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2005978-0-262-00274-5Eric von HippelDemocratizing Innovation
1950978-0-262-01001-6Douglas P. AdamsAn Index Of Nomograms
1959978-0-262-01002-3Joseph AirovLocation of the Synthetic Fiber Industry
  ''978-0-262-01003-0B. L. Averbach · D. K. Felbeck · G. T. Hahn · D. A. ThomasFracture
1960978-0-262-01004-7Pierre R. Aigrain · Roland J. Coelho · Gianni AscarelliElectronic Processes in Solids (Technology Press Research Monographs)
1963978-0-262-01005-4J. Edward AndersonMagnetohydrodynamic Shock Waves (Research Monograph)
1967978-0-262-01006-1William Phelps Allis · Sanborn C. BrownElectrons, Ions, and Waves: Selected Papers of William Phelps Allis
1963978-0-262-01007-8Albert Ando · Frank M. Fisher · Herbert A. SimonEssays on the Structure of Social Science Models
  ''978-0-262-01008-5G. N. Abramovich · Leon SchindelThe Theory of Turbulent Jets
1964978-0-262-01010-8Charles AbramsMan's Struggle for Shelter in an Urbanizing World
  ''978-0-262-01011-5Martin AndersonThe Federal Bulldozer
  ''978-0-262-01013-9AkademiIa Nauk Sssr. Matematicheskii Institut.Aleksandrov: Mathematics Cont Method 3
1965978-0-262-01015-3Donald Appleyard · Kevin Lynch · John R. MyerThe View From the Road
1966978-0-262-01016-0W. H. G. ArmytageA Social History of Engineering
1966978-0-262-01017-7Frederick B. ArtzThe Development of Technical Education in France, 1500-1850
1967978-0-262-01018-4A. I. Akheizer · I. A. Akheizer · R. V. Polovin · A. G. Sitenko · K. N. StepanovCollective Oscillations in a Plasma
  ''978-0-262-01019-1Arnold E.AmstutzComputer Simulation of Competitive Market Response
  ''978-0-262-01020-7Arthur E. Albert · L. A. Gardner JrStochastic Approximation and Non-Linear Regression
1968978-0-262-01021-4StanfordPlanning for Diversity and Choice
  ''978-0-262-01022-1Robert AdolphRise of Modern Prose Style
1969978-0-262-01023-8Wayne AndersenTakis: Evidence of the Unseen
1968978-0-262-01024-5Richard B. Adler · Lan Jen Chu · Robert M. FanoElectromagnetic Energy Transmission and Radiation
1969978-0-262-01025-2David AllisonAllison: The R & D Games - Technical M
1970978-0-262-01026-9Wayne AndersenCezanne's Portrait Drawings
1969978-0-262-01027-6Edward AllenStone Shelters
1900978-0-262-01028-3Lady Allen of HurtwoodPlanning for Play
1969978-0-262-01029-0American Council of Learned SocietiesOn Research Libraries
  ''978-0-262-01030-6A. S. ArgonPhysics of Strength and Plasticity
1970978-0-262-01031-3John Bordon ArmstrongFactory under the Elms: A History of Harrisburg, New Hampshire 1774-1969
1963978-0-262-01032-0William P. Allis · Solomon J. Buchsbaum · Abraham BersWaves in Anisotropic Plasmas
1970978-0-262-01033-7Jeremy M. AnglinGrowth of Word Meaning (MIT research monograph no. 63)
1971978-0-262-01034-4Elihu Thomson · Harold Abrahams · Marion SavinSelections from the Scientific Correspondence of Elihu Thomson
1971978-0-262-01035-1Kenneth J. ArrowSelected Readings in Economic Theory from Econometrica (Selected readings from Econometrica)
1978978-0-262-01036-8Stanford AndersonOn Streets: Streets as Elements of Urban Structure
1973978-0-262-01037-5V. I. ArnoldOrdinary Differential Equations
  ''978-0-262-01038-2Oscar ZariskiOscar Zariski: Collected Papers, Vol. 2: Holomorphic Functions and Linear Systems (Mathematicians of Our Time)
  ''978-0-262-01039-9Johan Gunnar AnderssonAndersson: Children Yellow Earth (Clot
1975978-0-262-01040-5Edward AllenThe Responsive House
  ''978-0-262-01041-2Mark D. AltschuleFrontiers Of Pineal Physiology
  ''978-0-262-01042-9A. S. ArgonConstitutive Equations in Plasticity
1975978-0-262-01043-6Adrian AkmajianAn introduction to the principles of transformational syntax
1976978-0-262-01044-3Donald AppleyardPlanning a Pluralist City: Conflicting Realities in Ciudad Guayana (A Publication of the Joint Center for Urban Studies of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University)
1975978-0-262-01045-0Nicholas A. AshfordCrisis in the Workplace: Occupational Disease and Injury: A Report to the Ford Foundation
1976978-0-262-01046-7Richard Arnowitt · Pran NathGauge Theories and Modern Field Theory
1977978-0-262-01048-1Thomas J. AllenManaging the Flow of Technology: Technology Transfer and the Dissemination of Technological Information within the R.& D.Organization
  ''978-0-262-01049-8Josef AlbersDespite Straight Lines
  ''978-0-262-01050-4Tamir Agmon · Charles P. KindlebergerMultinationals from Small Countries
  ''978-0-262-01052-8Josef AlbersDespite Straight Lines
1978978-0-262-01053-5Alvar AaltoSketches (English and Swedish Edition)
1976978-0-262-01054-2Louis Edward Alfeld · Graham AlanIntroduction to Urban Dynamics
1979978-0-262-01055-9Alan AltshulerThe Urban Transportation System: Politics and Policy Innovation (Harvard-MIT Joint Center for Urban Studies Series)
1978978-0-262-01056-6Sidney AltmanTransfer RNA (Cell monograph series)
1979978-0-262-01057-3Donald AppleyardThe Conservation of European Cities
  ''978-0-262-01058-0Adrian Akmajian · Richard A. Demers · Robert M. HarnishLinguistics: An Introduction to Language and Communication
978-0-262-01059-7Allen: Teach Yourself to Build (Cloth)
1980978-0-262-01060-3Bruce W. ArdenWhat Can Be Automated?: The Computer Science and Engineering Research Study (The MIT Press series in computer science ; 3)
1979978-0-262-01062-7Edward AllenEnergy and Economic Growth in the United States (Perspectives in energy)
1981978-0-262-01063-4Harold Abelson · Andrea diSessaTurtle Geometry: The Computer as a Medium for Exploring
1982978-0-262-01064-1Theodor W. AdornoPrisms (Studies in contemporary German social thought)
1982978-0-262-01066-5M. Anderson · R. LeeEfficiency in Lighting (No. 10)
1983978-0-262-01067-2A. B. AtkinsonSocial Justice and Public Policy
  ''978-0-262-01068-9Natalie Abrams · Michael D. BucknerMedical Ethics: A Clinical Textbook and Reference for the Health Care Professions
  ''978-0-262-01069-6Yoshinobu AshiharaThe Aesthetic Townscape
  ''978-0-262-01070-2Robert L. AyersBanking on the Poor: The World Bank and World Poverty
  ''978-0-262-01071-9F. Gerard Adams · Bert G. HickmanGlobal Econometrics: Essays in Honor of Lawrence R. Klein
1983978-0-262-01072-6Michel A. AmsalemTechnology Choice in Developing Countries: The Textile and Pulp
  ''978-0-262-01073-3Theodor W. AdornoAgainst Epistemology: A Metacritique Studies in Husserl and the Phenomenological Antinomies (English and German Edition)
1984978-0-262-01074-0Mark Aronoff · Richard Oehrle · Frances Kelley · Bonnie Wilker StephensLanguage Sound Structure
1985978-0-262-01075-7Joseph AounA Grammar of Anaphora (Linguistic inquiry monographs)
  ''978-0-262-01076-4John ArcherThe Literature of British Domestic Architecture 1715-1842
1984978-0-262-01077-1Harold Abelson · Gerald Jay Sussman · Julie SussmanStructure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
  ''978-0-262-01078-8Adrian Akmajian · Richard A. Demers · Robert M. HarnishLinguistics, 2nd Edition: An Introduction to Language and Communication
  ''978-0-262-01079-5Karl-Otto ApelUnderstanding and Explanation: A Transcendental-Pragmatic Perspective (Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought)
1985978-0-262-01080-1Subhash Chandra AgrawalMetamodeling: A Study of Approximations in Queueing Models (Computer Systems Series)
1984978-0-262-01081-8Alan Altshuler · Massachusetts Institute of Technology · International Automobile ProgramThe Future of the Automobile: The Report of MIT's International Automobile Program
1985978-0-262-01082-5Albert Ando · Hidekazu Eguchi · Roger Farmer · Yoshio SuzukiMonetary Policy in Our Times
1985978-0-262-01083-2Peter Achinstein · Owen HannawayObservation, Experiment, and Hypothesis in Modern Physical Science (Studies from the Johns Hopkins Center for the History & Philosophy of Science)
  ''978-0-262-01084-9HarvardComputation LaboratoryA Manual of Operation for the Automated Sequence Controlled Calculator (Charles Babbage Institute Reprint)
  ''978-0-262-01085-6Jacque Andre · Daniel Herman · Jean-Pierre VerjusSynchronization of Parallel Programs (Scientific Computation)
  ''978-0-262-01086-3Albert Ando · Marshall E. Blume · Irwin FriendThe Structure and Reform of the US Tax System
1986978-0-262-01087-0Kenneth J. Arrow · Herve RaynaudSocial Choice and Multicriterion Decision-Making
1987978-0-262-01088-7Haruhiko Asada · Kamal Youcef-ToumiDirect-Drive Robots: Theory and Practice
1986978-0-262-01089-4Elizabeth Antébi · David FishlockBiotechnology: Strategies for Life
  ''978-0-262-01090-0B. D. O. Anderson · R. R. Bitmead · C. R., Jr. JohnsonStability of Adaptive Systems: Passivity and Averaging Analysis (The Mit Press Series in Signal Processing, Optimization, and Control, No 8)
1986978-0-262-01091-7Murad D. AkhundovConceptions of Space and Time: Sources, Evolution, Directions
  ''978-0-262-01092-4Gul AghaACTORS: A Model of Concurrent Computation in Distributed Systems (The Mit Press Series in Artificial Intelligence)
  ''978-0-262-01093-1M. Ajmone Marsan · G. Balbo · G. ContePerformance Models of Microprocessor Systems (Computer Systems Series)
1987978-0-262-01094-8Michael A. Arbib · Allen R. HansonVision, Brain, and Cooperative Computation (Computational Models of Cognition and Perception)
  ''978-0-262-01095-5Janne AhlinSigurd Lewerentz, Architect
  ''978-0-262-01096-2Sven W. ArndtReal-Financial Linkages Among Open Economies
1988978-0-262-01097-9James A. AndersonNeurocomputing: Foundations of Research (v. 1)
1988978-0-262-01098-6Benjamin AraziA Commonsense Approach to the Theory of Error-Correcting Codes (Computer Systems Series)
  ''978-0-262-01099-3Leon Battista AlbertiOn the Art of Building in Ten Books (English and Italian Edition)
  ''978-0-262-01100-6Jonathan Allen · F. Thomson LeightonAdvanced Research in VLSI: Proceedings of the 5th MIT Conference
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1988978-0-262-01103-7James E. AndersonThe Relative Inefficiency of Quotas
  ''978-0-262-01105-1Russell L. AnderssonA Robot Ping-Pong Player
  ''978-0-262-01106-8   ''A Robot Ping-Pong Player [VHS]
  ''978-0-262-01107-5Bianca Albertini · Alessandra BagnoliCarlo Scarpa: Architecture in Details
1989978-0-262-01108-2Anita AvramidesMeaning and Mind: An Examination of a Gricean Account of Language
1990978-0-262-01109-9Adrian Akmajian · Richard A. Demers · Ann K. Farmer · Robert M. HarnishLinguistics an Introduction to Language and Communication
1989978-0-262-01110-5Igor AleksanderNeural Computing Architectures
1990978-0-262-01111-2Bruce AndersonSolar Building Architecture (Solar Heat Technologies)
  ''978-0-262-01112-9Marilyn Jager AdamsBeginning to Read: Thinking and Learning About Print
1990978-0-262-01113-6Zoltan Acs · David B. AudretschInnovation and Small Firms (The MIT Press)
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  ''978-0-262-01115-0Diane I. AgrestArchitecture from Without: Theoretical Framings for a Critical Practice
1990978-0-262-01116-7Parveen Adams · Elizabeth CowieThe Woman in Question: "m/f"
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  ''978-0-262-01124-2Nicholas AyacheArtificial Vision for Mobile Robots
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1992978-0-262-01126-6Hiyan K. Alshawi · Maurice V. WilkesThe Core Language Engine (ACL-MIT Series in Natural Language Processing) (ACL-MIT PRESS SERIES IN NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING)
1993978-0-262-01127-3Robert Z. AliberThe Multinational Paradigm
1992978-0-262-01128-0Simon P. Anderson · Andre de Palma · Jacques-Francois ThisseDiscrete Choice Theory of Product Differentiation (The MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-01129-7Yves AbriouxIan Hamilton Finlay: A Visual Primer
  ''978-0-262-01130-3Anders ÅmanArchitecture and Ideology in Eastern Europe during the Stalin Era: An Aspect of Cold-War History
1993978-0-262-01131-0Theodor W. AdornoHegel: Three Studies (Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought)
1993978-0-262-01132-7Robert Z. Aliber · Reid W. ClickReadings in International Business: A Decision Approach
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1993978-0-262-01138-9M. A. AdelmanThe Economics of Petroleum Supply: Papers by M. A. Adelman, 1962-1993
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1998978-0-262-01164-8James H. AustinZen and the Brain: Toward an Understanding of Meditation and Consciousness
  ''978-0-262-01165-5Ronald C. ArkinBehavior-Based Robotics (Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agents)
1997978-0-262-01166-2Philippe Aghion · Peter W. HowittEndogenous Growth Theory
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1999978-0-262-01171-6Anthony B. AtkinsonThe Economic Consequences of Rolling Back the Welfare State (Munich Lectures)
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2000978-0-262-01175-4Jan AlbersHands on the Land: A History of the Vermont Landscape
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1999978-0-262-01180-8William Y. ArmsDigital Libraries (Digital Libraries and Electronic Publishing)
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  ''978-0-262-01182-2Ariella AzoulayDeath's Showcase: The Power of Image in Contemporary Democracy
2001978-0-262-01183-9Philip Armstrong · Laura Lisbon · Stephen MelvilleAs Painting: Division and Displacement
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2002978-0-262-01186-0James S. AckermanOrigins, Imitation, Conventions: Representation in the Visual Arts
2001978-0-262-01187-7Masahiko AokiToward a Comparative Institutional Analysis
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  ''978-0-262-01192-1Jonathan E. AdlerBelief's Own Ethics
  ''978-0-262-01193-8Joseph Ayers · Joel L. Davis · Alan RudolphNeurotechnology for Biomimetic Robots (MIT Press)
2002978-0-262-01194-5Yali Amit2D Object Detection and Recognition: Models, Algorithms, and Networks
  ''978-0-262-01195-2Mark S. Ackerman · Volkmar Pipek · Volker WulfSharing Expertise: Beyond Knowledge Management
2003978-0-262-01196-9Alexander AlberroConceptual Art and the Politics of Publicity
2002978-0-262-01197-6Michael A. ArbibThe Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks: Second Edition
2003978-0-262-01198-3Alice H. Amsden · Wan-Wen ChuBeyond Late Development: Taiwan's Upgrading Policies
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2003978-0-262-01202-7Jon AgarThe Government Machine: A Revolutionary History of the Computer (History of Computing)
  ''978-0-262-01203-4Barbara L. AllenUneasy Alchemy: Citizens and Experts in Louisiana's Chemical Corridor Disputes (Urban and Industrial Environments)
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  ''978-0-262-01206-5Liliana B. AndonovaTransnational Politics of the Environment: The European Union and Environmental Policy in Central and Eastern Europe (Global Environmental Accord: Sustainability and Institutional Innovation)