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1972978-0-246-10512-7Colin WilsonOrder of Assassins
  ''978-0-246-10526-4George BruceWarsaw Uprising
  ''978-0-246-10529-5Milton RugoffPrudery and Passion: Sexuality in Victorian America
  ''978-0-246-10541-7Robert LudlumThe Osterman Weekend
1974978-0-246-10542-4Colin WilsonSchoolgirl Murder Case
1972978-0-246-10544-8Anthony MastersNatural History of the Vampire
  ''978-0-246-10557-8Henry BlythCaro, The Fatal Passion: The Life of Lady Caroline Lamb (Biography)
1972978-0-246-10559-2Donald M. NicolLast Centuries of Byzantium, 1261-1453
  ''978-0-246-10570-7Peter PadfieldBattleship Era
1973978-0-246-10577-6June GoodfieldCourier to Peking
1974978-0-246-10614-8Thomas M. DischGetting into Death
1973978-0-246-10615-5Leslie HalliwellFilmgoer's Book of Quotes
  ''978-0-246-10620-9Zena MarenbonDon't Blow Out the Candle: Liverpool Childhood of the Twenties
1975978-0-246-10738-1Robert JacksonFrancis Camps
1973978-0-246-10739-8Henri CharriereBanco: The Further Adventures of Papillon
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  ''978-0-246-10773-2Ray BradburyThe Halloween Tree
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1975978-0-246-10804-3Denis JuddCrimean War ([British at war])
  ''978-0-246-10811-1Luke RhinehartMatari
1976978-0-246-10812-8Peter PadfieldNelson's War ([British at war])
1975978-0-246-10814-2Leslie Halliwell · Graham MurrayClapperboard Book of the Cinema
1974978-0-246-10818-0Collin H Dong · Jane BanksThe Arthritic's Cookbook
1978978-0-246-10825-8Leslie HalliwellMountain of Dreams
1975978-0-246-10848-7Robert LudlumThe Rhinemann Exchange
1978978-0-246-10861-6Jack LindsayMonster City: Defoe's London, 1688-1730
1977978-0-246-10875-3Flann O'BrienThe hair of the Dogma
1975978-0-246-10880-7George R. MarekEagles Die: Franz Joseph, Elisabeth and Their Austria
  ''978-0-246-10895-1TwiggyTwiggy - an Autobiography
  ''978-0-246-10907-1Emmanuelle ArsanEmmanuelle
1976978-0-246-10913-2Colin WilsonSpace Vampires
1977978-0-246-10916-3Brenda MaddoxWho's Afraid of Elizabeth Taylor?
1976978-0-246-10925-5Robert LudlumThe Road to Gandolfo
1979978-0-246-10938-5Ken WilsonClassic Rock: Great British Rock Climbs
1980978-0-246-10957-6Robert LudlumThe Gemini Contenders
1977978-0-246-10971-2Flann O'BrienHair of the Dogma
  ''978-0-246-10976-7Kathleen OllerenshawFirst citizen
1977978-0-246-10985-9Robert LudlumChancellor Manuscript
  ''978-0-246-10986-6Ray BradburyLong After Midnight
1979978-0-246-11020-6Peter NichollsThe Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
1978978-0-246-11048-0Robert LudlumThe Holcroft Covenant
  ''978-0-246-11058-9Luke RhinehartThe Dice Man
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1981978-0-246-11093-0Colin WilsonQuest for Wilhelm Reich
1980978-0-246-11103-6Thomas HarbottleHarbottle's Dictionary of Battles
1979978-0-246-11110-4Christina CrawfordMommie Dearest: Life of Joan Crawford
1978978-0-246-11113-5Kitty KelleyJackie Oh!: An Intimate Biography
1980978-0-246-11121-0Robert LudlumThe Bourne Identity
  ''978-0-246-11125-8Vincent CroninGolden Honeycomb
1979978-0-246-11128-9Michael MoorcockHistory of the Runestaff
  ''978-0-246-11151-7Josefa Heifetz ByrneMrs. Byrne's Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure and Preposterous Words
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1981978-0-246-11218-7Dennis SharpSources of Modern Architecture
1987978-0-246-11240-8HARRISConstruction Plant: Management and Investment Decisions
1981978-0-246-11271-2Frederic MullallySilver Salver: Guinness Family
1980978-0-246-11280-4El GrecoEl Greco: The Complete Paintings
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1981978-0-246-11356-6Nelson DeMilleCathedral
1989978-0-246-11387-0STAGGPlastering: A Craftsman's Encyclopaedia
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  ''978-0-246-11398-6Richard Allan TomlinsonEpidauros (Archaeological sites)
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1982978-0-246-11417-4Robert LudlumThe Parsifal Mosaic
1984978-0-246-11418-1   ''The Aquitaine Progression
1980978-0-246-11421-1Anne DigbyBoy Trouble at Trebizon
1982978-0-246-11423-5Anne DigbyThe Tennis Term at Trebizon
1981978-0-246-11425-9   ''More Trouble at Trebizon
1980978-0-246-11437-2John SladekRoderick
  ''978-0-246-11459-4Osip MandelstamOsip Mandelstam: Poems
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1985978-0-246-11868-4   ''Fourth Year Triumphs at Trebizon
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1984978-0-246-12182-0Colin WilsonThe Janus Murder Case
1986978-0-246-12200-1Barrie Penrose · Simon FreemanConspiracy of Silence: Secret Life of Anthony Blunt
1983978-0-246-12205-6Raymond E. FeistMagician
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1987978-0-246-12360-2OCRANDictionary of Air Transport and Traffic Control
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1987978-0-246-12510-1Colin WilsonThe Spider World: The Tower
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1990978-0-246-12575-0   ''The Bourne Ultimatum
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1990978-0-246-12979-6   ''Gold Coast
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1989978-0-246-13078-5Raymond E. FeistPrince of the Blood (Riftwar Series)
1986978-0-246-13116-4Serge Lang21 Years of World Cup Ski Racing
1987978-0-246-13141-6Daniel EastermanThe Seventh Sanctuary
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  ''978-0-246-13150-8   ''The Spider World: The Delta
1988978-0-246-13152-2Tim PowersOn Stranger Tides
1987978-0-246-13178-2James Taylor · Warren ShawA Dictionary of the Third Reich
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1988978-0-246-13256-7Katharine KerrDarkspell
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1990978-0-246-13346-5David EddingsThe Ruby Knight (The Elenium)
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1991978-0-246-13752-4   ''The Dark Descent: A Fabulous Formless Darkness v. 3
1991978-0-246-13755-5Pat CadiganSynners
1992978-0-246-13765-4Nick DanzigerDanziger's Adventures: From Miami to Kabul
1993978-0-246-13775-3David ZindellEmblem Live To Ride Large
1995978-0-246-13776-0David ZindellThe Wild (Requiem for Homo Sapiens)
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1997978-0-246-13815-6Christopher HibbertWellington: A Personal History
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1993978-0-246-13834-7Robert HoldstockThe Hollowing
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1994978-0-246-13847-7   ''The Hidden City (Tamuli)
1992978-0-246-13851-4Brian HoeyAll the Queen's Men: Inside the Royal Household
1991978-0-246-13860-6Piers AnthonyVirtual Mode
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1993978-0-246-13882-8Kim Stanley RobinsonGreen Mars
1996978-0-246-13883-5   ''Blue Mars
1994978-0-246-13903-0Piers AnthonyChaos Mode
1993978-0-246-13909-2Jeremy Howard-WilliamsThe Complete Crossword Companion
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1966978-0-246-64345-2Dennis Feltham JonesColossus
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  ''978-0-246-97452-5H.E.L. MellershFitzroy of the "Beagle"
1969978-0-246-98600-9James SallisWar Book

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