist-Writer
1971978-0-302-02075-3Thomas GainsboroughDrawings
1970978-0-302-02076-0John HarrisSir William Chambers (Study in Architecture S.)
978-0-302-02077-7Roland BouheretLermite
978-0-302-02078-4G. Braun · F. HogenbergDescriptions and Engravings of the World's Most Important Cities: v. 6
1970978-0-302-02079-1Nadir AfonsoMechanisms of Artistic Creation
  ''978-0-302-02080-7John Singer SargentDrawings (Master Draughtsman)
978-0-302-02090-6John LandwehrRomeyn De Hooghe as Book Illustrator
1970978-0-302-02092-0A. MazaheriTreasures of Iran (Treasures of World)
1971978-0-302-02108-8Pablo PicassoLithographs
  ''978-0-302-02133-0Marcel MartinFrance (Screen)
  ''978-0-302-02134-7Gordon GowHollywood in the Fifties (International Film Guides)
1971978-0-302-02136-1John BaxterCinema of Josef Von Sternberg (International Film Guides)
  ''978-0-302-02152-1Gerald PratleyThe cinema of Otto Preminger (The international film guide series)
1972978-0-302-02161-3Howard HibbardCarlo Maderno and Roman Architecture, 1580-1630 (Study in Architecture)
1971978-0-302-02162-0Pat Billings · Allen EylesHollywood Today (The international film guide series)
  ''978-0-302-02163-7Tony ThomasUstinov in Focus (International Film Guides)
  ''978-0-302-02188-0Henry MooreDrawings (Master Draughtsman)
  ''978-0-302-02189-7Winslow HomerDrawings (Master Draughtsman)
1971978-0-302-02190-3John BaxterCinema of John Ford (International Film Guides)
1972978-0-302-02195-8Rosalys CoopeSalomon De Brosse and the Development of the Classical Style in French Architecture, 1565-1630 (Zwemmer Studies in Architecture)
1971978-0-302-02197-2John HayesGainsborough as Printmaker
  ''978-0-302-02199-6Pierre DescarguesRobert Muller
1957978-0-302-02227-6Herbert Read · Leslie MartinNaum Gabo
1971978-0-302-02228-3Pierre JoseSculpture de Cardenas
1972978-0-302-02231-3I. Jianou · Michel DuffetCouturier
  ''978-0-302-02232-0J. Coffineti · M. PianzolaTapestry
  ''978-0-302-02233-7Renee LocheLithography
  ''978-0-302-02234-4I. JianouGilioli
1972978-0-302-02248-1Marc ChagallCeramics and Sculptures
  ''978-0-302-02249-8I. JianouEtienne Hajdu
1973978-0-302-02250-4Hans Ulrich BeckJan Van Goyen, 1596-1656: An Illustrated Catalogue Raisonne
1974978-0-302-02251-1Allan Braham · Peter SmithFrancois Mansart (Study in Architecture)
1972978-0-302-02252-8C. HauserArt Foundry
  ''978-0-302-02315-0Andre FermigierCourbet
  ''978-0-302-02316-7Claude RoyDaumier
  ''978-0-302-02317-4Pierre DescarguesDouanier Rousseau
1972978-0-302-02318-1Robert DelevoyRubens
  ''978-0-302-02319-8Jean-Jacques MayouxEnglish Painting: From Hogarth to the Pre-Raphaelites (Painting Colour History)
1973978-0-302-02525-3Wolfgang HerrmannTheory of Claude Perrault (Study in Architecture)
1972978-0-302-02531-4G.Di San Lazzaro · W. StevensonHomage to Henry Moore
1971978-0-302-02543-7Herbert ReadJan Le Witt
1973978-0-302-02550-5Gerald Cramer · etc.Henry Moore: 1931-72 v. 1: Catalogue of Graphic Work
  ''978-0-302-02560-4Dora VallierGeorges Braque: Conversations with, and Thoughts and Quotations by Georges Braque
  ''978-0-302-02561-1Alfred H. Barr · Roland PenrosePablo Picasso, 1967-68
  ''978-0-302-02562-8Michel LeirisAlberto Giacometti: Thoughts and Quotations
1973978-0-302-02567-3Andre MauroisFernand Leger
  ''978-0-302-02570-3Wassily KandinskyWatercolours and Paintings and Unpublished Texts
1974978-0-302-02571-0David WatkinLife and Work of C.R. Cockerell (Study in Architecture)
1973978-0-302-02572-7Munch, Edvard: Thoughts and Quotations
1985978-0-302-02576-5E. McParlandJames Gandon: Vitruvius Hibernicus (Studies in Architecture S.)
1974978-0-302-02582-6Henk van Os · M. PrakkenFlorentine Paintings in Holland, 1300-1500
1975978-0-302-02584-0Anthony BluntNeapolitan Baroque and Rococo Architecture (Study in Architecture)
1974978-0-302-02588-8Henri MatisseDrawings (Master Draughtsmen)
  ''978-0-302-02589-5George BellowsDrawings (Master Draughtsman)
  ''978-0-302-02590-1S. LongstreetSelf Portraits of Great Artists (Master Draughtsman)
  ''978-0-302-02593-2RembrandtMore Drawings (Master Draughtsman)
1978978-0-302-02594-9Eugene DelacroixMore Drawings (Master Draughtsman)
978-0-302-02595-6Jean-Auguste-Dominique IngresMore Drawings (Master Draughtsman)
1974978-0-302-02601-4A.W.A. BoschlooAnnibale Carracci in Bologna: Visible Reality in Art After the Council of Trent
1974978-0-302-02655-7Marcel JorayVictor Vasarely: v. 3
  ''978-0-302-02721-9Donald H. KarshanArchipenko: International Visionary
  ''978-0-302-02722-6Marc ChagallLithographs: 1969-73 v. 4
1975978-0-302-02726-4La LyreDrawings (Master Draughtsman)
  ''978-0-302-02735-6Stephen ReissAelbert Cuyp
  ''978-0-302-02744-8Lou KlepacWilliam Scott Drawings
1984978-0-302-02747-9Richard VerdiKlee and Nature
1984978-0-302-02748-6Richard VerdiKlee and Nature
  ''978-0-302-02749-3W. J. StrachanOpen Air Sculpture in Britain: A Comprehensive Guide
1986978-0-302-02751-6Robert BrannerBurgundian Gothic Architecture: 3 (Study in Architecture S.)
  ''978-0-302-02752-3Wolfgang HerrmannLaugier and Eighteenth-century French Theory: 6 (Study in Architecture S.)
  ''978-0-302-02753-0Robert BrannerSaint Louis and the Court Style in Gothic Architecture (Study in Architecture S.)
1977978-0-302-02759-2Chisaburoh F. YamadaDialogue in Art: Japan and the West
1976978-0-302-02760-8Richard HamiltonBride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even
1977978-0-302-02769-1Kerry DownesVanbrugh: 16 (Studies in architecture)
1978978-0-302-02777-6Peter WillisCharles Bridgeman and the English Landscape Garden (Study in Architecture)
1977978-0-302-02780-6Allan Braham · Hellmut Hager · Royal LibraryCarlo Fontana: The Drawings at Windsor Castle: 18 (Study in Architecture)
1978978-0-302-02781-3Christopher TadgellAnge-Jacques Gabriel (Study in Architecture)
1979978-0-302-02782-0Max TilkeFolk Costumes from East Europe, Africa and Asia
1980978-0-302-02783-7Kerry DownesHawksmoor (Study in Architecture)
2000978-0-302-02784-4Howard SaalmanFilippo Brunelleschi: Cupola of Santa Maria del Fiore: The Cupola of Santa Maria Del Fiore (Study in Architecture)
1985978-0-302-05000-2Alexander Grigoryev · Viktor Karasin · Viktor RudenkoUSSR: Youth of the Eighties
1965978-0-302-06715-4SchulzAlways Stick Up for the Underbird/Peanuts Parade
1940978-0-302-09003-9Whitman Publishing Co.Indian Head Cent- Collection, Including- Flying Eagle Cents- 1856 to 1909
1983978-0-302-12241-9Kny Eder AugusteAus meiner Heimat Hollabrunn
1987978-0-302-13444-3Networking: As A Business Opportunity - A Hand Up to the Top
978-0-302-14241-7Schlossar AntonInnerösterreichisches Stadtleben vor hundert Jahren. Eine Schilderung der Verhältnisse in der Hauptstadt Steiermarks im achtzehnten Jahrhundert zugleich eine Culturgeschichte der Aufklärungsperiode
1965978-0-302-24194-3Elisabeth IvanovskyZwei hungrige kleine Bären Luxi Buch
1907978-0-302-28701-9Bidlingmaier FriedrichDer Doppelkompass seine Theorie und Praxis
1982978-0-302-44641-6Szerelmes LeopoldLeopold Teufelsbauer und das Bäuerliche Volksbildungsheim Hubertenhof 1929-38
1972978-0-302-48091-5Storm TheodorDie Regentrude; illustriert Jan Kudlacek
978-0-302-48922-2Dahn FelixOdhins Rache
1986978-0-302-81550-2Hits 86,
1982978-0-302-99996-7Martin ParrBad Weather
1981978-0-302-99997-4Gus WyliePatterns of the Hebrides
  ''978-0-302-99998-1Hendel TeicherBLUMENFELD: MY ONE HUNDRED BEST PHOTOS
1979978-0-302-99999-8Keith ArnattWalking the Dog