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1999978-0-262-62132-8Derek LeebaertThe Future of the Electronic Marketplace
2000978-0-262-62133-5Howard LasnikSyntactic Structures Revisited: Contemporary Lectures on Classic Transformational Theory (Current Studies in Linguistics)
  ''978-0-262-62135-9Nathan LyonsRiding 1st Class on the Titanic: Photographs by Nathan Lyons
  ''978-0-262-62136-6Laurence B. LeonardChildren with Specific Language Impairment (Language, Speech, and Communication)
  ''978-0-262-62137-3Peter LunenfeldThe Digital Dialectic: New Essays on New Media (Leonardo Books)
2001978-0-262-62138-0Géraldine LegendreOptimality-Theoretic Syntax (Language, Speech, and Communication)
2000978-0-262-62142-7Richard W. LongstrethThe Drive-In, the Supermarket, and the Transformation of Commercial Space in Los Angeles, 1914-1941
  ''978-0-262-62143-4Georg LukácsGerman Realists in the Nineteenth Century
2001978-0-262-62145-8Michael P. LynchThe Nature of Truth: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives
2001978-0-262-62149-6Urs LuterbacherInternational Relations and Global Climate Change (Global Environmental Accord: Strategies for Sustainability and Institutional Innovation)
  ''978-0-262-62150-2Jean-Jacques Laffont · Jean TiroleCompetition in Telecommunications (Munich Lectures)
  ''978-0-262-62151-9Peter LudlowCrypto Anarchy, Cyberstates, and Pirate Utopias
  ''978-0-262-62152-6Alessandro Lomi · Erik R. LarsenDynamics of Organizations: Computational Modeling and Organizational Theories
  ''978-0-262-62153-3Brenda LaurelUtopian Entrepreneur (Mediaworks Pamphlets)
2001978-0-262-62154-0Deepak LalUnintended Consequences: The Impact of Factor Endowments, Culture, and Politics on Long-Run Economic Performance (Ohlin Lectures)
  ''978-0-262-62155-7Michael P. LynchTruth in Context: An Essay on Pluralism and Objectivity
  ''978-0-262-62156-4Pamela M. LeeObject to Be Destroyed: The Work of Gordon Matta-Clark
  ''978-0-262-62157-1Lars LerupAfter the City (The MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-62158-8Peter LunenfeldSnap to Grid: A User's Guide to Digital Arts, Media, and Cultures
2002978-0-262-62159-5Daniel J. LevitinFoundations of Cognitive Psychology: Core Readings
2002978-0-262-62160-1Dominique LaporteHistory of Shit (Documents Book)
  ''978-0-262-62161-8David LeatherbarrowUncommon Ground: Architecture, Technology, and Topography
  ''978-0-262-62163-2Rodolfo R. LlinasI of the Vortex: From Neurons to Self
2003978-0-262-62164-9Avner de-ShalitMoral and Political Reasoning in Environmental Practice
2002978-0-262-62165-6Thomas Y. Levin · Ursula Frohne · Peter WeibelCTRL [SPACE]: Rhetorics of Surveillance from Bentham to Big Brother
  ''978-0-262-62166-3Alexander T.J. LennonContemporary Nuclear Debates: Missile Defenses, Arms Control, and Arms Races in the Twenty-First Century (Washington Quarterly Readers)
  ''978-0-262-62167-0   ''What Does the World Want from America? International Perspectives on U.S. Foreign Policy (Washington Quarterly Readers)
2003978-0-262-62168-7William J. Long · Peter BreckeWar and Reconciliation: Reason and Emotion in Conflict Resolution
2002978-0-262-62169-4Cristina LafontThe Linguistic Turn in Hermeneutic Philosophy (Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought)
2002978-0-262-62170-0Maud LavinClean New World: Culture, Politics, and Graphic Design
  ''978-0-262-62171-7Ulrich LehmannTigersprung: Fashion in Modernity
  ''978-0-262-62172-4Bruno Latour · Peter WeibelICONOCLASH: Beyond the Image Wars in Science, Religion and Art
2003978-0-262-62173-1Henry C Lucas Jr.Strategies for Electronic Commerce and the Internet (MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-62174-8Robert LegvoldThinking Strategically: The Major Powers, Kazakhstan, and the Central Asian Nexus (American Academy Studies in Global Security)
  ''978-0-262-62175-5Richard H LyonStatistical Energy Analysis of Dynamical Systems (MIT Press)
1979978-0-262-62177-9Harry LevinThe Eye-Voice Span (The MIT Press)
2003978-0-262-62178-6Frank Thomson LeightonComplexity Issues in VLSI: Optimal Layouts for the Shuffle-Exchange Graph and Other Networks (Foundations of Computing)
2003978-0-262-62179-3Alexander T.J. LennonThe Battle for Hearts and Minds: Using Soft Power to Undermine Terrorist Networks (Washington Quarterly Readers)
  ''978-0-262-62180-9Geert LovinkDark Fiber: Tracking Critical Internet Culture (Electronic Culture: History, Theory, and Practice)
2004978-0-262-62181-6Daniel T. LevinThinking and Seeing: Visual Metacognition in Adults and Children (A Bradford Book)
  ''978-0-262-62182-3Robert Legvold · Celeste A. WallanderSwords and Sustenance: The Economics of Security in Belarus and Ukraine (American Academy Studies in Global Security)
  ''978-0-262-62186-1David LazerDNA and the Criminal Justice System: The Technology of Justice (Basic Bioethics)
  ''978-0-262-62187-8Geert LovinkUncanny Networks: Dialogues with the Virtual Intelligentsia (Leonardo)
2004978-0-262-62188-5David L. Levy · Peter J. NewellThe Business of Global Environmental Governance (Global Environmental Accord: Strategies for Sustainability and Institutional Innovation)
  ''978-0-262-62189-2Peter LudlowThere's Something About Mary (MIT Press): Essays on Phenomenal Consciousness and Frank Jackson's Knowledge Argument (A Bradford Book)
  ''978-0-262-62190-8Alexander T.J. Lennon · Camille EissReshaping Rogue States: Preemption, Regime Change, and US Policy toward Iran, Iraq, and North Korea (Washington Quarterly Readers)
  ''978-0-262-62191-5Yafei LiXO: A Theory of the Morphology-Syntax Interface (The MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-62192-2Gunnar Liestol · Andrew Morrison · Terje RasmussenDigital Media Revisited: Theoretical and Conceptual Innovations in Digital Domains (The MIT Press)
2004978-0-262-62193-9Dan LloydRadiant Cool: A Novel Theory of Consciousness (A Bradford Book)
2005978-0-262-62194-6David Leatherbarrow · Mohsen MostafaviSurface Architecture (The MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-62195-3Liane LefaivreLeon Battista Alberti's Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: Re-Cognizing the Architectural Body in the Early Italian Renaissance (The MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-62196-0Steven J. LuckAn Introduction to the Event-Related Potential Technique (COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE)
  ''978-0-262-62197-7Stephen C. Levinson · Pierre JaissonEvolution and Culture: A Fyssen Foundation Symposium (A Bradford Book)
  ''978-0-262-62198-4Peter LunenfeldUser: InfoTechnoDemo (Mediaworks Pamphlets)
2005978-0-262-62199-1Tim LewensOrganisms and Artifacts: Design in Nature and Elsewhere (Life and Mind: Philosophical Issues in Biology and Psychology)
2006978-0-262-62200-4Neil LeachCamouflage (The MIT Press)
2005978-0-262-62201-1Michael P. LynchTrue to Life: Why Truth Matters (A Bradford Book)
2007978-0-262-62202-8Jeffrey LewisThe Minimum Means of Reprisal: China's Search for Security in the Nuclear Age (American Academy Studies in Global Security)
2006978-0-262-62203-5Pamela M. LeeChronophobia: On Time in the Art of the 1960s (The MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-62204-2Steve LernerDiamond: A Struggle for Environmental Justice in Louisiana's Chemical Corridor (Urban and Industrial Environments)
  ''978-0-262-62205-9Richard K. LyonsThe Microstructure Approach to Exchange Rates
  ''978-0-262-62206-6Louise LawlerTwice Untitled and Other Pictures (looking back) (The MIT Press)
2007978-0-262-62208-0Mark LinderNothing Less than Literal: Architecture after Minimalism (The MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-62209-7Jonas Löwgren · Erik StoltermanThoughtful Interaction Design: A Design Perspective on Information Technology (The MIT Press)
2007978-0-262-62210-3Le CorbusierJourney to the East (The MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-62211-0Christophe LécuyerMaking Silicon Valley: Innovation and the Growth of High Tech, 1930-1970 (Inside Technology)
  ''978-0-262-62212-7Guillem López-Casasnovas · Berta Rivera · Luis CurraisHealth and Economic Growth: Findings and Policy Implications (The MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-62213-4Sylvia LavinForm Follows Libido: Architecture and Richard Neutra in a Psychoanalytic Culture (The MIT Press)
2008978-0-262-62214-1Judith A. LayzerNatural Experiments: Ecosystem-Based Management and the Environment (American and Comparative Environmental Policy)
  ''978-0-262-62215-8Fred Kirschenmann · Frederick H Buttel · G. W. Stevenson · Rick Welsh · Thomas A. LysonFood and the Mid-Level Farm: Renewing an Agriculture of the Middle (Food, Health, and the Environment)
2008978-0-262-62216-5Alexander T.J. LennonThe Epicenter of Crisis (Washington Quarterly Readers): The New Middle East
  ''978-0-262-62218-9Alexander T.J. Lennon · Amanda KozlowskiGlobal Powers in the 21st Century: Strategies and Relations (Washington Quarterly Readers)
1965978-0-262-63001-6Robert A. Millikan · Duane Roller · Earnest C. WatsonMechanics, Molecular Physics, Heat , and Sound
  ''978-0-262-63002-3Brian Martin · Frederick W. Memmott · Alexander J. BonePrinciples and Techniques for Predicting Future Demand for Urban Area Transportation
1966978-0-262-63003-0Richard MeierMeier: Science of Economic Development
1962978-0-262-63004-7William F.MassyPlanning in Marketing: A Selected Bibliography
1966978-0-262-63005-4Otis T. MasonThe Origins of Invention: A Study of Industry Among Primitive Peoples
  ''978-0-262-63006-1MITGlideway System: A High Speed Ground Transportation System for the N.E.Corridor of the United States
  ''978-0-262-63008-5Roderick MacFarquharChina under Mao
1966978-0-262-63009-2MIT StudentsGlideway System: A High-Speed Transportation System for the Northeast Corridor of the United States
1967978-0-262-63010-8Marvin L. ManheimHierarchical Structure: A Model of Design and Planning Processes
  ''978-0-262-63011-5MIT StudentsProject Nero
  ''978-0-262-63012-2Jacquelyn A. Mattfeld · Carol E. Van AkenWomen and the Scientific Professions: The MIT Symposium on American Women in Science and Engineering
  ''978-0-262-63013-9MORSEMorse: Operations Research for Public Systems (PR Only)
1968978-0-262-63014-6Charles MorrisSignification And Significance: A Study of the Relations of Signs and Values (Studies in Communication)
  ''978-0-262-63015-3Douglas McGregorLeadership and Motivation: Essays of Douglas McGregor
1968978-0-262-63016-0Charles A. MyersThe Impact Of Computers On Management (MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-63017-7Alva MyrdalNation and Family: The Swedish Experiment in Democratic Family and Population Policy
  ''978-0-262-63018-4Elting E. MorisonMen, Machines, and Modern Times
  ''978-0-262-63020-7MIT StudentsProject Romulus
1966978-0-262-63021-4Frank Smith · George MillerThe Genesis of Language: A Psycholinguistic Approach
1969978-0-262-63022-1Marvin Minsky · Seymour PapertPerceptrons: An Introduction to Computational Geometry
  ''978-0-262-63023-8Abstracts of Theses
1969978-0-262-63024-5MIT Mechanical Engineering DepartmentFriction and Surface Finish
  ''978-0-262-63025-2Massachusetts Inst.of Technol.Project Icarus
  ''978-0-262-63026-9Philip MandelWater, Air, and Interface Vehicles ([Ocean engineering series)
1970978-0-262-63027-6Pat MullenMan of Aran
1969978-0-262-63028-3MITResearch in Materials 1968
1953978-0-262-63029-0Not AvailableMit Abstracts of Theses Accepted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Doctor's Degree With a Listing of the Titles of Theses Accepted for
1970978-0-262-63030-6Warren S. McCullochEmbodiments of Mind
  ''978-0-262-63031-3Abstracts of Theses 1966-1967
1969978-0-262-63032-0Donald M. MacKayInformation, Mechanism and Meaning (MIT Press)
1970978-0-262-63033-7MIT Students' System ProjectProject Bosporus (The MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-63034-4Koichi MasubuchiMaterials for Ocean Engineering ([Ocean engineering series)
978-0-262-63036-8Mit: Sixth Internat Conference Physics
1970978-0-262-63038-2John Stuart MillThe Subjection of Women
1974978-0-262-63039-9John Stuart MillSubjection of Women
1971978-0-262-63041-2Noel McGinnBuild a Mill, Build a City, Build a School: Industrialization, Urbanization, and Education in Ciudad Guayana (Harvard-MIT Joint Center for Urban Studies Series)
1971978-0-262-63042-9Sibyl Moholy-NagyMoholy-Nagy: Experiment in Totality
1972978-0-262-63043-6Paula MenyukSentences Children Use
1973978-0-262-63044-3Don McCullinIs anyone taking any notice?: A book of photographs and comments
  ''978-0-262-63045-0Don MetzNew Architecture in New Haven: Revised Edition
1969978-0-262-63046-7Laszlo Moholy-NagyPainting, Photography, and Film
978-0-262-63047-4Mit: Serials & Journals in the Mit Lib
1973978-0-262-63048-1Gary T. MooreEmerging Methods in Environmental Design and Planning
1974978-0-262-63051-1Burton G. Malkiel · Richard E. QuandtStrategies and Rational Decisions in the Securities Options Market
  ''978-0-262-63052-8William F. Massy · David B. Montgomery · Donald G. MorrisonStochastic Models of Buying Behavior
  ''978-0-262-63053-5Charles A. MyersComputers in Knowledge-Based Fields
  ''978-0-262-63054-2H. J. MozansWoman in Science
1974978-0-262-63055-9Lionel March · Philip SteadmanThe Geometry of Environment: An Introduction to Spatial Organization in Design
1975978-0-262-63056-6Otto MayrThe Origins of Feedback Control
1976978-0-262-63057-3B. MilnerHemispheric Specialization and Interaction
  ''978-0-262-63058-0Stephen MamberCinema Verite in America: Studies in Uncontrolled Documentary (The MIT Press)
1977978-0-262-63061-0Karl MenningerNumber Words and Number Symbols: A Cultural History of Numbers
1943978-0-262-63062-7Mit Electrical Engineering ServiceMagnetic Circuits and Transformers: A First Course For Power & Communication Engineers
1977978-0-262-63063-4MIT Department of Electrical EngineeringMagnetic Circuits and Transformers: A First Course for Power and Communication Engineers (Principles of Electrical Engineering Series)
1970978-0-262-63064-1David L. MacAdamSources of Color Science
1984978-0-262-63065-8Ladislav Matejka · Irwin R. TitunikSemiotics of Art: Prague School Contributions
1978978-0-262-63066-5Stefan MorawskiInquiries into the Fundamentals of Aesthetics
  ''978-0-262-63067-2Herbert MuschampFile under Architecture
1979978-0-262-63068-9MIT Student Project in Systems EngineeringProject Icarus (The MIT Press)
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1977978-0-262-63070-2Peter K. ManningPolice Work: The Social Organization of Policing
1980978-0-262-63071-9Albert Mehrabian · James A. RussellAn Approach to Environmental Psychology
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1981978-0-262-63075-7Paula MenyukLanguage and Maturation (MIT Press)
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1982978-0-262-63079-5   ''Issues in Health Care Policy (Milbank reader)
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1982978-0-262-63083-2John B. McKinlayLaw and Ethics in Health Care (Milbank reader)
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1983978-0-262-63088-7Rowland J. MainstoneDevelopments in Structural Form
1983978-0-262-63089-4Richard MeehanGetting Sued and Other Tales of the Engineering Life (MIT Press)
1984978-0-262-63090-0Alec P MarantzOn the Nature of Grammatical Relations (Linguistic Inquiry Monographs)
1983978-0-262-63091-7MIT Department of Electrical EngineeringLifelong Cooperative Education: Report of the Centennial Study Committee
1984978-0-262-63092-4John MacnamaraNames for Things: A Study in Human Learning (MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-63093-1Ronald McKinnonA New International Standard for Monetary Stabilization
  ''978-0-262-63094-8Stephen MarrisSecond-Best Responses to Currency Misalignments (POLICY ANALYSES IN INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS)
  ''978-0-262-63095-5Robert MarkExperiments in Gothic Structure
  ''978-0-262-63096-2Hans MayerOutsiders: A Study in Life and Letters
1984978-0-262-63097-9Paul J. McNultyThe Origins and Development Of Labor Economics
1985978-0-262-63098-6Stephen MarrisDeficits and the Dollar: The World Economy
  ''978-0-262-63100-6Herbert MuschampMan About Town
  ''978-0-262-63101-3Ruth MooreNiels Bohr: The Man, His Science, and the World They Changed
  ''978-0-262-63102-0Robert MayLogical Form: Its Structure and Derivation (Linguistic Inquiry Monographs)
1986978-0-262-63103-7René MoreauThe Computer Comes of Age: The People, the Hardware, and the Software (History of Computing)
  ''978-0-262-63104-4Arthur I. MillerImagery in Scientific Thought: Creating 20th-Century Physics
1987978-0-262-63105-1J.M. McCarthyKinematics of Robot Manipulators (The MIT Press)
1986978-0-262-63106-8Richard MeehanThe Atom and the Fault: Experts, Earthquakes, and Nuclear Power (The MIT Press)
1986978-0-262-63107-5Daniel MartinAdvanced Database Techniques (The MIT Press)
1987978-0-262-63108-2Robert M. MartinThe Meaning Of Language (The MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-63109-9Egidio MarzonaBauhaus Photography
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  ''978-0-262-63111-2Marvin Minsky · Seymour A. PapertPerceptrons: An Introduction to Computational Geometry, Expanded Edition
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1988978-0-262-63113-6James L. McClelland · David E. RumelhartExplorations in Parallel Distributed Processing - IBM version (Bradford Books)
1988978-0-262-63114-3Warren S. McCullochEmbodiments of Mind (The MIT Press)
1987978-0-262-63115-0Ruth Garrett MillikanLanguage, Thought, and Other Biological Categories: New Foundations for Realism
1990978-0-262-63116-7William J. MitchellThe Logic of Architecture: Design, Computation, and Cognition
1989978-0-262-63117-4Kenro MiyamotoPlasma Physics for Nuclear Fusion: Revised edition
1988978-0-262-63118-1Gavin Macrae-GibsonThe Secret Life of Buildings: An American Mythology for Modern Architecture (Graham Foundation / MIT Press Series in Contemporary Architectural Discourse)
1987978-0-262-63119-8Annette Michelson · Rosalind Krauss · Douglas Crimp · Joan CopjecOctober: The First Decade, 1976-1986
1989978-0-262-63120-4Anne Vernez MoudonBuilt for Change: Neighborhood Architecture in San Francisco
  ''978-0-262-63121-1Max V. MathewsCurrent Directions in Computer Music Research (The MIT Press)
  ''978-0-262-63122-8Steven E. Miller · Sean M. Lynn-Jones · Marengo Research LlcConventional Forces and American Defense Policy: An International Security Reader (International Security Readers)
  ''978-0-262-63124-2Earl R. Mac CormacA Cognitive Theory of Metaphor (Bradford Books)
  ''978-0-262-63125-9Herbert MarcuseHegel's Ontology and the Theory of Historicity
1989978-0-262-63126-6MIT CommissionWorking Papers of the MIT Commission on Industrial Productivity - Vol. 1
  ''978-0-262-63127-3   ''Working Papers of the MIT Commission on Industrial Productivity - Vol. 2
  ''978-0-262-63128-0   ''Working Papers of the MIT Commission on Industrial Productivity - Two volume set
  ''978-0-262-63129-7James L. McClelland · David E. RumelhartExplorations in Parallel Distributed Processing - Macintosh version: A Handbook of Models, Programs, and Exercises
  ''978-0-262-63130-3Max V. MathewsPerformances to Accompany Current Directions in Computer Music Research [VHS]
1990978-0-262-63131-0Max V. MathewsPerformances to Accompany Current Directions in Computer Music Research
  ''978-0-262-63132-7Robin Milner · Mads Tofte · Robert HarperThe Definition of Standard ML (Computational models of cognition and perception)
1991978-0-262-63133-4N. Gregory Mankiw · David RomerNew Keynesian Economics, Vol. 1: Imperfect Competition and Sticky Prices (Readings in Economics) (Volume 1)
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1991978-0-262-63137-2Robin Milner · Mads TofteCommentary on Standard Ml
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1992978-0-262-63140-2M. Rita ManziniLocality: A Theory and Some of Its Empirical Consequences (Linguistic Inquiry Monographs)